THIS is what a real Halloween event looks like: Redesigned lobby that was genuinely creepy, new creepy Halloween-themed music, 10/10 skin designs, fantastic rewards to earn, and an LTM that lasted longer than one single week.

THIS is what a real Halloween event looks like: Redesigned lobby that was genuinely creepy, new creepy Halloween-themed music, 10/10 skin designs, fantastic rewards to earn, and an LTM that lasted longer than one single week.


Well where is this year's event? I have a battle past challenge to play two games of shadow royale but there's no shadow royale in the game right now.


in 2 weeks it will be




Let me *in*


It probably got nuked with the mass r/legoyoda ban


What happened on legoyoda?


Nothing, but the admins didn't like it for some reason, so they nuked everything yoda








Lmao they couldn't even properly time lock the challenges? 🗿


Is anyone surprised?


I got the same shit. Respawn Quality Check!


“Working as intended.”


Shadowfall is my most favorite LTM to this date. I still remember teaming up with random players and fight our way through to the ship, helping each other any way we can. It was the most fun event ever and I don't know why they won't bring it back..


Word. Shadowfall has been my favorite LTM period and the community ruined it very fast, and then Respawn decided to just never bring it back ever :/


Really sad..it was during that time when I first started to main Wattson and it was so much fun covering the whole area with my fences while wraiths and pathfinders were helping us with portals and zips to get to the ship..


As someone that was too stupid to play apex in its earlier seasons this mode looks and sounds like the most genuinely FUN gameplay in all of Apex, I’d play it obsessively if it ever came back.


So basically, imagine 40 players, everyone is a solo. Every player that dies is respawned as a Shadow (Shadows could respawn infinitely but every respawn added a small delay), so now you have solos and an increasing amount of shadows hunting after you (whenever you killed a shadow, it would give off an alert to every other shadow as to where they died, so all shadows knew when and where a shadow got killed), playing shadows was fun for a lot of people, so it was not uncommon to see people suicide off of dropship just to get to play as Shadow the entire match. After only 10 players are alive, the game stops being solos, and now those 10 remaining players are a team against the horde of shadows trying to kill them, at this point players stop spawning as Shadows, if you die at the end you died for good that match. Once this happens the 10 players are given a map objective to hold out on for a bit as a dropship will come to evacuate them, if all players are killed before they can evac, the shadows win (yes, all 30 shadows showed up in the victory screen), on the flipside, only the surviving players in the evac ship would be considered winners (so if you made it to the last 10 but died before escaping, you did not get the win) (and yes, all escaping players also showed up in the winner screen). In theory this meant a team of 10 players fighting off a horde of nearly 30 shadows. In *practice* what ended up happening (after about a week) was a lot of people would ragequit as soon as they died, and as a result you'd have less than 10 shadows at the end of the game, and because the mode was balanced around the overwhelming amount of shadows, the 10 (or less, sometimes even as little as 1 or 2) shadows had no chance of stopping even a single player because they had 30 hp meaning a stiff breeze would kill them, and because the mode did not have any sort of leaver penalty there was nothing to discourage people from this behavior.


RIP, I still put my shadow event badge on all my characters because it looks sick and it lets the OGs know what’s up!


even without the shadows, a few vs many survival mode in apex sounds amazing.


Sadly this has been the one and only LTM that has ever done anything even remotely close to an expanded amount of people within a single squad.


that's a shame. I would love a game mode where a team has to get from one side of the map to the other and a larger team has to stop them.


So they should bring it back with a leaver penalty and give skins or something for playing


Honestly just having leaver penalty alone would at least alleviate the biggest issue the LTM had.


Should also add some positive reinforcement/balance for the people that stay. XP for shadows scales up as people leave. Buffing shadow health based on # shadows remaining, maybe granting special powers like letting shadows spawn a certain number of Mirage-esque pseudo-shadows or even "dumb" NPC shadows that just seek nearest player (not necessarily straightforward as it would require adding pathfinding AI to the game). Honestly imo it's the sort of game mode that feels like it could have permanent staying power on its own with a bit of dedicated work to break it away from the battle royale base game.


With the path finding AI they could just reuse prowler AI.


ngl Shadow Prowlers sound fun and could be a substitute for missing shadow players.


I was thinking, maybe they could replace the players that left with shadow prowlers which stick with shadow legends. Would still make it much harder


The respawns as shadows also got longer the more you died. I mean the first 2 days or so were so mich fun. I I think I also ruined the game by playong wattson, teaming up with wattsons and fencing everything.


Downside to this. I loved being a shadow. Watching Wattson's fence up was annoying but Shadow teams got smart. One would rush and break a fence and die. Rinse and repeat. Other downside for the Watts was your now stuck. So when it came time to evac you had several shadows stalking the area and blocking you in. I think I murdered more Watton's during that LTM then my entire 10 seasons of playing.


Add in the fact that anyone you killed got a ping straight to your location as they're diving in. Super stressful.


Shadowfall broke me a bit but it was still a lot of fun


Can you give me a TLDR of the event?


Starts off like normal apex, but when someone dies they turn into a shadow (can only melee but melee kills in 2 strikes) When there's like 20(?)people left, all the players left alive team up and try to escape the zombies by getting to the dropship and it was fantastic One time I was having an intense shootout with a pathfinder, we were both 1hp, and then there were only 20(?) people so we became on the same team, teabagged and teamed up to survive. So unique and fun, now it's gone :(


10 people left


Also, it wasn't like normal Apex since you didn't have a squad. Not until top 10, at least.


Lol. Imagine getting overrun by shadows and there's a Valk among the survivors and she's just like, "Peace out, losers!" and ults out


or she ults and has 9 others attached to her....yeah I see why this could be broken


Now THAT I gotta see.


Valk would be so good with her passive too


Also it was solos iirc, not normal Apex.


Don't forget you had ABSURD climbing and jumping and could melee doors in a single swipe. That was the event where they mass tested Rev's climbing abilities before he was released.


And then as soon as people died and turned into shadows they quit, if I remember correctly


I wonder how it would work now valkyrie is in the game, everyone would just ult to the ship


interesting, i didn’t think of this. Valkyrie would be dummy OP for the OG event. wish they’d bring it back so i could try it :(


It’s so good hearing shadowfall get the recognition it deserved from other fans. All I remember was people talking shit about it on forums when it’s literally the greatest Halloween event ive ever played.


I always enjoyed the Holo-day Bash train mode that came out at Christmas...don't know what they'll do this year though


98% chance they will do it again, maybe we will get a new map for it, probably not.


Shadowfall and the og Winter Express game mode are almost tied for me, though I kinda like the Winter Express slightly more.


I love the mode but I think the new legends would make playing shadow really frustrating.


Shadowfall was so unique with the escape objective, the 1vs1 in creepy atmosphere, floods of shadows (especially in the first 2, 3 days), then teaming up with the final 10 players in one big squad. I loved it so much to help random people, revive them, drag ourselves across the map and help them reach the ship at the last second. The only problem was later when people lost interest in playing as shadows, which could've been solved by the wallrunning they now added in Shadow Royale. But other than that, Shadow Royale is so damn boring. It's literally the same gameplay loop as casual BR all year long, no new objective. The only difference is that your dead squadmates turn into shadows who wallrun, but they still stay with you. Nothing creepy about that, playing with others who can save you ruins the atmosphere for me.


Because it involved playing solo, and the devs are dead set against having a solos mode in the game ever again.


I loved holding down a hallway with wattson fences keeping the shadows out


Dude, it was always the most and fun intense time when you were in a fight with another player and it dropped to 10 survivors right in the middle of the fight. Enemies to best friends instantaneously.


I think it's important to remember that the devs have access to a ton of information like how many people played it, how many times they played, what engagements were like, win distributions, etc. I would assume all of that played a role in why it hasn't come back. It was single player which not only goes against one of their core gameplay principles, but it also locks out groups of 2/3 trying to play together. As far as the most itself, the incentive structure was weird because people liked being shadows and it was also less satisfying to win as a large team than it is to win with your small squad in normal BR. To me it was fun for a few games but didn't have a ton of replayability.


As a almost exclusively solo q player since the beginning of this game, it was the only event i could reliably play and have fun EVERY SINGLE MATCH.


Also it had absurd amounts of teaming. For as much as this subreddit hates teamers, you'd think they'd hate the game mode which had it in spades.


Also people left when they got infected. Did they fix it? I stopped playing when I realized that people would just leave as soon as they became infected because there wasn’t any penalties.


No, that was before leaver penalties even existed I'm pretty sure. There was no penalty for leaving and 90% of the time the evac would have like 10 ghosts. People have the rosiest glasses on it's impressive.


Can we please get this to trend so that Respawn seee this?


Even if we do. Will they care? probably not.


Probably not, but you never know




That's kind of the reasoning behind any kind of protest. It's always better to not stay silent.


We have a Voice that we are Allowed to use, so why not


It baffles me that people think respawn actually cares what individual people think about the state of their game. The only thing they care about are the whales who spend hundreds of dollars every single event. Call me pessimistic but until we as a community start to speak with our wallet no significant changes will be made (servers, lag, code net, ttk, etc)


But they will change the chance of getting good loot in packs within 3 hours of the event being live. What's that? You wanted a fix on Wattson's ultimate? You must be joking


What's that? You wanted a fix for server crashing when starting a match, selecting a character, opening inventory, checking death recap, and leaving a match? bUt HoW wIlL tHaT mAkE uS mOrE mOnEy?


I won't say you're wrong or right as there's always a few oddballs like any work place, but as a media developer myself who has worked in the industry i would say that mind set is wrong for the most part. Its not really a job you get into without a passion for it. And no artist feels good about their work not being as good as it could be. I include programmers in this. Especially programmers actually. Trouble is if you have a publisher, especially a giant one with a bad a reputation like EA. You suddenly have all this red tape in the way. Respawn at this point don't actually need EA after the level of success Apex has had. If they had come up with Apex instead of Titanfall at the time EA probably wouldn't have acquired them. I can't think of any devs i've met in my time who would want to get into bed with EA if they can help it. Its fair to say Titanfall wasn't a massive hit, which always puts strain on a studio. After which they kept going to make Titanfall 2. So its hard for me to say Respawn don't care. EA however.. Very long history of this sort of thing.


We need to stop pretending that it's big bad EA stopping the innocent developer respawn from doing things. Respawn is not just a bunch of low level game developers, Respawn is a whole company with higher ups too. They control what happens to this game, and they are the ones to blame. We are not blaming the coders and artists in Respawn, we are blaming the management of Respawn.


They’ve got their money. They don’t care. As long as the skins keep selling they’ll stay on the course they’re on.




Does making awesome events get them more money? No, what's important is that skins are being bought :) If an awesome event isn't needed to sell skins, why invest the money?


I mean, you're not wrong but they always have done a great job of making a good event and now it just look so lackluster, especially for players that are new to the game it might be a massive letdown/turn-off to continue to play vthe game, and also to be quite Honest I didn't even notice that the event dropped until I saw a vid of it, that's how lackluster ist looks (to me atleas)


This is the one where the last 10 players alive link up and have to get on the drop ship right?! That one was so awesome.


I miss that one so much...playing Crypto with Deadly Byte was sooo cheesy because he became hard to see...I want it back


Hiding in a bush til there were 10 left and then realizing there was someone doing the same thing a couple bushes over 😂


The best LTM together with the christmas train


I remember trusting a Watson before the final 10. We were teabagging and were gonna team up. Soon as I turned my back she pk’d me. Almost killed her too even with the cheap shot. Came back as a zombie and destroyed her. Have trust issues ever since, but the revenge was sweet


'member when Respawn put effort into their LTMs? *...I 'member.*


Amazed that it changed from so much effort to pull people in and keep them entertained. To now, what feels like table scraps.


They dont even have to work hard. Just do like Legends not limited to 1. All pistols only. They could add an arena LTM called dodgeball where you can only pick Fuse and only thing that spawns is arc stars. Want to go even more low effort? Put Nighttime World's Edge like people have been doing in Apex Modded servers. What about 0 cooldowns? Octanes only with 50% cooldown reduction on jump pads?? Like dude. It's so fucking low effort and they're not even doing it. It's so fucking sad. Season 3 was genuinely a good fucking season. New map, actual good and intuitive LTMs.


Honestly the LTMs were good up until Season 8, sure not every LTM was amazing, but at least they’re were trying stuff with the Airdrop Escalation and Ring Flare modes Ever since they rebranded the Seasons to have names instead of being a number, the overall quality of have the game has tanked, events are literally just “we added a new Arenas map”, bugs stay in the game for months on end, balance changes are a joke and either completely kill a character or make them way over powered, we no longer get Dev Log videos, it feels like the entire team was moved to a new project and this was given to the D Tier Team


You rember, but Despawn forgor 💀


I think they stopped doing that because when the ltms are better than the base game, it doesn’t look good on the developers


This. Iron Crown solos were a smash hit. They hate looking like they're wrong about what the community actually wants.


Which seems mind boggling since simply listening to the community always gets Game Devs free brownie points


Some people quadruple down on being wrong when confronted with their own mistakes.


>Iron Crown solos were a smash hit. No it wasn't. Just because there's a bunch of people waxing nostalgic about it online doesn't mean it was actually popular at the time. It had terrible retention.


Lifeline main 100


Pepperidge farm remembers


But hey there’s another new arena map and some new skins with another shop with rereleased skins that some people can’t even buy due to owning 1 of them. Poggers bro. Watch the servers imminently crash again when a lot of people flow in to finally play Shadow Royale for only 1 week in a 3 week event oh yeah and here’s some nice animated banner poses so you can spend money to crash your game But don’t worry guys they did *shockingly* fix the event packs giving higher loot odds


I’m so pissed. As one of the three people that genuinely enjoys arenas, the new map is awful. And, you know… literally everything else with this event.


I do enjoy arenas from time to time but I definitely agree that this new map has no place being part of this “event”


Curious because I'm still at work, but why is the new arena map considered awful? It looks neat and well-made.


the point is that it has no correlation to this joke of a halloween “event” It isn’t objectively a real bad map, just kinda feels thrown in


IMO it’s big, open, and there’s nothing interesting going on for it at all.


yeah I just played 3 games in a row on it, not fun. Longbow Lane is what they should've called it.


I like it a lot but I think they mean it doesn’t have anything to do with the event


It’s pretty big, I think the community needs more time before we make an opinion on it.


Its a standard 3 lane multilevel proper ARENAS map... which meshes poorly with what apex areanas is... Right now is just a sniper fest at the start, then after the second ring the team with the lstars wins. You cant push early cause snipers, and you cant keep your distance at the end. So yeah its a mess, and also has nothing to do with halloween. So you know perfect time to release it.


On pc when I play I almost never see anyone run a sniper. What platform do you play on? Are you taking about the new map or arenas in general? (I haven't been able to play the new content, I've been working.)


First two rounds having a charged up sentinel on your squad will work wonders


If you can hit more than the broad side of the barn with it maybe


One charged shot anywhere breaks shields first two rounds. Coupled with a mozam/competent teammates, its *chef's kiss*


But at least you can't choose to not play on the new map.


Hell yeah hour long rotation my beloved


I don't mind the new map, and the skybox is dope, but I would have rather had the Halloween event last longer, but and also that amazing remade backdrop in the lobby.


I personally think it's similar in design to party crasher.


apparently the event is only one week because theres voicelines that tease the next season and they dont want it out too early (remember we have 3 weeks left so Respawn are already running late on teasers) its not a good enough excuse especially since most of the community already know who the next legend is gonna be and making this game mode only 1 week long isnt going to be long enough for anyone to have fun


Bruh they teased revenant in the older halloween event waay before he even came out, like I think a season or 2 before. But no, 3 weeks of teasing is too fucking much for respawn.


Its ok the servers will be dead during the 1 week the event mode is up anyway


can you seriously not buy the bundles due to owning the old one? i know they’ve used that method for some recent stupid bundles but a holiday bundle is just…. wow….


yes so lets say if you own the triple take skin in the wraith bundle, you can’t buy it at all, instead of a discount like it was normally


that’s actually fucking ridiculous. they couldn’t even just remove the discount and be greedy, nah, they had to shit on their players and prove they don’t even care anymore by doing it this way. phenomenal.


it effectively makes them less money they’re so illogical now it hurts


if the next season isn’t beyond astounding they’re gonna notice a pretty hefty drop in revenue i bet


They're already, relatively speaking, [bleeding playerbase](https://steamcharts.com/app/1172470). Dat September drop. And less than 100k currently online and it's after 5pm est. I recognize this is just steam, but it really doesn't bode well. I made the mistake of buying the battlepass this season, i feel like a lot of folks like me are gonna hold off immediately purchasing for next season unless they prove it's worth it. That will be a big hit to their revenue.


yikes, not even just less than 100k… less than 90k


I don't understand what I'm looking at... Even after dropping players, September was still one of the highest months for average players and was comparable to other months of the year? Am I missing something? It doesn't look like bleeding players anywhere...


Just got home from work to see I cant but the prowler skin cause I decided to support the game during the first Halloween event and bought the mirage skin. So fucking stupid.


I really loved this game. Played since before season 1. But I took a break after the last server shitshow and I've been very happy with the break. EA doesn't give a shit.


Did they say that about the servers? That's basically the same as saying "too many people like our game, so instead of improving it to rake in more money, we are going to make it worse so fewer people will like our game."


Also they took the event stat trackers out of the free rewards and now made them part of paid lootbox content


Fix bugs that crash the game? No. Fix a bug that gives higher chance of getting a legendary? OMG WE NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP! Ok done. Good job team.


If it was for more than a week, like two weeks or something the servers would definitely be able to handle it better because there wouldn’t be a rush and a sense of urgency, especially for people who have too much work to play on weekdays


the reason is because it has some major lore voice lines from shadow revenant that tie in with the SFTO next monday (no idea why the LTM wouldn’t release next Tuesday though)


~~Yeah how about actually being able to inspect the skins directly~~. They can be inspected in the main skin menu, ty for the correction people. Or being able to purchase them directly. Or not getting challenges for an LTM that isn’t even in the game yet. Or having longer than a week for that LTM. Or having better rewards trackers…


To answer the first prompt, since these skins are permanent, you can inspect them in the legends tab like other skins.


I don't want to justify this event or anything but you can inspect the skins in the normal skin menu, since these skins are now permanent iirc


The first event was amazeballs. Who TF designed the new menu/reward system, pack system, and ignored the custom lobby aesthetic. Poor art direction.


Pack system is all about the $$$$. You can’t buy the skin you may want store to so you may need to spend more than you would on packs just to get the skin you want Sucks


Yeah this event feels so last minute nothing is right about it except the Revenant skin.


Respawn is getting greedier and greedier each year. I wouldn't even be surprised if they make the event packs even more expensive the next season...


"You must purchase the battlepass to participate in collection events"


they literally don’t give a shit anymore lol


This game is in a pathetic state


Each update seems to clearly be a cash grab with each one being more boring


Yeah we are literally getting less and less meaningful content. Really sucks I used to love this game. Day 1 player and I have 60 games played this season




We've been complaining of the cash grab behaviour ever since the iron crown event in season 1, with protest threats left right and center, 10 seasons on look at us still playing and supporting the game religiously, we're the pathetic ones imo.


I think it's time to accept they've fully shifted this game out of core Respawn, given it to the smaller team that was established just to maintain Apex, and now it's basically a step above an end-of-life state. You'll get new characters, but not balanced ones. New events, but not detailed ones. New maps, but not good ones. The real work is being done to keep feeding the parts of the game that generate revenue. Everything else is expendable. It's alive, but held up by the thinnest of strings to as the team moves onto other projects. And as anyone who's played Titanfall in the past year can tell you, Respawn's not exactly great at maintaining their older titles.


It’s a shame because they’ve stated it’s their flagship game, generates 2 billion and counting of revenue, and then just falls off. From what I hear if Ash is next, she’s gonna be a better wraith which is broken. Me personally I’m enjoying New World and not Apex


God I’m so fucking pissed the new mode isn’t even here for the entire event. Who thought that was genuinely a good idea.


Looks like 10,000x better, like the team actually gave a fuck.


Genuinely feels like a different game now


Shadowfall >>>> Shadow Royal




Would disagree about "every other way". Couldn't really play with my friends other than doing the thing with selecting low volume servers and syncing up our matchmaking. But other than that, yes, it had a better feeling to it, especially the end.


That was soo good i miss it


Is sad to say But,unless they are working on something huge, Apex right now is merely a skin dumpster and a money maker


Honestly, this is the only possible excuse for them now, imo. I've tried to hold a higher opinion of them for as long as possible, but this event just feels like yet another slap to the face.


I contributed to this game monetarily with the hopes that it was going to be used for the betterment of the state of the game. I haven't even spent that much but i still feel conned. Especially considering i can't even use animated banner aesthetics now (BP money gone there, poses bought gone). I realize it's F2P but this feels like a class action waiting, people can't use things they bought, people can't play the game they spent money on. This game has made billions.


Don't spend money hoping they'll spend it a certain way. Don't spend money to "support a company". Spend money when you like what you get in return. Anything else is just disguised brand loyalty.


DonT YOu GUyS LiKe ArENaS?


>Loot bin spiders Ok im out




The good one. Nobody liked the team version last year 😒


Whole games gone to crap. Garbage events, garbage servers, garbage security, garbage matchmaking. Glad I don’t play anymore. Still, I hope they somehow turn it around to bring people like me back but I doubt it. I used to enjoy this game so much with my friends until we all quit one after another. If the game or its content upset you, you don’t have to play it. That’s the only way they’re going to change anything.


From almost day one, i have 30ish friends on my psn that are strictly from apex, most of them continually played all season every season. I never seen anyone on anymore, including myself. I have 2 or 3 people that still play and they only seem to a couple times a week now and definitely not all day anymore.


I know everyone on reddit seems to love the mode but there was a metric ton of posts at the time about how everyone that became a shadow quit. There would legit be games where there would end up being almost no shadows and it was like a reverse gang bang.


Nostalgia is always seen through rose-colored glasses. This was definitely the case. The imbalance made the mode barely playable.


People loved Shadowfall into retrospect but in practice Shadow Royale was far more playable bc shadows didnt leave. Id agree that if people stayed Shadowfall is far better, but in actual gameplay I prefer last years event


this is also the last time I felt genuinely happy playing apex


Season 3 was the pinnacle of Apex, really miss those times.


Apex is my first online shooter other than CoD and Halo, both over a decade ago. My skill gain was very slow at the beginning. I feel like I didn't get to truly enjoy these seasons to my fullest capacity, season 5 was probably my best. 3-5 was most fun and the most lore hype.


Yeah, my nostalgia for Season 3 is off the charts.


First it was Shadowfall, then Winter Express... Such fucking bangers. I will cherish those forever (well...for as long as I actively play Apex on and off)


This was probably one of the best events the game ever had, together with the first snowdown event. I miss those times


It is so sad what has been happening to Apex. The ranked arenas matchmaking doesn't balance correctly at all. The last collection event was dumb. I didn't like the LTM being arenas oriented. The mode itself was nothing more than testing balance changes. Pricing guns out of the first round, allowing full guns earlier rounds. More than anything it was annoying to me. Then this "event" happens. How are you not going to have the limited time game mode available for the entire event. The game mode is the best part of these events and it is only there a week. That's stupid. I saw someone post that there are voice lines that are spoilers and that is why it is only a week. Ok so don't add the lines in until the last week. Easy fix. I can not wrap my head around why they think any of these ideas were good ones and the game is trending downward across the board.


⬆️Bring this back i would give everything to have this instead we have gambling machine and no actual Halloween event. Event right now 0/10 skins would be nice if you could ACTUALLY buy one. Even if you could craft these skins later or now not everyone have that many crafting materials and people want to spend money on skins which they choose. What happened for this game? Really sad to see we're things are going and heading.


If you want change, don’t spend a single penny on the game! If everyone was to stop buying things, respawn would fix their shit quick!


Had to scroll too far to find this comment. The best way to get their attention at this point is to smack em right in the wallet


Nope. They'd just move onto their new project and ditch apex like tf2.


Haha. Everyone refused to buy the season pass when they switched to 15 stars to unlock each level and made the challenges super hard, respawn changed. Hit them where their money is and they always bend. This game is their money maker.


Y’all bitched about that one too. Like don’t get me wrong it was definitely better but I specifically remember people saying it was trash, the skins were trash and overpriced, and the LTM was unfun.


Yup, they sure did.


People just like to complain nowadays.


Welcome to r/apexlegends, if you aren't death threating the developers over a new LTM or calling the game unplayable garbage you're not fitting in. I think the game is in a rough state as much as the next guy, but a lot of top comments here are so toxic and depressing. You'd think the game was and always has been terrible if you'd never played it before and browsed here. Downvote me all you want but it's the truth, many people on this sub are a dumpsterfire of toxicity and I think a lot of people don't realize that the comments on this sub easily make up less than 1% of the Apex playerbase.


Well, were they trash and/or overpriced? You guys act like the state of the game has only improved since those days where micro transactions are concerned. And you act like calling out something as wrong and predatory means it can’t be wrong and predatory again, simply because the first iteration was slightly less shit.


I wish they would do the whole month, one week is… *weak.*


Honestly, the only reason I even play Apex anymore is because it has crossplay. I’m on Xbox but all my friends are on PlayStation, so it’s a game we can play together. And even then, I’ve been trying to convince them to play Splitgate so that they can get hooked on a lesser version of Halo and then I’ll have something to convince them to get Xbox for when Infinite comes out. This game is a shit show. Christ, they haven’t even made the next gen update yet despite the Xbox Series X and PS5 having been out for almost a *year* now. Meanwhile Fortnite managed to release their next gen update *on launch*.


Meanwhile now they give us shadow royale challenge without the the event itself lmao, also music bug whenever you're fighting and teammate got disconnected every fking match


Unfortunately given the current status of the game (basically unplayable for many), I will be joining the boycott of this event in attempt to draw attention to the ongoing issues. I kindly request we all protest in some manner against both EA / Respawn in order for them to take the issue seriously and actually work on a health update for the game. Be it playing something else for 2 weeks or not spending any money, hopefully we can force them to take this seriously and fix Apex. Enough is enough. #SaveApex


Well, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


I have that skin, best caustic skin in the game!


they still had passion at that time


*Click on new event* *The rewards it’s highlighting are three holosprays* *Shut down Apex*


They could at least give us the most fun LTM in the game for the whole month if they didn’t make any other content. But fuck no, it’s money time, turn down the fun


Man, posts like this make me realize how much less... special this game feels than it used to. I still love playing it, but I feel like so much of the real character that used to shine kinda doesn’t as much anymore


This is before Respawn realized that they could do the absolute bare minimum and the whales would still give them millions.


I remember this being such a great way to get into the spooky Halloween mood.


Yeah...they kinda fumbled it this time, im very much pro respawn in this sub, but you cant even buy the skin or the thing u want with like a precise coin price, you need to buy a shit tone of packs to have the one you want...... Respawn should be careful, cus they already werent admirable, but now they look lazy asf...


Maybe its just me but I haven’t really encountered as many problems as other people. My game will crash maybe 1-2 times a WEEK but it’s like kind of always done that and I hardly lag ever. Don’t have a lot of graphical errors or anything like that really. Maybe it’s because I’m on PS and not PC?


it's not only about bugs, although crashes and slow performance has been a huge thing for seasons now. Unfortunately, for us who have been playing since the first week, we are seeing Respawn delivering less and less every season. They are investing heavily on overly expensive cosmetics, but less and less on real content, balance, and improving services. Events are just a badly executed recycle and most of the time with gameplay no one really asked for.