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One of the best jobs, every one is going to need you sooner or later


I’ve been working in that trade for almost 7 years. It’s awesome. Plus during the shutdown we didn’t miss out on work.


Apprentice Electrician? Get used to grabbing your belt over your ass with your left hand before touching *anything* with your right hand. It will save your life if your right hand touches anything 'hot'.


Forgive me for my ignorance, but doesn’t the electricity passing through the heart kill you? If that is the case then won’t the electricity in your tip pass through the torso, into the heart, then back up through the left hand? How does electricity usually kill?


It goes hand to hand, through the torso. So if one hand does not complete the circuit, by grabbing onto your belt, the next most likely route is hand to foot, bypassing the heart. Sure, you might still be injured, but your heart will be untouched.


You can just wear your belt over your hand


Just wear thick rubber gloves like Ash Ketchum.


Ah, thanks.


We use insulated tools and test for isolation for this exact reason. Get used to not doing dumb shit, if you want to protect yourself.


Blue collar skilled trades are wide open. I'm an L1 Master Automobile tech. I haven't filled out a job application in so long I can't even remember. If I want a job, I just say I'm available and choose which offer to take. Right now, I drive a company truck home and have a gas card to keep it full. I have a key to the shop and I'm here right now, tunes cranked, working on my own personal truck.


Oh the misery


Everyone wants to be my enemy


Union electricians do fine Having said that, there is a reason it’s so expensive to build, and ship too (teamsters Union) As a member, you’ll be worked like a dog for years while Union leadership gets very rich. They might even tell you that you would become part of that leadership if you “work hard enough”


Save, spend a little, never ever co-sign


I love being an electrician because I just mess around with computers and multimeters all day and have fun plus I get paid a lot of money


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