Coffee replacement recommendations?

Coffee replacement recommendations?


B Complex vitamins, and fruit!


I second this! B vitamins help me so much when I need a boost of energy! They even have little dissolvable tablets so it’s super easy to take. (I HATE swallowing pills)


Do you have any B Complex vitamin brands you recommend?


I use Webber Naturals. White bottle with a purple lid, but there’s not a huge difference with brands. Look for B12, or B complex. Also start taking a multi vitamin once a day. I’m on medication for anxiety, and having a healthy diet and taking vitamins is most important. Hope that helps!


Tea doesn't hit the same way because it contains L-theanine which mellows out the caffeine. This is why it's a good choice for us, still get the stimulant effects of the caffeine but without the jerky high that causes anxiety. Not sure what kind of teas you tried but if you didn't give high quality black teas a try (quality is really important) I encourage you to do so.


That actually makes a ton of sense! And I’m well acquainted with black tea as my family is from Ireland lol. I usually only have it socially or when I go to relatives’ houses. But maybe I should start to incorporate into my morning routine :) Thanks!


Try swiss water process coffee. It's 99.9% caffeine free and if you get dark roast, it'll probably have even less caffeine


Oh I’ll have to look into that! Thanks!


Make sure it says "swiss water process decaf" on it


Barley tea, but fr just stay off caffeine and you’ll get used to it. It helps to do something active to wake up in the morning.


Thanks for the advice! The problem is I’m a night owl so getting active in the morning isn’t really my favorite, but it wouldn’t hurt to try :)


I’m the same way; I’ve just accepted that I’m not a morning person. Better than burning out in the afternoon i think tho. Hope it’s a smooth process for you!


You could try mate. Or maybe decaf coffee with a little bit of regular mixed in? You could try slowly weaning off the regular coffee.


Decaf Coffee. Taste the same. Minus the caffeine.


I used to drink a shit load of coffee and it gave me really bad anxiety. I've been slowly lowering the amount I drink everyday and it seems to be working pretty well. Still get to drink it, and still get the energy from it, but I'm not drinking too much that it makes me anxious :)


Wean off.


Matcha lattes. I bought myself a little milk frother for 20 bucks and it feels like a treat and is good for me 😊




I started drinking Crio - it's cacao beans that you brew like coffee. Tastes like dark chocolate and doesn't give me jitters or a racing heartbeat like caffeine. I'm not sure if there are other brands out there besides Crio....