My lifes been taken from me by circumstance

My lifes been taken from me by circumstance


Wizards stick together my friend


I feel I need more details.


Autistic and wasn’t diagnosed until 16, I had 0 friend until I was 20, like I literally had never made a friend until then. As a child on top of autism I never got the chance to develop social skills at a time where it’s crucial you develop them then and there. It creates a cycle. No one wants to be with the weird guy, so he gets less chances to learn, making them weirder until they’re too far gone. I’ve been in therapy close to a decade trying to undo this but it can’t be undone fully. I’ve been told by multiple therapist I will a always be different to an extent, and that’s not attractive, the “just not always getting it.” Isn’t something women want to deal with. I will never be consistently normal no matter how hard I try I’m just too far gone. I’m physical incapable of being consistently charismatic. I’ve made friends and I’m content with my social life in that regard. But I’m simply too unattractive on top of that to ever have someone find me attractive. ugly and 5’6 I’m hygienic, work out, put myself out there, tried all I can socially, but it’s all for nothing. Guess it’s still my fault though right?


I mean, there's hope for you. Don't get discouraged. Just gotta find the right person.


Could you find another autistic girl to be with? That way you both share the same experience of not being “normal” and can bond over that.


Statistically there are many more autistic men than women, so by the chance an autistic women was looking for someone in the same position she’d have all the choice to pick an attractive partner


Ah but this is you assuming. Have you tried? Find a community of people similar as you, who knows what will happen


Thanks for sharing! You have to stop thinking something is wrong with you, just because you haven’t been in a relationship or kissed someone. You will find someone eventually. Also be yourself, you don’t have to accept what someone calls ‘normal’. Focus on yourself and work on being happy. I was in relationships when I was younger and I’m single now at 24 (have been for a few years) and I am ok with that. I’m honestly glad I’m not in a relationship now because I can focus on bettering myself. Sounds like you had rough times when younger, now that you are an adult I would separate yourself from negativity. Just my thoughts, I hope the best for you


This. I would have rather been in no relationships than to have experienced the hurt and pain I did from the relationships I was in. I wish I had taken the past few years to discover myself and be better instead of just starting that journey this year. And fuck what people call normal. I am WAY outside of that and couldn’t give less of a shit because those that want to be normal are boring and definitely not what I want. Makes me sad people see so much worth in dating and less worth in themselves when they haven’t.


Well you have such a great attitude I'm shocked /s Quit worrying about what 'should' be happening or what other people are doing. Focus on yourself, your career, education, hobbies, etc and be more positive, eventually you'll meet people and if you don't act like a spaz or be all negative/self loathing around them you can build relationships. Some people do have it easier socially than others, get over it thats life, it isnt equal, it isnt fair but you can make the best of things


300 bucks on bedpage can change you from a kissless virgin , just saying


Dude, chill... there is plenty of time to have fun. You're just getting started. Be patient with yourself, and things will happen. Just don't go super crazy at the first lady that you have sex with.