What celebrity do you dislike for no good reason?

What celebrity do you dislike for no good reason?


i had sleep paralysis with whoopi goldberg and i just can't stand her anymore.


I need details


she was just standing there menacingly but it was really dark in my room and i couldn't scream. she literally did nothing except standing and looking at me without blinking


It’s because she doesn’t have eyebrows


You blink with your eyebrows?


Bruno Mars. He was just out on the radio when I got hospitalized for a 3 week stay from liver failure. They had me on a lot of drugs and I was in and out of consciousness for most of the time but I clearly remember him coming into my room and trying to pull my IVs out while dancing and it freaked the ever loving shit out of me.


That’s hilarious, I’m so sorry


That sounds like ICU Delirium. John Cena was in my room.


But how did you know he was there?


You hear his theme music and nothing else.......


I will never understand why John Cena jokes are so average yet so funny


You are picked up by an invisible force and suplexed on a table.


That's a GREAT reason


TBF, that was really rude of him.


hahaha thats brutal dude. idk i love bruno even tho i dont like TOO many songs hes a pure and true musician who comes from a family of musicians and nowadays i really feel thats rare and i appreciate that


DJ Khaled


The worst live performance I have ever seen. He opened for Beyoncé in New Orleans years back. He kept yelling about his cousins over and over. 30 second song clips were playing randomly? Then he yelled DJ KHALED and the whole section was like, “oh.” You never would have thought he was a well known DJ based on his set.


That’s so pathetic. He and people like that gives people the wrong impression of DJs I’m sure like if they aren’t real musicians or creatives.


DJ Khaled is like a Pokemon - all he does is say his name.


I mean, there are thousands of good reasons not to like him


I laughed when I heard he refuses to lick the pussy, but loves blowjobs.


It’s odd because he obviously licks or eats everything else


Except for hot sauce apparently lol


And the cognitive dissonance to say that he respects his body too much to eat anything hot (we're talking Cholula hot sauce at this point) while sitting there with the BMI of a baby hippo


I imagine it's because no one would want him to lick their pussy


It’s because he doesn’t eat pussy and all he says is “DJ KHALED” or “another one”


We the best music! -at least 30 mediocre songs


Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean, there's the whole Goop thing, but my distaste for her goes back decades.


Not only that but her cook book thing has a very similar vibe, she gives completely incorrect nutrition advice similar to her sunscreen usage advice. Skincare and nutrition community is not on her side lol


Nah, there are excellent reasons to dislike her


Yes. She has two cigarettes a week but eats almonds soaked in water. It’s all about balance. Lmao. Sorry I don’t hate any celebrities but she’s a weird one.


Jada Pinkett Smith she just gives off a mean girl vibe.


Despise her for what she did to Will, cheating is bad enough but then choosing to air their dirty laundry on her show is just evil.


She did him dirty big time and made a total clown of the guy. He was mocked by everyone. How the fuck could he stand by her after that? Plus how is she not called a dirty predator for fucking her sons young friend? That shit would never fly if Will did it with his daughters friend. Just a disgusting person. Also, the whole family is pretty fucking weird


I always found it weird how “Jada and Will” were held up as this weird image of a “black power couple” in the same vein as Jay Z and Beyoncé. I mean, neither has done anything in recent years besides complain about not winning awards and cheating on their spouse.


I've never been happier to be an out of touch old guy. This is all news to me and I couldn't care less.


Wait, I thought the story was that they mutually decided to live separately in their huge compound. And that whatever entanglements happened were with Will's knowledge and consent. And that the only reason they discussed it on her show is because that guy went public with his broken heart after they got back together. But I only got that from a partial interview of the guy involved. Did I miss something?


Honestly, Will Smith deserves better than her. He loves her and she clearly doesn’t love him back.


That family is so far removed from reality I wonder why anyone feels anything for any of them.


Because Will gets a +5 to his charisma score.


I can’t stand her. I feel like she has a small people complex of “I have to attack everyone before they attack me”. I enjoyed her acting in Jason’s lyric but then everything else was trash for me.


Wow I agree with like literally every answer on here. Maybe I just don’t like people.


Or you just hate all or most celebrities like a lot of us


Ellen Degeneres. Her face creeps me out. Also the subway dude, even before it came out he was a pedo or something. The way he moved his mouth while he was talking was creepy AF.


Same. Her eyes are dead. Even before it came out how trash she was, I couldn’t stand to watch her show because she just gave me a dark feeling.


Who is the subway dude?


Jared Fogle


Ellen Degeneres is a shitty person tho.


Jennifer Laurence and Bella Thorne


Jennifer Lawrence really gives off ‘I’m not like other girls’ vibes.


I remember watching a Graham Norton interview with Jennifer Lawrence where she openly joked about disrespecting a sacred rock formation in Hawaii (I think it was Hawaii) by sitting on it / scratching her butt on it and I was just so appalled by how funny she found it, when she’d been told it was sacred and important to the people and I have been off her ever since. I also think she plays the “naive and goofy” card when I don’t feel like she’s being her true self. I just have bad vibes from her and I had the same from Ellen DeGeneres before all those allegations came out


I can’t stand either one of them. I feel Jennifer Lawrence is just a stuck up snob, and Bella Thorne is gross and trashy.


I once sat behind Jennifer at a Broadway play. She’s GORGEOUS in person but she was on her phone texting, and making jokes and laughing with her friend next to her during the whole performance. It was rude.


As someone involved with (community) theatre, this bothers me. For crying out loud, the one person I would **expect** to be a good audience member is another actor.


Steve Harvey. I don't understand why he's so famous. I love Family Feud, but he doesn't add a whole lot. He's like a bad Drew Carey on Whose Line. Drew Carey wasn't the funniest, but he at least added something to the show that was funny.


Welcome to family feud I'm your man Steve Harvey, we got a good one for you tonight. Every single episode. Can't stand him simply because of that


“Name something you use during sex” “Uhhh , a penis!!” Steve : 😐


Oh god. The long drawn out stares. Then 2 minutes of adding stupid jokes to it.


To be fair if he doesn't add all the extra jokes and stares they wouldn't fill the 20 minute window for an episode.


He’s icky https://youtu.be/az0BJRQ1cqM


Wow, what the Hell. Weak ass arguments.


Wow he is a piece of work. As an atheist this hits home.


He’s a piece of shit. Cheats on his wife and writes books telling women how to keep a man satisfied(basically telling them stay in the kitchen and be subservient)


Someone from the Church of Scientology must be on here. They are downvoting all the Tom Cruise posts. Sorry buddy, he's not that good of an actor. And he has a punchable face.


Meghan Trainor seems like she would be annoying.


Really? I feel like she would be the celeb you meet at a bar on vacation, and hates her job just as much as you do.


Beyoncé and I really don’t know why she irritates me so much.


Is it her or is it her fans? Because her fans are absolutely insane and that's what makes me dislike her even though it doesn't really have much to do with her


No I’m really not aware of her fan base she just grinds my gears.


I like some of her songs, like you said for me its the fans. They’re insane. They worship her.


I think it’s because people act like she’s literally the reincarnation of Christ.


I thinks it’s more of her fans than her tbh. Just like Ariana Grande for me. I can’t stand it when people give celebrities the role of “god” and you literally can’t criticize anything they do without getting a swarm of hate.


Same, I can't stand Beyonce either. I was fine with her back in the Destiny's Child days (although I always thought Kelly and Michelle deserved more time to shine because they both have amazing voices), but after she went solo, I just really don't like her anymore. I don't like her music, her fans are absolutely bonkers, and she's just not that great. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't get the hype.


Kevin hart. Idk why I think he's an average comedian. Idk what all the hype is about.


He is one of if not the most commercially successful comedians in the world and I just don't get it. I've worked with random guys in warehouses that were 10x funnier.


It all comes down to relateability and that his jokes are feel good so appeal to a broad audience I think, I'm a fan of his and thats why I like him atleast, hes an easy one to put on and forget about the negativity around you because he has such a happy aura.


Not the biggest fan of his but we went to see his live stand up. He wasn’t even close to the funniest stand up I’ve seen but he is a terrific speaker and tells a damn good story. Definitely still funny but he just kept the audience entertained in general. He did come across as a touch full of himself but the guy is pretty damn successful, it would be hard not to humblebrag.


I remember trying to watch a special by him on Netflix and it screamed "money". He just showed up after a big teaser introduction that probably costed millions, appeared on a huge stage with a golden microphone and impeccable clothes, had his own orchestra delivering after each mediocre punchline... hyping himself up along with his audience after not accomplishing much of an interesting joke after 10 minutes... I had to turn it off. The guy probably is funny and I just had a bad day and picked a bad special by him, but the dude feels so "hyped" in a very artifical manner. Totally puts me off due to how distracting it is. I don't really "hate him" but I do scratch my head around his success more often than not. He should be an off-brand Dave Chappelle sort of guy, instead he is his inheritor, not in talent, but in success... I don't know, good for him I guess...


Pitbull I can’t stand him or his music. Who rhymes Kodak with Kodak? Jesus


Millie Bobby Brown. I want to watch Godzilla King of the Monsters but she's in there so I refuse to watch it


Well if you just ignore all of her scenes you won't miss anything lol.


Any scene with her and her goons really slowed down the pacing and added nothing important to the plot in Godzilla vs Kong. Kinda ruined the movie for me


Jared Leto. Fuck that guy. I only like him in fight club cause I get to watch ed Norton beat the shit out of him. Fuck you Jared Leto.


He was really good as the lead role in Requiem for a Dream. But also, fuck that guy.


I also thought he was good in Bladerunner 2049 but all the joker nonsense has left me with a really bad taste in my mouth


Leto is a flake...but damn if he wasn't good in Requiem and Dallas Buyers Club.


Jared Leto is literally a cult leader now. https://www.rawmusictv.com/article/amp/2019/Jared-Leto-has-started-a-CULT-on-an-island-and-his-followers-call-him-Prophet


That checks out honestly


He was also the worst Joker


Simon Fucking Cowell


In fairness, I felt the same until I found out how much charity stuff he does and just how quietly he does it. Now I tolerate him and just ignore what I can.


Who does he think he is


Simon fucking Cowell lol


Demi Lovato


Lol good ole Poot Lovato 🤣


Blake Shelton. He panders by putting on a thick southern accent he really doesn’t have and I don’t think I know one song he has but I’m sure I wouldn’t like any of them.


He grew up in Southern Oklahoma. He might lay it on thick but I doubt he doesn't come by it honestly. Source: Went to the same high school.


for what it’s worth, my aunt worked for the company who serviced his gas and electric and he was always nice to the people who came out to work on his stuff


A dirt road A cold beer A blue jeans A red pickup A rural noun, simple adjective




Country music Mad Libs!


Jaden smith. I know it’s probably 100% me hating on him. Idk I just don’t like celebrity kids just being famous because there parents are famous but to his credit he does actually rap but idk


I hear ya


I used to hate on him too, but you should give him a chance in The Get Down on Netflix. I was honestly pretty impressed with him in that.


glad someone said this. such a bummer that show got canceled


Phillip schofield, cuz he’s just on everything, can’t get a break from the guy, feels like he’s on 1/3 of itv shows


He was great when he was just the dude in the broom cupboard on Children's BBC. Since he came out of THAT cupboard he has been an annoying git. But since he came out of his most recent closet... He just as annoying. Wewontbuyanythingschofieldin.com


Adam Levine. Enough said. So annoying


He acts like he’s gods gift to mankind at least that’s how it appears to me. Maybe he’s kind idk but some of his songs are really annoying and why is he always topless showing his tattoos and around supermodels. Creep


when people talk about good voices i always think of him and how he made it in the music business with his


James Corden, that guy sucks


You can’t have this because there are plenty of reasons


True, but still, fuck him.


I saw a post saying something like "James Corden is the guy who betraid the humans to the Matrix so he could be plugged back in and become famous."


The list of reasons to hate on him is long though. I wish someone would put their foot on the gas next time he starts dancing in traffic.


Ha! he's America's problem now


We should hijack a shipment of tea from the UK and throw it overboard again in retaliation for having to deal with fucking James Corden.


Didn’t his AMA on this site turn into one of the biggest pylons of the site?


Is it not "pile-ons"? I really dont know


Anna Paquin, I went to primary school with her in New Zealand, she was in my class and I never thought anything of her much, I vaguely remember a speech she gave in assembly but the week after I finished primary school I found a junk mail advert for her Piano movie (which she promptly won the youngest actress to win am Oscar for) in my mum's car and read her name. I thought that's the funny because it's the same name as the girl in my class, and then her photo was on it and I was a week past being able to say anything to her ever again. It's pure jealousy but something about the timing of it gives me a super weird feeling, it feels like a strange fork in the road, that she came from the same place as me, was just like all of us kids but blasted off into a new world of success and excitement immediately after we all parted ways. I find it awkward seeing her in anything, it reminds me of my life compared to someone famous and probably other things I can't communicate.


She's responsible for the worst Southern accent in the history of mankind on True Blood, so there's a reason for you to not like her.


In all fairness, they were all awful. I'm from that part of Louisiana, and it's definitely much more Duck Dynasty redneck accent than whatever the hell True Blood was going for.


And a super annoying character as well


Her and her husband took two years to build a giant mcmansion in venice across from my old apartment. Took forever, super loud and annoying. They did have their housekeeper bring us oranges once tho.


To think she accidentally got the part for The Piano (i.e didn't sign up to audition but was noticed while waiting with her parents) and how that flap of the butterfly wing means building mansions in Venice with housekeepers now.


That was refreshingly introspective and sincere, kudos.


Chrissy Tiegan. For some reason I feel like she’s evil lmao something about her totally freaks me the hell out


i’m pretty sure some old tweets resurfaced and it was nasty. she bullied and trolled people for no absolute reason.


Well she was bullying a 16 year old girl telling her to die so I guess that’s pretty evil


Oh jeez. I know she’s pretty active on Twitter, I don’t know much about her. I don’t have a Twitter, so I don’t know what she says besides for the occasional time she’ll make the news by saying something insane. And her face just looks so very unfriendly and smug like she thinks she’s better than everyone, idk man I really just don’t like anything about her hahaha


Demi lovato


Jason Derulo *cringe*


John Legend. Seems like the kind of kid who would ditch you the second more popular kids asked him to hang out


It may please you to know that his tour is an absolute failure. He’s had to cancel so many dates due to no one buying tickets.


Mark Wahlberg. Something about his face always pissed me off. But then I learned about all of the brutal, racially motivated assaults and gang beatings he’s committed since he was a teen, and I had a good reason to hate his racist, piece of shit ass. I still can’t believe he got pardoned for one of them, and his parents covered his ass and helped him settle a case when he was sued by another victim at 16. Textbook definition of escaping the real consequences, where instead of being locked up in juvy, he’s let go to commit multiple more assaults and go on to Hollywood. What an entitled asshole.


I personally am not a big fan of Hitler and his weird mustache


The more I hear about this Hitler fella, the less I like him.


Anna Kendrick. Just something about her. My uncle and I both agree we got into this huge convo at a family party once amongst my cousins.


What annoys me about Anna Kendrick is that as talented, funny and pretty as she is, she squanders it all by appearing in absolute garbage. I liken it to how Matthew McConaughey was just the Rom-Com guy for so long and then sometime around 2014 everyone discovered that he actually has some serious acting chops. What a waste.


You are not alone. I don't mind her, but once I was at a theater and whole row full of women groaned when her face came on screen during a movie preview.


When that singing movie she was in came out, my awful cousin visited us and for ONE ENTIRE WEEK, she practiced the cup song. Over and over and over and over and over, for a week. I probably never would have known who Anna Kendrick is if not for this, I've never seen her in anything that I know of. I despise her


Ed Sheeran, his songs are not too bad, but it makes me wanna claw my face clean off when it's on the radio for the 1000th time


It’s true my bad habits lead to youuu Ugh KILL ME NOW!


The contorted lyrics in "the shape of you" make me ill


Jimmy Fallon. First of all I don’t like his face I wanna punch it. Second of all stop laughing at everything you’re just fake and annoying.


Julia Roberts - she literally only has one single facial expression.


She makes me feel like I don’t have enough teeth.


Anna Kendrick. I can't stand her but I have no good reason why.


the 'i'm quirky' thing probs


My boyfriend used to have a crush on her until he saw her on some documentary type show, not acting. He now thinks she’s incredibly annoying and bitchy lol


Cardi B. Her voice and how she acts bothers me.


Also hate that she drugged and robbed men but faced no consequences.


Jennifer Garner and Sarah Jessica Parker. No idea why, but they bug the shit out of me.


Snuck isn't a word Conan, and you went to Harvard and you should know that 😂


Billie Eilish, David Schwimmer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leslie Jones.


Ben Affleck he's annoying AF.


For some reason his face is just shaped like the incarnation of the word "douchebag". Idk if it's about his usual facial expression, or his facial proportions, but I feel like punching him in the face for some reason.


Have you seen his back tattoo?


The Kardashian family of succubi. I mean, this fucking virus man....it really shows the best, worst and most irrelevant of humanity. And when you fall into two of those categories...well you are a wasted carbon footprint really


Kate Hudson. Which sucks for me because her athletic line is so damn cute but I can't bring myself to ever buy any.


Also just realized this is an AskMen post so maybe not as relevant to many.




She was amazing in "Almost Famous". After that... meh.


Debra Messing because a commercial for a show of hers came on too often and her hairstyle looked like a brain which I didn't like


Tom cruise. Just wanna punch him in the face


The kardashians. But i definitely have a reason lol


Jennifer Lawrence


Gywneth paltrow


Timothée Chalamet. Basically just the John Mulaney bit, but with my gf lol.


Timothee Chalamét. Don't know why, but I do.


Conor mcgregor, because he's a piece of shit.


Zac Efron. He just plays the frat guy way to well.


He has a show on Netflix where he pretty much proves him and his friends are kind of frat bros. But he doesn’t seem awful, just a little out of touch


Demo Lovato...... nothing against them as a person I guess but their singing just sounds like they're always touching themself. Edit: proper pronouns


Demo lol


Jennifer Lawrence. Her voice is too raspy.


Does any body remember that period in time where she would trip on purpose just to seem “relatable” and like once people started to realize what she was doing she hasn’t tripped since


I laughed out loud at this


It’s legit one of the funniest things I think I have ever witnessed like she and her team planned it all out. They saw how much people liked when she tripped and then decided “hey we gotta give the people what they want” so I think she was at the oscars or something and she tripped on her way to accept her award and then everyone started to think “hey wait a minute…does she think we’re stupid??” I don’t even have any hate towards her I just vividly remember that period in time and find it so funny


It was an act of a fully grown woman doing the “I’m not like other girls” thing like “unlike all these other girls starving, I just ate an entire lasagne before I left the house” 🙃


I feel like she's trying too hard to play cool and it comes off as so fake.


I don't know why, but I've always thought raspy voices were sexy on women.


Same, This is why I give the girls I date cartons of cigarettes regularly


The cool girl act always seemed super fake to me but Silver Linings playbook is easily my top Romcom.


She reminded me of someone I used to know that was just a people pleaser. Like you felt they weren't being themselves because they wanted people to like them. To be fair to her though, in recent years she seems to have toned a lot of that down.


Channing Tatum.


Joe Rogan. I solely watch his podcasts for the guests, not him, and I'm sure most people do as well, though there are some people out there who are actually fans of Joe Rogan himself. Sure, I guess he's lived kind of an interesting life, but his stance on some topics seems very wishy-washy, he's a very mediocre comedian and UFC announcer, and he is far from the best interviewer/podcast host, frequently interrupting or derailing his guests while they're in the middle of telling a story or explaining something. He does seem pretty agreeable though and seems like the type of guy who could get along with anyone, considering the vast amount of guests he's had on his podcast from different backgrounds. I just think that the only reason his podcast got so big in the first place is through his connections with famous comedians and producers from Hollywood. Otherwise it'd just be him and his amateur comedian friends shooting the shit for hours to this day.


As a big mma fan I hate when he covers a paperview, his commentary is so biased and one dimensional. The amount of times I've heard "OH! HE'S HURT! " just for them to recover and land some solid counters. I also hate him for creating the egotistical monster that is Brendan Schaub.


Jerry Seinfeld. He seems like a total asshole in real life. That and his voice.




Surprised that Jerry Seinfeld came up and nobody mentioned that when he was 38, he dated a 17 year-old which lasted 4 years.


Cameron Diaz. She actually annoys me just talking


Shia LaBeouf. Not sure why. I just hate the guys guts. You ever hear the song “Shia LaBeouf live” only good thing he’s ever contributed to. Even if it was just his name he contributed.


Lots of good reasons to dislike that dude


Kanye West. Guy is entirely up his own ass with some weird 'i am Jesus' vibes.


Nikki Minaj


agreed but a fair reason to dislike her is the rapists that surround her! her husband and brother are both scummy


James fucking Corden. Cant stand his face, his voice. He has no talen and producers keep wanting to put him on stuff


Billie Eillish. Just…ugh.


For me it’s her singing voice that sounds like a mixture between a moan and a whisper and it’s very awkward to me and it’s like they want to make her music seem more profound than it is.