French presidential elections, 1st round, biggest poll yet (sample: 16,228)

French presidential elections, 1st round, biggest poll yet (sample: 16,228)


Zemmour trying to look like a movie villain here?


Perhaps he is trying to be cast as the next Blofeld


"This government does not tolerate failiure, mon ami."


I wouldn't be against it.


Movie being Dracula?


Nosferatu maybe?


mr burns is real.






He's got the nose for it too


He's an aspiring vampire.


He's like a fun vampire, he doesn't suck blood, he just suck.


6 seasons and a movie!


Lookin like Mr Bean Nosferatu


And a little bit like Mr Burns




All his campaign pictures look like being purposedly a movie villain, it's litterally a meme xD






Just curious, does Zemmour really have a chance at beating Macron? And what does the public think of him ?


He's the closest we have in France to Donald Trump. So as you can imagine, the public reaction to him is rather close to what americans think of trump. Some love him beyond any kind of logic, but most sees him as the crazy alt-right populist piece of shit he is. My uneducated guess is that he will just divide the alt-right voting base in France (between him and Lepen), but him getting elected is apparently a real (and very scary) possibility


I'm really not sure. My 75yo leftist mum was actually surprised when she heard one of his speach. She thought he was kinda smart and interesting, not at all like your average politician.


But unlike Trump he's really smart. I don't think he can beat Macron because he's got extremist views that won't appeal to most people (me included).


Although he doesn't identify as extremist, but as belonging to an old moderate right ideology, which is RCR, predecessor of the UMP, itself predecessor of Les Républicains, where is Xavier Bertran.


I thought you were exaggerating, but damn. Is there perhaps also a picture of him shirtless riding a horse?


He is not kidding. Actually Google him if you want, you will see


I don't think he has a choice in the matter. He just always looks like Dracula.


If he'd come out as a vampire he'd probably get more votes. It's a shame that right-wing politicians are always in the closet/coffin.


Imagine if the second round ended up being between Zemmour and LePen. Lol


His viewpoints make him look much more like a villain than this picture.


I like it when they match up. Makes for bad TV though.


Yes, TV shows these days make their villains much less black-and-white with some redeeming qualities, which does make for a much more engaging story than Zemmour's unmitigated evil.


Dunno, I'm kinda tired of morally grey understandable villains with redeeming qualities in media now. Give me more Cruella de Ville's dammit


Be careful what you wish for. There has been a Cruella prequel movie and, well...


I beg to differ. There's something utterly charming when tv villains just enjoy being evil for the heck of it. Skeletor, Lord Zurg, Hades all just having a grand old time being evil pricks. I prefer if they stay inside my tv though instead on my ballot.


For example?


Banning "non-traditional" first names, like Kevin and Mohamed.


In fact, the name Kevin is in the law of 1804. So it considered as a french "traditional" name.


Isn't that how the law works in Iceland? You can pick any name as long as it's an existing first name from Iceland.


What is wrong with Kevin? It has 'vin' in it. You can't get more French than a name with 'vin' in it. Cheese names don't count


But it has a K. It should be Quévin then.


I'm already sick of this fucking circus of a fucking election. Fuck this fucking fucktard motherfucker, he's not even a fucking candidate yet.


Sweet talker!


He is not a movie villain, he is a real villain.


All these somewhat normal looking people and then you have Dracula on the right.


I think I might actually prefer Dracula by a large margin, the man got his wife burned alive by the Catholics, cut him some slack


He looks like a goblin


He is gargamel.


Wait, Le Pen is not 2nd place? Gee, I really need to pay more attention to French politics.


It's one of the only polls that shows her in third place, it's really hard to say because Zemmour is a new candidate that appeals both to the right and the far right.


I remember being a teenager and seeing Le Pen's father trying to win elections. I'm glad France never swung that way. It seems with both RN and Zemmour there could be a swing to the right. Do you have any predictions on what will happen or is it all a tossup right now? What are your thoughts?


I'm fairly certain that unless a major scandal occurs, Macron will win. The thing is, the right is currently too divided to rally behind a single candidate. For example, many right wing voters that care about taxes and spending will not vote for Le Pen and might prefer Macron, because she is not fiscally conservative, quite to the contrary. Zemmour is more of a wild card, but I need to explain why he's essentially interchangeable with Le Pen. The way the French executive works is that the president mostly governs regalian stuff like diplomacy and military. Outside from this, he's in theory a figurehead, because the office with real power is the Prime Minister, he nominates the ministers who effectively run the government and propose laws. The Prime Minister is determined by the National Assembly, which works a bit like the US House of Representatives, but with much more power. In practice, when the president's party has the power in the National Assembly and therefore controls the office of Prime Minister, the President dictates what the Prime Minister does. Zemmour has no serious candidates for the National Assembly elections, meaning that in the highly unlikely case where he wins, he has to rely on Le Pen and Xavier Bertrand to secure an ally in the office of Prime Minister. So in this scenario, Le Pen probably gets to be PM and Xavier Bertrand secures a key role such as internal affairs (State?), foreign affairs or finance. That would be a configuration that would please the far right and the right because such a government would be very anti immigration and would limit Le Pen's fiscal plans. But again, I view it as a fringe possibility that only has a chance of happening if Macron really fucks up and loses his momentum. There's also a scenario, which is still unlikely in my view but somehow more likely than the previous one, where Le Pen or Zemmour win the presidency, but lose the National assembly and Macron gets to be PM, which means stuff gets very messy and funny (in a dark way). That would limit the far right's influence significantly because of the relatively limited powers of the presidency on its own.


>The Prime Minister is determined by the National Assembly This bit is inaccurate: the prime minister is appointed by the president. However, after the prime minister has assembled a cabinet, the national assembly can veto it, in which case the prime minister must hand the cabinet resignation to the president. This rarely happens.


The moment I hope for Marin LePen to be in second place is one I never thought would come. How does this poll hold up to other years polls? Is the current president generally ranked this high/low?


Zemmour has been siphoning her votes for a while. He is worse than her in some ways though. He is kind of a Trump who would have learnt to read.


That is my understanding of him as well. Nicely put. He seems to be an intellectual and media personality of the French far-right.


French medias have been promoting him for decades.


Just like Trump. Controversy generates attention, thus money for the media conglomerate. And then at some point it gets out of control and suddenly you have a TV personality as president.


Anything for views


Intellectual might give him a little too much credit, he’s a tv polemist first and foremost who decided to give a shot to his candidacy for president. French media hasn’t been very helpful, as a figure that sparks controversy, he’s been constantly invited, reinvited and promoted on plenty of discussion outlets.


I get what you mean. Nevertheless, I don't use the term for only those I agree with (fully or not). Although his claims and arguments seem to be pretty obnoxious (e.g. on French names), he seems to have consistent -- albeit extreme -- positions. Also, from a quick search I made a few weeks ago when I first heard his name considered for the presidential election, I saw that his has received awards for some of his work and some of his books appear to be popular. I am not sure if he expressed similar extreme views in those works, but at the very least he can be referred to as an intellectual.


Leon has been criticized as not realistic and serious enough, and her father's frequent racist remarks gave the party a bad reputation. She has worked hard to improve that reputation and come up with an actual program, and her dogwhistles are now simply not loud enough anymore. Zemmour is taking the fascists away from her.


Why do all the guys and gals look like James bond villains. The one on the far right looks like the sort of person who would put James on a table, fire a laser towards him and then actually watch what happens


In my totally uneducated, context-less and utterly unreliable opinion, maybe its backwards and the British just like making their James Bond villains look like French politicians because it's shorthand for the British audience because French = bad. Again, this is not accurate. Probably.


Like American movies using Russians or germans....you might just be on to something


I believe it


Is there any chance the left agrees on one or two candidates? The vote seems to be split much more on the left than on the right


I mean This is France Any election must have 15 candidates and the french hate every single one of them


Exept one ! LASALLE (jokes aside yes obviously)


je suis un homme en #COLÈRE


Wooouuu Lassalle président !!!


France also had like 50000 different smaller local political parties which all work together in bigger ones. So you have a left party in 1 village and the next village has another and all those work together on a bigger scale


Wrong, France has 67 millions of political parties and they all are at each other's throats.


Doesn't sound all that bad right? Not too centralised


Ah, yes. France, a famously decentralized country


I mean have you seen those candidates!


They all want unity, behind themselves


They'll have to agree on ideas first, which they won't, and even if that wasn't an issue, most of the candidates here are not there to win. Roussel and Hidalgo (PCF and PS) are here to prepare the next election. The two extreme-left candidates (not shown in this picture) use this election as a way to talk about their ideas. Montebourg retires and comes back every election. The only ones that really want to win are Jadot and Mélenchon, but Jadot's ideas are way closer to Macron than to Mélenchon and the rest of the left.


> They'll have to agree on ideas first, which they won't, I see they've learned their lessons from the Revolutions of 1848.


There's no lessons to learn from anything. If you look at their ideas, there's next to nothing they agree on. You can't at the same time stay in the 5th and build a 6th Republic, leave the EU and federalize it, say there's islamophobia and islamophobia doesn't exist, align on the US' point of view and ignore the US' point of view at once, attack the use of "islamo-leftism" as an extrem-right concept and support the fight against islamo-leftism, condemn cop violence and support the idea that journalist shouldn't have the right to report it, fight against racism and say there's not enough white people in France. That's just not possible, but having an alliance that went from the FI's left (basically the extreme left) to the PS' right (people who put Macron minister of the economy and Valls prime minister) would require all of these paradoxes to be solved. There's only one solution : have more than one candidate, Hidalgo for the liberals, Jadot for the green capitalists, Mélenchon for the reformists, Poutou for the more radicals. Plus Montebourg doing his life how he wants it for unknown reason and the PCF having a candidate because that way they can justify having candidates for the legislatives and the next local election which are the thing they really care about.


Are Hidalgo and Jadot (or PS and EÉLV)'s respective platforms so different that they couldn't negotiate a compromise and electoral alliance? As an outsider, they seem relatively similar and could be in the same party if it was another country.


They could and yes, they have more or less the same ideas. The problem is that they both have strong reason to refuse to not be the big name on top of every other in a potential election : \- The PS fears for its future. It's getting eaten from the left by the FI and from the right by Macron and EELV, it's an old political party that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century with a ton of mayors and other local elected people but they've been destroyed by Hollande's mandate. Following EELV's local victories and 2017's nightmare for the PS, they have close to no legitimacy in leading an alliance, becoming the one that allies a bigger candidate might be the last sign of the party's death. On the other hand, like the PCF, if they have a candidate that does 5 or so percent, they'll have arguments to negotiate during the legislative later on, stay afloat for some time and hope to come back as the left wing leaders for 2027's presidential election. To them, they are the backbone of the France's left wing, the "old house" where everybody comes and anything but the leader's place in a presidential election would be nonsense. \- EELV has been a tiny party for decades, being allied to the PS like more or less everybody else in the left, but things have changed during the last five years with both the PS' historically bad score in 2017 and EELV's majors win during local elections (winning some major cities like Lyon and Bordeaux and being major players in Paris and Marseilles). With ecology taking a bigger place, EELV's leader, Jadot, has been saying to whoever listens to him that he'll be the next president. He won EELV's primary in 2017 but the party decided to opt out, joining the PS's candidate, which ended up being an awful choice for them, that's a mistake they don't want to do a second time in a row in particular with all the hope their local victories gave them.


The right, without Macron is 48%. The left (again without Macron) is 28%. The reality is that aside from accident, France is not "leftist" country.


I never implied that France is somehow leftist. The percentages you mentioned makes the fracturing look even worse though.


The far right is often the vote of the desperate and disappointed. Some far right voters are rural and industry workers who could be sensitive to leftist ideas (and in many cases used to vote for the left) but have been disappointed one too many time.


Both "far" are for people disapointed looking to change the system which they consider, failed them. The difference is that they now consider immigrant are a problem, while far left is on the platform that "class & capitalism" is.


True, but it needs some context. When people hear "leftist" or "right", they tend to think in terms of American politics, since that is by far the most televised and sensationalized. But the US as a whole is massivley shifted to the right, compared to the rest of the developed world. Someone who is center-right in France might be right at home with the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party in America with many of their positions.


When people think left or right, they think according to the standards of their country, certainly not according to the US... And to be honest, France is actually a predominantly center-right country, like Italy for example. The difference with the alignments that the right-wing parties would have in the USA is especially true for the countries more moved towards the center-left, I'm thinking for example of Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Sweden etc


> Is there any chance the left agrees on one or two candidates? Nope


So Macron will win again


Well I imagine le pen and zemmour voters may back whoever is left out of the two, which gives them quite a lot of power.


You can say the same about Macron and the other candidates' voters.


True. Could be close though.


Don't count on Macron getting votes from the Mélenchon crowd.




Macron (Mr banker) is everything they stand against. Last time around a lot of them simply didn't vote in the second round, while around 25% voted for Le Pen. Not a majority, but in a close election it might make a difference.


At the moment with the information we have yeah it’s the most likely scenario.


Holy fuck is the French Left still in disarray. They have like a combined gallup polling of 26% lol


So people will elect Macron then complain he was elected?


Welcome to France/democracy


National Spirit: Disjointed Goverment Those who know understand.


I don't know much about French politics, but after my thorough (i.e. 5-minute) search on wikipedia, a lot of these candidates feel either too left-wing or too right-wing. Macron seems to be closest to the centre, so is it the reason why he will probably win again (as he can be tolerable by most people)?


Most of the candidates ARE either too far left or too far right. Le Pen and Zemour are firmly on the far right. Dupont-Aignant is a speck of very forgettable far right that basically doesn't exist outside of election times, and even then he's barely there. Roussel is unknown to most people, Montebourg has the charisma of an old wet sock, Melenchon praised South-American dictators several times and wanted us to buy Cuba's vaccine (which we never heard of outside of that one particular comment) and Jadot is at the helm of an ideologically rigid version of ecology that despises modernity and wants us all to live in huts with no electricity (I am barely exaggerating, many people in his party are in favour of "decroissance", which means basically they think they can control a recession). That leaves Hidalgo, Macron and Bertrand. Hidalgo is unknown outside of Paris and widely disliked inside of Paris. She's also expressed closeness with some questionable mouvements and associations, including some that participated in marches organized by islamist movements. Bertrand has proven himself inept and unreliable several times, and you need to find unseasoned cucumbers to be the height of the culinary arts to find him interesting. That leaves Macron, who didn't do enough on the social side in my opinion, but has proven able to do at least some good things for the economy and, more importantly, isn't a populist. I'm not happy with any of the candidates, but there's one I dislike less.


>I'm not happy with any of the candidates, but there's one I dislike less. You speak like a french voter.


>You speak like a ~~French~~ voter FTFY


Tbf, in some nations it shouldn’t be really relevant who the top person of a party is. Doesn’t work of course in presidential systems like here.


> Doesn’t work of course in presidential systems like here. I'd say it's the same thing with parliamentary system as well, just not official. You can see it with the CDU and Angela Merkel. Parties always end up with one or two figureheads that end up in the spotlight. People don't know their parties, don't know their policies (beyond a few slogans), don't know the members of the parties - most times don't even know which member of the party in their local constituency they are voting for. But they know the party figurehead (usually the leader as well) and vote based on that.


More like any voter. I'm like this too. That's why when asking me what "side you are you on" i always reply with "the one that i dislike less"


"None, I want these *policies* enacted and there *laws* applied, and I don't give a hoot about 'who' does it as long as they do get it done."


Right on. I'm always surprised how so many people say they won't vote X because of how they come across on TV.


Décroissance sounds like getting rid of all croissants in France. That would be a huge tragedy


Bastille 2.0


That's probably a part of it, knowing just how killjoy-y they are.


How did Hidalgo become mayor of Paris is she is widely disliked? Genuine question here, is it because the PS put her on the ballot and the voters vote by party? Most things I hear about her sound like she’s pushing some very reasonable though highly inconvenient policies regarding climate, traffic and noise. Living in a noisy and noxious city myself, I am actually intrigued by her project of using traffic cameras triggered by loud vehicles instead of fast ones.


>How did Hidalgo become mayor of Paris is she is widely disliked? Well, she ran against a fragmented opposition, most of whose candidates were even more disliked. Above all, OP isn't exactly correct in saying that she's widely disliked *in* Paris. She isn't disliked as much by the people living in Paris as by the people living *around* Paris, who are more numerous (Paris proper is relatively small) and widely *loathe* her.




She’s won what 2 elections in Paris ? She’s liked a lot more than people give her credit for


But she has absolutely no national image at all. Parisians don't make you win an election, and almost nobody outside of Paris will vote for her. This choice from the PS is a real aberration, and a further proof that this party is widely disconnected from its electoral base for some years now. They really should have stayed on the down low for a few years and join Jadot or Macron (which is, with the right shift that took the PS, the same policies nowadays). For once I really don't have a candidate that I have a minimum of sympathy for. Well, maybe Poutou because he's free to actually talk and denounce, but in reality they have no program at all...


She is widely disliked by people who regularly use cars in Paris, and those people tend to be very vocal. People who rarely use cars don't mind her or enjoy some of the things she did


How is Hidalgo disliked in Paris, she won both her elections by over 10 percentage points?


She is not disliked in paris. But she is very disliked by all the people leaving in Paris suburds, who do not vote for Paris election. Paris is only two million people, but when you add the suburds it's more than 10 millions. Add to that the fact that she fight cars in Paris, so many people leaving in campaign really dislike her for that (in many campain cars are seen has vital, you often offer a car or pay for the permit to your child when they become 18). She may seduce some people leaving in the heart of other big cities (Lyon, Bordeau, Lille, Nantes) but it will not be enough to win.


The problem is that the actual town of Paris is very small compared to the real size of the metropole. Her policies are aimed toward rich, left leaning people that are the majority in Paris center but it's pretty much fucking over most people that live outside of the city center.


Metro area vs city


>That leaves Macron, who didn't do enough on the social side in my opinion, but has proven able to do at least some good things for the economy and, more importantly, isn't a populist. To be fair, he also did quite well representing France on the international stage in the last four years (though of course recently, election mania has kicked in and suddenly they slightly overreact to everything that happens, some recent incidents excluded)!


> he also did quite well representing France on the international stage in the last four years By constantly contradicting himself if you look at what he did in his own country. He's a sweet-talker before anything else, and yet it's the one who benefits the most from those situations.


>I'm not happy with any of the candidates French guy admits being French. More at 9.


In my opinion Macron has been one of the more sane world leaders in recent years.


The scary thing is how low this puts the bar...


It really is. All you need to be is somewhat reasonable / not an extremist, kind of know what you're doing, and actually stand for something other than "whatever gets the most votes atm".


Though Merkel leads that classification like Armstrong used to lead the Tour de France. That woman is *aggressively* sane. She's not always right, mind, you, far from it, but she's **grounded**.


The populist decision to end nuclear energy was one of the most insane things I've ever seen a leader do tbh


Grounded in the sense of immovable? Her political career was built on waiting until time running out chose for her. Her inability to give a clear direction put Germany behind by at least 10 years in technology, digitalisation, social reforms, education and green energy amongst other things.


True, no dramatic new improvements were achieved, but there is also no dramatic drama, nor people having a horrible life because of her, and as said she brought stability to a continent which is can be best described as a pub fight. This puts her far above any other leader currently around.


Yeah during her time as a chancellor we haven't seen too many issues. But her inaction will lead to hundereds of thousands of pensioners not being able to afford basic necessities. We'll see this stuff popping out over the next 10-20 years and even though it's largely going to be her fault as she didn't push for reforms as they were needed we'll just blame whoever is in power then.


Correct. Many people don't like Macron personally, or are genuinely opposed his free-market economics, but you don't feel like he is going to embarass the country on the world stage, or promise simple solutions to complex problems and find a scapegoat to blame when they inevitably fail. It sounds like a low bar, but the rest of the world shows the value of clearing it. Bertrand comes from the center-right party that has governed for most of the past 60 years. Hidalgo comes from the once-mainstream left-wing party and that 5% is shockingly low. All the others are from parties that have never governed, and don't particularly sound like they would be good at it, in my opinion.


please, one that want to work with eu, please


Probably one of the middle 5, then The two on left see the EU as too much of a corporate playground and the right as the next USSR. Technically Lepen has said she no longer wants Frexit but I wouldn't risk my vote on it. JLM want us out of the EU and closer to something like Mercosur.


Middle 5 with an even number of candidates?


Jadot to Bertrand


I take your meaning. I did say 'the two on the left' see it as X but yeah i should have been clearer


Wow, Mercosur is a total disaster, how even.


Melenchon is a total disaster too, so there is that...


> closer to something like Mercosur. No, not even that, but [ALBA](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ALBA), which is a similar organisation, but with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and other small Caribbean islands.


Mercosur was the Plan B. Their reasoning was that they prefered the ALBA to Mercosur because it was non-profit motivated, but were not oppoed to Mercosur


Mercosur...Bruh...Does JLM read the news?


He calls nuclear power primitive technology sooo


he reads what he wants to see, Apparently we should be more like Cuba who by the way have a vaccine for Lung cancer that they are willing to share with us but not through companies like Sanofi cause they would prefer a relationship based on the treatment of illness not the relaisation of corporate profits. Also we should buy our vaccines from Russia and China. ' Keeping in mind that he was entertaining anti-vax discussions roughly 7 months ago.


Please no


Macron running circles around the left and right. Based Jupiterian.


Looking pretty smug in the photo as well, like he enjoys seeing the left completely fractured and Zemmour stealing votes from Le Pen and ultimately condemning both


Not condemning both unfortunately, one of the two will go against Macron and both voter bases will go along.


So is a macron win secure or what?


It never is. Last election was also a secure win for Alain Juppé, and then for François Fillon, and we know how it went. The one before was a sure win for DSK. 2002 was a sure win for Lionel Jospin, etc.


Not really. The best scenario for him is going against Lepen because he already beat her in 2017. However: * Against Zemmour it's hard to know because he's kind of a wild card * Against traditional right-wing (not extreme right) such as Xavier Bertrand, it would be very difficult for him because it would be a very similar program with the advantage of "not being Macron"


Chances of having two center right candidates both in the second turn are very low though.


Not really, Xavier Bertrand have never been 2nd in a poll but he's often in the error margin with Lepen and Zemmour all 3 around 15%. The score needed to qualify for 2nd round will be much lower than usual. And of course, a lot can happen until the election.


Not really but it’s definitely the most probable.


He is the most likely but surprises happen.


We don't know what can happen. We had the DSK scandal (he was the favorite to be the candidate of the left and even win the election), then we had the Fillon case. We are waiting for the next event that will change the game. Usually at the beginning of the next year


A few polls gave Zemmour / Le Pen at 45% in 2nd round, and Macron 55%. A few polls showed that over 65% of French people are worried about immigration as it's now. It's a clear majority. (Honestly almost everyone here knows there is something that needs to be done about it, and that's the only reason Zemmour/Le Pen keeps getting higher every terms.) So basically if Zemmour plays his cards right about other matters, he could have a chance. But he's being a child right now with silly scandals like when he pointed sniper at a journalist during the 'Global Event on State Safety and Homeland Security'(translated it on deepl). 'Humor' he claims, yeah quit that shit. I'm a bit disappointed, because he has knowledge and culture, he's nothing like a Trump, but recently he acts more and more like one. I hope he'll quit this stupid attitude. However, you know Macron had many scandals during his term, and we forgot about every single one. People will forget about what Zemmour did, and the last thing they'll remember is what happens in the last couple months prior election.


Zemmour will be someone to be reckoned with during the upcoming election. This is no fluke and he is absolutely devastating in debates.


A debate with Zemmour would be way more challenging for Macron compared to Le Pen


Who's actually more on the right, him or Le Pen?


They are kinda on the same point on the political spectrum but Le Pen is more looking for compromises and moderation whereas Zemmour wants the Republic to be mighty with no compromise toward the minorities.


Do president of France have much power without parliament?


No, but usually the president's party has a parliamentary majority because the parliamentary election is held right after the presidential election.


Since Chirac got national legislative election synchronised right after the presidential election, the president always had a majority of deputies to work with. I don't see that changing soon. Macron got elected in 2017 and got a wide majority even with a lot of noob deputies that know nothing about politics, but are willing to say yes to him.


French president has more power than the us president


In one of his speeches he said he wanted northen italy to be part of france. Quite a wtf


To be fair, it's not like coveting your neighboring country's land has ever hurt anybody in Europe, right?


Exactly It has been too long Time to revive the old european tradition of starting some great war^/s


Hungarian politicians have been saying the same about Transylvania for decades because it attracts votes. Romanian politicians wanting to assimilate Moldova are also gaining a lot in the polls here. Everyone wants a piece of the neighbours. Welcome to the club.


Why In the world would anyone want Moldova?


so they can crush with FC Sheriff




He is devastating in debates about immigration because that’s a topic he has been broaching for decades as a right wing TV pundit. But in order to win he will have to talk about something else at some point though and he may not be as good then.


Debate about Ecology ? => Less immigration = less pollution Debate about Economy ? => Less immigration = more job for the locals Debate about Europe ? => Less immigration = need to work with Europe for that Debate about Healthcare ? => Less immigration = more money for the public healthcare Debate about Education ? => Less immigration = less problem in schools. etc. etc.


Hum not sure about that. Récent élections in other contries showed that you can win this poker game with one card in hand and a big mouth.


Count Douku is doing well on 16%


Wow Xavier Bertrand aged poorly in the past 5 years or so. That or I didn't turn on the TV for longer than I thought


The colours of the parties kinda reminds me of Kaiserreich.... Is the one in the right a National Populist? /s




I mean no matter what you think of Macron’s policies he’s a fantastic statesman. He’s an excellent orator, and unapologetically defends french values and speaks with an air of authority that’s sorely missing in my own country. I don’t agree with his economic policies, but I wish we had a strong leader like Macron in my own country.


I disapprove of his economic policies, but I have nothing but praises for his defense of French and Western values over the years, as well as his managing of foreign affairs. Like many I prefer him over the rest of the candidates.


An American tried to tell me once that the US created the worlds first president called president as head of state. That's how twisted their propaganda machine is. Edit: I believe the worlds first president was in ancient rome as head of state and they even called him Mr.


50% no vote


Le Pen just meet with Polish PM in a show of support. Her party is in coalition with PiS. If she wins French elections she will most likely use French courts the way PiS used Polish Tribunal. This would be the end of EU. Same with Zemmour.


Except she's more or less broke. Her campaign has been running on fumes since campaign finance reform prohibited her primary source of income (Moscow).


Fortunatly Zemmour said he want to stay in Eu in a recent interview so if it's him, even tho it would rly sucks in my opinion france should stay european


Look at it from the other way: Polish PM met with a French presidential candidate who might even end up third or worse in the elections. The same PM's government did not initially recognize the results of US elections, hoping that Trump would still win. No wonder they have no real allies (except when Orban needs the to keep himself safe)


More than 2 choices? Cool 👍


The guy in the first 4 photos was smart, just changing his clothes so he looks like different people. Extra points for the glasses.


I’m confused… you mean there aren’t two choices shoved down your throat every time?


There was... up until centrist Macron destroyed the old left-rigt paradigm. Now the PS (traditional left party) is at 5% and the LR (traditional right party) is but the shadow of itself.


Leftists on suicide watch


Who's that new nosferatu-looking zemmur fella?


I thought Barnier was running?


He could be chosen by LR instead of Bertrand. Here's how it'd look like: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FCSFbG7WEAUdsoZ?format=jpg&name=large


Where's Jeb!?