Idiots using the emergency lane during traffic jam get block by trucker

Idiots using the emergency lane during traffic jam get block by trucker

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This used to happen at the 605 to 91 interchange every day. On day there was a cop standing sorta near a pole with a camera. He would point at a car, stick a sticker of some sort on the window, and then just as they got onto the 91 a line of highway patrol cars were writing tickets to everyone that had a sticker.


How did he put a sticker on them, they would be traveling around 30mph?


In a perfect world, paintball loaded with ketchup.


Blue dye and paint thinner on one half of the shell, buckshot on the other. Had the same in afghanistan...without the paint thinner.


I don't remember how. It in 1990. I put something on. It was a serious bottleneck. I used to commute from lakewood to chino.


I don’t know what it is about the 91 but so many people jump into the shoulder every time there’s the slightest jam


Just needs a convenient cop to show up 😂


Seen this before. Cop was around a bend near the offramp and was outside ticketing one guy when he signaled the other two to pull over. They both stopped and parked their trucks waiting for their turns to get a ticket.


I've seen something similar happen. There may be no greater schadenfreude than seeing someone have to park and wait to receive a ticket.


I saw better, with my own two eyes. Tourist town, two assholes with out of state plates fly up the shoulder. Problem was, there was a knocked over construction sign. You know those are thick metal, like 3 foot by 3, and also have a base for which they stand on. Well first dude made it over but it sounded bad. Second dude, it got stuck in his suspension/bumper/wheel. He had to come to a stop and was trying to yank it out. Fast forward 60 seconds, I'm inching along and I smell gas. I roll down my window and the scent it strong. I notice a line of liquid on the shoulder. Wait....maybe! Sure enough maybe 1/8th mile up, still in traffic, dude in back in a traffic lane but at a stop with his hazards on. Yup, his ripped his fuel line on the construction sign.


I felt a visceral thrill from that story. I hope to get schadenfreude like that in person someday! Few things worse than an asshole behind a steering wheel.


I’d love to see them back up to get where they were


Because their time is more precious than everyone else's.


I like to imagine that these people are on their way to the hospital or something, but i know that they are just assholes 99% of the time.


I instinctively hate these people, but then I remember that one time I had explosive diarrhea and would have risked everything to not shit myself. I giggle and hope they make it


I always carry a spare roll of TP in my trunk for this reason. I have no shame I will projectile chocolate on the side of the highway


That comment itself made laugh like hell! 😂😂😂


This always reminds me of the story where the woman did this to a guy’s car where they were racing to the hospital and their friend bled out and died because of her. I’ll never stop anyone like this because it’s not my job and I have no idea what’s going on in their car. Traffic is going to roll with or without them


Back in the early 90s, my father was going mountain biking with his friend, and his friend crashed and started bleeding out. My father tied a makeshift tourniquet, carried him back to the truck, and drove like a madman to only hospital/ER within 100 miles (no cell phones/reception; driving to the nearest house and waiting for an ambulance/airlift would take longer than going directly to the ER). Little old lady decided it was her mission to slow him down, and she wouldn't let him pass despite the honks, lights, and frantic "move out of the way" hand signals he was giving her. His friend made it in time, and the bikes were picked up later in the week. But I agree - you never know what's going on in other people's lives - sure they may be assholes 99% of the time, but when it's the other 1% of the time, you may just cost someone their life.


I was outside of Fayetteville years ago. Construction on the interstate. All the idiots had merged ten miles back instead of at the merge point. Right lane was wide open and the sign said - Construction 8 miles and our exit was 8 miles away. So we’re zooming down the lane and some asshole did this. The gal driving refused to hit the shoulder to go around him (I would have). The merge point was just after our exit……. Took us over an hour to get to our exit for absolutely no reason.


I remember that too. Honestly this annoys me when people do it but I’m not gonna go out of my way to stop them. Emergency or no emergency, these people aren’t in the clearest of head states, why should I interfere?


Except in that case, they were in the left lane, not the shoulder, and she brake checked them. Not the same thing at all.


There's a huge difference between being a traffic vigilante and being a traffic vigilante!


The original story says they were going just under the speed limit, and she she brake checked them just to be an asshole It's not the same situation.


You say they're different, but you agree she was being a traffic vigilante.


I wish people were this aware and made sure the left lane is open, instead of driving under the speed limit or matching the speed of the car in the right lane. Maybe then people won’t have to take the shoulder. Got too many Karens doing all the shit backwards


>I wish people were this aware and made sure the left lane is open You mean the passing lane. Which is why we call it the passing lane.


i wouldn’t put it past an asshole to abuse them, but if you are in labor or having explosive diarrhea (the comment under you) or some other emergency that’s when you use your hazards


Back in the early 90s, my father was going mountain biking with his friend, and his friend crashed and started bleeding out. My father tied a makeshift tourniquet, carried him back to the truck, and drove like a madman to only hospital/ER within 100 miles (no cell phones/reception; driving to the nearest house and waiting for an ambulance/airlift would take longer than going directly to the ER). Little old lady decided it was her mission to slow him down, and she wouldn't let him pass despite the honks, lights, and frantic "move out of the way" hand signals he was giving her. Not saying these people are anything more than impatient assholes, but I can't get a justice boner for this type of behavior either. [edit] His friend made it in time, and the bikes were picked up later in the week.


Said every BMW driver ever




You try too hard to see the good in people


I mean, if my lady is in labor, I'm absolutely turning on my hazards and using the emergency lane.


I call them self-proclaimed VIPs


Her cackle is what makes this vid


Got em' !


Jeff Goldblum-esque


I was recently in a traffic jam just like this when the semi in front of me did this exact same thing. So the dumbass in his decked our F150 just started moving into my lane assuming I would let him in. I stuck my front bumper about a foot away from the semi giving him no room to move in. He then rolled down his window and started screaming at me. I reminded him that he was driving a $50k truck while I was driving a pos 12 year old Honda Accord. Go ahead and hit me if you think it is worth it and every car behind me is my witness.


I woulda left the windows up and let him yell, people hate being ignored


I find that yawning or slowly sipping a drink (even if it’s empty) work best in those situations. Really gets them going.


I usually smile politely. Your method is amazing.


Smile excessively and give them the thumbs up


just give em one of these : https://youtu.be/xz3PbpPR6DY


Or a thumbs down


Shit-eating grin and a thumbs up is even better. Nothing pisses an irrationally angry person off more than laughing at them.


It's such a relief that these irrational angry people don't have easy access to firear... ah shit.


when I was screamed at I just gave them the puppy dog eyes and rubbed my eyes like I'm crying. I asked "are you done" and when he said "no" and started screaming again I just told him crying more would help. it was in a mcdonalds parking lot


i clap at them cuz they won the race no one else knew was going on


Blowing them kisses works great too


I've been known to blow a kiss, coming from a big hairy dude it's always hilarious to see what their reaction is


I'm a fan of blowing kisses, personally.


Crank your music and sing along while occasional serendading him through your closed passenger window.


Throw on m 1994 Hanson tape and crank the volume up.






Put your hands back on the wheel, you're driving!


Clearly not, it's a traffic jam!




I cant not hear the goat




Or quickly load up the rick roll song


>I woulda left the windows up and let him yell, people hate being ignored I love blowing big manly kisses at them and flashing the peace sign and doing the hand heart thing. Sometimes I'll just applaud their stupidity, or wave a big thank you when I refuse to let them cut me off. Either way, they seem to get way more angry for no reason and that just makes me happy. My stars! Mr. Center of the universe melting down over lil' ol' *me*!! Luckyyyyy


>I love blowing big manly kisses at them and flashing the peace sign and doing the hand heart thing. Sometimes I'll just applaud their stupidity, or wave a big thank you when I refuse to let them cut me off. Or do [this.](https://i.imgur.com/XSn2LFc.gif)


Then just gesture at him like "sorry, I can't hear you" XD


Start wanking and maintain eye contact.


I would just laugh and tell them to "have a great day"! Or a more feisty version is "I can tell your day isn't going well I hope things get better for you"! With a big smile in your face. Angry idiots want you to stoop to their level.


My personal favorite is to turn up my subs and make them hear my whole car rattle obnoxiously. With the windows down too of course so they don’t miss the vocals. 9/10 times they roll up theirs or try to get away from it and I get a massage out of it. Win-win.


Someone did something like this to me. Idiot thought I moved in to his lane because there was one of those lane shifts from construction. I didn't, but he wasn't paying attention and just drove straight in to my lane. He got right next to me, rolled the window down and started screaming to the extent that I could see the vein in his forehead about to burst. I looked over at him with no facial expression whatsoever, and turned back towards the road to just keep driving. Guy fucking lost it. Couldn't believe I paid him no mind. Came pretty close to thinking I was going to have to use that .380 in the center console.


This is usually when I share my burrito with them at max velocity


This is why whoever is riding shotgun should actually carry a shotgun. 😅 or a S&W .50 revolver… Dirty Harry esque. Strategic messaging. Some folks are hell bent on demanding their privilege. While I enjoy kidding about such things…please use your noodle. Brandishing will get you jail time…pulling the trigger will get you more. Best to fart in their general direction.


aye. shotgun seat should require use of a shotgun, at least in TX, but only for kids 12 & up


I wouldn't have risked it, idiots like that would shoot you dead for no regards to future consequences. Sticking it to assholes are fun until you are dead in a hole in the ground.


Lol... People use this same logic for not riding bicycles in the street where it's legal. Makes me wonder how many people out there aww perfectly willing to let bullies do whatever they want to keep them from hurting others. If that became the rule, it would quickly devolve into chaos as anyone willing to hurt others gets to do whatever they want


Exactly this. I used to antagonize the road rage people all the time by pointing and laughing at them or pretending to tremble in fear. Or making a sad face at them and then doing the sign with my finger for a tear going down my cheek. I stopped doing things like that when some maniac got out of his car punched my window and then pointed a gun at me.


my Honda Accord is 11 years old. I'm slightly offended bc it serves me well 😤


I wish people weren’t idiots so that you could safely assume like…they are on the way to the hospital or something


You can still do that and you would lose nothing.


in fact it’s the right thing to do. it feels shitty “letting the asshole win” but it’s better than “obstructing an innocent’s access to prompt, life saving health care” even if only 1 in 1000 are legitimate


I guarantee they aren’t on the way to the hospital, they are self important assholes who don’t want to wait


But what if they were on their way to a hospital and couldn't afford an ambulance trip?


This is a sentence most people in developed countries won't understand.


I’ll admit it’s possible one could, but I see it all the time, it takes one person then countless others copy them. They are just to impatient to wait


Yes they are dicks but blocking it still isn’t a good idea incase they have a medical emergency or an ambulance needs to get by and the trucker can’t get back into the bumper to bumper lane.


This needs to be higher. I am pretty shocked, everyone is applauding the trucker for causing a jam in the emergency lane. I understand you feel shit watching others pass illegaly, but if you block them you just make the situation impossible for an ambulance for example.


Nah don’t let them through! Their asses shouldn’t have been in that lane to begin with!


yea, do that and fuck things up even more for emergency services when they need the access ..


This pressures them to get back into traffic because now they’re at risk of getting caught




Imagine blaming the trucker and not the cars driving on the shoulder.


Well…..it was technically a emergency situation.


??? A trucker saw a car driving in the shoulder lane and blocked them to get revenge on the perceived asshole skipping traffic, but it was really someone trying to drive a bleeding out person to a hospital and the trucker caused them to bleed out and die


Are you talking about the famous [chainsaw story](https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/bwapyn/no_you_wait_your_turn/epwiff6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)? Because that doesn't involve any trucks, just some asshole who swerved in front of someone in the left lane (who was barely even doing the speed limit) and brake checked them to half the speed limit. That's not even close to what happens in this video.


If you're referring to the same story I'm thinking of: * it wasn't truck blocking two assholes driving on the shoulder * the highway was mostly empty, except for this one asshole who decided to do some left lane camping doing the same speed as the guy in the right lane. Which is even worse tbh And the [post in question](https://np.reddit.com/r/AdviceAnimals/comments/1kbhcn/i_gain_strength_from_their_tears_and_anger/cbnhvxv/).


Yeah no one should block. Imagine an emergency vehicle needed to get through and that truck caused a massive slow down


Truck mirrors tend to see over lots of things


If you're referring to [the chainsaw story](https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/bwapyn/no_you_wait_your_turn/epwiff6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3), it wasn't a trucker and they weren't driving on the shoulder. It was some bitch in a car swerving in front of them and brake checking them.


The BMW used its indicators


Which doesn't justify the illegal passing. It's not a hall pass to an exit so far up ahead it can't even be seen.


Oh yeah it doesn't. Just that BMW'S never use indicators but he did so when doing something illegal lol.


So if someone is having a legitimate emergency here...fuck em. Im in traffic so are you! Thats what this video says.


I think we’re both gonna get downvoted, but I agree with you! You don’t know what’s going on with anyone else, and you’re not the traffic police. Let people do their stupid shit and mind your own lane. I remember in a similar video, someone posted a comment about how they were in the car with someone having a medical emergency and some asshole decided they were traffic police and wouldn’t let them use the emergency lane. The guy ended up dying at the hospital and the commenter said they always felt really upset at that lady, cause if they hadn’t had to waste time, he might have had a better shot at making it. Sure, chances are the people you’re blocking are just assholes, but so what? Let them be assholes and go on with your day.


Entitled assholes. The problem is when the ambulance shows up and can’t get through.


How does that help in keeping the emergency lane clear. If at all it would make that lane clog for extended duration… oh wait the petty nature of human beings… we call it the Indian crab mentality….


Not all heroes wear capes


Some just piss in bottles.


Way of the road.


But you're not a trucker anymore Ray! You live in a sleeper cab at the dump!


That’s the way she goes…


put their bird in it, have a pee, cap it off, and once it's full they just drill the fuckin' thing out on the highway!


Some of the trucks have a hole cut in the floor


No that's a sex hole not a pee hole, a common misconception friend.


I am torn because the majority are just being dicks in this video but what if one of those people were having some sort threatening emergency? Like they just ate Taco Bell or something?


Someone who is dealing with a medical emergency would be flashing all their lights, blowing the horn constantly, and screaming out the window. As opposed to douchebags who want to just quietly slip by the entire line because they think they're entitled.


Yeah, I had to think about what I’d do if I had to blow through the emergency lane if I had a medical emergency in the car. I’d probably use my hazards, beep constantly, and if someone tried to block my way, I’d sacrifice damaging my car to get by them. A car can be repaired or even replaced but I can’t say the same about a human life.


And then a video of you would show up here with people gleefully going "haha look at this guy freaking out cause nobody will let him pass."


I imagined that too in my hypothetical scenario except it was posted in r/publicfreakout and the person recording me tried to “catch me” after damaging the first car that blocked me by following me in the breakdown lane, finally catches up when I get blocked by a semi. In that case, I don’t have enough room to get by without disabling the car so I have to run out of the drivers seat to tell the semi driver to move due to a medical emergency in my car. As I return to my car, the person filming is then able to run up to me to try and berate me and all I do is point to my bloody coworker bleeding out in my back seat, and say “I will do anything to make sure my friend makes it to the hospital”.


Correct. As someone whose been there. That was my reaction. Hazards and laid on my horn and just went. You don't really give a shit about the consequences to save someone at the time.


If I could video all the douches in Chicago that do this... shoulders, bike lanes, four way stops... And most of them are not wearing a seat belt. Douchebags.


Exactly. I hate how at least half of this sub always reacts with "WhAt iF It WaS aN AcTuAl EmErGeNcY?!" to these videos.


Also as much these people are dicks I'd think the last thing you'd want is for there to be any obstructions in the lane which could be blocking EMS.


If there’s an ambulance coming the truck can move out of the way then.


So when the truck backs up 20 more cars on the side the ambulance will just slide through?


The truck has to move forward to get out of the way. That means traffic has to move. If traffic is stopped ..truck can't get out of the way..


The traffic was slowly rolling, and a smart driver would leave enough space in front to reenter the lane fully


Somebody should tell them, since they’re the ones who illegally entered the emergency lane


Oh yeah to be clear fuck the lane hoppers, they should have their licenses suspended at the bare minimum (if they were caught once then how many times did they get away with it?) and I don't really blame the truck driver for doing what he did. I also just would rather let them pass than have the lane end up blocked up since that lane getting blocked up in general whether by well-meaning truck drivers or pieces of shit like these people potentially means that people's lives are endangered and whatever is causing the traffic is going to be there longer since EMS can't get to it in the first place. Unfortunately the best solution for everyone is to get the lane cleared and then get them off the road.


Right? Every time one of these videos comes up I'm surprised by how many commenters have never read the chainsaw story. It's one of the top bits of reddit lore of all time.


How many chainsaw stories do you think happen? There's a reason that same, single story is linked over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. If someone was having an emergency like that they would be in a panic and it would be very apparent by erratic driving, lights, horn, yelling out the window, etc.


Because the odds of one of those cars having a medical emergency is about as high as one of those trees on the side of the road falling down on one of those cars on the shoulder.






Rare compared to the bs behavior above.


That is a crazy story that everyone on this sub should read.


If i had diarrhea i would be driving too fast for the trucker to even notice me.


You joke about that, but I was in active labor as my husband drove us to the hospital through downtown rush-hour traffic. I kept my eyes closed because I didn't want to see the speedometer... Now every time I see a jerk like this on the shoulder, I just think, "Your wife had better be giving birth right now and if not, god have mercy on you."


I just did the same with my wife in June! She had our son about 30 minutes after we made it to the hospital!


These guys could end up blocking ablulances and killing someone. These traffics jams are usually because of an accident.


The sense of entitlement of assholes like that is absolutely fucking infuriating.


It’s okay. The BMW has their signal light on. Wait, a BMW has working signal lights? I thought it was a myth!


Alright, now everyone else in the right lane tighten up, get grille to tail pipe, and don’t let them in.


Looks like NJ… happens every time I’m there


Assholes like this boil my blood, the emergency lane is for first responders and literal emergencies, that's it. I wish those people got hit by lightning while taking a shit.


A white BMW. No surprise there.


And it had it's signal light on.


We do it all the time block these fucks and cops ticket them I😂😂😂😂


This is so endlessly satisfying to watch. Was stuck in a similar jam a week ago and watching the cars doing shit like this *causing more of a jam* when they realize they can't just do that for the rest of the freeway is infuriating.


i get pissed in construction zones when people use the breakdown lane to skirt traffic and then try to force their way back in


I get more pissed when somebody lets them in. It's like "Good job idiot! You just rewarded their asshole behavior."


yeah and they make *you* stop so they can let them in assholes


I had a lady do this. We were doing 60 in a 55 construction zone. She swings into the emergency lane, a proceeds to pass three people on the right. I was at the head of those three. She proceeds to flip us off. And the semi in front o me by maybe two car lengths (too close I know but apparently not close enoughj sees what she’s about to do an blocks her. She cuts over in front of me and lays her horn on at the semi. Who proceeds to drop it down to 45 mph. That bitch has another wonderful 20 miles to be stuck between me and that semi. Justice deliciously served. People like that should never drive again.


It's the fucking worst


I get stuck in these all the time I love it when they cause another accident by hitting the dirt and rolling.


One day it took me 4 hours to get gone because of stuff people this. Everyone was trying to get to the same exit, but because there’s now an entire extra lane was trying to aggressively merge into it (in addition to the middle lanes trying to hop in the last minute), it caused such a backup I would just put my car in park between moving. Essentially a single exit lane turned into 3 full lanes trying to exit, which in turn expanded into the passing lane causing just a total gridlock that even people not using that exit were stuck simply trying to drive past it.


People driving in the shoulder like this is an every day thing around Pittsburgh. They would ride the shoulder to the exit, get off and immediately get back on and ride the shoulder to the next exit. I was amazed when I first saw it I couldn't see the plates on my phone so not sure where this is.


Some of the busier roads where I’m from actually allow shoulder use during rush hour. It makes better sense then just sitting still.


Truckers to the rescue!


Not all heroes wear capes.


Watched a truck do that to someone but it was in a left lane that was closing for construction, some guy in a small car got his mirror torn off because the truck cut him off. Watched this guy pull into a median and get totally ignored by the state trooper who saw everything. Big thanks to the truckers who do that for the sake of traffic.


idiots that drive on the emergency lane.. i hope they all get flat tires.


Oh look a BMW! Who would have guessed.


Only BMW has the audacity to casually turn on emergency lights so that it justifies this action.


Those aren't emergency lights. Those are hazard lights. It tells other people that you are a hazard.


I can't believe it, a BMW with working blinkers!


I once watched something similar to this, except it was a trio of truckers who (I assume) coordinated over CB. The one in front blocked the car like in this video. A second pulled alongside, preventing the car from getting back in the lane, and a third pulled up behind, totally blocking the car. They then put on their 4-way flashers and slowed down - kept moving, but made sure they were slower than everyone else. I bit of an inconvenience layered on the traffic jam, but still delicious. \*chef's kiss\*


Trucker is a hero.


Lets hope, the ambulances enter the emergency lane in front of this truck and not behind it, because there sure is a hell of a traffic jam now.


I don't know about here, but here in the Czech Republic it's not an emergency lane. In our country you have to line up to the edge on the other side of it too and make an emergency lane in the middle


it's not an emergency lane here either it's the shoulder aka the breakdown lane


I did this once and the guy I blocked did everything in his power to get in front of me so he could break my side mirror with his hand. My car has a dash cam so the idiot ended up paying for the repairs which came to a measly $750


If you do this, I will throw pennies at your car as you go by.


Spitballs are legit amusing in these situations. Throwing objects from cars is a major offence in some states, something about it being considered a "missile"


I drove down the breakdown lane past traffic when I was taking my infant son to the hospital, a dick in a pickup truck decided to play cop and block me like this, I had to get out and explain why, he still refused to move even though I was covered in blood. Luckily his wife finally convinced him he was wrong. Probably better to not escalate things and just let the idiots go, than watch a child bleed, if there is no emergency the cops will give them a massive ticket.


As a retired truck driver I always loved doing this.




I got ‘em all right here officer…




I hope they just needed that upcoming exit…


Was at a standstill for 4 hours one time in Nevada , not sure why but it was brutal. The shoulder became a full fledged lane with people trying to be geniuses. Eventually one semi after another blocked both sides off until there must have been 10 semis pulled off to the side so no one could pull this move. I felt justice and comradery. Bless those semis


A true American hero


People saying, “wHaT If iTs AN emErgenCy”. None of these people have their emergency blinkers are on so it’s safe to assume they’re just assholes.


Like someone else here said, they're more likely to cause an accident than to be having an emergency themselves. The shoulder lane is usually covered in debris and driving too fast on it is a good recipe for losing control of your car.


> so it’s safe to assume they’re just assholes. it is not safe to assume that


I hate people who avoid traffic as much as anyone else, but stop doing this self righteous shit. You have *ZERO* idea what is going on in that car. [Take this experience for example](https://www.reddit.com/r/AdviceAnimals/comments/1kbhcn/i_gain_strength_from_their_tears_and_anger/cbnhvxv/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) of someone who watched their friend die because people made an assumption about a vehicle using the emergency lane and blocked their passage. Could they be some pretentious douche who is trying to skip the line? Most likely, yeah. But they also could be someone trying to rush to the hospital to save a life, and you’re the self centered ball of shit who believes their trip being lengthened by 15 seconds is worth being petty enough to cost someone everything. Moral of the story; you’re not the fucking road patrol or police. You have zero power over or knowledge of the people around you. You swerving over to block them makes you a 10x bigger cock sucker than them.


This is the comment I was looking for. Every time I see a post about blocking assholes from using the emergency lane I think of that post. You might be the righteous person blocking an asshole from cutting in front of everyone. Or you might be killing someone. Don't stop people from using the emergency lane. You aren't a cop, and you don't know why they are doing it.


I mean, ok. But what if they were having, you know, an actual emergency?


There was a really insightful comment about that a while back. Someone was trying to get a dying person to the hospital, speeding and changing lanes, and somebody blocked them in. Found the bestof thread about it: https://reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/55pv55/redditor_shares_a_story_of_why_you_shouldnt_block/


Though I've gotten used to it a bit in the last decade, sometimes vertical videos just plain suck. LOL


Now everyone work together to keep them blocked out.


I hope nobody let them back in.


I do this all the time. What amazes me is that a lot of times they will start honking like crazy as if I’m the one in the wrong.


Lmfao as a trucker this puts a smile on my face. I hate when idiots in cars do shit like that


"Knights of the Road" Truckers are awesome.


The one time I see a BMW with turn signals on and it’s incorrect lol


I've done this multiple times. I don't care that your exit is right there, wait like everyone else you fuck.


Oh stop it! It's YOU who started with this judging crap! I make a call; if I see its not an emergency, I try to stop them - safely! Nothing wrong in that; if enough people do it, we'll put a stop to cheaters like this, stop them from getting others hurt! That is ALL. Stop being a JERK and defending their bad behavior.


"But the exit is only 3-miles up"




A lot of people are jerks and try to just cut traffic like this, but you never know when someone may be having a genuine emergency. At least the BMW had its emergency flashers on. Would be a shame if someone died because of the trucker's vigilante justice.


Not their duty to block the lane - what if someone actually had, you know, an emergency? Now the lane is blocked...


So I heard this story once where someone was in desperate need to get a hospital because they had been shot and the person getting them there was racing up the emergency lane in heavy traffic when someone decided to be a hero and block them. The person ended up bleeding out while this was going on and the guy blocking them not only got to feel the guilt of causing that to happen but ended up with a pretty hefty fine on top of it. ​ It's always best to mind your own business.