Rafael Andia released an album of LeCocq's music in 1983, with some of the same pieces you present. I think I prefer yours though. Thanks for sharing!


Wow I searched really hard for recordings of LeCocq's music but somehow totally missed this! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll definitely check his recording out, though I'm very glad you like my version. There's at least another 1-2 hours of LeCocq's music that I could've recorded, let alone the countless other baroque guitarists whose music is only scarcely available, so I definitely plan to make as many more recordings as I can on this wonderful instrument.


Awesome! Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out!


This is lovely. Thanks for sharing!


My old professor Richard Savino is big on period instruments like the baroque guitar, romantic guitar, therobo etc. He recorded an entire Baroque guitar album on Roncalli on spotify, which is worth checking out.