How many days has it been since Fishman Island? Spoilers

How many days has it been since Fishman Island? Spoilers


You think sanji got aids and chopper bout to cure it? Lol


More like the suit is locked to his DNA, so by detecting the foreign DNA maybe the suit is trying to reset his DNA. By doing this it unlocks what Judge originally intended with Sanji and undoes what his mother did to try and save his emotions. Maybe this makes him stronger and temporarily loses his emotions until he sees Namis boobs and snaps back to being regular Sanji we know but still holds onto the Judge power up.


add this to the main post. It make a lot of sense


It was alluded to that chopper may end up curing some incurable disease since his goal is to be a doctor that can cure anything, and roger was dying from an incurable disease. We will see though I think it’s something else entirely though. I won’t say but it’s something from the previous manga chapter I think 1025. What has been implied hasn’t been confirmed but it’s exciting and cool!


This is where he fully unlocks New Kama Kenpo


Time isn’t really a factor in One Piece until it is, if that makes sense. Time really only passes in large chunks or really small chunks. There’s a big missing gap between “one day until the raid” and timeskip and backstory level lengths. So we haven’t been canonically told how long it has been since that arc. Cool theory though!


Only a couple of months. Like four?


FYI, Punk Hazard and Dressrosa are a day each. Zou is a couple and WCI is a couple. Wano is 2 weeks. So at best like 3-4 weeks since the timeskip in total, actually.