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their friends are smart enough NOT to share their deepest selves with these people. i finally got to apologize to my bestie from High school for not having been a safe person for her to come out to (she came out 3 years after HS and we had lost contact). i was trained to not only write these letters BUT also verbalize all those horrible things to people of the LGBTQ+ community. i deeply regret these past beliefs & am making active attempts to make ammends for horrible things i said when i was an Evengelical.


I think that reaching out and attempting to apologize says a lot to how much you’ve changed after leaving evengelical thoughts behind. If you don’t mind me asking “are you besties again? Or have you gone your separate ways?” It’s understandable if you don’t answer. Edited: I wasn’t expecting nearly 100 up votes thanks


I know I'm just a random gay guy from the internet but this is so nice to hear. A close friend of mine reacted so awfully when I came out to her and it's always stuck with me. One of the stranger things she said to me was that I should try to find a manly looking woman to date as maybe I'd be more attracted to a manly woman.


The best way to stop Christians is to spread the word that Jesus was gay.


one guy traveling, drinking and preaching with 12 other men? He always said love everyone equally, so maybe he did just do that


The Last Supper was an orgy.


Break this bread, for it is my body, and drink this wine, for it is my blood And for dessert, eat this cake, for it is my ass


I needed that laugh, thanks 😊


He liked hanging out with whores too, the disciples were just his bros.


If he's your bro, it's no homo. There's definitely an evangelical somewhere that's said that and meant it.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but Christians do not care what Jesus said or did. They only care what someone said Jesus said or did. To love the bible makes you a Christian. To read and understand the bible makes you an Atheist.


That’s not the best way to stop Christians


I like the idea that gay/bi people don’t consider this themselves?


in 2009 (after 9 years) we were finally able to reconnect having both moved back to our town of birth. and while we both deconstructed from Christianity, the paths we took each were vastly different. and its a small comfort to have a singular remenant of my childhood…now aligned with my current goals & life.


It's nice that you're trying to make right, but I hope you realize that the conversations you're having are about you, not about them. It's been so long that they've already healed. It's the plight of the gay person. Those people you've hurt have had to overcome that damage from you and countless others to move on with their lives. There's literally nothing you can do to make it right, and it's been so long that the scars are already in place. Your amends aren't about them, they're about you. About relieving your guilt and shame. So just realize that you aren't doing anything for them, you're asking them to do something for you. And I'm not trying to be bitter or jaded or nasty. I think you deserve that relief, to an extent. But just realize that it's by their grace that you receive it.


I think about this a lot. I said some racist things to a friend in high school. I wasn’t trying to be racist and I really liked that person. I didn’t know any better. I thought I was being funny. I didn’t understand why he acted hurt and I didn’t realize what I’d really done until years later. I feel horrible about it now. I’ve spent 20 years wondering if I should apologize to him. I looked him up on Facebook years ago and almost wrote a message. But I looked at his pictures and he looked happy. I doubt he’s thought about me in particular since high school. What I said was one of a million comments he’d dealt with in his life. For me it was this one huge thing. For him it was just every day. I was just looking to relieve my guilt. But for him I would be digging up old stuff and putting him in a position where it felt like he needed to forgive me. But he doesn’t. I don’t deserve forgiveness. I need to use the shitty feeling I get thinking about it to help me not make that mistake in the future. I don’t need him to tell me it’s ok. Because it isn’t and wasn’t. I don’t need him to congratulate me on overcoming prejudices, because I’m never going to be done working to get rid of them. I don’t feel I have the right to bring all this stuff up to him again just because I feel bad.




You make a good point. I have friends who have said they'll exact harm on people who express homophobic sentiment. I vehemently disagree with that. To their confusion. I try to explain that it took me *years* to become okay with myself. I knew I was gay when I was around 11. At least, that's when I started having sexual urges and believed something wasn't "right." I fought it through middle and high school. By the time I was 16, I had given up on a plan for the future and replaced it with a plan to kill myself. It took me over a decade to finally come to terms with who I am. And at 34, there are times where I still feel broken and wrong. I firmly believe that those who express homophobic (or other bigoted) sentiment are worthy of grace. Because if I didn't allow myself that same grace, I wouldn't be here.


You are loved! The broken parts only makes us thicker. It's always comforting knowing that you can feel, even the heaviest feelings but you can and you can overcome anything because you're here and now. It would be misery to live cutting your branches until you become a solid piece of wood to fit in what's right


I had a friend in high school who me and my best friend hung out with in 10th and 11th grade. Senior year he started hanging out with some of the " A-listers" and not only stopped hanging out with us, but actively joined them in harassing and bullying us for being nerds. 35 years later he found me on FB and said he's been looking for me forever to apologize for what he did as a 12th grader. It haunted him for years. He said he even made a point of teaching his kids to not bully others because of what he had done. I was tempted to say " I was in therapy for years after high school, couldn't function in society and nearly killed myself etc" but I told him the truth, that it didn't affect me or my friend all that much since we had each other and other friends as well, and I had mostly forgotten about it. But for him, it was cathartic and a big relief for him to know I was okay.


There might be a way to say sorry and reduce the ask from his side. A gift with a note and no return address might work. Include something like "if you want to look me up I'm ##### on twitter, if not I understand and hope this finds you well".


It’s such a hard thing to judge. For one person, someone reaching from the past and saying sorry can mean the world. For the next it will just drag up old memories that they prefer to leave in the past. I had a friend who decided to reach out to the persons partner first, and they said you are better off leaving it in the past, so he did.


So you're mostly there. You do deserve forgiveness. Maybe not from him. But you do deserve it, regardless. You've already realized he has no obligation to give it to you. You've already realized your apology would be an act for you, not for him. Still, you deserve forgiveness. You've changed. You've looked at yourself and realized what you thought you knew was wrong. That the way you acted was wrong. You have regret. You hold love in your heart. That is worthy of forgiveness. Forgiveness is something we grant ourselves, but also something granted from others. Sometimes our transgressions are so great that we can't remediate them ourselves. If you really feel a need to reach out to him, then don't pretend it's about him. Because that's the worst part, and that's what I wanted to address. Tell him you apologize not only for past acts, but for bringing them up again. Tell him you aren't asking for his forgiveness, because you know he's moved far beyond the hurt you caused him, but you just wanted to let him know that you've changed. Because even though you can't make it right, at least you know you were wrong. So he can rest a little easier knowing that.


Coming from the other end I was raised in a conservative Christian homeschooling environment and my assigned "friend" (yeah, it was weird like that, but we were girls of the same age in the same homeschool group, so we were "friended" together) participated in an intervention to try to keep me from "losing my faith" and from that point forward, I didn't think of her as a safe person. Years later, after we both grew up and got Facebook, I accepted her friend request but still was bitter and didn't trust her. Finally, in my 30s, I brought it up to her and she remembered and apologized profusely. Apparently she was coerced into it by her own parents, and since then, her parents did the same thing to her when she got got divorced from her husband (a pastor) and again when she came out as a lesbian and learned how hurtful it was. Knowing all that, and knowing that she now knows better gave me closure, and now instead of being angry or hurt, it's just a "funny story from my childhood". The Christianity (and the adults enforcing it) is the toxic, hurtful force, not the children once trapped in it.


Don't assume others would not want or accept an apology based solely on your experiences.


Sure, no one can speak for everyone. It's just that generally speaking, I find these redemptionist apologies to be more about the giver than the receiver. It gets old not only healing from your trauma, but having to bear the weight of those who caused it. There is a way to go about it. And it should be centered on the receiver. That's all I wanted to convey.


Thank you. This is the main reason I don't reach out to the person I wish so badly I had treated better. But it wouldn't be right to force her to relive what happened when we were 10 years old. She's been through too much in her life, and it just wouldn't be fair to do that to her.


True. We can actively help society but it comes within your hand what you GIVE to lgbtq+ community. I share this thought. You can do more and you have done great! There's more children, teens and adults that need our help to be at peace (being part ot not of lgbtq+)


Yes, but they didn't do the full number on you unless you did it because you cared about them. Seriously, fuck those guys.


> An “excellent” score is given to kids who quote from Scripture, communicate “truth lovingly,” and have a “logical argument to persuade.” Logical? Lol.


'Use this book of make believe fairy tales as evidence for your arguments.'


What would a "logical" argument against being gay even sound like? It's an issue entirely driven by "gayness is bad because it makes me feel yucky inside".


Well you see it was Adam and Eve so therefore it couldn’t have been Adam and Steve


"Dicks are gross. Boobs are awesome. QED." Just don't show this to any women. Could end the human race as we know it.


"You're making our teacher needlessly aroused and that makes it harder for him to teach classes. Besides, his self-restraint might fail him and if he rapes you, he'll be in trouble. Please think of the adults.". Something like this?




Okay, kids, that didn’t work because your love for Jesus isn’t strong enough, so we’re going to have to move on to Phase 2: beating the gay out of them on the playground and in the locker room. Go show how much you love Jesus! Boys, try not to get too aroused, though.


Okay so I teach and some of the boys will literally just pop up at recess like "MR, HE'S GAY!!" while pointing at each other. I always reply with "there isn't anything wrong with being gay" These kids will use gay as an insult, but then I see them spinning in circles in the playground holding hands after derogatorily calling each other gay and I'm just sitting there like... "....what... is even....huh?" I'm left with more questions than answers lol


I’ve also moved into teaching middle schoolers over the past couple years, and I’ve also found their leering anticipation of my reaction to be pretty gross. Tattling is a learned behavior, and I’m a teacher, not a Stasi informant, so I’ve just started replying quietly, “Your wanting to see him punished says a lot more about you than it does about him.” Once they see I’m not willing to play along, they give up and have to find a new way to torment their friends.


I had a teacher who would punish the kids who told on other kids rather than punish the kids who did something wrong. That shit stopped real fast.. lol


Usually the kid telling on other kids is also doing something wrong. I get this one a lot "Mr! So 'n' so is on their phone! You have to take it away!" "Okay, if we're following the rules you need to give me the airpods you think you are hiding from me in your hair, do you want to play this game right now?"


I had this shit happen at work. Bossman was like "ok, if you want to go there how about we start with you being late everyday." They shut up real fucking quick.


We have a coworker who is late everyday, usually not too long 10 min tops. We've just started asking her what flavor of coffee made her late today cuz she always has some drive through coffee with her lol


Just get Flexi time. No more late then


I remember being in middle school. Essentially everything I said or did was to get a rise out of someone and nothing else. Kids are assholes.


I think a lot of young kids are rightfully confused about the acceptance of things and more than likely are testing the waters of general reaction by accusing others of the exact feelings they fear might be socially harming to explore or admit.


I agree. I was confused and I'm sure some of them may be. That was the point of my post SOME people are misreading what I posted, though


The Christian obsession with gay sex is deeply disturbing. It is also tactical. Every hate group chooses a minority to oppress because it coheres the group around a binary world view “us versus them”. This simplistic worldview is a core facet of EVERY organized religion. It is how they get “organized” in the first place. You choose a target. Decide to torment them. When they defend themselves you accuse them of oppressing you. Rinse and repeat. If you are in an organized religion you are a cult member. Full stop. That’s the whole point.


>Boys, try not to get too aroused, though. You want to talk about "grooming"? This is the accusation the right wing are throwing at progressives for supporting LGBQT+ freedom. Except every accusation from the right is a confession, and they're the groomers. Starts with brainwashing stunts like this, and it plants the seed that the children can only trust their church and their pastor and everyone else is evil and worships Satan. Then when the pastor wants a little private playtime with the kiddos, they go trustingly.


If you *do* get **too** aroused, Phase 3 is "corrective" rape




actual “GROOMING”!


Everything the right claims others are doing they are simply projecting, everything. There isn't one good thing to come out of republicans in decades, they're just corrupt 100%


"Don't say gay" doesn't apply when you're putting the boot in.


Every accusation from the right wing is a confession.


Should have had them write letters encouraging their friends to go to the police and tell them what that priest has been doing during to them on those overnight '[retreats](https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/parents-why-was-once-accused-pedophile-priest-on-youth-retreats/).'


This looks like an evangelical school. They would likely say that Catholics aren’t “real” Christians. Source: went to evangelical school for 9 years in the 90s.


True. Instead, as an evangelical high school I’m curious how many teachers are married to former students…




Just telling you what evangelicals would say. Don’t disagree


Conservatives: *The GaYs are using our schools to indoctrinate our children!!!1!!!1!* Also Conservatives:


Well yeah, it's not indoctrination if it agrees with my beliefs, then it's just proper teachin'


I hate that this is so accurate to their mentality.


1. Private schools are a bad idea! 2. How aren’t every single LGBT+ in the US person livid about Christianity? 3. Why isn’t this fought against politically tooth and nail? This is the same type of shit Nazis and other fascists pulled in the past. Now kids, you each write an essay about the evil of the Jew. Best essay wins a Volkswagen stamp for your family! What a fucking terrible timeline we live in:(


Yeah I really don't get it when other LGBTQ people don't hate Christianity and Islam. Bigotry is baked into the religions, it's right in the text, so even the "good ones" are still promoting pushing books with homophobic messages on kids. And religion is the cause of like, at least 90% of homophobia, the vast majority of non-religious people aren't homophobic.


Oh no, a guy likes sausages and a lady likes tacos, whatever shall we do? Get your filthy authoritatian hands out of their sex lives is what you should do, "Land of the Free" doesnt mean anything if you dont. Wouldnt the "Home of the Brave" have people *brave* enough to talk to homosexuals and learn about them? Doesnt sound free, doesnt sound brave. **We should expect this, though. We have a Bill of Privileges not a Bill of Rights.** Ask Japanese Americans who survived internment camps in WWII how free this country is.


nonono the lady liking tacos is fine, at least I can jerk off to that. Its only the men that are the problem


The same exact thing with women. Women should abandon Christianity, the Catholic church and Evangelism especially. Yet, they are its biggest bloc attenders. If women abandon the churches trying to suppress them, Christian churches would collapse.


We are still in the best timeline though, everything before was worse. Society is ever so slowly moving in the right direction. As always with lots of 2 steps forward, one step back. But this is only true for some countries. It's sad that there are big parts of the world, that don't even talk or think about changing anything related sex , but prefer further culminating the "perversion" in anything different. And then, there are the ones actively persecuting anyone diverging from the classic cis scheme.


The gay Christians I know are just as good at cherry picking from the Bible as their Evangelical cousins. Being queer does not bestow one with perfect rationality.


All Christian sects are like this. Either they pick and choose or strictly follow the teachings of someone who picked and chose for them. That's why it's better to blame individuals rather than Christianity itself.




I'm bi and my family doesn't know, it'd cause a massive show with my parents, my siblings would be a mixed bag. In the end I don't care why they're bitching, I just want them to leave me alone about it. It's like complaining at someone because their toe is slightly rotated, it just is, I just want to be left alone about it


I know an openly gay pastor who's recently been married. He's not Catholic (if that isn't clear, and married to a guy if that isn't either ). Different people find different ways m flavours of Christianity and thus they all find a way to look past the atrocities other Christians say or do.


Because the US is actually a pretty shit country that's always just been about rich people. We've been raping and murdering brown people from the moment we arrived here. Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa both cited the US as an inspiration. The current president is a segregationist. That's how far we've not come.


I really struggle to understand people's priorities. Don't other people have very important and time consuming things to look after like retirement planning, personal finances, career development, medical care, maintaining a household, a fucking model railroad hobby? The shit these people spend time on reminds me of poets living on commission from the nobility.


Poor kids being brainwashed this way


I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I went to a Baptist school for two years. They tried to throw me out because they had heard that I sold weed to someone at a party off campus. They successfully expelled a bunch of seniors that year who drank at a party off campus. Fuck these schools and everything they stand for.


Also live in Louisville. This school in particular has been called out for its odd cult like behavior before. They were the ones sueing to stop maks mandates and wanted to force kids into school at the height of the pandemic as well. They are not just a religious school, the people that lead it are far right Maga true believers.


kentucky ranked forty fifth in education last year.


What you do not realize, even with the Senate’s most powerful Senator (from Kentucky), for 30 years, they remain among the most ignorant in the USA. Should we also bring up poverty, health quality of life, murder/homicide, etc?


Saying they use religion as “a cover” is putting it mildly. These assholes, including most of the US Supreme Court, use religion as the legal *justification* for bigotry. It’s disgusting. I hope some kid write, “Don’t change who you are. I’ll love you no matter what.”


It’s less of a cover and more of a bludgeon.


Ask the teacher when did they choose to go straight. They can't answer that truthfully because it's not a choice a person can make.


Yeah but fundamentalists just default to "you're automatically straight because God wants you that way. You don't have to decide that. You only have to decide if you're going to go against God" Your argument, while I think it's a good one, only works if they accept that they are two sides of the same coin. They don't.


You can't use religion "as a cover to indoctrinate children with evidence-free beliefs", because that's what religion is. Indoctrinating children with evidence-free beliefs.


As cover? Where do these beliefs originate? Where did they get the idea that believing things without evidence is a virtue?


Its the basis of the entire religious experience so they apply it to the rest of life and we have to deal with it


Jesus told them. Duh.


A good example of why private religious schools should be banned…


imagine caring this much about other people's sexual preference.


All the closeted gay kids at the school must be feeling so awful, they're to ones i feel the worst for




I really seriously don’t understand why Christians care about gay people so much. Isn’t it their god’s job to judge, not theirs? How do other people being gay affect them in any way? I really don’t understand it. Why do they care who some stranger loves or sleeps with? It makes no sense.


Because it's really not about whether these individuals are gay, it's about control. It centers around there being an "in" group, and the "others". These religions have had millenia to perfect their methods and messages to the point where they have permiated virtually every facet of society, and shape the laws of every nation where they have a significant population. Most "members" of these religions may not consciously recognize it, but the entire thing is structured to enforce a hierarchy, and a class system where some people are "better" than others, and a select few are "ordained" to possess the preponderance of wealth, authority, and control. It's been used as the justification for kings, queens, emperors, and "royalty" since the beginning. The modern iteration has adapted itself to more democratic governments by manipulating the "members" into electing rulers that reinforce the hierarchy, in order to ensure the "others" are "kept in their place", even if that runs counter to their own self-interests. Throughout history, these religions have been extremely successful in convincing the masses that ideas like slavery, racism, classism, misogyny, homophobia, religious discrimination, eugenics, genocide, and countless atrocities against a group of "others" is justified and right, because their particular brand of god ordained it.


The bible passages on it are vague as well lol


My GOP father-in-law just told us that kids are "becoming gay" because that's what's taught in schools. I asked him, "Could you have been turned gay by *learning* about being gay?" His answer: "No, of course not." That's all you need to know about this shit.


i went to jesus camp, mostly to try and hook up with the girls. ah, the south. anyway, they had this big jesus night, with all this shit. everybody is crying. i remember being like, ok I'm REALLY trying. huh i guess god doesn't exist. oh well hopefully i can finger bang kali... but many aren't so lucky. their brains bullshit filter isn't as strong i guess.


Religion= indoctrination


Dear Gay, Boobs and Butts. Gotta love those Boobs and Butts. God is good, God is great, love the vag, don’t be a f*g. 2 in the pink, zero in the stink… I guess. Anyways, gotta go. Have a good summer! Don’t forget to write! Boobs. A++++


Ha! Thanks. This article made me pretty sad, but this comment is brilliant. Thanks for the laugh.


Aw. I’m sorry you felt sad. It IS sad. I’m happy I could make you laugh… that’s all we can do unfortunately for ignorant people. I grew up in the bible belt and I’m a blonde/blue eyed hetero female… I just have always seen through the bullshit. That’s what I’m teaching my girls… someone’s sexuality is just one small facet of who they are as an individual… I just tell them “be who you want, just don’t be an A-hole” I did give all those nuns, priests/preachers, church ladies, young life camp counselors, and all HELL though…my mom would accidentally drop me off at pray at the flag pole at school and I’d walked up and go “I’m here for orgy” during that dumb abstinence talk where they showed a roast beef sandwich as a loose vagina, I’d raise my hand and go “that cool and all, but I think my vagina is more of like BLT or a muffaletta… wanna see it?” and even now with the whole trans bathroom issue I look them dead in the eye and go “I don’t understand why everyone is so pressed, why can’t they take a dump on the floor like I always do? we don’t bathrooms..”


"The left are indoctrinating our kids!!! Also, write a letter to your gay friend explaining why they should cut it out. Being gay is bad. Say it with me, kids! BEING GAY IS A SIN!!!!!!!"


It's the new Christianity... all the hate, none of the compassion.


But, as a public school teacher, if I tell one of my kids who is openly gay “that’s cool” I’m a groomer and should be murdered.


All religion's are cults. When you realize your gods are not real but your cult is. GTFO out of it. Be a good person. Live a good life.


The USA, once known as "land of freedom" is becoming a world capital of hate.


The only "grooming"going on in American schools.


"My dearest sodomite..."


The reason that Republicans do most of what they do is because they’re terrified their kids won’t turn out to be dumb bigots like they are.


Religious schools of any kind at the K-12 level should be illegal. Their only goal is indoctrination and whatever write offs or other financial benefits it gives them. If you decide to be religious and want to go to a seminary as an adult, fine. Forceful indoctrination of children is child abuse.


Christian school near me didn't let kids read Harry Potter. Back in the days I had a gf that was also in a school ran partly by nuns or smth and they took her necklace that I gave her. It was a small Egyptian cross that I got as a souvenir from egypt.


Had a person in a church we used to go to tell us the issues we were having with our son was because of Harry Potter.


Had a person in a church we used to go to tell us the issues we were having with our son was because of Harry Potter.


Gotta hate the muggles. Yeah that's awful. I loved HP as a kid. It was just such a beautiful and magical thing to read and watch. I found the first book in my parents cabinet when I was couple years old. They said I'm too young but in the end they read it to me in bed. We went like this through a couple of books. Good memories and quality parent - kid time.


Hate sells. Just look at Social Media.


There are parents on here who see no problem sending their kids to Christian schools because they assume their kids will ignore these teachings and that Christian schools offer a “good education” “without much religion at all.” Be wary. Check the curriculum. Especially if it isn’t a Catholic school, because this type of thing happens in schools other than Catholic.


Them: don't indoctrinate my kid, liberal! Us: Them: tell your peers why their feelings are invalid and wrong because I'm afraid of gayness.


Christian terrorist training facility.


We knew this was coming. Anything the GOP accuses others of, they will eventually do in the near future. Gaslight Obstruct Project.


The don’t use religion as cover to indoctrinate children with hateful, evidence-free beliefs. Religion IS the hateful evidence-free belief.


A great deal of the three Mosaic religions activity is around intensely grooming children. This is why it is so simple for the clergy to sexually abuse them; it's the same skill set.


The “they’re too young to be knowing about sexuality” crowd has gone quiet


Ban religion from government only vote for Atheist's.


The goal of the church is for gay kids to kill themselves, or to encourage bigots to murder us. This isn’t education; it’s terrorism.


When you disguise homophobia as righteous love, it's hard to break away from oppression. It makes the oppressor feel like the victim, they have this shit down to an art.


Can't send a kid to Conversion Therapy camp anymore? No problem, just get the kids to do Conversion Therapy for you!


I'm so glad I found this. I keep using articles like this as ammo against my religious friends who keep trying to "save me." not only is religion dumb it turns good people into wicked monsters


"Almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the minds of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics " ROBERT A. HEINLEIN


"Christian school" is an oxymoron. You take an evidence free system and let it run an evidence dependent system.


My daughter is a junior in high school and is bi. She said she’s going to get all the kids from GSA to write letters to a straight kid asking them to become gay. It’s what these Jesus freaks think is happening in public schools anyway.


As someone who grew up with a parent who’d go the extra mile to squash any gay tendencies by yelling and threatening me, she really was thrown for a loop when she found out I was trans. ;) But she also tried to force me to change my sex back after SRS and I refused. ;) My whole family can go to hell….. as can anyone who’d push this crap on any of my kids or people I knew who were gay


"A Christian school in Kentucky..." is all I needed to hear- smh


The right in America is garbage just like the people brainwashed to be Nazis in Germany.


Murica to the Middle East: Ya'll got any more of that Sharia Law?


I've been saying this forever religion is a vehicle for control and some of the most nasty bigoted people I've ever met are those that are Christians


Ah, religious schools, a fine place to start the indoctrination of future bigots.


How very religious of them. Just goes to prove it - hate is *taught*, and Christians just make up ways to do it, using stories of fantasy and fear to do it.


This is fucking evil.


I hate living in Kentucky because we have bullshit like this and of course the two asshat, Russian stooges of McConnell and Rand Paul. I absolutely have the means to move, and did leave the state for many years, but I feel I must stay to keep some blue outside of Lexington and Louisville. It’s a beautiful state full of hateful, bigoted, religious idiots outside the two cities. For those not familiar with Kentucky, besides the aforementioned morons, there are some good things here. Like AppHarvest which is trying to change how we grow crops more efficiently indoors. Affordability of land is good here too compared to the larger metro areas. If the internet was better in rural areas then I’d recommend more people move here. Preferably atheists and more liberally minded people. :-)


I went to a Catholic grammar school for 5 years and if you were caught swearing, even a casual "aw crap" you were in serious trouble. But casual homophobia? Not only was it fine, teachers would playfully join in.


I actually went to this school. I’m not a Christian and wasn’t while there. That particular unit was taught to me as a senior in high school. We were never asked to write letters or have conversation, but they definitely prepared us for conversation. They don’t teach hate, but it’s a weird type of love. As an openly non-Christian who went there it’s not some crazy southerner school that teaches wild ideals, they loosely follow the Bible. They’re racists as hell though there (students).


This is the kind of disgusting shit schools have been doing for decades. How do you think the boomers ended up as mostly awful, terrible people who are so locked in their shitty beliefs that it is impossible to change their minds? It's not just their parents. The difference is now it is documented and discussed all over the internet. I have hope that these kinds of horrible things being brought to light and discussed will severely decrease the amount of bad people in future generations.


Meanwhile in China they're teaching their kids science, mathematics, engineering, computer science... and how easily the US can be nudged into a once great former super power.


Are these letters being read by a third party ? If so, that is a breach of privacy. The teachers and administration of this school should be sued into bankruptcy.




These things make me really scared for our children's future.... How can it be that we see such massive steps backwards?!


No wonder the conservatives are winning politically, they're weaponizing everything


I’m willing to take some D just out of spite at this point.




Let’s write letters to the school: stop being straight


Isnt the entire concept of religion a... evidence-free belief Ig evidence-free belief here means that its not written in a book


Easily solved with a Molotov cocktail


Religion teaches the willful ignorance of unquestioning blind faith as well as fear and hate.


Kids can read or write in Kentucky? Since when? They're damn near last in education. Mitch and Rand are doing a great job with that state.


> evidence-free beliefs I need to remember that one.


I’m curious, I realize these Christian schools are probably private, but don’t they have to adhere to the same laws as the rest of the country? What was done to this person by all the students is a cute and malignant bigotry! And as far as I know, it is highly illegal in America at this point! Can I honestly get away from this lawfully because of religion? A Christian saying that they’re allowed to be bigots and racist snow? Hey let’s have some fun kids, find me a passage in the Bible that even talks about abortion or honest homosexuality, You really won’t find any, however you will find four stories of incest in the Bible.


Christian madrasa indoctrinating the next generation of Y’all Qaeda


Yeah. Religion is really really harmful to people in a lot of ways. We have no dearth of evidence here. Religion sucks ass. Of course we need to keep talking about it until the religious actually listen. But it's really frustrating...


Am from KY. Not surprised. I was once called "hysterical" for pointing out that a private school here that had "the crusaders" as a mascot was fucking demented.


Ironic how the most religious people can be the most hateful ones that believe they are doing the right things and will get into heaven… or whatever they call it. Its amazing how hateful their “Gods” tell them to be… isnt their God ashamed of their behavior? I guess its hard to differentiate between right and wrong when ur just so brainwashed…


Would the world be a better place with more gay people or more Christians?


This is why religious schools shouldn't exist. School is for learning things, not for perpetuating the same lies for centuries and speading hate towards other people.


Christianity should be banned.


I hate my state more with each passing day


Indoctrination and default Christianity being taught to the next generation. Way to not break the cycle, another example of christians being the worst enemy of Christianity.


of course they do, thats what its fucking for.


Has the term “Homosexual” always been in the Bible? NO https://www.forgeonline.org/blog/2019/3/8/what-about-romans-124-27


“Teach them how to think, not what to think.” I’ve heard that somewhere before…..


Maybe if they wrote a hypothetical letter to their priest about why pedophilia isn't okay despite its implicit acceptance by the Bible they'd make a greater impact.


"hateful, evidence-free beliefs" is pretty much Christianity.


The gay "friend" should write back simply to stop believing in fairy tales and quit being an asshole.




It's (moderately) interesting to look at other browser tabs people have open. In one of the screenshots, the user has a tab open to a Turkish-language page called (in Turkish) "Everything You Wanted To Know About Our Solar System." That web page is on a website called bukrek.com, which is named after Bükrek, the "good dragon" in the mythology of the [Altai people](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altai_people). The "bad dragon" is called Sangal. According to the myth, the dragons fought for 9 years. Hmmm, that seems a little short-sighted for ancient mythology. Bükrek (bukrek.com) should be confused with Bukrek (bukrek.net), a Ukranian publishing house. To the left of that Turkish page on the solar system is a tab in which, presumably, is an image of the solar system, which was presumably found by searching Bing, which is the tab to the left of that. Bing is interesting to me, because it's not Google. But that might just be because this user is on Windows, the default browser on Windows is currently Edge, and the default search engine in Edge is Bing. But another thought that I had is of certain Christians over the years, who have avoided the use of Google because "they pay for abortions," or some shit. So I wonder if this school requires the use of Bing (and you would think if you're avoiding Google, you would avoid Microsoft for the same reasons). Obviously the most interesting thing about this is the Turkish-language website, suggesting that this Christian school student is at least of Turkish descent, and may even find it easier to read about the solar system in their native language than in English. But alas, I'm looking too deeply into this :) Weird that science would appear in the same browser session as this nonsense. Seems like they would teach that all the students need to know about "the heavens" they could learn from The Bible. I was a little surprised I couldn't identify that task-evaluation software, based on what it is (I've used software like that, specifically Taskstream) and the favicon that's right there in the tab. But no dice on that. It's not a big deal, but it's an exact clone of what I remember about Taskstream. I'm a little surprised that a secondary-school student (lower than university) would be using task software like that, but I guess remote learning was a boon for that sort of thing. Edit: Found it. It's called [Canvas](https://www.instructure.com/k12/products/canvas). That's what the school uses for their "digital classroom" stuff.


I would call their bluff. Tell my kid not to do it and take the thing all the way to the Supreme Cour-ahhhhh fuck.


Yikes. The sad thing is religious leaders brainwash people into thinking they need to reject others.


"Grooming is only wrong when other people do it"


I'd like to write these kids a letter encouraging them to read the bible all the way through and apologize to those friends.


That's basically what churches have been doing forever.


But science is indoctrination...


That's basically what churches have been doing forever.


Those schools shouldn't be counted for a child's mandatory grades of education, they are not real schools and do a disservice to children!


Huh. How did the explain what gay was without teaching them about gayness? Perhaps DeSantis should sue Kentucky.


Some of these Deep South towns really are like time traveling when you visit them. My moms family is originally from a super tiny town deep in North Carolina that my grandmas funeral was in. Literally the first time in my life I heard people use the term “colored” still or just really felt like it was still 1950 or something. Bigots, racists, homophobic etc ‘‘Twas not a good time. Real beautiful there though 😆


It's not a cover, the point of organized religion is indoctrination and most of their dogma relies on discrimination, hate and a superiority complex.


Me and my friends would've wrote: Dear Josue, Yo you shouldn't be gay. I understand that dicks are so tantalizing with their girthy trunks dangling underneath gymshorts, and their velvety sacks that can make any creature salivate but it's not for us unless you become a priest.


This story is just another one of the many examples of why RELIGION IS THE BANE OF HUMANITY AND IT MUST BE STOPPED.


What a wonderful way to teach kids to mind their own fucking business and worry about themselves.... How annoying and not at all surprising


Again I say..... When is this human species going to evolve socially and emotionally? And, don't think that this is just endemic to the American South. This is worldwide and it has been this way since humans started to document their activities. All I can suggest is that we all do our part to discourage hate and ignorance. I feel for these kids. I'm a retired School Psychologist and I'm proud that I got to work with so many needy kids in supporting and encouraging them to not get sucked into this evangelical and illogical bullshit. Now, I have grandkids entering adolescence and THEY are experiencing eye opening events. My 13 year old granddaughter wants to be a boy. It's a good thing that our family loves and supports our kids to be the best that they can be and that we are on this journey with them. We have no secrets in our family and we all appreciate and respect science and medical research. Communication is key and let's keep up the fight despite this primitive SCOTUS that we have now. What century are they residing in? Check out the cold opening of last week's SNL. It's pretty good.


Christianity=evidence free. Hard to separate the two…


And they do it all tax free


I don’t know how, but I bet Mitch owns a piece of this


They made us do the same thing in gradeschool in PUBLIC school back in the early 80s.


Shut up stupid




I hope they wrote similar letters for every sin in the Bible. What am I saying, of course they didn’t


I hope some of the kids wrote letters encouraging him to be himself


"Dear gay dude friend, You should be straight instead of gay because God gave women titties which are so much fun to play with, you just wouldn't believe. Even Jesus would totally cop a feel if he could do it without his dad finding out. Amen. Your totally straight friend, Nathaniel"