That ships and stones line has my whole face in cringe right now. Jesus christ someone got paid thousands of dollars to write that.


Not any more they fucking don't, very few people make any decent money in the media anymore. That's why we're getting monkeys writing, because they're paying peanuts. Dumbass, agenda driven kids straight out of school who don't know any better. The only people still making some money are doing music or VFX, and even then the quality hasn't improved in a decade, and in lots of cases in considerably worse. Since we're on the topic, I can remember the music for LOTR very clearly, and the visuals. Same could be said for the star wars prequels and we thought they were shit at the time. I can't recall much from anything made in past few years and it's not just all the bleach inhalation.


This show cost $1 billion to make though, so I'm sure the writers are highly paid in comparison to other shows. But of course being paid a lot of money doesn't make them good.


That's the thing, the money still goes into the shows but it's not the writers who see it anymore. It was always a playground for the non-creative middle-men who make a career out of essentially just knowing the right people, but it's even more like that. Producers, casting agencies and show runners will make bank. So will most of the VFX companies, but not necessarily the actual artists. There's no trickle-down effect for the people who leave English 101 and write drivel about rocks because unskilled labor is never well paid. ::EDIT:: Not being hostile btw, it's just kind of funny and annoying at the same time.


Most professional tv writers are, statistically speaking, Ivy League grads. Most likely from stable families. And they get paid a lot. VFX workers are the chained monkeys of the film world. Critically important but overworked, underpaid, and fired a moments notice.


It just isn't true anymore, it did used to be when they could go write for the simpsons, the office, shit like seinfeld. The industry supported those kind of show for the most part. To point where they wouldn't even let them fucking die, which was a shame. But the massive influx of kids who think they can write a good show, which is really fucking hard, combined with their willingless to work for the ideology and not money has just crashed the market. And the industry changed alongside this. They don't need a successful syndicated show anymore. They really don't give a fuck, because drawing people to a traditional cable channel means less than ever. Everyone has amazon, or fucking netflix or fucking disney. And it takes virtually a miracle for them to go out of their way to cancel those small monthly fees. Maybe the netflix layoffs were a sign of good things on the way, we'll see about that. Why would they go out of their way to find talent to make good shows when people are already paying for their network, and they're getting paid again to run ads? It makes no fucking sense, just hire the cheap-ass kids to ruin another franchise. I know it's fucking depressing.




Yeah he's good, breaking bad ran it's course nicely and finished when it should and that's great.


You guys are confusing a lot of job as if they were one and it gives you a warped view of the industry. It would be like saying the McDonalds fry cooks are not very well paid, therefore the Head Research Cook inventing new McDonalds burger recipes for the entire continental market must also be underpaid. A team of writer has a head and generally its own production process. The producer of the "writing team" gets paid a large sum, by the studio, in exchange of a professional-level script, to follow certain requirements and be delivered at a certain date. He, then, will find a lead writer (generally someone famous) or himself (if he is famous writer funded enough to produce his own scripts) and assemble a team. The team is *pure employee stock*. They get paid wages for pages. The good ones MAY get noticed and hope to one day be the lead writer but for now they are monkey scrubs who'll get paid...just a wage. It's the same thing for Music and VFX/SFX actually. It's the general of each army that gets paid and then decide how to subdivide the spoils. Bottom working-type guys get paid in wages and wages are always peanuts. **tl;dr** All the media industries involve a lot of grind and infinite luck, but if people put up with it, it's because the rewards at the top are incommensurable.


This is spot on. One went to Yale and the other to Stonehill. Both white growing up in rich privileged families having worked on nothing but trash together. Getting paid quite a lot to write a lot of shit. If you look up the writers for this show your jaw will drop. The co-writers for this show both had their first roles in Hollywood as an “uncredited writer” for Star Trek Beyond. And Disney’s Jungle Cruise. That’s it. That’s all the experience they have.. and they gave them Lord of the fucking rings. These are our showrunners. I mean no shit we’re getting trash.


It's not about the money, it's about appeasing the backers who want more and more control. Once upon a time they trusted a writer or a studio to produce something good, now they nitpick the story and casting to death, using their own focus groups and "diversity" officers, vetoing good decisions, inserting subtitutions willy nilly. Most "writers" still in the pipeline understand this process and just make generic fluff with predictable inclusions or provisions for the backers to adjust it. It's the same with the talking heads in media, they know what is expected of them, so they never have to be explicitly told to lie.




Fuck me, how did they spend $1 billion on that bollocks? It was like a generic fantasy TV show with some pretty cgi thrown in.


of that $1.000,000,000, maybe $5000 was spent on scriptwriters.


You are correct, after the writers strike, everything has (incredibly) become even more garbage. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007%E2%80%9308_Writers_Guild_of_America_strike


Star War Prequels dialogue was considered to be cringe. But people like the overall plot. In fact you could even say that the overall story and character arcs over the 3 prequels were better crafted than the OT, though the OT had better individual movies.


Lucas needed helo with the dialogue and someone to hold him back on his weird stuff


One his wife left him, there was no one left to listen to.


He actually tried. It's just that none of his director buddies thought they were up to doing Star Wars, and because he went around the writer's guild when making the OT, he was blacklisted.


Crazy how they still kept him blacklisted after he created such an iconic and highly grossing film. But he should have given them the finger anyway and started his own guild, with blackjack and hookers.


>Crazy how they still kept him blacklisted after he created such an iconic and highly grossing film. Never doubt how petty and spiteful creative types can be, and are.


https://www.quora.com/Why-did-George-Lucas-leave-the-Director-s-Guild He left the Directors Guild over credit placement it turns out.


Have you listened to the Alex Jones explanation of the story? It's actually quite good.


I wonder if in the near future, whatever Disney does with Star Wars will be so hilariously bad that people will start thinking, "yeah, meybe it wasn't THAT bad."


Respectable opinion.


Writers get paid well, you're a bit misled here. Friend does payroll for a few production companies. The entire market is extremely overpaid.


They deserved 0 dollars for writing that. If they got more than 0, they were highly paid.


If you’re a decent writer you’ll make more money writing scripts for YouTube videos and at least then you get to set your own topics or work for a YouTuber that doesn’t see you as a disposable number to turn out a cash grab, mostly.


I can recall the tension between Mr. Wolf and Diane Foxington quite vividly, thank you.


If anyone can write and get it filmed nowadays. I wonder how hard could it be for my dumbass to come up with a half decent story and see it on screen.


> If anyone can write and get it filmed nowadays. You still have to be lucky to get picked. It's like if 100 kids apply to a McD's, knowing the manager will get you the job but you're still not a skilled worker.


I can remember Encanto's soundtrack, but I wish I didn't. Maybe I need more bleach


Meh mainstream is always just a stale version of 10 years ago’s state-of-the-art. The independent scene has some of the most incredible advancements in creative storytelling technology probably since the invention of paper.


Bold of you to assume Amazon isn't running writer sweatshops as well


Felt like some 14 year old trying to sound deep and tolkienesque. Whole first episode was full of cringey try hard writing like that. Trying to capture some of that magic from the original books and films. So flat and boring though.


I could write a better metaphor using the same terrible imagery in 20 seconds. "Do you know why stones sink and ships float? Because a stone in fear retreats into itself, becoming ever denser, while a ship becomes large by exposing itself, to the wind and to the lightning. It confronts fear head on; it would rather break than sink."


I dunno. This sounded just as shit personally. Maybe they just didnt need a rock and boat metaphor.


Wtf this is 4chan, this is where people come to feel supported, I expected immediate praise of my artistic expression. If you don't I will report you to Reddit authorities, I am oppressed community. Please say my metaphor is good within 12 minutes and I won't report you.


I'll apologise if you can show me proof of either a rock getting scared and getting smaller or a boat getting fatter the more it exposes itself. That's my terms for an apology.


I feel personally attacked, and like 4chan is not a supportive and nurturing community for creators. I had really hoped that after decades of being called "dough boy" and "skinny dough boy" and "little skinny dough boy" by my classmates, I had finally found a community that would accept me for who I am, and I'm now starting to think the 4chan is not where I belong. I am from oppressed community.


I get bigger the more I expose my self.


It is still shit, but at least there's something to the metaphor. What about a ship is supposed to even metaphorically represent looking up? It's stupid. The things about wind and storm still doesn't have anything to do with why a ship actually floats, but it at least has something to do with a ship full stop.


It's shit, utter shit, but it's still better because at least it makes sense.


it's not great, but it's way better than the original because the density of the rock and the size/displacement of the boat are actually why one sinks and the other doesn't.


Not even close. "Do you know why stones sink and ships float? If you put a bunch of rocks on a ship, it can still float. Ships are floaty boys that can carry lots of hard rocks. The first ship was invented by Sebastian McShipp."


cringe and corny somehow worse than the original redditors man...


The point they were trying to make is that things are not black and white. Galadriel says the reflection on the water looks like the sky, hinting that it is possible to be lured by the darkness while trying to pursue good, which is a concept that is repeated by middle-age chad elf when he says the wind that tries to extinguish the embers sometimes stokes the fire. Someone is going to do some shit to empower the enemy while trying to do good, then he will become a vampire and destroy muuuuckwooodsss.


That meaning is fine, but that metaphor undermines it. If a rock sinking, or the depths into which it sinks, represents evil, then the skies above with their lights should represent good. How does a ship, which neither has the capacity to sink, nor to ascend into the sky, represent anything? A ship moves parallel to the sky. You could say a ship is the balance between the depths and the skies, but then that implies that it is bad to move too far in either direction. But in that case, what does the sky represent, since it is no longer "the good"? The metaphor is just very messy. It would make more sense if, for example, the water represents evil, the sky represents good, and an eagle is the actor. It wants to fly into the sky, but can be distracted by the water which looks like the sky.


“A stone sink because it’s fat and couldn’t do proper exercise. A boat is thicc, and knows it needs to keep those big ass muscular legs up and running. The lesson being: stop being fat you cunt” This is a good metaphor


trying to be deep and philosophical as Tolkien himself and it just comes off as mega cringe and also makes no fucking sense


You should sue if the cringe doesn't recede and leaves you disfigured.


That ships and stones line is so stupid, feels like they want to go somewhere with it then they decide it's not deep enough and keep adding things People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones but people in stone houses can throw glasses, however the glass that gets thrown is only half empty because it got tempted by the last peach his wife left for the children


The Peach thief


I'm gonna eat that peach. How's that for allegory.


"A peach... I could eat a peach for *hours*"


Saturn Devouring his Peach


Anilingual ouroboros 😯


> it got tempted by the last peach his wife left for the children What?




Based dad.


Even more based when the Twitter controversy uncovered the fact that the husband makes all the household money, does all the shopping, cooking, and much of the cleaning for the household. The mom thinks "I need to save the peach for the kids" the dad really thinks "I need to buy more peaches next time I'm at the store".


What the fuck does mom do then? Besides make shitty comics


Yoga and mocking her husband online.


Women live life on easy mode.


Suburban white woman moment


Whines and complains


What does she do different from other women.


Every woman


fucken hell. if i were a stay at home wife i'd end up wrenching on cars when im not taking care of the kids. Husband comes home to a nice warm dinner and the sickest v8 manual station wagon this side of the suburbs that looks like an ordinary wagon from the 80s so as to not get pulled over by cops. Register all insurance under my name since women get cheaper rates for some reason. rock up to the school pickup and let timmy's friends get a ride back home because why the fuck not. rev that v8 as im leaving for lulz of course this is fantasy land though.


I mean you could always become the femboy tradwife mechanic.


>femboy i will never be a woman and theres nothing wrong with that


Also, there is a very fine line between a deliciously ripe peach and an overly ripe peach. Gotta make sure that peach gets eaten before it goes bad.


So this was a comic a stay-at-home mother made to take a jab at her husband?


>comic Several comics, very passive aggressive and resentful of her husband.


Well that's... unironically a bit sad to hear.


Not based enough to divorce that leech


Kid named peach


Where is the funny


The mom leaves the peach for the kids… who then ignore it for HFCS-laden snack cakes and Cheez-Its, while the peach rots and goes to waste.


This is perfect. It’s exactly the way they butchered what might have been just a shrug-worthy, somewhat poetic line. As a fucking monster of a paragraph, it’s an incoherent mess.


Caspere knew this




I liked the Scottish dwarf lady. Humans and elf scenes are lame, dwarf and harfoot scenes are okay


The dwarf stuff was pretty good. Scottish dwarf lady wasn’t the cringe I was expecting. Galadriel and Elrond/young-Ned-Stark are pretty good too. The problem with the show, however, is everything looks like a set. OG LOTR felt “lived-in” and authentic since they used so many practical effects and shot much of the films in nature. This show, on the other hand, feels way over-produced and Hollywood-ed to hell. I’m still liking it and I’ll catch the new episodes when they release. But if I were Amazon and writing the blank check to make a successor to Game of Thrones I’d be disappointed.


Overproduced is the right word. Pacing and scene changes feel off, half the dialogue feels organic, the other half is robotic. Even for ageless elves, feels like Elrond and Galadriel look too young. Also hate the pompadours on High Elves, feels like a lazy way of not doing the long wigs. At least Black elf Ranger dude has a haircut that makes sense, he’s got a dangerous day job.


My main problem with the original films, in terms of set design, is that there was basically no farm-land beyond the shire. Just leagues and leagues of empty fields. How do all the people in Minas Tirith eat when the city is surrounded by grass?


That is actually a good point. Looks cinematic having armies march over the pelenor fields but, there’s not even any roads to carry produce in from other areas. Just a fancy city existing in a vacuum


It’s only a model


The books explain it and I like to think Peter Jackson didn't need that level of autismo because he captured the scale and awesomeness of the city itself.


My only gripe is the Mary-sue. I have a hard time remembering any of their names. She took down a fuckin ogre with little to no effort. Other than that the black elf and black dwarf looks more white than all the advertisements have made them out to be. Which is not a problem for me. Just makes me think that they’re trying to appease their diversity overlords. In the end, the show is okay, but still doesn’t live up to anything Tolkien.


If anything the show does a poor job explaining just who Galadriel is to non-Tolkien readers, which makes her appear to be a Mary Sue when she’s not. She’s one of (if not the) oldest elves in Middle Earth, with arguably more combat skill, strength, endurance, and wisdom than anyone else in the show. You know the king, Gil-galad who treats her with mild disdain? She’s like his great-grandfather’s cousin or some shit. My point: if this woman says Sauron is likely still alive, everyone would be listening to her because of her position and infinitely greater wisdom and experience. And by lore she can do all the things lots of High Elves could do like solo a troll. The problem is the writers made her like a middle-earth Katniss in mannerisms and how people treat her, but kept her powers and abilities without explaining that she’s really an absolute badass who has been doing this for centuries.


They really did write her character poorly. They made her out to be some sort of elf maiden (a basic female elf I guess) in the beginning that all of a sudden becomes a warrior when her brother is killed in action. Is she in any of the Tolkien books? I’ll read up on her if so.


She's literally in all of them except the Hobbit. Galadriel is a member of the Noldor, one of the main families of elves from the First Age. Things don't go well for the Noldor, to put it mildly. The Silmarillion discusses them as a whole. Galadriel is only slightly mentioned as far as I can remember. She's also in Lord of the Rings.


I think it’s opposite. Not because of race but because the fucking hobbits don’t even resemble hobbits from LOTR. All of them have grass for hair apparently. All of them have a thick Scottish accent which is weird for hobbits? Like the elf stuff is still kinda meh but at least it feels kind of similar to the movies. Maybe it’s just me.




Based rangposter


I hope so. I love rangzposting


She's the best character so far, which is sad, because we have two hours of content and she's only in five minutes.


i hate blackrock i hate blackrock i hate blackrock i hate blackrock i hate blackrock i hate blackrock


I hate Larry Fink I hate Larry Fink I hate Larry Fink I hate Larry Fink I hate Larry Fink I hate Larry Fink


I love blackwater I love blackwater I love blackwater I love blackwater I love blackwater


Heard there was a lot of money stashed there


I like turtles I like turtles I like turtles I like turtles I like turtles I like turtles


Based turtle enjoyer


\>be me \>rock \>just looking down, as I always do \>see ship \>"what's that ship doing down there?" \>it's floating \>because it's looking up \>[at me](https://www.esa.int/var/esa/storage/images/esa_multimedia/images/2001/07/view_of_the_moon_seen_apollo_17/9215843-5-eng-GB/View_of_the_Moon_seen_Apollo_17_pillars.jpg)


Good comment




Basically all profound dialogue in recent media is cringey if you take a step back I didn't mind this show, maybe because I just got done watching Westworld and that shit feels like a pseudo-philosophical inspirational Instagram influencer wrote it


Westworld became unwatchable pretty quickly. I made the mistake of coming back to it after finishing s1 when it was the only one out.


They should have ended it after S1 and it would have gone down as one of the best miniseries HBO ever put out.


Comparable to Rome would you say?


What made it unwatchable? I'm looking for a show to watch can you recommend? Preferably without wokies


It gets up its own ass with the old "what's the difference between humans and robots" thing.


What pisses me off is that Jonathan Nolan already made an amazing show about AI and its effect on society/humanity (person of interest). Then he takes nothing from that and makes the bullcrap that was season 3.


I stopped after s2. It was becoming clear that it wasn't going anywhere good.


Was willing to give s2 a pass with Anthony Hopkins taking a backseat but s3 was pure trash. Huge fan of Aaron Paul and Marshawn Lynch but they were not suited to this show.


I think the first season is worth watching. Skip the rest. If you want a recommendation and you don't mind animation, Arcane is a pretty good show. Good character writing, which is rare these days.


Woah ok, westworld is worse


The fucking maze in Westworld is so retarded "There's a guy in the middle who kept being murdered and coming back to life so he built a maze to keep his oppressors out" like what is that supposed to even mean that's not even a real physical maze it's just a symbol that's everywhere in the show for some reason did they ever explain that idk I didn't finish it


After watching Succession, all dialogue in TV and movies sounds really bland.


Ya the only exception i can think of is Rust's philosophical ramblings in true detective season 1


Kinosophical ramblings.


A lot of the writing is real bad. Elrond and Celembrimbor fast travel to Khazat Duun and Celembrimbor has to wait outside with no gear while Elrond does some filler bullshit. The male dwarf has no agency because fat black female dwarf makes all his decisions for him. In general, you can guess the outcome of every interaction based on intersectionality.


This. The no.1 thing about wokeness that has ruined storytelling is how you can always pre-emptively work out who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in any on-screen interaction based on their race and gender. There's no suspense in anything anymore, you just know.


There are some shows like Arcane by Netflix that can pull off woke. It had actual strong female characters and homosexual relationships that were relevant to the plot. This new LOTR though it's just so predictable. When Diversity Elf #1 aka Grey Worm Legolas goes to the bar in Mordor. There is a literal MAGA guy who is like QAnon/Trump/JFK/Morgoth/Sauron is comin back just you wait. They should have actually just put a red hat on the guy.


>show about league of legends is full of fªggots Colour me fucking surprised


\> Goes to the bar in Mordor Seriously?


Wtf are you talking about— I can predict the bad guy is Sauron because he’s Sauron Dalin or Durin or Dane or whoever the fuck his name is is clearly a good guy who’s just malding cus his friend hasn’t bothered writing or visiting in 20 years which imo is a fair enough reason to mald


As if this is challenging any gender roles at all lol. You guys are so deep inside your own ass about this shit. This is literally Homer and Marge Simpson. The Foremans in that 70s show. I'm not going to list every example because there's a million and you can find them on tvtropes anyway. This kind of portrayal (woman smart man dumb) has been decried by feminists for literally decades, btw. This shit isn't helping women. Not even a little. And they know it. "Husband dumb," "husband no understand emotions," that shit is not intersectionality lmfao ffs at least understand the subject a little if you're going to pretend like you hate it.


Red Foreman wasn't dumb at all. Could you be more out of touch?


And I’m pretty sure Kitty is a huge ditz “Red, do you think I’m smart?” “Is this what we’re doing today Kitty? We’re going to fight?”


Thanks to /r/4chan I finally watched the first episode so I could see what the greatest controversy since GamerGate was about. The show is mostly fine except for that bit. Really explains why the elves give airs of racial superiority but don’t even appear to have indoor plumbing but are cleaner because of their idle rich yacht culture. They “tend the forests” while humans work the fields for their food and dwarves mine their precious materials. It really makes you wonder who started that “greedy dwarf” narrative and why. Probably someone jealous of a race that lives inside mountains and has plumbing. Edit: props to pumice guy, Elvish “science” btfo


Haven't watched the show yet but I like the trope of arrogant elder race ignorant of science that gets eclipsed by human (or orc) tech after a millenia or two


> It really makes you wonder who started that “greedy dwarf” narrative and why. Probably someone jealous of a race that lives inside mountains and has plumbing. Comparisons are the thief of joy, and in extreme cases, the tinder for war


I dont get how despite all the money they spent the action scenes and effects look worse than those of a movie from 21 years ago just how?


At a guess. They are leaning on cgi which means the artists are streched thin.


>artists are stretched thin Like butter spread over too much bread.


the og movie was also CG everywhere


I assume you mean the trilogy? If so often they were mixing practical and cg as that was the only way to do some things. The parts that are 100% cg are the worst aged(except the balrog which is mostly shadow and works really well.)


Ships and stones may cringe the boys


But dem rangs will never harm thee’


O lawd dem rangs


So... darkness is a bad thing for the writers? D A R K N E S S ? So they've been secretly racist this whole time?






Is kamala Harris on the writing team?


Anyone over 19 is delisted automatically. They want only teenage cringe lords on the team


upvote for purnice






In what way do rocks look down, even metaphorically?


They don’t. That’s why this is so fucking stupid. The metaphor would make sense if it revolves around weight or…displacement/ability to adapt. A stone is heavy, weighed down by its past. It is unmoving. Stubborn. That it why it sinks. A ship is…blah blah blah, you get the point.


You're hired.


nah, must have lower iq


>Do you know why ships float and rocks sink? "Because ships are hollow on the inside. If you want to stay afloat, you need to let go of the things that may ultimately pull you under." That's shit but still better than what they came up with. How long before AI replaces these trash-tier writing teams?


>just become hollow inside I mean, Amazon *is* footing the bill...




Archimedes discovered buoncy 2500 years ago. The elves have talked to literal gods. The in lore reason elves haven’t invented space flisht and shit is because they don’t like change its in their nature to just be at peace. But that does not fucking mean they are retarded or mentally impaired. Like holy shit those lines sound so retarded. Feanor is rolling in his grave!!!


Ok fuck off. They can’t have put that line in the real series script.


I turned it off after the line in question was delivered directly after lil guyladriel was getting bullied. Couldn't do it. Fucking done


I wanted to turn it off there and then. Then some elden ring CGI bullshit happened that briefly made me curious to see what kind of worldbuilding they were going for. Then I turned it off when guyladriel had like the sixth girlboss moment. I didn’t get 30 minutes in. Don’t even hate watch it.


Im still not gonna watch it


I'm just not gonna watch it is all.




Fun fact Amazon strangely doesn't have ANY reviews yet for this abomination of a show. It is still unrated. Reading between the lines this tells me the actual rating is terrible.


Ships and Stones might break thy bones, but the ratings would sink ye!


"hmm, what if we removed all the profound catholic meaning of this piece of art and try to replace it with some kind of vague secular notion of... well IDC what, it's just the fancy talking that makes it good right?"


I understand the meaning but it feels very forced. they could have used an generic varient and it would feel better


ITT a bunch of rocks


Jesus Christ Marie...


Anything will float if it displaces enough water. They made tanks float in WWII https://www.military.com/video/operations-and-strategy/second-world-war/ww2-the-floating-m4-sherman-tank/1288234484001


Saw it yesterday. They've put that rocks look down thing directly in the first scene. Ridiculous. I cringed a bit.


>but sometimes stars shine as brightly reflected in the water as they do in the night sky Straight up stole that from Sapkowski and the Witcher series.


that's some fifth grade poetry shit, both shows should be embarrassed.


Show? It’s from the book dum dum


my bad, the witcher book and the rings show are both retarted. there, better.


Arondir looks like handsome squidward.


Pumice pilled anon.


Reminds me of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail's witch trial scene.


I refuse to watch this globohomo junk.


I couldn't watch the whole episode it was so horrible. The WOKE agenda is was the main driver of the writing. I have no problem with adding diversity but you have to have characters that are likable. No none is likable in this production. Also, another message is clear: women rule, men are stupid and inferior.




Ships and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me




This is what you get when a conference room of incredibly hacky modern TV writers tries to ape the writing style of a man who literally dedicated his life to English language and mythology.


God I hate this. First Star Trek now Lord of the rings. This is a huge trend that I don’t see going away. Incompetent writers that don’t know what they’re doing writing dialogue that on a surface level sound sort of meaningful but when a second of thought is put into it you realize it’s nonsense. Star Trek has been absolutely awful with that. TNG used to have such meaningful well thought out philosophical monologues that meant something.. that challenged the viewer and the characters. Now it’s Picard going: “time… time is but a glimpse of our past.. our future is no longer a dream… nor a mystery. It’s okay to know but no longer okay to wonder… for our wanderings of the stars have changed the very fabric of time forevermore. The vast deep void of space shivers at the thought of time changing it… so it alters time itself. This is my place in time.. right here.. right now.. and it wasn’t my decision.. it was the stars.” I literally did not even try when I wrote that yet compare it to any monologue in Picard and you’ll see I’m spot on. What the fuck happened


I'm a fan of the MCU dialogue but damn, it don't fit in a lot movies. Imagine if Goblin Slayer said something in that vein.


pumice lol




fun fact: all ice floats not just pumice


I fucking hate the scene that caused that line. Why were the other kids throwing rocks at Galadriel's paper boat? Did they really just need an excuse for Finrod to say a shitty metaphor? Rest of the show is okay. It's not terrible, but it's mostly kind of boring.


How about Galadriel deciding it would be a good idea to swim across the entire ocean




I still can’t believe the black chick dwarf is a real character. I thought she was memed up for us. Hilarious.


Best character in the show.


Sounds like nergosplaining to me...


I hate it when really bad writing kinda clicks with me. I felt a slight tingle when I read it, like if it was a different analogy but the same concept it would be good.