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We with cat thank you for the option))))


I know you cleaned him up, but he looks very well fed, might not be a stray.


I see this often on this sub. "I found a cat so it's mine now, help me name it"


How many stray cats...no hell...how many of any type of grown cat is gonna let a stranger pick them up, carry them, wash them then comb them. OP is most likley posting for karma if not he has stolen someone's pet. I honestly don't get how supposed cat lovers lap this stuff up.


Well, a vet visit will determine if it's microchipped and if not there's always some place for a missing pet post. In some places though, some ppl don't even bother looking for their lost pet because of this scenario you mentioned.


Two senarios; 1. This is the first time OP has seen this cat, it isnt in bad shape, in which case you leave it the heck alone. 2. He knows this cat. In which case he knows its tame and in a stable condition in the same area. So you leave it alone. Seeing a wet cat is no justification for abducting what is in all liklehood someone's pet. If this is true (which I doubt) someone is probably going crazy right now worrying what happened to their cat whilst OP posts for fake internet points. I mean christ does the idea he's naming it before he's been to a vet not sit wrong with you?


It isn’t like he can tell you. He may be fed by the neighborhood or recently abandoned. Our ferals look pretty damn good. He's a kitten so mom may have booted him out… So make some signs. Post on neighborhood info site. Get him checked for a microchip. That’s what we did with Sabrina…no one was looking for her. She looked pretty good for a long haired stray but definitely needed lots of grooming. My thought in her case is someone moved and either couldn’t find her or dumped her. Only a very hungry cat would eat my sister in law’s cold lasagna. (It’s no better hot.) She was already spayed though we couldn’t tell until our vet shaved her abdomen.People do abandon pets…


Exactly this. I work in rescue and any time someone comes across a cat they think it is a stray or abandoned they automatically try to find it a home. The cat usually lives nearby and is out for a walk. I wish people would stop stealing other people’s pets.


A woman who was a hoarder and obsessed with animal rescue started stealing neighborhood pets a few years back. People asked her to not do this and it had to stop. It wasn’t until someone gave a local tv station video of her stealing cats from yards and porches, then removing collars and stuffing them in her pocket that it stopped. Apparently, family members saw it and stepped in to help put an end to the theft.




SilverSam Smoke Happy (I'd name him Happy if he were mine. He's gorgeous.)


I've a better name for it: Dog. or Spanish Inquisition. Nobody expects a cat named either of those things.


There’s an old soviet cartoon about a cat named “bark” (or the russian version of bark, which is gav/гав) that wreaks absolute havoc with his dog friend who unfortunately is not named “meow.”


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


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Yeah this, you're done OP


K, he's adorable as as get out, please just make sure he's actually a stray. I don't know the whole story here, but I once almost "saved" a neighborhood "stray" that was neither a stray nor in need of saving. Neighbor would have been devastated had I catnapped their cat.


This. He’s a clean, friendly, healthy looking cat. There’s a good chance someone’s missing him.


Unless you get a lot of cats with colors and coats like that in your area, all the strays around where I live are mixed colors and patterns. Except for the occasional pure black cat, in my area at least, a cat that even looks like that is 100% a lost pet. I really really hope it's just a stray and op gets a new cat, but if I found out someone just found my cat and kept them, especially not even checking for a chip... Let's just say continuing to speculate could get very mean and very unhealthy very fast.


My cat looks like this and she’s a barncat / stray mix. I got her has a kitten from a stray that we homed.


Yeah I figured it had to be regional. Cats that look like this sell for $600-$1000 USD equivalent at pet stores in Taipei. Meanwhile we have strays that look like Bengals because the genetics are so prevalent here.


This. This. This. Friendly. Healthy. An adult too.


I immediately made an announcement and asked the neighbors if anyone had lost a cat, but no one responded.


He might not belong to a neighbor near you. Only way to know for sure is to take it to a vet or shelter to have it checked for an ID chip. They usually check for free.


Thanks. I just wanted to take him to the vet to see if he was OK and if he was vaccinated. There I will ask about ID


Might also consider posting a picture on Nextdoor or your local Facebook group and asking if anyone recognizes them, as well as calling your local shelter and checking if anyone has reported a missing cat. We lost a cat, did everything we could think of. Walked up and down neighborhoods, put signs up everywhere, called the local animal shelter, asked all our neighbors if they'd seen anything... Nothing. We were devastated. Wasn't until a month later a friend told me to check our local Facebook page because they saw a post from someone of a cat that looked like ours. Wasn't something I'd thought to do since I don't use FB anymore. Turned out it was our lost boy! I will always be eternally grateful to the people who found him and posted about it, and the friend who saw it. Reaches a lot more people than signs alone. I hope you get to keep him since you seem lovely, but if he already belongs to someone I also hope they get him back... Sucks to lose a family member. Good luck!


Don't post a picture. Give a brief description. And if someone does show up verify they are actually the owner (ie. See pics of the kitty and them).


Agree, post a description not a photo!


The owner should be able to show you their own photos too


Their camera roll would surely be full of them haha!


Great! I often post my mini story bc I can completely understand someone being well-intentioned and making the mistake I almost did. He's gorgeous, congratulations!!!


They can get far away when lost. The love has to be tempered with the reminder that someone might be looking for the cat and misses it terribly. God, I just made myself sad.


I had a cat that was being petsitted about 10 miles from home. Ran away from there while I was out of town. Showed up 6 months later. Needless to say how I felt when she came scratching at the door.


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That was a good day.


Aww that's both feelings at once for you. Sad and happy.


She was a country kitty and lived a good norther 10 years so it was a big win


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There's this Friends episode where Phoebe finds this cat that she thinks is the reincarnation of her mother. A missing pet flyer was located and while Phoebe was sad to give her "mom" back, when she thought of the little girl missing her cat she returned the cat.


My friends dog got out of the yard, he was chipped, but on the missing list for over a year! My friend was devastated and looked for him constantly and posted flyers and on line. When she got him back he was obviously living with someone and well fed. We always said if he could be given the gift of speech for just a day or even an hour it would be amazing to ask about his adventure. But in reality he would just probably repeatedly keep asking for treats.


Thank you for doing so.


Also have vet check for a chip


I’d report it to the local shelters. I would worry about putting up signs and some asshat false claiming, but a truly desperate family looking for their lost fur baby will ask shelters


Thanks for idea


Also there are online sites like Pawboost—a lost & found for pets.


Any owner will have pictures to share as well though. My phone is at least half kitty pics.


I found a gorgeous cat three years ago. He was 100% a house cat. We went above and beyond to find his family and we concluded he was dumped. He is living his best life with us ❤️


Yes, that does happen, unbelievable as it seems. Someone moves and just leaves their cat behind. Can’t imagine. 😥


go get it checked asap my cats been missing for 2 years so who knows how far he could be, he looks pedigree and bred he probably belongs to someone even if they aren’t your neighbour


Take a picture and put it on stop signs for several blocks


Did you get him scanned for microchip?


As a follow up, it might be a good idea to stop by the vet and see if he’s chipped. Cats can travel surprisingly far and he may be from outside the neighborhood. If he’s not chipped then I’d keep him in your place. A good name could be Smokey. Or Ash. If you want to go with the color. The Bloop if you want to be funny.


You can also have a vet or the pound scan him for a microchip. Also Albert is a great cat name.


Youre probably going to want to see if it has a chip or not


Cats can wander up to 12km. Maybe put up posters.


Go to the vet and make sure he isn't microchipped though. Not everyone is a social media user or has access to their neighborhood circle.


Just keep an eye on local Facebook lost animal pages please, or whatever you have over there. I know you just wanted to help, but it would break my heart to find out someone had adopted my cat and I couldn't get her back.


My cat has been seen by relatives two miles from home on the other side of my city.


Get the kitty checked for a chip :)


Make sure he doesn't have a chip. He looks pretty healthy to be a stray


He looks to be very happy with you. I thought of the name Pewter. But it's hard to know without knowing his personality.


Another suggestion I’ve heard is get him a collar and tie a note on it with your phone number. If he comes home without the collar or you get a reply you’ll know if he has a home.


That’s a great idea. 👍


I honestly do not think a stray would be a-okay with some random person picking them up and taking them home. He seems well groomed, healthy, well fed etc. He most definitely belongs to someone. Mustn't be a neighbour. Go to the vet instead of asking for a name if you want to be a good person.


There's a pretty significant difference between "stray" and "feral". I feed a half dozen strays in my neighborhood. Three of them are perfectly comfortable with me picking them up, petting them, rubbing their bellies, etc. If I were to find one out in the rain, I don't think it would blink if I were to bring it inside (except my other cats would not make it feel at home). That being said, this cat does look pretty healthy. Definitely check for a chip.


He may have a chip in him




I don't want to be that person, but I have seen one too many stories of so-called perfectly healthy and friendly "stray" cats on here. Therefore, just adding that I find it peculiar that OPs account has only been active for 1 day. I hope he simply made the story up and the cat was his all along. In case the story is real, I would hope OP spent as much time looking for the potential owner of the cat as he did on reddit.


Yup. If cats are friendly, it usually means they have a good home already.


This happened with my cat. He was just two yards over and went missing for three days until someone spotted the flyers I had put up. I just had to out him down the other week (really sucks) but I gave him a good life. He was an outdoor cat when I adopted him from a rough situation so I had to let him outside every day or he would go nuts. I miss him.


When we got our cats, they just hopped in the car. They both had injuries and hairless parts, it was clear they had abusive owners. They were letting them wander the streets right next the highway, so it was obvious that they would get hit by a car if we didn’t have that amazing timing


Yes, which is why I included the caveat about not knowing the story. The cat I almost catnapped had bald patches and came by every night and I had been feeding her for months. A cat 5 hurricane was coming (4 years ago today actually) at us and a couple nights before the storm I put the cat in one of our bathrooms. She had been hanging out on my back patio with my cats for months and everyone was cool so I thought they'd get along and in light of the situation what else could I do? The thought of leaving this poor cat outside to face a hurricane was excruciating. That cat went completely mental that night 2 days before storm. We were considering evacuating because the storm was strengthening and taking this cat in a car wouldn't work. I tried to find someone to take her and no one could. I cried for days. After the storm we return home and a week later I see the cat in neighbor's yard half a block away and run over to her full of joy!! Neighbor was in yard and we chat. That cat had some skin disorder that they hadn't been able to treat successfully after a couple thousand bucks at various vets. This cat was cared for and very loved. Had I catnapped little Van Gogh before the hurricane my neighbor would have been beyond distraught. Tdlr; you never really know...


As an animal professional, do see if there's a chip. Some cats can stray as far as 6 miles from home. Even further if there were other rescuers involved. If everything turns out in your favor; Nimbus, Stormy, Drizzle, or Rainbow. "Why Rainbow?" Well, you see, after the rain....


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Don't assume cats outside are stray and take them... Please take this cat to a vet and check the local shelters to see if a similar cat has gone missing recently. I can't imagine what it must be like for someone who may have lost their baby.


“Stormy”! Because he looks like a storm cloud and he found you during a rainstorm!


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Well, that's a: #Mr. Bigglesworth if I've ever seen one... First name Theodore.




Did you get him checked for a microchip?


This behaviour really needs to be called out, that cat is almost 100% not a stray. People need to leave other people’s pets alone, just because they are friendly does not mean you should take them home. You have basically stolen someone else’s cat with absolutely no regard for the owner and now are posting on Reddit asking for names for it. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but your best bet is to either let it outside or take it to the vet. This is someone’s else’s cat. If you want a cat go to a local shelter but if you want a cat like this you will likely have to buy from a specific breeder as it’s does look like purebred. As an owner of a very friendly purebred cat this worries the shit out of me, I just don’t get how people think it is okay to feed and adopt (aka steal) someone else’s beloved pet. Like how do they even rationalise it when the cat is clearly well fed and well looked after


this breed and colour is certainly not a stray. in my area this would be someone’s pet!! OP is an asshole.


It's disturbing how many people posting names don't seem to care that this cat likely already has a name - and a loving family. The poor owners! I'd be devastated if it was my cat (who is also too friendly for her own good) As far as I can tell the OP had no reason to assume the cat didn't have an owner already. The only appropriate name for this poor cat is 'stolen'




Very suspicious story and account


The account was made 2 days ago, the cat is too clean to be a stray. I got a feeling that it’s their cat and they are karma farming


So you napped a cat off the streets? That cat looks purebred. Have a vet check it for a chip and do whatever you can to get him back to his rightful owners.


Christ what is wrong with this fucking sub? Over 16k upvotes for someone bragging about stealing someone's very expensive cat.


There's no way this cat is a stray. He looks like a Russian Blue purebred.


He looks more like a British Shorthair, Russian Blue cats tend to be more long and slinky looking, this kitty looks more sturdy. I had a standard issue moggy who looked very similar to this boy, his grandmother was a Russian Blue, but every other relative was just a normal cat. He was the sweetest, gentlest cat. I'd definitely get this boy to a vet to check for a chip, he looks very healthy and well cared for, someone might be missing him.


Or even a British blue, only ever seen one stray that was a British blue and she was tiny and all matted with a bloated belly. She only remotely started to look like the cat in the picture after about a year of care.


Yeah also a stray cat usually doesn't just take to humans so quickly. I could be wrong, but this boy looks pretty well taken care of to me.


My boy trico took about a month of giving him food and let's every day before I was able to capture him. He was terrified the entire night until the cats protection collected him in the morning as he was missing an eye and had an infected cut on his ear. First few days once he was back he was spooked because he couldn't go out but after he realised he could come and go and always have love and food he never left my side. Only went out when I did, came to the bathroom with me, he was never more than a couple feet from me the entire time I had him until his untimely passing.


I'm sorry about your cat's untimely passing. I have a cat right now that is like my shadow and I understand how special that is.


A feral wouldn't take to humans although they can and do self-domesticate. A stray would, but cats also get abandoned and look out for people like OP to give them a new home.


And sometimes cats just decide they’re going to live elsewhere. When I was a kid there was an obviously purebred Siamese hanging around our house. After much effort we found her owners about half a mile away. They were happy to have her back. A few days later she was back at our house. We took her home again. After the third time, the owners said Well, if she wants to live with you that badly, and you want her, she can stay with you. That’s how we got our first cat.


The coat looks very British blue to me! Very soft and fluffy, its very distinguishable so it was my first thought. The face is also very reminiscent with some of that Cheshire likeness. I hope the owners are found. Edit: I got a 2nd opinion from a British blue owner and their opinion is that the face is too thin and ears are too tall. Of course, I stand by that for any friendly and healthy cat found outside, one must not assume it's a stray. Simply put, just because the cat is wet from the rain does not mean they have no loving family to return to. I had a beautiful black cat meow loudly at my door in the winter. I let her come inside out of concern, but saw she had a beautiful coat and was a healthy weight. I did not try coming up with a name, I simply sought out her owners. The little escape artist was returned to her home a few hours later. Anyway, I dont wish to be harsh, but given this ops post history and an account age of just 2 days, they are karma whoring.


Do you really think so? I fed a feral cat who came for his dinner every day at 4p. Looked just like him! Would never let you pet him ever!


Its pretty suspicious...especially when there just happen to be shit loads of "I just found this cat" posts on reddit over the last week.


Yep. Have a friend with two that look exactly like this. She paid big money for them. I hope the OP gets his chip checked out and he gets his owner back.


So. I will do This😉


I really hope you do your best to find the actual owners of this lost cat (obviously not a stray). I can see from your comments that you are mostly excited about a name and while you’ve responded to some people mentioning for you to take him to a vet to check for a chip etc, you mostly sound like you’re planning on keeping him. I truly hope you consider the feelings of this guy’s humans, who are 100% out there and probably devastated, and do your absolute best to figure that out before claiming him as your own. Losing your kitty is losing a loved one.




They're technically breaking rule 2...technically.


This, right here. OP hasn’t put that much effort into finding out if this cat is really a stray. I would be devastated if my cat (Indoor cat, ragdoll mix) got out and someone decided to keep her instead of taking her to the vet ASAP.


No idea for a name but damn, what a beautiful cat!! Congrats for being the « chosen one »!


Oh thank you :33


I'm pretty sure you someone's cat home


Sooo… you stole someones cat.


This is either fake or this guy just robbed someone's pet. No way an actual stray is gonna let you pick it up, wash it and *comb it*. Its name is "someone fucking else's"


Sherlock 🕵🏻‍♂️


Thank you :3


PS mine is the best ok.


Of course)))


Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have the winner.


Found cat ✅ Pampered cat ✅ Became best friends with cat. ✅ Yep, another bs Reddit story for karma


And it’s someone else’s cat.


I always see these posts. I feel like a lot of these people are just taking other peoples cats. Just because a cat is outside doent mean they are a stray.


Honestly, put the cat back from where you found it from. The cat may be a hood cat or belong to someone as an indoor/outdoor cat. My cat roams my neighborhood and he gets wet from the rain sometimes. Just put it back. Don’t let it out a random place. This cat is loved by someone already.


Does not look like a stray. Think you took someone's cat...




Drop top...


Smoking and choking on hotpot


Very interesting idea. thanks)))


I second Raindrop. It's adorable as a basket full of kittens and the whole stories great..!


Mr. Capurnicus whiskerton.... the 3rd


Fully support this


**Catpurrrrnicus** Whiskerton?


Fuck me another one! I swear to god there are 20 fucking posts a day now with people "finding" cats on the street.


No but seriously, if you’re greedy and keep this cat when there’s another family, that’s fucked up. Put it back.


Earl Grey!


Good one! I lift a cuppa tea to you (pinky raised, of course).


That doesn’t look like a stray. Maybe do a google search for missing cats in your town. Someone is probably looking for them. Sorry.


We don’t just find cats like that (domestic & well fed etc), it’s very likely some ones pet who they miss now. Don’t all cats get wet if rained on…


Obsidian, Obi for short. Check for microchip though, as others have advised.


It may just be me but that cat seems way too well groomed to be a stray.. maybe go get it checked for a chip?


are you sure this cat is actually* a stray? that looks like a purebred cat, which typically would mean it has a family. please just do your due diligence to find the owner before claiming it.


Buddy. He’s a buddy. But before you get attached some more, check to see if he’s chipped. Any vet can tell you.


Does she have a chip ?


This Is definitely not a stray, find his home


There is absolutely no way a blue shorthair with a coat like that is a stray. Let him out so he can go home, or check his chip at a vet.


Romeo - but check if it already has an owner. Potentially it does and this someone, maybe a little child is completely sad and crying


Did you check with a vet if he’s someone else’s?


Yeah seriously, put up some signs or something and make sure to check if he has a chip. If you can’t find an owner then you have a best bud for life. But I’d be so devastated if my cat got out and never made it home so better safe than sorry :)


He does not look like a stray. I would be very surprised if there was not a family somewhere desperately looking for their kitty.


Is everyone on Reddit suddenly incapable of naming their own pet?


Fish He is very handsome indeed but as a lot of people already suggested: Please check if you can find out an owner. Maybe someone out there is really, really sad right now.


That cat is well fed and probably belongs to someone, go get them checked for a micro chip and even if they don’t you should return him where you found him because that’s most likely someone’s cat




Put a picture of him on face book and see hes missing


That's a really expensive cat breed.. someone is missing that cat. You need to put more effort into finding the owner OP.


Even if it weren't a fancy cat, so many cats get stolen with good intentions this way.


Smoke, or Smoky, he is very handsome!




I hope you took him somewhere and got him checked for a microchip to make sure he is actually a stray before claiming a random cat as your own


As long as he's a stray after you've done your due diligence, he should be named Nimbus


my 2 year old daughter says you should name him "Plomi" :)


Lol this is legit the only good name I've seen suggested so far. Love it


Wait, how did you “wash” the cat? I can’t imagine washing any of my cats, I don’t think it would end well for me lol


when were theese pics talen and in what area


To be clear, you stole a cat? Yikes.


...you've stolen a cat. That's a healthy looking British shorthair. An expensive breed. You ever seen a 'stray' like that before? Please check it for a microchip at your local vet. Please also look out for *missing cat* posters in case the owners put them up once they realise you've taken it.


This is so obvs a loved well cared for cat. Also he is NOT yours. Why so evasive to every post which reflects this view. ? PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATELY TO CHECK CHIP WITH VET AND REUNITE WITH REAL OWNER. This leaves you free to adopt a lovely furball that will actually need you. Do the right thing op . He's not yours.


Did you make sure people aren’t looking for him?


Name it, someone is looking for their lost cat.


We had a cat that looked exactly like him when I was little. His name was Wilbur. He was the best cat ever!






Dorian, short for dorian gray.


Thats probably a pure breed british short hair kitten. They cost a LOT where I live. Please make sure nobody is missing him. If it is a stray, make sure he is healthy. Bsh cat‘s are not an outside breed


You just stole someone’s cat


Gorgeous kitty. But did you just steal someone's cat?


This cat isn't a purebred nor a "British Blue". Lots of mix cats are this color and I can see where they might think he could be a British Shorthair but if you for longer than 3 seconds you will see he's not. My mom has a few cats with similar features. They're definitely not British, they just have cute, unique little faces.


To be sure no chip either put up posters or something . kind of looks like my old cat Sammy he was definitely a cool and laid back cat.


He could be someone's pet🥺 maybe he got lost and the owners are looking for him.




Kylie Jenner is it you?


Miguel But first go to the vet to see if he has chip. Maybe belongs to someone else


He is handsome. He’s lucky you found him. Please have him checked for a microchip in case he slipped away from a family.


So i stole a cat


Make sure your not stealing someone’s car lmfao