Why does the entire world lie about relationships?

Why does the entire world lie about relationships?


Some are good, some are bad I personally mostly had the second.. I think people are just trying to be nice to you


I think it boils down to the fact that a lot of people lack the emotional dexterity to pick a partner that fits them/don’t know how to maintain repair and build healthy relationships


Better to have no relationship than a bad relationship. Work on yourself, learn to love yourself, learn to love life, and you will eventually find a partner in your journey, and if you're lucky, it will be the only partner.


It's not that relationships are shitty experiences (or at the very least they shouldn't be - if it is then you're either not with the right person or have to work things out) but rather media is very good at giving you a very unrealistic perception of how things are like. A lot of people have a very unrealistic view of how sex is like due to how different porn is from real and normal sex, for example. It's better to adjust your view of something to be more realistic otherwise you'll find yourself running into some problems once you realize that having a partner is nothing like how it's portrayed in movies. Movies don't really show how they require lots of work and communication on both ends and things like that.


Finding the right partner can be a big effort, and maintaining a happy relationship can be hard work and requires self awareness and a lot of compromising. But when it's good its wonderful. It's a bit like cooking, when you buy ingredifrom different shops, and some of them are expensive, and you prepare the meal with skill and respect for the raw materials you end up with something wonderful. Its impossible to do that every day, but if you learn to cook and where to get good ingredients you end up with enjoyabje meals all the time, and extra special ones every so often. If you prefer cheap fast food from a drive through, you are unlikely to have a sublime experience. I know this doesn't quite works a metaphor but you get my point


Kissing is nice. Real nice. Perfect form of intimacy. Sex is fun. Vulnerability is exciting. Great form of intimacy. Whoever’s telling you otherwise is pretty mean, it’s a lie. However it’s not really everything. It shouldn’t be. That’s thinking with your dick not your heart.


It’s also a relationship I want


Those can be nice. They can also fuck your head up so bad you don’t pursue another one for years because you don’t even know if you could or should. But kissing is for sure nice.


You named it: "It shouldn't be". I think that all this fuss about love or finding it by media or entertainment industry is all about projection. Media does not reflect the reality but creates it. Same goes with people all around the globe. Most speak only from the perspective of how things (or love in this context) should be, not how they really might be. Nobody wants to face the dark side of life without love so it just get ignored....until it's the only truth in one's life. Ones with SO in their lives can not ever feel the real pain of inadequacy. Cause they have no idea or they don't want to say it loud, they just mask it with nonsense like "love is not everything" and "one can live a good life alone too".


Friends : "you're lucky you're single and have lone time" Also them: smiles 24/7 looking at phone, has someone to talk to, has plans and someone who cares for him when he's sick or hurt.


This exactly, the people who say this shit havnt had a year single since 14


Welp, I do crave someone sometimes too but I have been single so long I actually don't crave humans anymore. I wanna have a job and live alone with loads of Cheetos.


Honey if you think film/tv show/songs etc aren’t fantasy wait till you learn about how fake porn is lol


Lemme tell ya bud, relationships are tough work, you can be the best couple ever yet still not work, you may be sexually compatible but have different goals in life, dont worry about a relationship, focus on living a great life and being happy and someone might wanna ride along