2.5 inches of lift later (Rallitek 2in kit with subframe drop, .5in (standard) front springs and .5in overloads in the rear

2.5 inches of lift later (Rallitek 2in kit with subframe drop, .5in (standard) front springs and .5in overloads in the rear


Noticed any drivetrain vibrations?


None I can notice


how do the bumps feel now? was debating a lift kit but I think I'm going to keep things relatively stock to keep my running costs down.


Much better then factory, it’s a little stiffer but it doesn’t bounce as much going over bumps, feels solid


Very cool. Curious about stiffer springs, mine is going to be loaded a decent amount between thr roof box and bikes on trailer hitch. Have heard good things about that change when the back end is weighted


looks really good pre and post tbh. What’s it like getting in it now? Despite the high ground clearance I always found seat height to be about the same as a regular sedan. This must be closer to typical SUV height.


I have a similar set up on my trek, it went from driving a sedan to like driving a CR-V


But does it handle like a sedan vs a CRV?


Handles more like a car then it did previously, the stiffer springs completely changed the feel. Throwing just spacers on would make it handle very poorly I’d imagine


I’m 6ft 1in tall and it’s a lot easier for me to get In, I don’t have to duck under the hatch to get in the back anymore either


I like this more thank I expected. How much did it cost? DIY?


About 1100 USD with free shipping, did it all myself (former subie tech)


I'm sure I'll take my share of ⬇️ but I like it better pre-lift.


Yeah, the more I see lifts done and the more I look at my stock suspension, the more I’m happy right where things are at. Granted, I do very little overlanding except for the odd forest road, so a lift or bigger and more aggressive tires are hardly a concern for me. Still, OP has a mean looking rig for overlanding and off-roading, and I gotta respect the effort put in to achieve it.


I think it's because I want the *look* of an off-roady Crosstrek but I really won't be doing that much in the way of off-roading. I'm kinda a poser. The real reason I sold my Accord for the Crosstrek is the AWD and safety features. My Accord was faster, bigger, more stylish, and got about 5 more MPGs.


Looks silly to me.


Looks great


Never seen it spelled oof ta...in Wisco we say "oof da" The more you know.


What’s your CV angle like? Leaking trans fluid at all?