If you are 200hp or higher and you have atleast one weapon that does 10 or more damage then sure if you want to. And if you then spawn the eye of cuthulu, it's one of the eayest beginning boss.


Can you recommend some good weapons?


Agains eye of cthulu I prefer ranged weapons so try to get a platinum/gold bow with flaming arrows. Atleast 15 defence is good, also if you have hermes boots thats great


Instead of using flaming arrows, try frostburn arrows that are crafted with ice torches. They deal more damage and the “frostburn” effect is a lot more powerful than the “On Fire!” effect.


I don't really know much about weapons in terraia. But here are some good weapons that I used to beat the eye of cuthulu for the first time.Lights bane, flaming mace and bow with any arrow except normal arrows. The mace you can find in a cave chest and if you upgrade it with a torch at a crafting bench then it will be a flaming mace that provides a light source and also has a burning damage after affect after hitting an enemy with it.


Desert weapons are good and magic stuff like crital staf


The enchanted boomerang from underground chests works really well


Try getting a platinum/gold bow with frostburn arrows, ice torch and regular arrows make them


Using a platinum or gold bow would be very helpful, if you can, get the arms dealer to move in and if possible, buy the mini shark, you should also try to get the boomstick from a chest in the jungle.


Since you're on mobile, make a Graveyard biome near your Arms Dealer and purchase the Quad-barrel Shotgun. It's expensive, though.


you should probably get full gold or platinum.


Or just tungsten,it works good aswell


Get the full Tugstenion set first


Thanks I will


If you're on master mode, build an unreasonably large arena.


You look like you are ready, if you can however, I would try to get the full tungsten set to make sure you get the set bonus, you should use flaming arrows also


Any bow is good


If you’re using corruption as the world evil, I suggest building an arena for the EoW and fight him after.


Maybe go to crimson/corruption to get the guns/magic weapons but be careful though monsters there can have high damage also you get them from shadow orbs/crimson hearts also you need a hammer to break them (you get the gun with the bullets don't worry)


get full tungsten armor, around 200 health, and some gold/platinum weapons


...Don't. Just don't