Yup, this is one of the reason why I always visit this sub everyday. To read/watch some wholesome and inspiring stories. And the redditors here are all nice and awesome.


How is a blind person on twitter? Real question


Blind people can use screen readers to navigate computers. There are some really interesting stories about blind software developers and how they work.


I'm guessing not very quickly, but that's pretty cool.


Screen readers have been an accessibility feature inComputers for decades now and almost every phone has one inbuilt. What ever phone you are using right now, go into it's accessibility settings and look for something called "talk back" "screen reader" or something along those lines and that's for visually impaired people. Phones over the last couple years have made leaps with accessibility improvements but they are still there and functional on most phones. You can also get accessories for your phone that make navigating it easier like that, like a Dpad and enter/back buttons.


Like [this one](https://mashable.com/article/apple-innovation-blind-engineer)


There are levels of blindness. Iirc, someone can be considered blind if they can’t see clearly beyond a certain range away from their face. I could be completely wrong, but this explanation is what I think to be true.


There are several text to speech applications that can allow a blind person to use devices. Just a bit more slowly and sometimes they use their keyboard for inputs instead of a mouse. Source: my aunt is 99.9% blind (interestingly, if you shine a very strong light into her left eye she can notice if it’s on or off. But this has zero practical applications).


Actually if someone is very proficient they can work very fast with a screen reader they train themselves to listen to it at high speed and it is incredible to see/hear


Yes - cannot drive, or read monitor/books without supportive applications - but can avoid walking into you in the hallway


You can be legally blind and have vision in some areas only (say 15 degrees of visual field where most people have 90), can see light but not make out definition, etc. It’s not always total blackness. And if it is, they can use screen readers, which do exactly what they sound like


Phones and computers have a voice feature that reads everything on the screen for you. There's a blind YouTuber I follow, Molly Burke, who plays the voice SO FAST that no one who can see would be able to understand it. It's truly amazing.


I worked with a gentleman who was completely blind since birth. he used an iPad with the keyboard navigation etc on and used a Bluetooth keyboard and he had no problem getting around on that thing. it read out loud to him and he could get to anything on that iPad anyone else can. in fact apple products are very adaptive to people who are hard of seeing/blind. so a person who cannot see being on Twitter is, in this day and age, quite normal. the guy I worked with really loved being able to go on the internet, "watch" YouTube videos, and e mail back and forth with his family.


[This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiP7aantnvE) is a cool video about how blind people use tech in general!


Screen readers! They read whatever’s on the screen super fast.


That's not twitter. Also screen readers and voice to text.


There are blind people that play video games by sounds Twitter is easy in comparison


I will say from experience this looks totally typed and not speech to text whatsoever “bc”? Really? “i” instead of I?


My roommate's cat is blind, and my cat does the chirping thing whenever the blind cat is walking nearby. It's just a soft little meow, and the blind cat will make sure to walk around the seeing cat. (It's slightly less wholesome if the blind cat actually bumps into the seeing cat - at that point, she usually gets bopped on the head)


It's astounding the number of people who still don't know blind people can use a computer!


I know, right? I thought it was common knowledge, but apparently not.


When I worked at the apple store I was AMAZED at how well blind people can use the iPhone, by far the most impressive aspect of it is that the phone reads what you hover over and these people have it reading so fast that it’s impossible for most people to comprehend that it’s even possible. It’s literally some daredevil level shit, it’s astonishing.


I used to watch a blind twitch streamer, he has a text-to-speech on chat and messages are read to him super fast it is borderline incomprehensible but he understands it normally


It's like your hearing gets amplified when it's all you have. Pretty understandable actually.


Yeah. Neuroplasticity is amazing. It's how we can recover after losing parts of our brain due to a stroke for example. If there's no visual input, our brains just use that neurological real estate to process other stimuli. This is also why it's not as straight forward as just giving a blind person new eyes or something (if we were at that point medically), because even if they suddenly have working eyes...their brain might not know what to do with that information at all, cause all of the areas that normally handle visual stuff, have grown to proceess auditory or other stimuli. Even more amazing though that despite that it would probably just take a while for the brain to adapt to that new source of information.


You can wear glasses that will invert your vision, and after a few days your brain will just flip the world so it's right-side-up again. Take off the glasses then and you'll be seeing upside-down for a bit before it reverses again. Also fun fact -- your brain is actually flipping the world right-side-up already, because light entering your eye from below hits the upper part of the optic nerve and vice-versa. Just like a pinhole camera.


Everything we see is just a camera obscura hitting our cute little eye computers


Well I mean we do have quite a good lens in our eye, thats we can have distance vision but also close focus enough to read/use tools etc


It’s even more mind blowing to me that just one of those parts can go bad without the other one. My mother has near-perfect long distance vision, but can’t use her iPhone without the text at its maximum size (with glasses). My near-sight is fine, I can read a book without my contacts in no problem. Long-distance I can’t see for shit. It’s so weird.


So… I’m upside down? The world’s upside down? The rational part of my brain knows this is obviously not the case but the irrational part insists it is based on your statement.


Your eyes "think" the floor is up above you. But our eyes can't actually "think" on their own. Our brain has learned that when the eyes "think" the floor is up above you (light hits the upper part of the optic nerve), it actually means the floor is below you. Not certain that is the best way to explain it, but maybe that helps?


lol I think I’m picking up what you’re throwing down but my smart ass wants to know where our feet and/or gravity come into play.


It's because of the nature of optics. Your pupils act as an aperture, and because light travels in a straight line, something below your sight level enters the eye from below and travels to the upper side of your retina, and vice versa. Hence, while the world as you know it is correct, your eyes actually see it upsidedown. Your visual cortex flips the image so it makes sense to you.


>Neuroplasticity is amazing. Indeed. This is why stupid people have big mouths. https://dilbert.com/strip/1989-07-10


Iirc there was an experiment where newborn kittens eyes were sewn shut for several weeks. After the stitches were removed they couldn’t see, even though their eyes were unharmed.


That's just cruel




Can confirm. I'm not truely blind, but my uncorrected vision (if it was the best I could correct it to) would meet the legal definition. That normally wouldn't matter, but I didn't figure out I needed glasses until I was twelve. My hearing has been crazy good since I can remember. Not quite Daredevil, but one of the party tricks I can pull is that I can tell where people are (and who it is) even in a house party just by their footsteps.


Not quite the same, but I have no sense of smell, I’m nearsighted, and there are many flavors that are either undetectable or subtle for me. I have a good musical ear but my audio processing with words is awful. Touch is my only sense that works completely normal for me, and I feel like that is the reason that touch has become so important to me. The texture of food is fascinating to me, and at times is way more important to me than a food’s flavor. When I get high, my cravings are always for a certain texture of food, not a flavor. Even sober, I will eat a food even if food just because the texture of eating it is satisfying. I like volume eating because I like seeing how eating quickly or slowly can change how I perceive a food’s texture, so foods I can munch on in big quantities give me room for experimentation. I can love or hate a food based on texture alone, even if the taste is subpar or amazing respectively. For example, I love the taste of pomegranates, many dried fruits, fruit blended shakes and chickpeas, but I hate these foods because their texture is so disruptive to me. I also grew up loving contact with people. Hugging to me is platonic in nature, and to my loved ones that are ok with it, I hug them to show affection. I also cannot fall asleep without something (or someone) in my arms. I have plushies, and I have multiple, because I have different ones with different textures. I prefer to buy them in person because I “hug test” them to make sure they’re the texture I want. My plushies come in a variety of textures that I rotate between every night: plushies that have a toothsome squeeze and those that are easily flattened, those with dense and those with light stuffing, those with stretchy/non stretchy fabric, fluffy ones and fuzzy ones, big ones to wrap my legs around and small ones that I can tuck under my arm, the list goes on. But yeah, things like that matter a lot to me. My arms like to wrap around things and my hands like to squeeze different plushes and fidget with various toys. I have given a detailed review about the difference in textures between the Kickstarter fidget cube and the same brand’s cubes in target but I can’t tell the difference between banana pocky and cookies and cream pocky. What the hell lmao


Yes! A YouTuber named Molly Burke has hers read SO FAST it's literally like a mumble jumble of words to me but she can completely understand and comprehend.


Do you remember which videos she uses it on?


https://youtu.be/7OEZX5lsQG8 Here's 1!


Omg it’s so fast holy!


Also I've never thought about the fact that blind people can use their phones and computers without the screen on. It makes perfect sense, but never occurred to me. It's really cool!


I'm sighted but I can understand podcasts up to 3x speeds, that might just be because in high school I would listen to songs until I memorize the lyrics but I'm terrible at memorizing lyrics, so I would speed the up to 2X so I could listen to it more often. When I hear the screen reading software I can understand it but even for me that's quick.


I work in warehouse logistics to voice automate things and these operators will max out the TTS rate to where you can barely understand it but they can pick out every word and number it speaks. It is a limited range of words generally but it's still impressive and they generally want it even faster.


I'm sighted too, but I use text-to-speech quite a lot, and over time I've been making it faster and faster, 'cause why waste time, when you can understand it at a faster speech. But probably blind people have it on even faster speed if they use it constantly. Just saying, that your brain gets used to the fast speech surprisingly fast.


I just turned on the setting for that and maxed out the speech rate, and I can't understand a single word, it's actually astonishing!


I’ve slowly increased the speed I play YouTube videos over time. I couldn’t understand 2x at first but I got used to 1.25x, then after a few weeks of that 1.5x, then 1.75x. I can now comfortably watch 2x. This is great for videos where it’s just someone talking.


Yo, like this: https://boingboing.net/2017/08/28/this-blind-software-developer.html


[Great story of a blind person using an iphone to learn about colours.](http://austinseraphin.net/2010/06/12/my-first-week-with-the-iphone/)


I know! Screen readers and text to speech are outrageously common. Fuck, Siri is built into iPhones and macs so speech to text is exceedingly common.


How do they do it?


Braille keyboards exist, also screen readers. (Which is why some pictures come with image descriptions or alt text- screen readers cant read an image.)


Text to speech and dictation software


My neighbors at my old house were three blind guys who were also known to party. I would wake up at 3 am to the sound of robotic computer voices coming from the side of my house. It was them drinking beer and smoking cigarettes in the pitch black while surfing the web on their phones. Chill dudes but always freaked me out just seeing glowing embers and hearing mechanical voice while I was half awake.


Friend of a blind guy here! It's always hilariously strange to find him hanging out in the dark, of course it makes sense though.


My street only had street lights on the very end of each corner and almost no one would ever have porch lights.. I would occasionally drink a beer on my front porch and just hear the sketchiest scraping sound coming down the street like a horror movie. Then out of the darkness they'd come with their canes sweeping across the ground lol


That's cool and very useful. It'll help a lot of blind person.


To add on to the other stuff, being legally blind and not having any sight are two very different parts of the blind-spectrum.


I had a 1-semester contract that consisted in taking notes for a fellow student who was legally blind. The guy had a magnifying glass app on his computer with which he could enhance text to a font size that he could read. The situation was a considerable adaptation process for him, he had lost his normal sight following brain surgery for a tumor removal. Anyways, this was almost 10 years ago already. Technology must've come a long way!


Oh my god, that’s so fucking scary. Losing my sight is my biggest fear in life and I was recently diagnosed with a schwannoma they have to check out. Can you lie to me and tell me there’s no chance of something like that happening today? :(


[This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FVjLXIaBC4) demo was pretty informative for me


ngl the fact they can still perplexes me like I've known for a while and its still so interesting


So true. It was surprising… once upon a time. Not now though.


Did other people not learn touch typing in school? We had several t e d i o u s IT lessons where we typed without looking at the keyboard. Not saying this is how all blind people type, but there are bumps on F and J for a reason.


I mean...how are people supposed to learn this information? It's not astounding that people don't know something that isn't common knowledge.


I found out when we got served a lawsuit by a blind person because our website wasn't ada compliant.


Intellectual curiosity mainly. The internet makes it really easy to drop in to a niche subculture and learn a bunch. Want to learn how blind people live? Find a subreddit and watch a few youtubers. Want to learn more about trans people? Same. Its easier than ever to engage with people and get served a slice of their world. More people really should be doing this sort of thing. You're not going to find much if you don't look which is a shame because stuff is so easy to find now.


Fucking Google, how does it work?


Oh yeah, let me type a question into Google, which everyone agrees is getting shittier at turning back accurate or reliable results, when I could just ask this person I know who has experience so I can start an active dialogue and possibly ask follow up questions. Fuck authentic interaction and conversation, let me ask the almighty wall.


> which everyone agrees is getting shittier "everyone"


Also I can't imagine most people often think about whether or not blind people can use computers so it's unlikely for them to just randomly Google "do the blind use computers" lol


I worked at a college computer help desk. There was a lab with all screen to speech software that the blind students had obvious priority over. They come to the desk, I take them over get them setup, with a station. They do all the rest. Plug in their head phones, and they wizard around the screen with keyboard shortcuts. Like woah!! They memorize the number of movements to get from a to b. This was 2008.


As opposed to my cat, who will lay down right in your path at the last second, causing you to just about kill yourself to avoid crushing him.


My dog will actively tackle my legs when im climbing the stairs with how exited she gets sprinting up and down them, like dog if i fall when your tangled in my legs im 90% sure im unintentionally WWE'ing your ass down the stairs with me


Guaranteed when you're carrying something and cant see your feet too


My cat and I do not have any visual disabilities and yet we walk into each other all the time. He will be walking in front of me and suddenly sits down so I trip over him.


The curious mix of having complete faith in you that you won’t crush them, yet still taking joy in your misery.


Well, he hates my stepson because one day he did this to him 3 times and the poor kid failed his trust all 3 times. 😆


My cat thinks an effective strategy to get attention is to flop over at your feet and show you her fluffy tummy. It is usually quite effective, but when you're carrying something or distracted or in a hurry, you have very little margin for error


I had a cat that would not bite. Ever. I was absolutely sure if I ever died from a pet it would be from her though. She'd ambush throw herself at your feet to get a belly rub.


My cat chirps at me and we're not blind.


Maybe he just thinks you are because you don't stop stepping on his goddamn tail.


I swear he just wants to be ran over though. Like I zig, he usually zags.


Got a mostly black cat, and I don't understand why, but I'll walk into the bathroom, walk back out and he's decided he wants to sit RIGHT outside the door, then gets mad at me. Like, cmon dude, you should know by now it's a *terrible* spot to be in!


My black lab is like that. I'm like damnit jack, you're too black to be hiding in dark walkways.


Damn yours sit outside the bathroom door? That must be nice. Ours go full Jack Torrence if you deny them entry.


My cat meows if I walk roo close to her in the dark, honestly shows a fair amount of intelligence to understand that despite the fact she can see in the dark perfectly I can't.


For real though, my cat learned that I cant see him in the dark so he chirps like that too but only when I come towards him when its dark.


My cat does the same, not to take away from the post’s story. Whenever he’s chilling by himself and I come over to pet / pick him up, I get a little “Brrrl?” I love it and it’s the cutest thing.




I lovvvvve this sound!!


Wholesome cat


Meanwhile my cats seem determined to bring me down with all their bobbing and weaving between my legs...


Long live this duo


It took 15 years for my cat to realize that I cannot see in the dark and that he should alert me when he's randomly laying in the middle of the floor. But hey, haven't stepped on him in two years.


People who know the OG post: ![gif](giphy|vfi3QZdmwsiQ0|downsized)


Lmao I came to the comments to see if anyone would say anything about it


Just us, my friend. Just us.


​ ![gif](giphy|H9ZIKq2t5r4XZTwEFh)


Please fill us in


https://carry-on-my-wayward-butt.tumblr.com/post/168351262191 for your context pleasure


Bruh wtf. That I did not expect.


Yeah... was looking for someone to mention it in here




I scrolled looking for this comment. Those who don't know the context of "OP is a necrophile" should consider themselves lucky


Seems like a real stand up guy… hope his cat never dies…..


Them being a necrophile is upsetting, but psychosomatic blindness doesn't mean they're pretending for attention, it functionally makes them as blind as blind for other reasons. The reason not being organic doesn't change it, and people suffering from it cannot help it. It's the "just stop being sad" all over again.


Every time I see this post somewhere in a wholesome sub I check to make sure someone brings up the backstory. My favorite part is everyone getting whiplash at this lmfao


What is the backstory?


Basically the guy who posted this has a weird kink >!of being fucked as a corpse/performing sadistic behavior on dead bodies!< and his blog either focuses on that or mentions that a few times, can’t remember (and not gonna go back to check on that one) + as the person above linked, he responded to something calling him out for it lol


Yknow it’s weird and I definetly don’t get it cuz wtf but as someone with kinks I can def say they’re weird and not rly to control. Difference is, if they’re getting acted upon which they said they had no interest in (thankfully, I might add.) so imma naively believe it’s just a fantasy thing like the people who are into giants crushing them or something. It’s just a.. fantasy. Right?🥸


I was gonna say, is no one going to mention the whole necrophilia reveal thing because I feel like that takes a lot away from this post's wholesomeness


Came to look for this. I remember this unfolding back in the day and whenever I see this post I'm thrown back to my tumblr days and have visions of the bird in the chocolate fountain and all the other wild things that went down.


Glad I’m not the only one who thought to bring it up lol! Ah, old tumblr days.


He's not a necrophiliac. It is pretty simply explained in the content that he has a sexual fantasy about being used by a necrophiliac, but that does not make him a necrophiliac. A necrophiliac is causing harm. A person who has a fantasy about being fucked while dead is hurting no one. Kink shaming is an asshole thing.


he literally says this exact line in the post: "i wouldn’t fuck a corpse, but i would probably get off on mutilating one." so... yeah that would be causing harm?


Not as long as it hasn't progressed beyond fantasy, which OP said it hasn't.


Way to leave off the next bit of the post >i don’t know for sure as i’ve, yknow, never tried, and don’t intend to. but i’m sure your intrusive thoughts and sexual fantasies are much more ideologically pure than mine are, so judge away. ✌🏼


So not a necrophiliac, right? I said that he wasn't a necrophiliac. I didn't address any other aspect of his existence. So...yeah that would be a reading comprehension fail?


I was looking for this comment


ITT: "Wait, blind people have fingers?"




"in this thread"


Ah, thanks kind sir!


Also ITT: people who not only didn't learn touch typing, but who don't know that it's a thing.


My cat would let me run into a wall.


..and *then* chirp.


My brother's cat use to jump from high furniture onto my blind mother's chest/face and trust that she would catch her once impact occurred. No warning, no fucks given.


Also would a cat not hear you coming a mile away


Yeah, which is how the cat knows when to chirp…


It depends, they can get distracted, same as we do. Their hearing is also way more directional than ours. If their ears aren't pointed in the right way, and they are listening intently to something else so they aren't 'scanning' with their ears, they might miss you. I snuck up on my cat a few times.


I didn't know that, thanks for informing


The amount of people who genuinely just think blind people can't use computers is honestly really sad/scary.


my cat chirps at me when she’s in the process of jumping into bed with me, as if she’s trying to alert me (id like to think it’s because she’s trying to make me feel safe)


I love stuff like this.


Appreciate the guy thanking him for sharing, that is top class, and you love to see it.


Not sure I understand.


Our cats have a tense relationship. It’s gotten better in the last few years, but it used to be pretty bad. When one is about to jump up on a piece of furniture, they’ll announce themselves with a chirp just in case the other one is up there. It prevents so many fights. They’re smart little cookies.


This thread is growing so fast no one will notice me saying I love garden salsa sunchips




I do too


Every second comment in this thread: “HoW dId He TyPe ThAt?” …. Accessibility functionality has existed in nearly all platforms for more than a decade.


My cat does this when I'm walking around at night


My cat, who is pitch black, always acts so shocked and affronted if I nudge her with my foot if I get up at night to go to the loo. (I've learnt to 'shuffle' so I don't tread on her!). Right up to that point, however, she is perfectly silent ...




Solidarity? The cats just tired of getting stepped on.


I get startled if someone unexpectedly enters my room (PTSD is a bitch). My cat eventually figured it out and meows a few times when she enters my bedroom. Just the little mew siren on so I can expect incoming cuddles.


Strict parents? If yes then same brotha


The amount of how did he type comments is reducing my brain cells which I require for Monday's test.


Sorry to ruin the moment but every time I see this post all I can think about is the fact the op is a necrophiliac


Omg I love this


This warms my soul 🥰


I was so confused because I read it as car not cat


True love ? Really?


i wonder if blind animals know instinctively that they are disabled, since nobody can tell them they are


Chirp like you give a damn people!


If you think about it, the don't "run into each other", but the cat gets kicked.


This makes me wonder if your cat knows you’re blind and really does think “Let’s work together since neither one of us can see” (maybe in not so complex terms) or if he/she just thinks, “wow, am I invisible?”


If the cat was born blind he probably assumes that everyone is blind. For some Reason that makes me smile.


tumblr OP is a necrophile. do with that info what you will


here we are at a precipice of tech revolution in seamless communication with voice on IOT devices and then this thread where staggering number of people who are astonished how a blind could type


this the necrophilia dude huh


the *what*




This is the cutest thing ever!


How can they see to have typed that out?


Using a tactile keyboard or voice to text dictation. There are many really neat ways blind people can work with computers and handheld electronics. The iPhone and android devices can have most of their function usable to the blind too! Really neat stuff I’d say it’s worth a Google if you’re interested! :)


And also, you can be legally blind but still have some sight, such that for example having your computer connected to a big screen tv with the font size increased might allow a technically blind person to see enough to get by with their glasses on, even if just in small sections at a time.


Thanks for pointing that out. I think there's often a misconception about blindness (and other disabilities, physical and/or mental) that they're an all or nothing thing.


My vocal coach is a sweet, old blind lady. One lesson she got a text message or an email and I watched her navigate her way around the phone better than both my parents who have full sight. It was impressive to watch and she apologized for interrupting the lesson but I told her it was fine because it was cool to watch.


Good to know .


There is really neat stuff out there!


I get it people are downvoting you but someone had to ask this question so that we could have a reasonable answer like someone replied to you.


Wait if rvnoir is blind, How did they type that message?? Edit: Sorry if my question offends anyone, I was just curious. Never would have thought it could start off a ruckus xd


speech to text


Or braille keyboard


Or a normal keyboard, and they know how to touch-type.


clearly not the case here as STT wouldn't produce this "&", "bc", and other grammatical flaws like "i" even if this poster was genuine, instead of being a known necrophile with psychological issues rather than physical blindness


Why's this getting downvotes lol? they're asking a genuine question, no hate or anything


I'm glad someone noticed it :')


Because it’s a dumb question that presumes total incompetence/incapacity of blind people and it’s also something incredibly easy to Google?


"I want to learn something, so I'll ask people." Reddit: Fuck you, how dare you not already know this. Sure, downvote people trying to learn. That'll teach 'em.


They could still have some of their sight and are about to see text if the font is big enough, or they could be using a special device that tells them what they are typing out


or they're a touch typist...


More like a life preservation chirp


Anybody else read "chirps" and think, "Blind dude may have a bird, not a cat. Do we tell him?" ?


This is actually beautiful


Bonus: regardless of reason, every cat chirp is proof of a loving god


Wholesome until you find out that op is a necrophiliac


everyone who points this out gets downvoted lmao. tumblr is a wild place where wholesome posts make by corpse fuckers (or wannabe corpse fuckers) go viral


Once again the Necrophile shows up


If your wondering this "blind" person who shared this story turns out to be a necrophile after somebody found out scrolling throught his blog history