Dude... If you don't want it, I'll fucking buy it! I had an '85 Impala with the original CAST IRON 262ci 4.3L V6 - that was a beast engine! Literally designed as a 350ci (5.7L ?) with two of the pistons removed. Same bore & stroke as the 350... I heard the aluminum-block 4.3's were nothing like the original cast irons, but then again, no aluminum block is really anywhere near the beefiness of a cast iron block...


That 4.3 lived to see the year 2013. Source: my 2013 regular cab Silverado has that 4.3


There is actually a version of it that was in production until very recently. They just replaced it with a 2.7 turbo four.


The 2014-18/19 ecotec. 4.3. The vortec that everyone one is familiar with was in production up to the 2013 model year


As a former owner of the ecotec 4.3, it was an excellent successor to the old 4.3. Amazing power and capability for a v6, and 23mpg highway (2wd only)


Everybody hates on the v6 but you’ll have a harder time killing it over the v8. The 4.3 will take a lickin and keep on tickin


Same with the old 4.2L V6 they would put in base F150s. My friend has one that’s a Total pile nearing 400k miles. But runs great and shifts great. Pretty sure it’s a 2005. Never really heard of that engine before I was looking at his truck.


Yep I have a 2017 Sierra with the 4.3


Meaning that, accounting for mileage and years both, that means it's got at LEAST 5-10k before the headgaskets blow.


Why must you share facts and ruin our day dreams


Set it up for twin turbo


Jesus that’s a mint find


Like a snapshot in time


Or someone ran the odometer over


See, This is why we can’t have nice things.


In my auto shop class we had a 1990 K3500 with a 454. It had a 671 weiand blower on it, with 7 miles on the odometer. I loved that truck, even though it never ran right.


13k damn. Wish trucks could go back to those prices.


Well assuming you keep the v6, auto trans, and air conditioning (plus the destination charge would still apply), $17k translates to $29k in today's dollars. So really not all that much has changed. The base with a manual and 4 banger would be $22.7k in today's dollars. The most comparable vehicle available in the US is probably the Maverick. Looking at the build-your-own on ford's website you can get a base gas only 2wd auto maverick for $22.5k after the destination charge. And that includes AC lol.


The problem with inflation is that wages stayed largely the same.


That's a completely fair and accurate point


Which wages? A lot of wages changes significantly. Entry level did not change as much.


I don’t know that I agree with that. I had a summer job at a paper mill in 2000, it paid 8 bucks an hour. They’re hiring for 20 bucks an hour now. The job I currently hold, pay is up 30k starting to what it was 10 years ago. I’d agree some places aren’t paying more, but find a new job right now if you’re underpaid, the market is phenomenal for employees right now.


No reason to pay anyone more than $5.15/hr to flip burgers. /S


I bought my 4x4 V6 Colorado for 29k. So by that math compact truck prices have come down.


Is the maverick really a truck though?


No it's an escape with the back cut off


As much of a truck as the S10, lol.


My 2WD S10 is rated to tow 6000 lbs from a receiver, 3000 from a bumper ball. A Maverick is only rated for 4000.


Your S10 was also not tested for max tow per SAE J2807, which is a lot more stringent. Pretty sure a 5900lb trailer on a regular cab short wheel base s10 would be pretty sketchy.


Yeah the tow ratings are very hard to compare from that long ago. I know I would not feel comfortable at all pulling 6k in an s10 lol.


I towed a 6x10 enclosed trailer with my 2002 2-door Blazer empty and it was pretty sketchy on the freeway with all that frontal area.


Oh, I'm definitely not going to try towing 6000 lbs with a 30-year-old deathtrap of a truck.


I guess the new hyundai Santa cruz is also a truck?


Just an ugly one, lol. More horsepower and essentially the same lowing/payload numbers.


I'd argue they're both Utes.


If I didn't plan on building a race car "soon," I'd have bought a Santa Cruz already. They're a seriously cool concept that will handle everything I want a truck to do... except tow a race car.


Not knocking the Santa cruz, cool concept but not a truck. That's like saying the Subaru Baja is also a truck.


I agree that it isn't a truck, but if I broke down and bought one I'd post it here anyway, just to bask in the warm glow of people telling me it isn't.


Lol I like your attitude


Why would it not be? It is basically as capable as this S10 and a whole lot more comfortable and economical.


It's a lot more truck than a maverick... It's got a longitudinaly mounted powertrain, a solid rear axle, a frame, and a bed The Maverick has a cars fwd powertrain with a cars subframes and a cars unibody It would be interesting to see a maverick tow it's rated towing capacity on a paved road in the rain Just like the lead engineer for the tundra in an interview "it's not about the numbers it's about the capability" Try loading a maverick to 2x it's rated capacity I know my tacoma did it regularly and wasn't hurt by it


It's subjected to Ford's "Built Ford Tough" testing and it has a payload of 1500# in the bed. It's a compact that just barely scrapes by as a truck. Theres a [YouTube video](https://youtu.be/_cxGdlL-0OI) of tfl guys getting 1300# of logs in it on a 2 track trail which I was surprised it even could. And [this one](https://youtu.be/K4lbFAto_hI) of them doing light towing in the FWD Hybrid which isn't really for towing, the AWD 2L EB with the 4K package is for light towing is. Still though, this trucklet really impressed me for what it is, a (really) light duty compact truck.


If it does truck stuff it's a truck.


Can it tow a sideboard trailer full of gravel?


If it does truck stuff it's a truck stop.


More capable than this S10.


Also two decades newer. There's awd crossovers that are more capable than a 20+ year old s10. Can't really compare the 2.


Is it RWD?


$17,196 with options


With inflation that’s about $29,200 today


Take my money.


My all time favorite factory rims too


Came here to say that, I had a 2003 S10 2wd, as my second car, bought when I joined the Army in 2016, great little truck, never gave me any grief besides a failed ABS controller, and a small radiator leak. Loved the look of it.


For those that are not aware this is a car donated to a community college or trade school. They only have this many miles because when they are donated they are forever forbidden from road use or being retitled and sold. This truck has probably been taken apart and put back together again thousands of times. I saw a brand new Tahoe get donated because it had a small dent in the A pillar. They can’t sell it because it’s a structural liability for the dealer so they dump it and collect from insurance and tax right offs.


First new vehicle was a 1997 S10. The last year of its body style, at least in the front end and some interior work. Rakes me back! And iirc it was $12K


Why is it so scratched up?


Years of people leaning on it and using it as a place to write on papers


What is it doing sitting around? This thing would sell in an instant


Possibly at an automotive school?


Yup, automotive school. Its not legal to register these vehicles unfortunately.


Most of the cars have a sticker that says they have to be crushed when the class is done with it


Can you even drive them around the parking lot/block to keep them running?


Yeah just not on roads and they can't be registered


Saline High School?




That v6 votec engine can really move, especially after you cut off the restrictor plate.


Now if this sold for $15-$30k then I would understand.


What would you understand?


I would understand that the world is hige and we are small. We are just a spec on this world compared to the bigger picture. And now past the depressing shit....I understand we are now the best of friends!


Is that the same place that had the red 1997 Chevy k2500 with 150 miles on it?


It would appear so, look in the background of the first photo


My first truck was a '98 S10. Got it used in 2001 for about $5k. I loved that thing.


I had a 2003 S10 2wd, as my second car, bought when I joined the Army in 2016, great little truck, never gave me any grief besides a failed ABS controller, and a small radiator leak. Loved the look of it. Especially those wheels.


I want it


I have a 99 s10 with that engine. 268776 on it now. Great little beast. And it's a manual!!


I got you with $10,500 cash