I play these games at least once a year. Asylum, city, and origins I still play on 360. Knight on ps4. The only one that shows its age a bit is asylum. City is still damn near a perfect game. The Mr freeze boss fight, to me, is top 5 video game boss fight ever.


I recently played Asylum on PC (not the remaster) and it looks incredible. It has aged perfectly.


The only thing I find hard about going back to Asylum is having to pretty much walk everywhere, compared to grappling and gliding in the successors


I think it adds to the immersion. Instead of gliding, fast travel etc you are forced to walk from one end of the island to another, over and over, giving the feel like you really are trapped in a madhouse.


I can certainly agree to an extent in the sense that I never fast travel in the other games or in Spiderman. I like traversing the universe. At the same time I like to traverse it a bit more quickly than walking, particularly towards the end of the game!


It's still a great game. But the gliding, the gadgets, some of the areas, just not quite as gracefully aged as city. But I still play it Andover it every time.


Origins especially deserves to be played between Christmas and New year. The whole vibe of the game is like celebrating Christmas in an urban hellscape.


I'm firmly in the "origins is underrated" group. I love that game. I replay it the most honestly


the best comic book game till this day


That and Spider-Man.


I thought Spiderman's story was dragging in the middle, they should have kept the Sinister 6 for the sequel. AC on other hand is perfectly paced and never overstays its welcome.


I thought including the Sinister Six is what made the plot so good. Just as you expect the game to be over, you realize it hasn't even begun.


Damn, it’s been 10 years! I remember getting this game on release date and playing through the story all in one day. Good times.


AC, Dark Souls, Uncharted 3 and Skyrim all came out within 2 months of each other. 2011 was a crazy good year for video games.


Man 2011 was a great year for gaming especially when this game came out I think I play this game at least a 39 times


2011 was a great year in general.


One of the greatest Batman stories, period. Planning on playing it against before the year is out.


Literally completed it for the first time this week -absolutely amazing (especially for a game thats 10 years old). Holds up against something like Spider-Man despite being made for the previous console generation - just shows that story, characters and gaming experience will beat pure graphic quality every time. Wish they would release a PS4 version of origins though.


Loads of my friends skived off work on this day 10 years ago to play this. Not me though, I was genuinely ill...


Masterpiece! Still plays cool


I bought the return to Arkham on sale in the PS Store, or whatever the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City remaster is called, and it is still one of my favourite game 10 years later. I love Asylum, but the small improvments in City are just brilliant !!!


Best batman game


My favorite Batman game of all time. Although all three main games in the trilogy were amazing.


Wow I just started my playthrough for the Arkham games this morning too




Arkham city was great


Absolutely insane game - must have played for hundreds of hours over the summer of 2012


I was at a GameStop Midnight release party for this and I’ll always remember it because some weirdo showed up whilst we were in the middle of a trivia contest by pounding on the door (it was locked because this was a small shindig the store manager set up). The manager was congenial to the guy like “Didn’t mean to lock you out buddy, come on in” The weirdo said in a loud gruff voice, “Are you guys here for Arkham City?” The manager said, “Yes?” “And nothing else?”, asked the weirdo. “….No?” The weirdo then did a grunt/yell and proceeded to stomp off in a huff, knocking over every trash can in the shopping center. The manager re locked the doors, looked at back at the rest of us kind of in shock and was like, “Should I call the police?” EDIT: Formatting and spelling.


You should of called Batman