Fasting today and tomorrow!! If anyone has special prayer request comment down below!!

Fasting today and tomorrow!! If anyone has special prayer request comment down below!!


I need to repent and have faith.


this is why I am doing my fast!! your not alone


Same, pray that i can help conquer my lust with the help of the Lord, my spirit is willing but my flesh is sososo weak


Same to all of the above. Also I’m in the middle of moving and pretty stressed.


For Afghanistan, and for unity in the Body of CHRIST.


Thank you for your offer to pray for us. Yes, please pray for Afghanistan, an end to this pandemic and please pray for things to improve in my life. God bless




I ask for your prayers to help me battle porn and masturbation issues, and to help my family accept Christ, repent and be baptized. Thank you, if you can get to this. & Thanks if not anyway 😁


I'll pray for you. Just please pray for me also! I would greatly appreciate it. I am dealing with the same thing.




Thank you for your kind offer. The doctor found a nodule in my right lung on an X-ray. If it pleases you, I would like a prayer of healing.


Not OP, But I truly pray all ends up well. God bless ♥️


Thank you. :)


Please pray for me and my fiancé to fully align with Christ!


Please pray that God makes his will for me known.


If you don't mind, in your time with God pray for those named William and Brian, that He would give the guidance and clarity that they needs. Thank you.


Going deep in prayerr


Your brothers? friends?


Brothers in the Lord.


Please pray for my family. Thank you


Good health, wellness and mental clarity . Thank you


Please pray for me, that I continue where I left off, and that God finishes His work in me.


Please bring me before the Lord


God has been very faithful, in so many ways. Now, I'm grateful to say that the only thing I need is a job. So, need prayer, but very at peace right now.


Please pray for me as well.


I would really appreciate prayers. Feeling pretty weighed down by the regret of violating my conscience recently in a way that can't be undone and may have severe consequences. Feeling pretty hopeless.


Please pray that I will somehow feel joy again. My husband died a few months ago and all I’ve been wishing is to be in heaven with him. Please ask GOD to work a miracle on my grieving heart and soul. Thank you so much


I also need to repent and I want to feel closer to God. also, it's not much but yesterday I got hired on the spot at Sonic and I begin training in October.


Please pray for me and my family's salvation and/or sanctification. I know it's vague but I would really appreciate it.


Please pray for my mental and physical health. Thank you! Praying that you have an amazing time of closeness with the lord during your fast!


I need to find a wife before I get too old...thanks ..I'll be fasting tomorrow too :)


I need help with a difficult decision, please pray that I may get guidance. I’ll pray for you as well.


I have an imaging procedure tomorrow to see if I have Crohn’s disease in my small intestines and I would very much appreciate prayers that they don’t find anything and that I’m on the road to recovery in whatever I have going on.


If this is okay to ask, please bring awareness to what I am trying to do for 8 years: Bring awareness to my story. You do not have to pray for me on my behalf here, but for my relatives whom I am fighting justice for. My mother's residence was shot by gang members who do witchcraft, and have yet to be arrested to do this day. One of the former neighbors does animal abuse to pitbulls, and I made a blog post and Reddit post [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/reportanimalabuse/comments/pr1vhi/man_who_asked_for_dog_fights_on_instagram/) on this serious problem since the police have yet to arrest him. Yet, people do not listen to me or accuse me of lying and the ordeal has made me immensely sad.


Thats amazing! Thankful for people like you ❤️


Hey stranger, I wanted to start a fast, saw your post and now I'm joining you! I just want to pray for enlightenment, guidance and clarity. Got some plans&dillemas and I'm not sure what exactly to do.


Ruin has come to a brother of mines home. He loves the Lord and has a court case soon. Prayers for submission to GODs will and HIS deliverance.


Whats going on with your brother? divorce?