Seer's Q is so balanced

Seer's Q is so balanced


they said it would be big enough for one legend too.... shits as big as the tunnels in the map


"You have to be *SUUUUUUPER* accurate" Right... If hitting Seer's Q requires precision then I'm goddamn Chris Kyle. Just don't ever listen to dzk about anything. I can't tell if he's worse at playing apex or balancing it, but he's laughably terrible at both.


Problem is he probably couldn't hit any legends with it... have you seen his pathfinder gameplay? Dude plays the game like he's a walking brick


Yeah reduce the size by at least half


Bro this.


Never go full DZKlown


Lol remember when DZK said it was like a snipers shot?


Crypto’s EMP Ultimate stunning the enemy without stunning his teammates was too OP and was nerfed, but they think Seer’s Tactical not stunning his teammates while stunning the enemy is just fine? What kind of logic is this?


Right?? There is no justice for some veteran legends that sorely need a buff to keep up with this insane power creep


I don't even think Seer has a proper counter, except maybe revs silence, but good luck hittiing that before he uses his tactical


In his current state, he has polluted the game. In my opinion: - his multi-ability tactical has no place in apex. - his no-cost passive to "see" enemies out of his line of sight is OP - his ult is hard to play around. Unlike horizon's and crypto's ult, with seer’s ult it's hard to locate the drone (due to visual clutter) and then shoot it down. Edit: grammar+punctuation


I came in here to see what others thought, and i'm kinda sick of the imbalance they've created. 'Most' squads have Seer, and yesterday, 8/10 champs from last game were Seer. Problem is devs always do this. Most new characters and weapons tend to be OP so players will go for it. Seriously hope they give him a re-balance soon.


I agree with most of what you said, however you cannot sit here and lie saying "most new characters and weapons are OP" thats just a lie. Valk, Fuse, Rampart, Loba, and Rev were not even close to OP on launch and thats majority of new legends. This is an isolated incident with Seer.


Horizon was pretty OP also, but not nearly to this degree.


I agree, that's why i didn't name her and said majority lol


This is just my opinion so I understand people's disagreement, but I would rather they released a nrw character as OP than really weak but then they need to do a balance patch within 2 weeks of the release. And maybe don't allow the champion into ranked for those 2 weeks either.


Legend* I've been playing paladins too much


100% agree, as long as they don't wait till the mid-season to tune them back a bit (which they have said with seer he will be nerfed before then).


yeah, most of the legends you stated even got buffs a season or so after they were released


Its one of the reasons ive barely played this season. Between that,the prowler,L-Star,and rampage (coupled with me getting brand new players..) my games end so fast cus i just get melted or wall hacked. Shits not fun. This season is ass so far


With you on that! Not getting to play a lot this season. For me, of the weapons you mentioned, rampage is the only one I find annoying to face. But I'm not overly worried; gun balance can be tweaked and it's a challenge worth trying to tackle and work out new strategies to counter those weapons. Seer on the other hand... oooff


being tracked by his ult and having no clue if you're in a building is pretty frustrating as well, plus crouching is slow as hell for all characters bet rev


i feel like there are no more work arounds with clutches. how many times have you been put low HP and were seconds away from healing up and then fighting again? you can’t really do that now with Seer cancelling your meds.


Note for finding his drone in ult: Along with being difficult it's literally impossible to do without revealing yourself for at least a couple seconds, unless you crouch away and then snipe it, but that kind of defeats the purpose of destroying it since it's already rendered useless to the seer and his team because you aren't in it.


He seriously has 0 counters. They didnt even give his passive the one logical counter of him not being able to see the Rev or Path, since they're fucking robots. They really did 0 testing to see if he was overpowered.


Mirage kinda counters. His decoys are also displays on his heart beat scanner which has horrifying in universe implications but can also confuse the seer a lot. But he doesn't counter him remotely enough for it to be considered fair


1. Lol at the in universe implications 2. If seer only had his passive, yeah, but the tactical destroys decoys


What really? I thought decoys had 40 health


I'm a Valk ~~simp~~ main and I feel like she counters him pretty well as long as you know what you're doing. * She can reposition quickly and in unique ways, making his heartbeat tracking require at least a *little* more brainpower. * Her jetpack burst-activation is fast enough/goes far enough to dodge out of the area of Seer's tactical if you react quickly enough (though the tac does shut the jetpack off so if you *aren't* quick enough you can get kinda screwed by it). * While she's flying, Seer gets *no indicator at all* on her from his ult. Not footsteps, nor the center of mass tag. * (Kind of a stretch, but) Seer has no mobility so her missiles are easy to land on him. Alternatively, you can fight him at long range. None of his abilities do anything relative to enemies outside 75m - no defensive or mobility abilities and nothing that can reach farther than that. Anyways. He's clearly a bit overpowered, but I personally didn't really realize *why* exactly he was so strong until I played him for a handful of games myself. I'm gonna go against the trend a little bit here and say *his passive is the most powerful part of his kit*. His ultimate is very good if used right and his tactical is very reliable and does a million different things that are all strong. *But*, what really brings the entire thing together and makes it mesh and flow is the passive. It's practically a 0-cooldown Bloodhound scan; it's so precise and honestly very intuitive. You can just ADS for like 0.5s (*even with weapon stowed*) and get an instant indicator if anyone is within ~75m of you, and pretty much exactly where they are. It's impossible to hide from or sneak up on him, or even to just out-maneuver him in buildings and whatnot. And on top of that *there's no fucking indicator that he can see you*. BH scan has a huge particle effect and pops up a big message on the screen of the scanned; Seer passive gives nearly as much info with not even an audio cue. (And like I said, 0 cooldown or activation time.) His passive makes it so a decent player will basically always know exactly where his opponents are and, on top of that, never miss with the tactical. Shit I played him for like 5 games and I'm just a Plat/Diamond if I no life level player, and I don't think I missed with his tac even one time. Nor did I ever have to waste it just to "check" if someone was present, like how BH often uses their scan. Idk. Long rant talking about the passive lol. Devs have already said he'll be getting some quick nerfs, so we'll see where they think his power needs to be reigned in. I just think, if they end up cutting like half the shit off his tactical and leave the ult/passive, he will still be extraordinarily strong. Whereas if they drop like half the range off his passive and give it some indicator to opponents, his reliability will drop off a lot and bring him much more in line (even with no other changes).


100% agree that his passive is the broken part of his kit. His tac is good and probably needs to be dialed back a bit, but his passive is what brings it all together.


Detailed well rounded take


Wit hall these wallhacks something like bandalores tactical seems so bad, becasue it is detrimental to both sides becasue you cant see through smoke, but neither can the enemy, until you get hit by 5 scans or seers passive.


Better to just nerf Seer imo. Seer is broken as hell right now


Hahaha...you looking for logic with balance here?!


Balance logic coming from the team infamous for two things in this previous patch, Something about how the changes to caustic weren't going to involve an increase to damage, only for the biggest change was to buff the damage. (I'm not complaining, but that wasn't consistent with their statements), and for fuse "We identified two opportunities to help him that weren't just 'give him more damage.' " with this right before it: "Knuckle Cluster Tactical explosion duration increased by 100%." where the dps for it, unchanged.


I'm pretty sure they said "without *just* giving him more damage" or something like that with regard to Caustic. And I think what they did is in that spirit. They put back a much weaker version of his old damage ramp, such that unless you're intentionally standing in his gas, you'll still take the same old nerfed damage amount. I think it's a pretty clever solution — they buffed him not by increasing his damage, but by increasing the *threat* of damage so that people won't want to stand in his cloud.


Okay, so they changed the cooldowns, which is essentially just a higher uptime, more gas uptime is essentially a convoluted dps buff for his gas. Most people assumed they meant crowd control, and most importantly fixing turning the gas into a pitiful mist in visual effect


I just want Crypto to be good. I love the character, but he’s just bad.


the logic is they want to sell the new character. OP characters sell.


But that doesn’t make sense either because most people have tens of thousands of the red things so they don’t even need to pay anything.


They want people to buy *stuff* for the character, not the character itself. Of course everyone will instantly unlock the character regardless if they've played more than a couple weeks. But if the character is ridiculously powerful, then people will be much more inclined to: a) really want to play them; and in turn b) really want to buy cool skins from the shop/buy Apex packs to get cosmetic drops or crafting mats for the character.


Yea that ain't it. They don't have a history of churning out absurdly busted characters. Other than seer only horizon was OP at release. I would argue they are pushing legends power lately to avoid a more common mistake they have made in the past, releasing underpowered legends that no one wants to play (fuse, rampart, loba, and revnant all sucked at release and have all received major buffs). They just pushed a little too far with this one.


That would make more sense if the majority of the characters hadn't released in a relatively weak state. Of the last five characters, Horizon and Seer were strong, Valkyrie was balanced, and Loba and Fuse were weak. And going back further, every character before Loba was also weak. (Wattson is possibly an exception here, but I think most of the community viewed her as weak even though the pro scene loved her.)


Octane was always strong


Octane was fine but wasn't really "strong" until the jump pad changes, and he's never really been a place where he was OP, at lease individually, I know the revtane thing was oppressive.


That was not the general opinion in the community, and he had the lowest or near-lowest overall win rate according to Respawn. He was with Mirage in the "just for fun pick" category until his buffs.


Make crypto ult break ur full shield and you can't recharge for 8 secs or so. Crypto rn looks like a troll legend from how weak it is compared to other. Seer Q is better than crypto full kit. Ps: i do no play crypto at all but I think he needs buffs, like fast


More than crypto it would be watson as she has no ability to help anyone in the game. Her fences are easily breakable and his ult is also shootable . Her passive is the most useless passive in the game after pathfinders. Only thing that goes for her is just her hitbox i dropped multiple good games with her suprisingly i think its because of her hitbox. Even in ranked she is not useful unless u find a small building at the end circle and u have caustic with watson. She needs a rework like mirage tbh. Crypto, fuse and watson should be buffed this should be the main priority of the devs. Rampart is supposed to get a buff in the new patch and seer will recieve a nerf in this patch. I think this will make atleast the legends balanced.


same with lifeline. Yes auto res'ing is nice, but that only comes into play after you are already one man down. 3man squads are imho not large enough to justify one char without offensive skills. She needs something that makes her good in pvp


Dude/dudette agreed. Never played crypto too much but he needs something. Thematically not getting scanned would be really cool. I feel like breaking shields fully might be too much but It’s hard to say without playing it. I think we all know Seers tactical just needs a huge nerf because it makes certain legends feel useless ugh


Maybe up the damage it does to 75 now? I mean the red evo is extremely strong and in end game thats all anyone has. I have been trying to use him but the way this game is played he’s too slow so either his drone needs to be quicker, he needs to have the drone out while walking or something


Emp has never been the problem, the problem is he doesnt have any abilities when the drone gets destroyed, and other recon legends (namely bloodhound and seer) give insane info with no risk while crypto gives insane info with risk. Basically, bloodhound and seer need to be neefed and crypro needs a passive. That has been what hes needed for several seasons now.


someone commented on another post that they should take the triple take out the cp and put seer in it, and that is the only acceptable suggestion


Triple take best legend


Seer best weapon


Seer here! level 4


Breaks a video game, essential if you want to win any game




Revenant: ***I want that skinbag, give it to me!***


triple take is too hot \*turns on choke\*


If you pick seer then you have to wait the care package the whole game to be used


seer's banner card is in the care package and your teammates have 90 seconds to get it and win the game. now crypto will be meta because he's the only one who can do a banner grab in that time. everyone else gets sidetracked with what? killing enemy teams so that they don't get killed? only crypto can get the job done.


Pls put the triple take back in the loot pool, I miss it.


Seer OP, nerf please! ^I am a bot and my creator (u/AshkanKiafard) was bored AF


Tracks/reveals enemy for 8 seconds Reveals shields and health The rest is unnecessary.


and just a slightly longer delay so you could have a change to dodge it from a standing position in the middle of it


Yeah, Wraith should be able to activate her Q before it hits. She can't. Not even if you press Q immediately.


God no. Wraiths q takes like a second or 2 to activate. With that much time you would never hit a single person unless they were in a building


For me, the Q cancel isn't the problem but Seer has literally canceled my portal 4 times, that needs to stop.


Considering it's an OP ass wall hack that does all those things, I think it's fair. That or buff wraith.


If you think Wraith needs a buff you aren't playing Wraith well. Wraith shouldn't be able to dodge every little thing with her q, that's why she was nerfed in the first place


She was nerfed because that in conjunction with her hitbox and her low profile. Now that her hitbox is nerfed, there's no reason her Q should take so long. She's not weak by any means but if everyone's getting an op buff she deserves to come back.


If Wraith has a snappy Q again, what's the counterplay? She makes eye contact with you, and can literally disappear and ditch back to her team at any second. There is exactly zero window to do anything to prevent or punish that when she has no wind up.


She was nerfed cause she was picked a lot. That is it. They nerfed her to drive pick rates up of other legends.


I literally read the dev patch notes and interviews. They said after the hitbox nerf they're going back to seeing of they can restore her abilities.


i don't trust them much after they said they wouldn't add a blind effect


Just give us the Naruto run back and I'll be happy


All I really want is for Wraith to be able to move at normal speed right before she activates her phase. Kinda like the buff Loba got to her movement speed while throwing her bracelet.


Honestly, even if Wraith winds up in the lower half of the characters, leave her there for a while. She was must-pick top tier for half of the game's lifetime so far minimum. I'd really love to see other things succeed for a long time coming. I find her really boring as a character, and her abilities are very straightforward in a way that makes them super powerful and have almost no counterplay. A big of why she's good is that literally nothing stops her once she's in the void.


Her Q is still short enough that she can faze away after I stick her with an arc star—before it goes off 😑


8 seconds is too long


In a game where a ring is 120. And fights are best at 10-15 seconds max. 8 seconds is a stupidly long time to be completely revealed. Third party teams pushing* you also have a seer and stupid broken for taking a third party fight too.


I think they should just remove the scan part of the tactical. Give an indicator that it hit, but don’t continue tracking for the time after that. That would make it balanced. There is no reason it needs an Interrupt AND scan. We already have two other scanning legends, just make his shtick tracking people with his heartbeat passive, interrupting with his tactical, and then revealing with his Ult, which would then again synergize with his interrupt tactical. He already has two tracking abilities, there is no need for three in his kit.


Honestly I don’t think he should have been a recon legend in the first place. Make him an “Ambush Artist” like his title says he is. His passive can stay because it works with his tactical (though maybe nerf it so that people have to be doing something that his tactical interrupts), but his tactical should be like you said, just the interrupt side of things with a 2 second scan for indicator, and I’m not sure what his Ult should do but I’m thinking that you see the healthbars of enemies that you have line of sight with and maybe you can’t heal while inside it, it sounds OP but in this situation it would be much smaller


If picking exactly 2, yeah I agree. I'm willing to fudge a little and say the interruptions are also fine, but I know I'm kinda alone in that belief.


I hard disagree. It you are healing you can’t escape the tunnel. It’s literally impossible unless you are at the very edge. And if you are hit while healing, it’s game over 99% of times. Through walls. Because of pure luck and brokenness of seer. If you happen to be unlucky enough to be near a seer while healing it’s almost unavoidable death.


I agree with this. And it was what was initially advertised before we were shown videos with all the extra stuff.


Preach. There is literally no reason for the rest lol


Bloodhound's Q used do reveal enemies for 4 seconds. Edit : I meant to say " used " not " use ".


3 seconds, they nerfed it in June.


kind of ironic they nerfed his scan because it reveals enemies location for too long. but then as Seer’s tactical which reveals for 8 seconds. not to mention his ult which is straight wall hacks


Honestly hoping they just nerf him into the floor until they can figure out a better solution for him, I'd rather see a temporarily underpowered legend not causing problems with gameplay than a supremely overpowered one until they one figure out what the hell to do with him.


Well, that ain’t the Apex way, the Apex way is leave him overpowered for a whole season, then nerf him to the ground, leave him there for 8 months then do a mild buff that does not address anything the playerbase wants.


That’s not what happened the last 2 seasons bruh


Horizon and caustic style tho 😎


Seer's tactical will only reveal one enemy at a time though, sometimes 2 maybe. Bloodhound's scan reveals everyone in a fairly large area.


Super precision tho remember that


Holy shit does it really do all that??? Wtf Respawn.


it also stops revives :)


Im not gonna play one game until they nerf this guy. Fuck seer


There is absolutely no reason for the stun, flashbang, or damage


Seer? More like se-blind-damage-track-reveal-disrupt-deafen-control-er


behold, my see-blind-damage-track-reveal-disrupt-deafen-control-inator!


Behold, the "You'reScrewed-inator!"


Doofenschmirtz? I mean Rrrrrrrrrrr


Good news, a dev confirmed they're gonna get rid of his blinding flash bang effect so now he should only have 6 abilities.


Seer? I hardly know her!


The Respawn developers spent no time brainstorming Seer's name, they spent all the time coming up with more abilities they can throw at him.


I’m going to say it. Dude’s more oppressive than Caustic. There’s so limited time to actually dodge the damn tactical (and you get hit sometimes when you’re not in it. It’s a massive tunnel that *goes through walls*. At least Caustic gas only affects you by LOS. His tactical cancel effect, health reveal and tracking is a better Caustic passive applied for whole team with no-counter. At least Caustic inconveniences everyone with his gas obscuring vision. Seer only inconveniences the enemy team and gives an unparalleled advantage to Seer’s team. At least you could heal or revive in/around Caustic gas (not that that’s a good thing), but you were at least safe if behind cover. Seer’s tac removes the value of cover. All of this is made worse in high-rank late-circles due to his oppressive pick rate. If they nerfed Caustic into oblivion because of how frustrating it was to fight a Caustic, well I’m stumped at how Seer exists. Edit. Not to mention the dude is a non-stop walking UAV. Move forward, spin in a circle. You know if you’re not alone within 75.


well they are two wildly different kinds of annoying, but at least caustic can't force his canisters on you. If you're pushing into a caustic house unprepared, that's on you. Countering Caustic is a matter of gameplay, but on the other hand Seer is both strong and has little to no counterplay


There are no unbalanced legends in Ba Sing Se.


U can counter him easily if you have wallhacks and aimbot bro.......


Yeah bro just use Seer. He's the perfect counter to Seer


Next Seer legendary is going to be Toph / Earth Kingdom traditional outfit


Seer would look so cool in a Dai Li outfit.


Daniel Klein will probably say he is one of the weakest characters in the game


Clearly he's no match for wattson fances


Yeah I mean Wattson fences do alot of dama..... Wattson fences are hard to dete.... Wattson fences have a slow cooldo...... Wattson fences skip bodyshi...... Wattson fences can keep doors shu........ Wattson has fortifi.......


In his current state, he has polluted the game. In my opinion: • ⁠his multi-ability tactical has no place in apex. • ⁠his no-cost passive to "see" enemies out of his line of sight is OP • ⁠his ult is hard to play around. Unlike horizon's and crypto's ult, with seer’s ult it's hard to locate the drone (due to visual clutter) and then shoot it down.


what are the dev thinking. my bangalore are useless in my ranked game.


She's been useless in ranked for ages though. Any decent blood uses her smoke against her, no matter how you use it, and he was literally on every ranked team. Now, it seems like there's a blood AND seer on every ranked team. You might as well just bend over and accept your fate the moment you pick Bangalore, because you're fucking both yourself and your team.


I hate getting bangalores on my team. That smoke has ruined more fights than it has saved


that's because they are bad at playing her, not because the char itself is bad


This is true. I watch Shiv a lot and he fires the smoke at enemies rather than always just smoking his team, which is what my bang randoms do


Agree bang have one if the best passives the ult is nice just smock the enemie tean instead if your team


Not really, i only play ranked with full squad friends and able to get diamond last season probably master if not for the DDos/ aimbotter. My Squad know my playstyle and smokes. Honestly blood's scan not gonna cancel your healing when you double time away from into a building from a choke situation 10 second after you reposition, blind you, cancel your skill casting. At least bloodhound does not have super broken passive that always know where you 75 meter away double time away from a fight. Seer kit is broken.


everyone keeps forgetting it ALSO disrupts executions and ability placement


It cancelled my ultimate accelerant. I feel violated




They're really hesitating on firing DZK


They need to just get it done already


Hahaa and you didn’t even mention that it disrupts revives.


I’m fine with the damage. I’m fine with the HP reveal. I may even be fine with the time revealed. I’m not fine with the stun. I’m not fine with the passive being so stealthy. I’m not fine with the entire ULT. I’m not with that thing having the size of a truck. I’m not fine with Seer gaining assists for *THIS* while Bloodhound do not. Bring back my fucking assist or be fair. I’m fine with revival interruption, but not with heal interruption.


The problem I have with his ult is it completely takes away from any strategy there is in a fight. You try to flank and they are pre-firing before you even turn the corner, can’t even change cover because they’ll know where you’re at the second you stop moving. Whatever happened to the devs saying they want gun play 1st and abilities 2nd. At least with revtane the only advantage that they had was that they get a free 100hp push


I think they should reduce his range of his passive and tactical from 75 to 50 that way blood has the range advantage. i think his ult is somewhat balance maybe reduction in the duration by a little and an increase in his charge by 30 seconds And i think all the shit his passive has is just dumb and whoever came up with that was on something.


His ULT needs a 3 and a half minutes cooldown. Period. Then it will be fine and not broken at all. It’s the strongest ULT in the game. For real. The tactic and passive both need *ACTUAL* nerfs to their capacity, tho. Less effects, less stealth and less range (AND MAINLY WIDENESS). Also, don’t expect me to shut up about the assist thing. Bring Bloody’s assist back.


ooooh i never thought about how wide it is. Your right it's too easy to hit enemies with his tactical. Definitely less effects and range. I don't understand less stealth or the bloodhound assist thing. Like kill assist?


Less stealth means that enemies should know when Seer is scanning. Assist as in literally killing assist. They removed it from Bloodhound because it was “cheesy” but kept it for Crypto and Seer, who can get assists *WAY* more consistently and with much less work. (Please don’t get this as me saying Crypto is OP. Crypto desperately needs buffs but that still has nothing to do with him getting assists by sitting and scanning people with a drone from far away).


Wait really they removed bloodhounds kill assist and kept crypto. I know crypto isn't op but many assholes in Early ranks just sat in a corner hoping for an assist with their drones. And i had to 1v3 Just because our 3rd is still looting. Also how would they change seers passive to be less stealthy. It probably won't happen. I kinda agree but at the same time i wouldn't mind if they change it or not.


Just add a voice-line to each character that the say when they get scanned by the passive. Like, when Bloody got scanned, they would shout *Another Hunter?* or something like this. It’s more subtle than those visual indicators, but it already makes it way more balanced. Then, we still need to fix the tactical… And honestly… This one I will just wait. It’s too broken to even start…


Makes sense wraith should definitely have it but it does sound good for everyone.


Meanwhile crypto goes completely immobile and cannot see the world around him and all he gets in return is a 60hp scan


The most broken legend to date, he literally is a direct counter to everyone. How did this Legend get past play testing? Any pro could of played him for a bit and told them that he was absolutely busted. How does this keep happening? and with what fucking face do they keep telling the community that they extensively play test things before they release it? No they don't. Meanwhile crypto has been complete dog shit with one of the worst pick rates and they release a recon like this? what the fuck are these guys doing over there? Playing with Seer is basically like hacking, legal hacking of course but you're basically hacking and that shit has no place in a competitive FPS game.


It'll be over in 3 months boys, just let respawn rake in their cash and then they'll nerf him 🤣


Doing damage through walls is straight up bullshit and needs to be removed.


Seer's Q really breaks the immersion of Apex world. Abilities of most legends are pretty genuine to laws of physics and lore, one of my favorite is Valk's Q, missiles can be blocked by terrain, even hurt yourself, and should choose firing location carefully. but Seer's micro drones can pass through walls and buildings with lightning speed, that is ridiculous. That's also not how they work in trailer (drone fly slowly in moth shape). Now I just feel bad for Crypto, as a professional hacker his tech is obviously fall behind the artist, whose drones are indestructible, fast, fully auto, fire and forget, while Crypto has to manually operate everything for his target toy plane.


Yeah even lore wise seer’s abilities are op af


Crypto out here trying to play a shitty GTA vice city toy plane mini game each time he wants to utilise his kit.


> missiles can be blocked by terrain, even hurt yourself, and should choose firing location carefully. When i was learning her i have killed myself maybe twice with her Q in a panic use.




Any thing but flash bang please remove it also for rev


I legit can't play because this gives me a migraine


Holy shit I thought it was just me, by the end of my third game I already have to lay down for a bit just to give my eyes a break


I really feel like this guy just made Bloodhound pointless


I’ve seen teams with a houndy and seer and it’s impressive. They’ll use bloodhounds tactical and seer will use that info to use their tactical appropriately. It definitely fucks me up in arenas.


That's a genuine combo that's interesting and could be cool. If there weren't all the other problems with Seer


waiting for the day DZK gets fired


Literally all Seer needs in his tactical is tracking enemies and showing their health/shields Anything else should just be removed, no interruptions, no flashbang, no stun, no damage


If 7 in one shampoo was a legend


Underrated comment. I bet he smells like sandalwood too.


Don't forget that you can hold the button and combine it with his ADS ability while fully sprinting (just not fast sliding)


Respawn pulled Seer's Q out of their ass


I've gotten like 2 knocks with it in city fights in total, but can we REALLY call 1/3 of a punch's damage "damage"? That's my only thing, is compared to every other tactical that does damage etc. 10 damage is the least problematic of the ability.


The problem is not that it deals damage, it's how the ability works. You can easily bypass any cover and it's usually used while enemies are healing up or reviving. Of course it's possible to kill / knock down people with, let's say, a rev silence orb, but that's way harder to hit than a 75 m hitscan area the size of a freaking truck.


He’s op as fuck. But the thing that affects me most is how distracting and overwhelming the visuals are. Shit straight up takes over the game. Need to reduce its opacity or something.


Yeah one thing I'm really not a fan of in this game is the "scan" indicators. I have a much harder time fighting someone with that big ass diamond covering their body and I feel like they could have done something different that doesn't obstruct your view.


I can't even tell if it's friendly or not lol


Nah fuck it. Let’s bring everything up to par. Everything that stuns is also a healing, revive, and ability disrupt. Revs Tac, Valks Tac, Wattson’s Fence, Bangs Ult, Gibbys Ult, Crypto’s Ult. Everything that tracks also reveals health and shield info. Wattson Fence, Mirage Decoy, Crypto Drone, Bloodhound Tac, Caustic Gas.


Tracks enemies and reveals health/shields is the way they should go, HE'S RECON LEGEND DEVS, NOT ASSAULT


I love how this sub understands and cares for the game when something is wrong/briken. I love you guys.


I would remove two to start. It really shouldn't silence and stun or flash you..


No clue what they were thinking when they added that. I don’t think any other legend in the game flashes you but they decided to add it to a RECON LEGEND. I’ve had so many times where I’d get stunned and flashed mid firefight it’s embarrassing


Damn, and disrupting revives is not even on this lmao, it really shouldn't do that


BuT hE wAs PlAyTeStEd InTeRnAlLy


Considering most of those are only split second, I’ll take the track enemies and see health please


Yeah, IMO they should change it so if he interrupts your heal it eats the bat/cell and gives you a percent of your shield equal to what you would've gotten (eg 50 percent of a batt would be 50 percent of whatever shield you have)


That is honestly a great idea


It also interrupts rezing


It should do less damage and no flash then it would be more balanced


His tracking last too much longer


In the AMA they said they’d nerf it soon and buff crypto (at some point) to have a semi autonomous drone (hint). But the way this shit got released the nerf is going to be dmg removal only.


This is why revenant is the best , looks and abilities, easy counter to seer and has the best voice lines


For all of these to apply, it needs to be an Ultimate on a reasonable cooldown. Not something you can use every 30 seconds.


Why respawn is so fucking bad at making balanced legends these days? They're either completely useless or just broken when they're released and they usually make things worse with patch notes


even tho i do hate seer right now and he is op the devs said that both the rampage and seer would release op and they would slowly nerf seer and the gun because it would be easier to nerf them than buff them according to the devs atleast.


Too strong, he is disturbing so much the game (abilities, noizes.. In fact everything). Apex has definitely changed something, it's impossible to play normaly as before. I just hope its not the end of my best game. Note for devs: stop to think that with news (Super-) Legend you will catch new players. Its gonna be the opposite at the end, by killing our (Favorite-) Legend.


Also you have 0 chance of getting away now by hiding. With only bloodhound I was fine but if you manage to run away and hide between things to heal, you still just get killed because of that heart sensor. Feels so frustrating


It just overkill in his ability. Let me explain. Every legend has a ability that will do 2-3 things in that one ability, while Seer in his ability has like 5-6 things that trigger in that one ability. I still feel he is not OP but just overkill compared to other legends. Sorry for bad english!


Your English is a lot better than most people here! :-)




I personally don't have a problem with Seer since I don't usually get annoyed when I get hit by him but as a Seer main, I know he is too good.


Crypto needs to be spit out of his drone after he ults that night balance him 🤣


give it a couple more weeks and i’m sure he will be balanced. they need to make him OP so people buy him. just the way it is


This is the absolute best way to explain it, how many of these abilities do other legends get? I’lll wait.. BROKEN


Lol he's fun af to play tho amirite?


It should reveal enemies and that's it. No healthbars or anything. They still need to press alt-delete on this entire character. Can we start a legit petition somewhere? Where is Respawn located? We can go protest or something...


We should all be able to use the same legend on the team now.


Seer, Definitely not an "Ambush Artist" just throw an ult or ability based off your passive and rush in like hell with a rampage and wipe the squad. ​ It's not an Ambush it's just slaughter


it doesn't just disrupt healing and abilities, it disrupts literally everything. you even have to start sprinting and regain your momentum all over again. this character needs to be deleted because there is no nerf that will simply undo all the broken abilities that have been carelessly added to the game. I feel like this is Respawn trying to murder the game in their own way.