WCGW Using the shoulder to get past a traffic jam

WCGW Using the shoulder to get past a traffic jam

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One time in my city, asshats were doing this. A train of about 8 cars were moving down the shoulder and a cop pulled out in front of them to stop them. Several tickets were given


I’ve always wanted to see someone violate a traffic law and a cop come and give swift justice.


Check out r/convenientcop




It actually happened yesterday in my city and there was 1 guy on s motorcycle who pulled right behind the cop car when he saw it and another guy in a car that kept going after he saw the cop because it was too late to stop and switched back to the lane a bit after. The cop didn't do anything tho..


What's the opposite of proactive policing....laziness


Y’all gotta get up on that punctuation type shit. That was the most confusing sentence I’ve ever read. I taught a 7 year old the same damn thing.


Ehh I ride the shoulder on my bike in a jam. But stay with the flow of traffic to be honest. If it's pitch dark out I'll be honest I'm that dick that rides the shoulder like these people I'd rather be a living asset with a ticket at night only than a dead rider who could use the force to stop the distracted texting driver behind me.




I did this shit once. Blocked several Aholes.. it made them so mad..lol. i loved every sec of it


Thank you kind sir xD


Blocked several assholes: master constipator


Place of birth: highway


It’s ALWAYS some asshat in a BMW. edit: do you think assholes like to buy BMW’s? Or does having a BMW turn you into an asshole? Inquiring minds want to know….


The best part about owning a bmw is being able to drive like an asshole since everyone expects it.


As a proud owner of a 15 year old BMW, I would like to say that not all BMW drivers are assholes. I take pride in breaking that stereotype. I do think that BMW’s attract quite a few assholes though. Probably a lot of rich/entitled people


Nobody thinks _every_ BMW driver is an asshole. But pick any group of asshole drivers and there will _always_ be at least 1 BMW.


BMWs and larger trucks too.


I left them out because I have an F150 and I'm ashamed that they're included too. Lol Can we at least specify _lifted_ trucks? We can also add Audi's and Range Rovers.


My estimation is that if you own a larger pickup but don't need it for something job or hobby related (and no, owning a truck is not a hobby), odds are you're an asshole.


Every time someone cuts me off or pushes me out of my lane, etc, it's a giant black pickup truck, no joke, every time. Or a range Rover, but mostly black pickups, always black.


F150 is the most popular vehicle in America, you can't include _all_ of them in one group. Yes, the lifted trucks distinction is fair! Maybe include the F250/350s too


That's why I usually make sure to specify larger trucks. And if you don't need them. But also... we're in America, just look at the ratio of asshole to not-assholes... Just saying.


250+ at least


Don't forget any "sports" version of a car


Tbh the worst ones are the people that own older Range Rovers imo. There's this stereotype of wealthy people having an air of superiority, but those people wouldn't be caught dead in a Range Rover more than a year or two old, much less a previous body style. So the guys in the older ones that bought them used but couldn't afford it even, much less a new one, yet expect to be treated differently because they're a Range Rover owner. Also their maintenance is through the roof and by God they're going to get their money's worth out of that thing in the form of absolutely unwarranted pretentiousness and entitlement.


The same goes for Audis and BMWs


Also a proud owner of a 15 year old BMW :D I think they suffer from the Porsche Boxter effect, a foreign luxury type car that can be bought for a relatively low price (second hand), in turn a lot of arrogant asshats buy them to fill that void of self satisfaction


As a bmw driver myself I’ve noticed that people just don’t remember the make of the car if it isn’t a bmw. Ford Focus doesn’t signal, cuts you off and brake checks you? What a jerk! BMW tailgates you? Typical BMW driver!


That's a real asshole thing to say. I kid, of course.


I feel like it's more of the first one. I can't imagine many people turn into an asshole just because they got a new car


What if someone had a sick child in the car 😳 and really had to use the emergency lane, nah these are probably assholes


The emergency lane is to pull over, not drive. It’s not an extra driving lane.


Highly doubt any of them did. Definitely not all 3 of them.


Probably assholes, but that's the reason I try not to do much more than sigh at people when I see shit like this on the road. There's always that chance someone is rushing a kid to the hospital, or that they just got a call that their parent took a turn for the worst and is in their last moments, or whatever emergency may come up. The guilt of me getting in their way is far worse than any instant gratification of stopping an asshole from doing one of a list of asshole things they're going to continue to do forever.


In my experience it ALWAYS the VW driver are assholes. I just think they cannot afford a BMW so they settle with the VW. Yes, I think most BMW driver are asshole because they entitled and the road should only for them.


There really is something that draws assholes to BMWs. Not EVERYbody that drives one is an asshole though, Right? I mean there has to be at least one person out there driving a late model BMW that's not an asshole, right? The more I say it the less I believe it. I kid of course, but seriously: You people know who you are.


The former


> edit: do you think assholes like to buy BMW’s? Or does having a BMW turn you into an asshole? Inquiring minds want to know…. I'm an asshat sometimes - never on purpose - and I don't own a BMW. It takes all kinds. I'm sure I've cut someone off while driving an old Subaru.


My mom has a BMW. She’s not an asshole so I think it’s the former. Assholes like bmws but not all bmw owners are assholes


I find the only thing worse than a bmw is a Lexus or a Subaru not because they are assholes but because they end up being dumb fucks who shouldn’t even have their license let alone a car


My bf and I call it the bmw lane lol


Reminds me of all the idiots last month on 295 who decided since there was a traffic jam, they should turn around in the middle of the lane and go backwards up the shoulder. Took the tow truck an extra 20 min to get past that nonsense.


This video has to be fake. That BMW has a turn signal on. I love this shit though, those fuckin boneheads get what they deserve.


Nope, you're giving too much credit. Those are hazard lights. Their emergency is that they have to wait in line with all the peasants.


“This highway smells like poor, fuck this.”


Sometimes it takes one hero and then everyone starts cockblocking these nutjobs. See it all the time if my current work schedule has me take a particular offramp home. One person (usually a semi) will just block things off and then suddenly everyone is putting half their ass in the "you should have merged already, assholes" lane.




One hero? I mean yes they are assholes but now the EMERGENCY lane is literally blocked


It was already blocked by assholes who think they're above the law, so no real loss there.


🤣 Took me a sec


How is it fake? Explain.


It was a joke saying it’s fake because BMW drivers never use their turning signals, but the one in this video is. The video is obviously real.


Ok feel stupid now. I'll show myself out.


I'm almost certain Toyotas don't come with a turn signal for this reason.


Her witch cackle is deliciously evil 😍


So I used to hate and judge everyone who did this until I got a call from my daughter's school that she was having trouble breathing & the ambulance was on its way and no one knew what was wrong with her (she was almost 2). I drove like a maniac in the emergency lane/shoulder to get through traffic to get to my daughter as quickly as I could, not knowing if she was ok. I will always give the benefit of the doubt now & if someone is abusing that, no harm done to me by just letting it go. I'm forever thankful no one judged me that morning, facing every parents worse fear. (She ended up being ok, thank god)


Not sure if this is really a thing, but I was always told to put your flashers on if you're driving for emergency purposes, gets others attention and tips people off that maybe your not a maniac and your driving that way for a good reason. Edit: to anyone whos curious I looked into this some more, in my state (Michigan) it's generally illigal, but its a judgement call on polices end if they allow it or not. Generally speaking, its not a good idea for you to drive around with your flashers on.


Yes, I definitely had my flashers on!


That's what I was thinking.


In my state, driving with your flashers on is illegal.




This. I get al judgie about it too when it happens to me but then I think what if someone is trying to get their pregnant wife to the hospital.


That’s a good point and a good example. You never know what’s going on in the other car. Even if they are trying to be smart asses - well it’s on them. And if you’re trying to “teach them a lesson” and by that actually blocking the emergency line - that’s on you.


A truck did that to us while my wife was about to give birth.


Oh, you mean every day here in Texas?


Lol 😂 yeah man I was in Dallas and mf’s just take the grass!!


Once saw people doing this on the way to the beach. Everyone going to the same place to traffic was a mess. This one guy decides to use the shoulder to make own lane. Where we were stopped was right next to a Delaware State Police barracks. We saw the guy coming up behind us and saw a trooper just walk into the shoulder and wave the guy into their parking lot for his ticket. Best instance of karma I've ever witnesses.


Bless this trucker Fuck all those people


Two things: I am so proud of that truck driver stopping them and I hope none of the other drivers in the correct lane/actually on the road let them merge again any time soon.


I'll probably get down voted for this, but I do not condone the actions of the truck driver. It is, after all, an emergency lane. Sure, in this video it looks like there are some asshats taking advantage, but big ego, vigilante justice like this could impede someone who is having an actual emergency. Just let the assholes who want to break the rules, break the rules. At least it won't clog up the emergency lane.


Exactly, yes the people abusing the lane should get what got coming but if someone’s life was in danger, the fact the trucker did this could be what signs their death certificate since every second matters. The situation is just overall not a good one.


Thank you for understanding the point I was trying to make. Could you imagine having an emergency and running into this bullshit? Or, if an emergency vehicle needed to use that lane to respond to, ya know, an emergency? It's better to let the asshats pass and keep the lane clear rather than trying to employ vigilante justice tactics.


Of course. Its just not worth risking innocent lives and I’m not saying the truck had any intent risking innocent lives at all but sadly that was a risk. Low risk but it’s there and just not worth it.


Wish more people would understand how defensive driving works. It isn't the truckers' responsibility to judge who gets to use the emergency lane.


I agree. It's so tempting to block the lane but you never really know if someone really is in an emergency. Deep breath and turn the radio up. Because really, why should I give a shit...I'm going to sit in that traffic regardless. Blocking a bunch of asshats could mean also blocking an actual emergency vehicle if it gets stuck behind the people being blocked. Except the guy in the BMW. Fuck that guy.


I'm of the opinion on this with everything on the road. It's really not worth it to get all worked up about it. I'll admit though, if I see someone being a total asshole on the road and they end of not gaining any advantage by being an asshole, that sense of schadenfreude is really nice. OP would be one of those exceptions though, if someone in one of those cars is actually in trouble, that truck driver is now the asshole, and possibly costing someone their life.


You never know who is having an actual emergency and who is a road rager with a gun. It’s not worth the risk.


I genuinely thought this was going to be the top post here. It's cool to get an instant karma boner and all, but that trucker is actually creating the bigger problem than those cars passing by.


That’s not what emergency lanes are for you dunce


Guess you didn't understand what I was trying to say. Fuck it, Ain't nobody got time to argue with some dumb asshole on the internet. Have a nice day.


Anyone who violates the law at any time should be punished either in real time or a ticket in the mail. Why should hundreds of people a day get a benefit no one else does just because that person is willing to break the law?


The main reason I disagree is because you're putting fault on the truckers and not on the people abusing the system. 99% of the time it _is_ cunts who think they're just god's gift to the world and they don't need to wait in line with us peasants. If they didn't abuse the system so frequently then you wouldn't have other people getting sick of their shit and doing things like blocking them. People like this will always keep abusing the system until someone does something about it. I _would_ say it's the job of the police and not the truckers. But I live in Utah where the police don't give a flying fuck about enforcing traffic laws and the highways are a lawless wasteland. I agree that the more mature thing to do is to just let it go which is why I personally don't try to do it. But I'm not mad at these truckers at all. If you're worried about people in real emergencies then you should be mad at the fucks that abuse the system. Not those who try to preserve it.


The other day we were stuck in similar traffic due to a bad accident. A car went past us like this. Turned out to be a relative of the person in the wreck. Just saying.


Or a woman in labor or any other emergency. Let them by, it ain’t worth it.


The odds of that is so small; and people are naturally followers. If one will do it you'll have a whole group doing it. They could of pulled over and walked some.


What if there’s actually an emergency and they’re going to the hospital


In **three** cars, each with only **one** occupant? No, I think it's safe to say these three drivers were simply skipping past traffic.


First car could be having an emergency then other people see and just join in. They were probably all just cutting but you never really know for sure what the situation is.


What are the odds they're experiencing an emergency? Very very low.


Very low but not zero. Do you even want to take the slightest chance that you might cause someone to die? All for what? To get revenge on someone cutting in line? Are we children? Learn to let things that don’t affect you go


It's not your responsibility to judge this. What if you're wrong? The vehicle that actually does need this lane likely has someone dying in it. On a side note, it is absolutely **your** responsibility to learn how defensive driving applies. Defensive driving is really simple. Get the fuck out of the way.


Yeah, maybe not all three, but what if the front car was and the other two just decided to follow them to cut in line? Or maybe all three were. You can't know that. It's unwise to take the law into your own hands.


Yes, very likely. Say, past 99% likely. But still, there is a small chance someone's actually using that lane for what it's meant to be used. So, it's wrong to just block the lane. Proper way to deal with it would be to report them and when they get fined they'll have a chance to appeal.


Fuck cars :)


So no one is allowed to drive on that lane except for emergencies?


Yes, and now no one is allowed to drive in it *including* those in emergencies, and this is why the trucker is the asshole in this situation as well.


As a kid, my family and I were on a road trip and this guy in a Porsche tried to do that and got blocked by a trucker and he ended up stuck right next to us. Heard a lot of curse words that I had never heard at that point. Dad couldn’t let it go and got into a shouting match with the guy and it got worse from there. Gotta love entitled people.


Often, when I'd see people do this in Texas, a mile or so down I'd see them again, broken down, because they'd hit nails or other debris on the shoulder and got a flat tire. Karmic justice imo lol.


Nah that's just stupidity any Texan driver should know better


I *want* to agree, but many had Texas plates so... -shrug- I expect many were those entitled Karen's that come from Kingwood or the ritzier parts of Spring lol.


I mean we've got abbott, texans can clearly be stupid i should have clarified, no rational texan :P


This is fair lol. Every state has their idiots tbh. Unfortunately, since Texas is so big and also a tourist trap in many areas, there seems to be way more there. XD


Daily occurrence on interstate 4 westbound leading to the celebration exit in Florida. Bunch of self obsessed jackhole dicks.


So satisfying!


Not all heros wear capes


I hate those bastards! Give thumbs up to the blocker!


I hate when people use the shoulder like this. You're no more important than anyone else.


BMW - Check.


I’ve done this multiple times on the way to work in Sydney. Everyone is waiting and frustrated, you guys are not the only ones. Wait like the rest of us Karen


Your street vigilante justice isn't worth people's lives if they are in an actual emergency. No one is saying people driving in the emergency lane without an emergency are in the right, but it's not worth blocking it and potentially killing someone. Only a narcissist would think that.


That trucker is my hero


And if there was an actual emergency, that truck driver could be charged with manslaughter. So that’s fun too.


Why are you being downvoted? For all we know, those cars could be on their way to a hospital.


Because people were severely enjoying their schadenfreude and being faced with logic makes them angry. They don't want to acknowledge that maybe they should feel a little bit bad about the initial pleasure reaction.




Exactly! [I always think of this post when I see lane bullies. ](https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/bwapyn/no_you_wait_your_turn/epwiff6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) The truck driver is not a police officer and should not attempt to enforce traffic laws.


I do the same thing for people who cut in at the last moment for a turn only lane to skip the line when the other one is open - fuck those people


This actually reduces traffic so in utilitarian way those people are actually doing the right thing.


You’re confusing a zipper merge with a an asshole cutting the line and crossing solid lane separations - it actually holds up the line as they stop cars that are in the correct lane from taking the turn - speaking specifically about the intersection I’m referencing.


I did that a couple of times when I was a trucker. The people using the emergency lane just make the situation worse.


Your street vigilante justice isn't worth people's lives if they are in an actual emergency. No one is saying people driving in the emergency lane without an emergency are in the right, but it's not worth blocking it and potentially killing someone. Only a narcissist would think that.


Fuck emergency lane cheaters We truckers spend our days avoiding asshats in cars. I for one relish the opportunity to stick it to them when i can.


This is my favorite thing. Seriously, these people...


Your street vigilante justice isn't worth people's lives if they are in an actual emergency. No one is saying people driving in the emergency lane without an emergency are in the right, but it's not worth blocking it and potentially killing someone. Only a narcissist would think that.


“Got em!”


I don't think I've ever noticed this before but do US cars not have licence plates on the front?


Some states allow you to not have front license plates. Not sure which ones exactly, but I know we have to have them in my state


It's not that they "allow" you not to have a front plate, they don't issue a front plate.


Let me rephrase: Not all states require you to have a front license plate, but in my state it is required by law.


Same here. I think iowa may be one of them


Pennsylvania does not require a front license plate, only rear


Some states require a front license plate, some don't.


Might also be quebec. Those look like KM markers not miles. But resolution was too low for me to tell.


In some states it's required.


so a truck blocked the emergency rail. noice


I hate people that do this, but that doesn't give me the authority to police the situation.


We did this once during a bad traffic jam in South Carolina coming home from a beach vacation. However, we did it because we had someone with us who got out of the hospital that night before because of a bad leg injury and we had to get to a pharmacy in a nearby town to get medication to help with the pain for the long drive home. People weren’t happy and tried blocking us. It did feel very wrong. I wish we had a sign on top of our car that said “emergency” or something.


I despise truckers that make it their business what other people are doing.


You shouldn't drive on the shoulder, people going on and on about the trucker being a problem are the same trash who'd drive on it to avoid waiting


I do this too. Wait in line like everyone else. Your big car and tiny dick don't make you special.


More like the trucker is now blocking the emergency lane. Those cars were all about to the take that off ramp. Maybe not the best move but no harm down. The truck on the other hand (if the implication of the video that they are doing it on purpose is to be believed) is actually blocking anyone who may have an emergency.


You do realize that cars occupying the emergency lane, regardless of if "they were totally about to exit there I swearsies" is them blocking that emergency lane for people who actually need it, right? It doesn't matter if you're there 30 seconds, if you drive in the shoulder without an emergency you are an asshole who feels more entitled than everyone else stuck in traffic AND anyone who might have a legitimate emergency. There isnt an excuse for this behavior, it's selfish and dangerous. Also worth noting that when just one asshole does this without getting blocked, every other asshole in a 5 mile radius sees that as a green light for them to also be an asshole because "well that person did it! Hur durr!"


By blocking them he’s further reducing the utility of the emergency lane at that moment.


Just like people that drive in left lane and stay continuous driving in the left lane, its illegal in most states.Its usually only for passing or making left hand turns.


Now drive close enough so they cannot get back in! Heheheh


Very satisfying


I did this once and they call my company but my company agree with my choice because traffic was stopped so long there were kids playing on the highway


I drive trucks. I fucking hate when truckers do this shit. They might be late for a baby delivery or sumn. If they aren't hurting or hindering anybody, mind your business!


They were almost certainly taking the next exit. The truck driver is breaking more laws than the people driving on the shoulder. Nobody, not even truckers have the right to obstruct traffic, even on the shoulder. Truckers who try to control traffic are a hazard.


Dude, fuckem. These entitled pricks are out here potentially stopping ambulances from saving lives because they need to save five minutes. Again: fuckem.


Exactly right. Even if they are getting off at the next exit, they risk blocking access for emergency vehicles. Trouble is, letting them go on and do it creates less of a blockage overall.


Are you talking about the truck driver? Or did you think ambulances can magically drive through trucks? Were you a Hall Monitor in grade school?


Ok, since you clearly are one of the jackasses illegally passing us peasants on the shoulder, I’ll explain how this works using small words. Truck turn wheel, back in lane. Car in way regardless of truck. Bad car. Bad car.


Found the prick driving on the shoulder.


Your street vigilante justice isn't worth people's lives if they are in an actual emergency. No one is saying people driving in the emergency lane without an emergency are in the right, but it's not worth blocking it and potentially killing someone. Only a narcissist would think that.


That's not how it works. They are breaking law, period. They can leave the country if they don't like the rules. The truck driver is in the red driving on the shoulder, but he is not blocking traffic as he kept driving with the pace of the traffic.


He is driving in two lanes, blocking at least one lane and more importantly he is recklessly using his truck to obstruct other vehicles. That is definitely illegal. What the people driving on the shoulder are doing is illegal too but in the eyes of the law in most states, using your vehicle to impede others is a worse offense than driving on the shoulder. This sub is a source of constant amusement to me. It is filled with road ragers posing as concerned citizens.


I don't think the shoulder is considered a lane. I mean, if we call it emergency lane than you are right. I think most of us just keep driving in the traffic with white knuckles, cursing at the ones breaking law but not actually acting up against.


In my state we have the shoulder (as you see with a white line on the right side of the road) and an emergency lane (on the very left of a highway marked with a yellow line).


I don’t know why but this sparks joy for me.


Got alot of respect for truck drivers. Not all heroes drive 18 wheelers


I've seen many "alots" pictured on the internet, but never have I seen an "alot of respect" before. Truly amazing creatures.


That trucker is the real hero


I know it's unlikely, but I hope none of those cars had an emergency to get to. You never know


It's nobody's responsibility to enforce traffic law except the police. In fact now that truck driver just congested the emergency lane.


You sound like the asshat who'd do this then feel justified by these kinds of words


I guess we'll never find out


I am betting this is in Pennsylvania


No numberplates on the front, neither.


Not all states require it.


Charger is the new BMW


If we had cameras (like speed cameras, but for all illegal driving) people wouldn't do shit like this. It's not safe, legal or smart yet very few actually get caught.


I felt that GOTUMM


Is there a new law that states heavy vehicles will only operate after 8 pm till 4 am or something to avoid excess traffic? I dunno.


Did I miss something or are there no license plates on the front of those cars? Is that legal?


Wherever this was filmed doesn't issue a front license plate (two suggestions are Quebec and Pennsylvania, both of which only issue a rear plate).


Thanks. Didn't know that is some areas front plates aren't issued.


There are almost 20 states that have only one plate.


Thanks. Didn't know this.


Many states do not require a front plate. I live in a state that does not require a front plate.


Thanks. Dindn't know that some area's don't require front plates.


The worst kind of people.


The two parts of the problem.


It was commonly done in the Philippines. Too many idiots here.


Was that Kawhi’s laugh at the end?


Wow 3 of em jeez they have some big kahoonies


as great as this is, The truck and the cars are still in the emergency lane, but now they aren't moving for say, an ambulance to get through.