Stuck in a catch 22

Stuck in a catch 22


Bro fake it till you make. Every guy at some point has no experience. It really ain’t that big of a deal. The sooner you stop crying the sooner you’ll get some experience.


Just be cool and joke about it, if asked say you're ready to apply for an internship


You are so focused on this. What answer are you looking for you havent gotten the other tunes you have posted about your 24 year old virginness? What do you need to read or hear to change tour situation? He is my advice on this one...no one know you are a virgin or havent had a relationship until you tell them. Stop telling people.


Just lie a little and keep it brief. Say you never had any deep relationships before, it just didn't happen.


And it’s definitely not going to be apparent I’m a 24m kissless virgin


Yeah, well. Happens.


Never heard of requirements of experience to date before. Please elaborate.


I'm not sure if you are a troll or a potential serial killer. I honestly would be scared for any woman who got your attention with the obsessive way you post your copy and pasted life story. Get off the internet and go for a walk outside, stay hydrated, read a book or something.