SERVER DDOS LIKE GLITCH - By putting a Sheila on top of Seer's Ultimate and having anyone using it while the ultimate ends, it HARD CRASH the server and KICKS EVERYONE out without ANY reconnect chances. This glitch works on Pub and even Ranked, so RESPAWN PLZ FIX

SERVER DDOS LIKE GLITCH - By putting a Sheila on top of Seer's Ultimate and having anyone using it while the ultimate ends, it HARD CRASH the server and KICKS EVERYONE out without ANY reconnect chances. This glitch works on Pub and even Ranked, so RESPAWN PLZ FIX

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Rampart is back at it with game breaking bug interactions with her ult.


That's not a bug it's part of seers ultimate


Seer to overpowered


Seer can use his ultimate to shut down the server if he's losing


You are the beta testers. Free ones.


Good job publicly posting it so now everyone knows how to do it.


I think if someone's dumb enough to actually do this then they should be banned. I'm glad OP brought it to our attention so im not in the middle of a game and it crashes ill have some what of an idea as to why


DDoS is a crime and people still do it, why would crashing a server (DoS) be different? Btw, this is not a DDoS on OPs video. There is nothing distributed there.


They won't ban people who do it though, all it will do is let people fuck up the game until they fix it (like they did with the Wraith portal geyser bug - especially if they want to save ranked points).


Because now devs need to stop saying "We are working on it" and actually make their job


Even if they know how to fix it, its unlikely to be an instant patch. They have to test it etc. Even if it only took 12 hours, thats an entire night of people doing this if they want (and guaranteed people will do this). OP should not have posted this. Should have messaged someone from respawn (if they didnt already know).


It cannot be that hard to prevent Sheila from being deployed over that thing. It's not about reprograming or finding the reason why it crash the game. Just prevent it from happening. Yes, it could probably be a really quick patch.


From what little video game making I have done. I have noticed one little fix on something, fucks up 3 other things. Yea these guys are pros but at the same time something really simple can easily become complicated. The same applies with cars and I do that for a living.


No its to bring to the Devs attention


A lot of people asking why are you posting this. I think it works like that: more people use it= it will get fixed faster


And if it's a complicated fix? One that takes a week or two to find?


They can disable one of the Legends temporarily until it's fixed. A lot of other games do this when a gamebreaking interaction is found without an immediate fix. I'm not saying OP should have posted this, but this workaround has been a solved problem in Games as a Service for a long time.


this is just a 2000IQ play to get them to disable seer via hotfix and I for one am in support of OP


I swear if they disable my main temporarily because they don’t bother to test their game I’m gonna be mad


Is your main Rampart or Seer?




Ok good jusy seeing if you were a person of *culture* or not. You passed. ;)


I’m sure they’d disable seer if they decide that’s the right path


"Duh, then the devs just need to work harder dont they" /s OP is a bit dumb posting this and im surprised the mods havent taken it down.


The fix wouldn’t be complicated. Literally just don’t let Rampart place a turret on Seer’s ult. Make it an invalid placement spot. Easy.


they'd probably disable rampart from being picked, low impact since not many people even play her.


I have seen someone on youtube done that on Pubs, so by extention, killing a ranked server is possible. I did not actually tried that on ranked, not being a jerk today.


What about tomorrow?


I’ll test it tomorrow as it’s midnight and I wanna sleep. Will update in around 12-14hrs




Op, ignore all the people lashing out on you. You brought attention to the big, and suddenly all these people think they are game devs. Good on you for not secretly abusing it and brining it to light


thats seers passive duh


wow, they really don’t test things before releasing a update huh?


To be fair, how do you expect them to test this interaction?


Seriously. Everyone in this sub all of a suddem becomes a game developer when they see shit like this. "ThIs Is WhY yOu tEsT tHe GaMe." Yea dingleberry they're gonna test it for every single interaction and possibility with a dev team before they release it to literally M I L L I O N S of people who are going to discover things. Come on y'all be smarter than that.


Why wouldn't they test for it? It's a pretty obvious thing to test for after the many, many ult interactions that they have had to patch out (crypto drone with rampart turret, Gibraltar dome on crypto drone, Caustic barrel on Gibraltar shield, etc).


Yeah, I would expect to have in "Lessons Learned" after crypto+rampart: "Check if you can drop rampart ult over the ".


Hmmm... Ok fair. My comment was Knee jerk reaction from me with this toxic sub, but you bring up a fair point.


Except this bug was around before, at Rampart's launch. You had 3 turrets out, a team mate on the first one and then you place a 4th, deleting the first with a player on it causing a server crash. So, different trigger but still a known outcome.


By putting a seer ult down and testing interactions with other abilities?


Let’s see how well you do as a game tester.


We're all basically the Apex beta testers whether we want to be or not.


Shouldnt it be one of the first things to test how each new ability interacts with the pre-existing ones? I feel like it would be. [Edit](https://i.imgur.com/7R1Cucz.png)


I don't think placing a turret on top of seers ult is considered an interaction


After Helicopter Sheila, they really should test putting the turret on everything.


Remember sticking Caustic barrels and jump pads onto Gibby's arm shield? Or throwing a dome shield on top of D.O.C. and slowly pushing your dome around. Gravity lifts plus jump pad, Wraith portal plus Valk ult, the list goes on.... There's plenty of precedent for placing one legends ability on another legends ability and it resulting in something completely broken. There's no reason these kinds of interactions still aren't being tested for.


$$$ is the reason, and you can't make money testing for bugs. But you can make money rehashing cosmetics.


Nice but the real reason it's not practical. To test all ultimates with each other in groups of two and three are over 5,000 combinations.


But they just need to test them on the new legends abilities not all of them


Dude, ramparts put their turrets on fucking anything. This probably should have been expected.


Hahahahaha Crypto-shela drone goes brrrrrrrrrrrr


This is the kind of shit you would have a PTS server for, coz well as much as respawn would internally tests without the wacky public getting thier hands on it.. They wouldnt find all those interactions


Holy crap, this explains a ranked arenas match I had last night. We were rolling through our opponents but the last round we just see Sheila bullets coming from there spawn point. Just as we got there the server crashed and we didn't get any points. This makes much more sense now.


yeah well not going to play pubs any time soon


Absolutely everyone will do this now. Thanks a lot.


Really shouldn’t have posted it and shouldve just reported it. The less people who knew the better since it’ll just get abused even more now




Why would you post this and advertise it works in pubs and ranked!??? Come on man 😐


Why the hell would you post this publicly instead of just reporting it to a dev????


I don’t understand. Why would anyone want to do this? Doesn’t it also kick the person who performs the bug?


“Please fix this” shows the whole bug☠️


why did you black out the server id? if devs see this post they'd probably want to look into that first and see specifically what caused the crash


Maybe they just want to be anonymous


dumb response, afaik the SID has nothing to do with anonymity, it's so devs can look into what happened when people post stuff like this


Fair point


Time to abuse some EASY arena points. In BR would be harder to pull off because of how long it takes and you'd want to only use it when you are about to lose. But when in that situation you wouldn't have anywhere NEAR enough time to wait for the ult to run out. In arenas however you can setup at the last round and have 2 people go fight like normal while one sits on turret waiting for the ult to end in spawn. Then boom arenas crashes, no one gets points or loses points and you go try again the next game without losing anything. Repeat this until you win. Keep losing? Keep crashing server. Winning? Just finish it off.




And you’re getting downvoted. Bunch of brainless mind hive bandwagoning bots from this sub are back at it. Bunch of fucking idiots.


Because the way he says it makes it sound like he's secretly abusing the bug


Now that I think about it you are correct, I should have said people have known about it.


No no. What you said was correct. If you find a vulnerability you reported it to approperiate people who can fix it and not posting it publicly with fucking manual.


No he didn’t. It’s common decency that you don’t spread exploits publicly. That doesn’t mean you’re exploiting them. As far as I know the exploits were removed from this sub in the past. Whoever advocates spreading exploits is an idiot.


Why would you tell everyone


Someone actually created a new reddit account to post this. Trolling motherfuckers. Get this account banned and this post removed. Maybe try reporting it to the devs if you are so concerned.


Dont they have a literal website made for reporting bugs? (Among other things)


Probably. Can’t say I’ve ever looked tbh.


Its just their website. Its not very hard to find on google. Most big games have a website you can report bugs on.


Way to show everyone how to do it




How tf can this lead to DDOS lmao XD how did respawn code their game?


Ok good that we found it but also, why would you just tell everyone? Now it's gonna happen and destroy lobbies


hire me respawn i got a way to fix it already. just delete Seer (and Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibby while were at it)


Uh maybe we shouldn’t have put this on here lmao


Welp now let's just sit back and see how many will abuse this while they can, this will be annoying.


I agree, as annoying as babies.


Why are you comparing apex glitches to babies? You don't make sense.


Pretty standard now a days. Don't you know they are very competent? Don't you know they 100% test their patches before launch? We've had issues around for 2 years they haven't even fixed yet. I'm no longer surprised when anything breaks the game. It's the standard I've come to expect honestly and that's why I haven't spent money in awhile. Haven't even bought this battle pass. Sitting with the coins in my inventory. Because even though it's "free" it gives them analytics to work with. They can say "look how many people were "engaged" with our battle pass this season!" and that's something I want no parts of until they address the major issues in game. These are annoying as hell don't get me wrong but these always get patched ASAP while we've had bigger issues with the game in general for 2 years and a half.