How should i play trios

How should i play trios


6 armed monster not 3 solos. If your team mates can’t assign roles, understand them and stick to it to get better then find new teammates or just resign to have fun with it. It’s really hard to get good at team modes. People think if you have 3 cracked teammates you’ll have a great trio but you’d be better off with 3 people who can work together, stay together and have good conns. I fight about this with my duo partner all the time. Not easy.


Have 1 person igl (calls the shots gives u rotate calls) have 1-2 people play fragger, and if u onto have 1 fragger u can have a support (plays back tarp, carries harpoons and bigs and obscure heals like chug cannons and sometimes fish although fish can go to anyone)


It is hard to play trios with random people sometimes. I am currently looking for two people to do tournaments with but can’t find no one that is good enough and actually play as a team. Mfs like to land across the map instead of sticking together