What is something common that has never happened to you?

What is something common that has never happened to you?


I have never seen the ocean.


As someone who grew up in Florida I’ve kinda taken the ocean for granted. Especially now that I live in the Midwest and have met a concerning number of people who have never seen anything other than the Great Lakes


Never met a stray kitten that was begging for me to take it home. All of the strays I see are on their way somewhere important.


Why doesn’t anyone offer me free drugs?!?!?! Lol.


Seriously, the DARE program is full of liars.


D.A.R.E. Dispensaries Are Really Expensive


Never gotten poison ivy


I've never fainted


Oh it’s the worst, such a horrible feeling. I’ve only actually fainted twice, but I’ve felt like I was going to way more times.


Pov you stand up too fast


Yep. Recently I stood up too fast, fainted, and fell against the electric fireplace and got a nasty scratch and burn. Dammit why couldn't I have just fallen the other way back into the bean bag.


After it happens you get so scared of it happening again.


I’ve never met any of these hot single women in my area that seem so abundant 😔


I have never had strep throat.


Just swallow a handful of razor blades and needles. Same effect.


Have you ever thrown up with strep? The pain was so bad I just puked again 😫


Thats actually how I know it's gone. I throw up at the very end of strep every time. I will be running 101 temp feeling miserable and it is a horrid vomit but as soon as I do my temp is gone, my sore throat is gone, and I am feeling so much better.


Lucky you. I’m one of the people who gets it fairly often.


Have you talked to your doctor about getting your tonsils removed? I got strep a lot when I was young, one year I had it like 6 times. After removing my tonsils, not only was there no more strep, but my instances of other common winter illnesses went way down.


Never heard « I love you » or « sorry » from my parents. I’m close to 40.


Do you want a hug?


I do! Thank you!!


Here you go! *hug*


The first time I heard I love you was from boyfriend (now husband) so I started saying it to my parents on the phone when they retired to the south. It only took about 22 years for my mom to say it and about 30years for my father to say, I've only heard my father apologized once .


Growing up, my parents expressed love through actions, not words. Neither side of my family were very emotionally expressive people. I honestly don't remember my parents ever saying I love you as a kid. I always knew they did, they just didn't say it. My Mom got involved with my step dad, his family was huge on expressing love. Very affectionate, huggy, lots of I love yous. It was like having him in our lives unlocked the door to expression. He was a wonderful man and made all our lives better. I was lucky to spend the last 20+ years of Mom's life saying it loud and proud. For my Dad, it was losing his Mom that broke the barrier. The night Granny died, one of us finally said the words. From then, we do not leave a visit or a phone call with out expressing the love. It's a good feeling.


I'm almost 29 and I've never been stung by a bee/wasp/hornet etc.


Me neither. So maybe the once I get stung, I will discover that I'm allergic to them.


Lucky. I made it to 3 years old and a wasp said, “damn, that’s a happy kid… let’s change that! *stings me*” I was minding my own business in my stroller at Hershey Park too.


I can relate, my earliest memory is getting stung on the back of the neck by a wasp while I was sitting on my tricycle. Been scared of them ever since.




Bruh wtf


Same was on a playground. My mom said just freeze it's just checking you out. They won't sting you if you don't provoke it. Haven't trusted that bitch since. It's been 27 years, and I still don't trust a word she says. 4 year old me was right to turn and run, instead my bee cartel mother decided to sacrifice me to get their honey. I got stung three times that day. I was betrayed. I do love my mom, though. Just hate bees now. I nope the fuck out when I see them while hiking.


I'm 35 and I've never been stung by anything like that. I'm surprised, because we have quite a few wasps and bees around here. I don't think I've ever seen a hornet.


I don't know if its common, but a friend expressed surprise when I told him I had never, ever seen hail in person. I know of it, of course, and seen videos and the like, but I've never experienced it myself. edit: To answer a frequent question, I lived most my life in Virginia, and now live in Delaware. Said friend also lives in Virginia, though further south than I.


I remember seeing it five days after buying my first new car. When it fell on and dented my first new car. Did not even have the permanent license plates but I had hail damage...


Common here in TX. Some people will even wait for the "Hail Sale" brand new cars with hail damage sold at a pretty big discount.


In 2007 i bought a brand new car; it was like 2 weeks after purchasing and i worked downtown so was parked at the top of the parking garage (uncovered). Heard a freak hail storm from inside the building and immediately my heart sank remembering where i parked. Checked on it after the storm and had no back windshield (it shattered), front windshield was cracked all over, and it was beaten to shit. Insurance totaled it as they said it had irreparable frame damage. Luckily i got a rental and had gap insurance but THE FUCKING LUCK MAN!


Never had to go to the hostpital


I go everyday. I work there


Rad. Do you get free stethoscopes?


You know... they do have incredibly cheap disposable stethoscopes to be used on patients in isolation. I guess you could take a (hopefully sanitized) used one after a patient was discharged since it was going to be thrown away anyway. Having said that, eww.


Being invited to a wedding. Everyone always tells me about how I’m so lucky to not go to weddings because of how much they end up spending to attend them but I’d like to experience it at least once in my life. Apparently I’m not close enough to anyone to be invited :/


During covid a lot of friends got married in small ceremonies. Understandable, but I wish that I got more chances to attend bigger weddings, because they seem fun! My family is from a culture where weddings are big 100+ invite-everyone affairs, so I'd love to participate in more of those.


Never had a cavity


My dentist told me different people have different kinds of bacteria prevalent in their mouths. Some have bacteria that tends to form cavities. Some have bacteria that tends to present gum disease, for instance. I'm in the latter category, and have also never had a cavity. So yay?


I've never had a cavity (despite not taking care of my teeth super well for a couple years). On the flip side, even now that I do take care of my teeth diligently my breath stinks super easily. Like I need to use mouthwash or have eaten/drank water in the last 30 minutes or it starts to get bad.




I've never caught a fish. We would soend hours a day fishing as a kid in summer and for some reason I never caught one. As an adult people have taken me fishing, determined to help me catch a fish. Nothing. I'm 40. It will never happen.


The real fish was the friends you made along the way?


One night stand or FWB relationship.


I tried to have a casual FWB. We're married now.


owa owa


48 and never tried a cigarette.


64 and never smoked anything. Though I'd like to try smoking a brisket sometime.


Don’t start, it turns into a horrible habit and soon all your dreams are filled with smoked meat. You’re just forever thinking about the next time you get to have that smoked meat again. Smoked steaks are one of my favorites.


everyone in this thread is jinxing themselves


For some that’s a good thing. Never had a girlfriend. Tomorrow’s Edit: you guys I actually got one


I’ve never been pulled over or gotten a ticket 🤞🏻


I bragged about this a couple months ago then got a ticket a week later. Careful out there man


Me neither. 42 years old, been driving since I was 16.5. I used my car insurance for the first time ever in 2020, when a tree fell on my home and new car.


I've never been to a funeral.


Oh they're a riot, you got to try em.


Yeah, just wait for the vampire to jump out of the coffin and yell, "Surprise!"


Cant spell funeral without fun!


You're either very young or very lucky: frequency of funerals grows exponentially as you age.


I’m 30 and I’ve been to several funerals, but all of them were when I was a child.


They come in waves by generation. I'm in my forties and just starting to see funerals pop up again for family friends my parents age.


i hear everyones dying to have one.


I’m 30 years old and I’ve never had a wet dream. Edit: boy I tell ya, if I knew my inbox was gonna get flooded with dudes telling me about their nocturnal emissions I don’t think I would’ve left a comment.


Yeah, whenever I have sexy dreams I always wake up before the good part.


I don't even cheat on my wife in my dreams. "Sorry, Natalie Dormer, that wouldn't be right." \*WAKES UP\* "DAMNIT!"


I turned down Dwayne Johnson in a dream, as I am in a committed relationship. Oh, and Will Farrell. I was actually trynna hit that with Will though, and my man showed up in my dream like the SWAT team and kicked Will's ass. Fucking cock blocker.


You ever get rejected in a sexy dream? I have. Apparently I wasn’t that good, so she got up a left… then I woke up super confused. Edit: Well thanks to whomever gave me an award (especially silver(and gold… jeebus)) for saying the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever said on Reddit. Lol


That's rough, buddy.


Same. I feel a little bit like I’ve missed out.


If you'd like to simulate the experience just lay down in bed and wank into your shorts while you're still wearing them, then roll over to mash your ooze all over your legs, then stand back up. Your brain's natural ability to process your senses will fill in the blanks.


Thank you for leaving the most degenerate comment I've seen all day. Also, I feel slightly less bad about leaving that crusty mess for the morning now.


I posted my own comment before I saw this one. I'm 45, same deal. They really hammered home now normal and common this was when we took health class in middle school that I thought something might be wrong with me because I didn't.


I just thought I masturbated too much at the time for it to happen by accident.


Yeah masturbating before bed is just preventative maintenence.


I've never gotten a nose bleed. ​ Ever.


When i was in School i got it 12 times in a month. Got operated on and turns out a growing bone in the nose had pressed against a nerve. Alive because of modern Science. Would have died for such a simple reason in Ancient times.


That’s an interesting story. I have chronic nosebleeds, sometimes I’ll only get one in a month, sometimes I’ll get 6 in a week. Been like this for as long as i remember. Saw a doctor once about it when I had one that took an unusual amount of time to clot and they said it’s not terribly unusual in people my age (around 19 at the time) but not much has changed since then. Maybe I’ll bring it up at my next annual just in case.


That can be arranged


Despite living in Scotland and being a white, heterosexual male, I've never played a round of golf. EDIT: WHOA! Was not expecting this much of a response. And to the legend who sent me the helpful reward, thank you 😊


any natural disaster and snowball fights


As someone from Kansas, I would HIGHLY recommend against a snowball fight during a tornado.


No, they're so cool! You can hit yourself if the angle is right!


Brain freeze from ice cream, etc. I have no idea what y’all are talking about.


I don't get brain freezes, I get throat freezes. And they hurt. Any time anyone has ever said "brain freeze", I just assumed they meant the same thing as what I felt, and it was a misnomer. I only recently discovered people actually feel a brain freeze in their head. I've never experienced that! Just those damn throat freezes.


I envy you


Same! My mouth will get cold if I eat ice cream too fast or something, but there's no feeling above in my head. Edit: Also, not sure if it's related, but I feel like I get headaches (or at least more painful ones that have you reaching for your medicine cabinet) a lot less than most people, but that might just be placebo with how often people talk about having headaches lol


Never made a post on Reddit or other social media after being on Reddit for 9+ years now.


It’s ok, lots of us are lurkers!


Long term relationship.


Same. I've always been somewhat of a loaner, but lately I've been looking to not be alone. Covid hasn't helped that, though. Edit: Loner, not loaner. I don't loan people anything.


Can you give me a loan? My credit history is impeccable, and that's because no one has given me a loan before.


Sorry, can't give you a loan. I would, but I'm saving up to buy me a new car. Edit: Oh, yeah. My typo. I'll have to fix that.


The fact that you answered with such civility without realising what they meant is amazing


Too late they already made the typo, even an edit can't undo the contract.


OP is wholesome dude


Starting to think of yourself as a loner instead of a loaner might actually be the first step in boosting your confidence. :P


Married 36 years. I'm almost the only person I know thats never been divorced. My wife has been divorced 3 times.


This sounds like an immoveable object/unstoppable force situation. Hope your streak wins out over your wife's.


"What happens when a serial divorcee meets an undivorceable man?" **She's been divorced three times.** "I really thought this one would work out." "Suzie, he didn't speak english!" "Yeah but did you see those abs?" **He's the only person he knows that's never been divorced.** "You know they say lobsters mate for life" "Trust me Pete, even lobsters have more exciting love lives than you." **Drew Barrymore is Suzie** "well now *there's* a guy I wouldn't mind divorcing in a few years" **Adam Sandler is Pete** "we-well hello, miss lady. Might- Mi-Might I offer you a lobster roll?" **An Immovable Farce** *Coming soon to Netflix*


Your wife has been divorced three times and THEN got married for 36 years? That's gotta be some story.


Being called for Jury Duty. I am forty and my dad and my sister have both been called, but not me.


It seems there's two types of jury duty notices. There are people like you, who either never receive one or rarely receive them. Then there's people like me who receives a Jury Duty notice every time I'm eligible.


In my city they're allowed to call you once a year. Guess who's sitting in a court house right now for my annual jury duty


Wow. I've made it to 35 without being called once, I can't imagine what a pain in the ass it must be to do it *yearly*.


I'm 24 and I've been summoned 3 times for jury duty since turning 18. I was able to get dismissed from all 3 by virtue of being a college student, but still.


> Being called for Jury Duty Same. I wouldn't mind sitting on a jury, but most people I know that got called for it never got picked. They just wasted time in the court house all day just to be told to go home. I wouldn't want to do that.


I want to serve jury duty! I was thought it sounded cool ever since I was a kid. To be able to hear a case and deliberate the facts with other jurors. Never been called. Edit: So many people have shared their thoughts and stories with me. Some takeaways: 1. It can be very boring and disheartening work. 2. It can be traumatizing, hearing about murder and rape and molestation in visceral detail over and over and over. 3. It can be rewarding to be a part of making a meaningful decision in someone’s life on behalf of the justice system and society. 4. Jurors are paid less than $50/day. Especially you’re someone that supports children or a spouse, you’re going to lose out on a lot of money. 5. Sometimes jurors aren’t given food and that results in quick decisions because of hanger. What a miscarriage of justice! (Serious) Thank you for sharing all your stories!


Me neither. I imagine the vast majority of cases are tedious run of the mill stuff rather than a juicy serial killer. I still want to find out what the deal is though. Coming up to 35, and no sign of it happening yet.


I'd actually be more interested in a tedious civil case lol. As much as I'd love to see the process first hand, something major like a murder trial would be way too much pressure.


I've served on 3, all in Texas. I truly enjoy it. The judicial process is fascinating to me. One was a 6 person jury for a DUI. Lasted half a day. They had video evidence plus BAC from blood draw. We were amazed the accused was even contesting it. Guilty. She had chosen for the judge to decide punishment. 6 months probation. 2nd was a teen who was riding a dirt bike on the street. Lasted one day. He claimed it was legal when the bike was not registered nor was he licensed and, even if it was registered and he was licensed, the bike had no lights of any kind plus multiple other modifications that made it clearly not street legal. Guilty. $1000 fine, 6 months probation. 3rd was a First Degree Murder. I was foreman for this one. Took a whole week. Dude shot his girlfriend point blank in the head while she was on her knees begging him not to shoot her (witness accounts). He claimed he hit her on the head with the butt of the gun and it went off and accidentally killed her. Except the imprint of the muzzle was clearly on her forehead in the post mortem photos. We even tried to reenact his claim in the jury room and concluded it was impossible unless it was a "magic bullet" that made a 300 degree turn after it was fired. Guilty on first vote. During the punishment phase we found out he had a long record of offenses from petty theft to B&E, to robbery, to evading arrest during high speed chase, and multiple drug offenses including possession and distribution. Total POS. Sentenced to the max on the first vote: 99 years without possibility of parole. Judge stopped by the jury room after to tell us we did a great job and he fully agreed with the verdict and sentence. I would like to sit on a civil case to round out my experience.


21. Never broke a bone, never have a fracture.




Winning a cards against humanity game.


Look at you with enough friends to actually play...


I've never smoked a cigarette or been sent a dick pic edit: (and I don't want any, thanks) Edit 2: Mistakes were made by admitting that to the internet but any pics will remain schro-dong-ers pic and will never be opened. Is it a dick? Is it a cigarette? We will never know!


I'm sorry for what's likely going to happen to your inbox.


It's probably full of cigarettes right now


Full of butts.


Them darn smokers and their unsolicited cigarette butts in my DMs!!


Prepare for an influx of pics of dicks smoking a cigarette.


You oughta turn PMs off.


Feeling loved by someone other than your family


Hang in there general kenobeehee


I read that like Michael Jackson




*spins and grabs crotch angrily*


39 straight male and I've never been to a strip club. Holy shnikeys there was a lot of comments on this. I've been invited to go to a strip club many times. Just doesn't seem appealing.


Me neither. Don’t see the point in giving myself blue balls, going home frustrated, knocking one out then crying myself to sleep. Edit: A lot of people here saying you can get “extras”. Yeah good point… but for me, it’s a lot of money for 37 seconds. And I’d still cry myself to sleep.


Read a great reddit quote from someone's grandpa - "It'll put lead in your pencil, sure, but you've got no one to write a letter to."


“That’s why I write in my diary, grandpa”


Seriously, I’ve never been to one either. I have a hard time understanding the appeal of a one-way, in person sexual interaction


I've always thought it was a weird concept. "hey bro, wanna go to a strip club and get boners sitting next to each other? it'll be awesome!"


I never learned how to drive. I'm thirty.


32 and same. I legally can't due to how bad my eyes are.


Same. I'm 23 and I can't either because I'm blind in one eye. And I can't see my hand in front of my face with the other without my glasses. I only cross streets at stop lights because I can't see well enough to see a driver motioning me across. 🙃


Kissed by a woman


Username checks out.


Welcome to reddit


I'm 57 and nobody has ever told me that they are lgbtq. I have some gay and lesbian friends, but I only know it b/c somebody else told me. I'm a grizzly, old, redneck-looking motherfucker so maybe ppl think I'd be hateful. Also, I don't talk about sex so it isn't likely to come up in a conversation.


When I was about 21 one of my best friends had some sort of life moment and decided he needed to "come out." He called me and I got a long...confession? maybe?...whatever you call it when someone tells you their life story and realization that they're gay. At the end I went along with it and pretended like he was telling me something I didn't know. What I wanted to say was "Uhh, I appreciate the candor, but I didn't know this was a secret. Do you not remember the time you tried to kiss me on the mouth? Literally everyone who has ever met you knows you're gay. You wore homemade vests in high school."


I had a buddy get us all together on the pretext of playing MTG/hanging out and sat us all down to dramatically reveal he was gay. The overwhelming response was confusion... we all thought he was out already. Like, not one of us thought there was a chance he wasn't gay, we fucking talked about guys we thought he should take a chance with TO HIM, what the hell did he think we were doing?


I was in the military when DADT was repealed. One of my co-workers who was obviously gay came out in the middle of an engine change at the end of a Friday. We stared at him in confusion for a second, then our Sergeant said: "We already know, finish your job so we can go home." We finished the job like normal and went home.


I’ve had this happen a few times. It’s so weird how someone can be so obviously gay and not realize it themselves. The homemade vests in high school part is too accurate haha.


I don't think most people outright announce it unless they're just coming out. I've had friends tell me they were LGBTQ when they were just coming out. But people I've met that were already out, I only found out because they offhandedly mentioned their same sex partner.


I'm 41 and haven't died yet.


What’s your secret?


Stayin' alive.




Stayin' aliiiiiiive


Never been fired from a job *knock on wood*


only time I got fired, was from a new mgr. first week. they didn't last a month and I got hired back.


I had that happen to me when I was a teen. The lady was subbing for the manager for a day, fired me. I complained to the real manager when he got back and I got rehired the next day.


I worked for an HVAC outfit once and on every install job the salesman would come by toward the end of the job and see me sitting down or twiddling my thumbs or something. After about four jobs he went to the owner complaining and I got fired. I went to pack my things and while I was loading up my crew flipped their shit in the owner's office. I was always just doing what they told me to do, and once done I waited until one of the senior guys wasn't elbow deep in something to direct me to a new task. I outpaced everyone and mr. salesman only ever stopped by after I had completed every task I was qualified to do. I was fired for 10 minutes.


Mr sales guy was a total knucklehead. If he had made even the tiniest of inquiries before getting you fired he would have figured it out.


Let's not forget that the owner also fired the guy without talking to anyone on the crew.


Lol holy shit, how did she see that working out?


She was on a power trip…I’m sure long term consequences weren’t in the thought process.


For a person like that, they really don't think about anything long-term.


I love how when something like this come up anywhere, everyone is sharing their stories of how awful their employer was and fired them out of spite or something, and here I am, got fired TWICE from a waitressing job because I suck at it lmao


I am in my forties and I have never had anyone invite me out for drinks.


If by any chance you live around Puget Sound, I'm going wine tasting at 3pm today. You are invited.


Oh how I wish. Would take quite a bit of convincing to get the wife to cross the country for any reason, though.


Oh well, if you ever do find yourself in the area, my wife and I will join you for a few drinks.


Same, need to go find a wife first though.


There are plenty of wives in the wild. Just approach them carefully, they spook easily.


Here's your first: Wanna go out for drinks?


Awww. I would love to!


Never been on a date. I'm 34.




The age matches, you two could end this now.


Never rented a home or had a roommate


Roommates can either be life changing...or just. Ugh! So really, maybe you're winning in this case?


I never got a tattoo.


Same. I think tattoos on other people are cool, but I've never been interested in getting one myself.


I’m 27 and I’ve never been drunk


im 28 and for the millionth time i am going to try and get sober on Sunday. i wish i never started drinking. Edit: i forgot im 29 lol


That edit landed **hard**


Dawg start now. Why wait till Sunday. It’s just another day, if you want something, tell yourself I can survive another 10 mins. And if you still want it say it again. I believe in you brother <3 Edit: listen to people with real life experiences and information. I’m just some kid who wants to see people do better for themselves


I dunno is appendicitis or tonsillitis is common. But I never had any of that. Let's keep it that way


I never had a pen explode or leak in my hand.


Had a relationship. I don't understand how they're so common


24 and never broken a bone or had any fractures


41 checking in here! Nothing broken yet Edit: lol, and now my number 1 comment is about being too lame and boring to break a bone. Gee, thanks Reddit.


Lets keep it that way!


I’m 25 and I’ve never gone on a date with anyone.


26 and have also never been on a date. Funny thing is I have some relationship experience, just never gone out for coffee or a movie or whatever with anyone.


I’ve never shit myself Edit for the silly people: in my life since I’ve been potty trained


I did that 5 days ago. At fucking work. As a delivery driver. FML.


42(f) never been married. Haven't been divorced either so there's that!


39 and have never had any children.


I've never had to serve on a Jury. I'm terrified of the responsibility you may hold in deciding a stranger's fate, so touch wood I can keep this streak up.


I haven't either. Made it to two jury selections, both of which were capital murder cases. The last one I'm especially glad they didn't pick me for, as it involved some depraved individual who had already been found guilty of murdering his 5 year old son, and the trial I would have been a part of was to determine if a special circumstance of torture could be added and then we would have had to decide if the death penalty should be invoked. I've heard some of those types of trials can fuck you up for life.


Never had Chicken Pox


Never really had the pleasant surprise of finding forgotten money/weed laying around the house. I just always know where that stuff is. Happens to my friends all the time tho