cops, firefighters, and first responders in Canada gather for a silent protest against vaccine mandates

cops, firefighters, and first responders in Canada gather for a silent protest against vaccine mandates

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Aren't EMTs already required to get certain vaccines as part of their job? I'd imagine at least Hepatitis?


My daughter is currently in school to become an EMT. She needs to have all her vaccinations, including the covid one. She's has them all but we don't records of them so she's got to get blood work to prove she has them and she will get whatever ones she needs (like she hasn't had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years so she'll need that one). She will need to work her second Covid shot in there as well (there's a waiting period between some of them)


The paperwork is probably more worthy of a protest than getting the actual vaccine.


I think the whole point is undeniable proof instead of just blindly accepting when someone says that they are vaccinated.


I was being facetious 😐


Sorry. My bad. Hard to read things that way lately. Everything has been headache inducing.


Lol no prob. I just fixed an embarrassing typo


Bro... Jokes are no longer jokes. They're real life! 😭


If she got them from a doctor’s office they should be able to print her a list.


Some came from a doctor, some from public health, some are done with nurses going into the schools.


Yup. The requirements actually start as soon as you begin EMT training at the lowest level, too. There are more shots you have to get once you actually get a job, but the basic ones are still there from the beginning, including the covid shot for many places


Yeah I don’t understand the big issue with vaccines. I do ultrasound and I had to get all my vaccines before I could do any clinicals.


It’s not about vaccines. I guaranteed you most of the people standing there have been vaccinated before.


Its not about the vaccine. Once right wing/conservative pundits all over the world started raging about the pandemic and how giving in to actually stop the spread would lead to tyranny these idiots were all in on the crap.


You are correct in this, also some may see a group of people in critical roles standing up for their rights I only see a group of passive offensive people quitting their jobs. They need other jobs away from those they are hurting through indifference.


Eeh fire them and offer good incentives to train and hire new people


Nationalists and xenophobes need a hill to die on


Wait, you’re making sense. That’s not allowed during protests.


You have to get vaccinated in the state of WA to be a medical cannabis consultant, for Christ’s sake


So are nurses, doctors, PAs, NPs…


I'm a care worker and I even had to get all the Hep vaccines for my job.


Where I live there's an extensive vaccination plan that is semi-obligatory for all citizens, long before COVID. I know, the absolute horror, we're all mutated aliens over here.


In the military, I needed all my shots. Moving around a lot, I lost my needle book (vaccine records) a couple of times. I had to be fully vaccinated against everything they had an immunisation for on several occasions. This was like 4-6 needles over 2 days, plus going back for hep B boosters - several times. No time off for being an idiot and needing to be re-vaccinated either. I really don't get what the big deal is with vaccine mandates...it's pretty clear that it's in the vast majority of people's best interests.


Yeah, but that was BEFORE Covid. It’s different now!


Yeah, but I suppose they are against the general populace being forced to be vaccinated.


Yuppers, they sure are.




Please forgive me. It was a weak moment.


How many do you think are actually first responders cops or firefighters?


I also wonder how many of them are now unemployed first responders, cops or firefighters


Promoted to customer


These are cops and firefighters though. Promoted to victim?


eeh, potato potaato


I was going a more morbid thought. How many do you think will die in the next month or so?


I’m not sure about Canada, but I’m a cop in a large city department I’m the US and there are plenty of people in our department opposed to the vaccine, or opposed to the vaccine mandate.




Huh, I looked it up and your right. Didn't look up the validity of this source though https://www.odmp.org/search/year


Knowing american cops looking this up was absolutely unnecessary lol


At least it’s going to weed out the stupid ones. If you’re that dumb you don’t deserve that job or the gun that goes with it


in their mind theyre already doing that.


Yeah in their mind, not reality


No offense to you but cops are generally on the side of those with the worst political and social views so not surprising.


Hey, I’m sure getting a tour of a fire engine when they were 8 counts for something


Maybe 1% of them


As a very Canadian Canadian.....I am so embarrassed by this.


So where’s the “so sorry, eh”? /s


I'm so sorry I didn't say so sorry. So sorry. Eh?


Canada what's happened to you? you were our escape plan 😭


I heard on a podcast today, (forgot who said it) but people would always tell him "if you hate America so much why don't you leave?" and he would say "because I don't want to be a victim of America's foreign policy" lol


lol I'm stealing that


Also the fact that they charge you $25k or more to renounce citizenship.


Wait what? You have to PAY to RENOUNCE citizenship?? Shit... I desperately want to move back to AU and stay there if I can, marry a nice aussie... but I'll have to pay the US if my daughter and I want to become AU citizens? Eta: its $2350. Used to only be 300-400 but they upped it recently because of "paperwork".


Your media is infectious.


When in reality people don't realize Canada is full of racist drunks, they just have a different flavor than American racist drunks


Its like people forgot that not that long ago we found out Canada had schools for indigenous children and just had multiple of those children killed.


Haaaaa ‘schools’ Saw a couple of conservative articles saying it was accidental deaths and it was an overreaction to call it genocide. It was literally written that the intention was to “remove the Indian from the child”


> they just have a different flavor than American racist drunks it's really not that different of a flavour


We need a vaccine against our media


Somebody needs to incept Rupert murdoch


I've actually heard that Rupert Murdoch has effectively lost control of Fox News. Not that he doesn't own it still but that he's essentially been shut out of the decision making process at the network. Essentially it turned into a choice between profits or ethical concerns for him. And being the good capitalist he is he chose profits.


Start with Fox ..


They already have a vaccine mandate for Fox employees, so this works.


Isn't it completely batshit crazy that all these right wing anti vaxxers worship a group of people who have been vaccinated for months? How easily duped and stupid at these folks? Just when I think they've hit bottom, they set the bar even lower.


Id take a vaccine against the FoxPox as soon as it came out!


It's already out a long time ago, called "being in Europe and not having access to stupid channels, just channels with stupid people in them". To that regard I'm so glad foxnews isn't broadcasting internationally.


Don’t fucking stop there. Fox & CNN execs share 24k gold framed coke-mirrors, they are not our ally. Burn them all down 🔥


False equivalence. Here's why. Even if Fox and CNN were identical in their disinformation (they aren't), the left has far more diversity in their news consumption than the right, mitigating the harmful effects. This has been studied and clearly demonstrated. The only time the right goes to other sources is when fox doesn't go far enough down the rabbit hole. The left generally looks for additional sources, even contradictory ones. Edit: love the feedback! I don't believe a single person asking for a source gives 2 shits about sources in general. Instead of throwing paint at this wall, consider a critical evaluation of your own information bubble. Have a wonderful life!


Exactly. Calling ivermectin a horse dewormer is not the same as claiming rigged election or claiming vaccines are dangerous. The shit with Obama's birth certificate, like wtf.. Every one I know who likes FOX are literal scumbags lol.


I like my dad too . It’s very hard for me to reconcile knowing that his perspective of the world is shaped by them (Fox) I’m very very lucky though that my dad doesn’t talk about stuff like that, and out of respect I don’t either . We can have a conversation without talking about Trump.


Yup, when I do research on a topic I read the articles that disagree with me and then look into the points they’re making. My grandma just sends me videos of Tucker and Laura Ingraham telling them what’s going on and why they should be upset


CNN isn't left. All corporate media are hard core capitalist. Name me one network with a labour report. They all have business reports.


This. CNN is clearly biased and uses fear and emotion for views, but fox news is unacceptable.


CNN is biased against the left as well as the right and biased heavily towards corporate interests and those lovely profit-making wars which make people consume more news. CNN is no left-wing paradise. I actually use people's views of the channel as a yard-stick. The more convinced they are CNN is communist propaganda, the more lost to reality they've become.


This, right here. CNN sucks, but leftist? No, not at all. Center right capitalists. Just like like majority of the democratic party.


Fox and CNN don't compare.


Mandatory critical thinking classes in high school?


They don't even have to be mandatory. Just make them semi-universal. If you have a hard time with a particular subject you can substitute critical thinking for that subject. That would have infinitely more value than struggling through math or chemistry just enough to pass and then forgetting everything you just memorized. The "news" doesn't care about keeping you informed, the healthcare industry doesn't care about keeping you healthy, the police don't care about your safety, and the schools don't care about your ability to learn. It sucks, but I taught myself critical thinking as an adult and I can't find any evidence to the contrary.


Faux news is a cancer and can metastasize unfortunately..


I blame....Australia.


Everywhere Rupert Murdoch has his hands, has the same issues


There have been protests & marches all over the world, prior to any U.S. demonstrations. Don’t put that shit on us, we have our own shitty-anus’ to deal with. Blame Australia or England, hell even the French……since that’s the news some in Quebec watch. They all did it first.


“We didn’t start the fire…”


We didn’t try to fight it either


From what I've read most of these people are not frontline workers. They are protesting for the frontline workers. Trust me, we're 80% double vaxxed in Canada.


[this article](https://globalnews.ca/news/8186655/covid-vaccine-mandate-toronto-emergency-workers/amp/#aoh=16316221794206&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&_tf=From%20%251%24s) could be wrong, but: >According to a banner being held by a couple of participants, it said they were a part of an organization called Police on Guard — a group strongly against government COVID-19 lockdowns and certain other public health-related actions — and that the group is made up of “active and retired police officers who have assembled for truth and justice for all members.”


Should consist of fired and kicked out of the force for being stupid shit


Antivaxxers lying? Impossible


Yeah well no one is expecting a bunch of cops to be particularly bright…


You are correct


There is a reasonable larger push back to mandatory vaccines for police in particular. Also 69 percent of Canada is doubled vaccinated atm. We are not close to 80 percent. You may be saying eligible people which is around 78 percent last I checked.


Cause police and police unions in Canada aren't much different than the US. Protect bad apples, push out good and serve only themselves and the rich. The cops here though focus more on corruption and abusive behaviour rather than straight up making it a contest to see how many black people they can murder and get away with it.


Yeah police are kind of the same anywhere in North America. Wannabe military people.


These look like Ontario backwoods people. Every country has them.


Are they from the Deep North?


Degens from upcountry


I hates fuckin degens from ups countries


I fucking hate degens from upcountry.


Great fishing in Quebec tho


Oh I loves fishing in Quebec


We’re our own boatload of fucking stupid. Protests against vaccine mandates are outside of hospitals right now. Of all the fucking places in the country to hold a protest, they choose a hospital. Fucking brilliant /s.


As a Canadian, I’m super surprised how many asshats we have. I knew we’d have a few people spew their tinfoil hat, butt hurt, selfish narratives. But this many brainwashed troglodytes? Just thought we had more educated, and decent population.


As a Canadian that worked at a gas station for 8 years with only regulars that came in, I got to know everyone's names. I learned so many of our 'normal' people (school board workers, housing market peeps etc) are starting to believe conspiracy theories. Especially the 40-60s... I don't know what it is. This was before covid and I'm not surprised.


I’m in Ottawa. All the anti-mask protests I’ve seen always have about three trump flags. There’s a weekly protest in front of the CTV studio demanding the, and I quote, “fucking r****ds” from CTV come out to answer to them. Only positive thing I get from this is there’s usually no more than 15 people, CTV ignores them and there are very few honks. The stupid lives here too.


Also worth noting that at least they’re distanced


Stupidity is even more contagious than Covid…


Yea, isn't their slogan "we're better than the US"? gonna have to change that to "at least we dont have hella school shootings.."


I’m Canadian and this is so disappointing to me. So, so disappointing.


Tiny percentage of the population. They are just a very loud group. Love that they have adopted the idea of a "silent" protest. The protests at the hospital were deplorable.


We’re over 80% full vaxxed so I would say this is a very small amount of people, still much better then the US


Somehow I don’t think silently standing in a group of people who all think the same as you is going to have any effect.


Honestly I don’t mind this, it’s nice to see them shut the fuck up for once


Afterwards they went and continued the protest non-silently in front of a hospital, so we can't heap too much praise on them


Oh. Good to know. I was about to say good for them for at least protesting well but...alas disappointment continues


My thoughts exactly. Just continue shutting the fuck up and we’re all good.


Shhhh don’t tell them


It would be even more effective if they did it on a big boat out in the ocean but don't tell them or they might convince me to have my chip removed.


I don’t know why but your comment and this protest reminded me of this https://youtu.be/ZSkik6EUQUc


Enjoyed that.


I mean, they did at least try to distance a bit. Not sure it's a full 6 feet on some of them, but at least they aren't literally shoulder to shoulder. And by being silent, they are less likely to spread it than shouting. So while this is stupid, it is still smarter than anything I've seen in the US.


They had their voices heard after this ‘silent protest’ when they moved over to protest in front of hospitals.


Let's not mock their style of protest. They're following all the rules necessary. They are outdoors, they are 6 ft apart and they're not doing it in front of hospitals. I may not agree with them, but it is their right to protest in this way and I respect that.


Strongly disagree with this reasoning. While I am fully vaccinated and all for it, opposing a mandate is totally a respectable opinion if you believe that people should have their own choice. Even if you don't think so you must admit, that these people are - at least at that moment - respectfully expressing their opinion, trying to keep some distance and they are not harassing anyone, destroying anyone's property or storming any buildings. This is the type of protest I fully respect even though I disagree with their cause


Media went through the group and couldn't find ONE, NOT A SINGLE PERSON, who was a cop firefighter or first responder. NOT ONE.


Ugh Edit: my friend’s husband in his 30’s. Is in the ICU for over 40 days now. Somehow he is still fighting to live. Just because you didn’t get sick and die doesn’t mean you won’t infect someone else and cause them to die. Edit 2: it’s not about being right or wrong it’s about having compassion for others and not believing internet misinformation (fear drives this) Edit 3: my friend’s husband is off the vent. He is a miracle!!!! Still has a lot of brain fog after over a month on the vent. Still has to fight his way back through rehabilitation and physical therapy. Will probably take a few months. Please don’t let this be you or someone you know!


Yes but you forget, it’s THEIR freedom to infect someone and put a life in jeopardy.


To them it is right and wrong . They’re literally dying to own the libs. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Hasn't one of the vaccines been officially been approved by the FDA? That was the major sticking point for most people that were not anti vaxxers. So what the fuck is actually happening?


The FDA is only for the US correct? I’m willing to bet that a lot of these people are PPC supporters though(Canadian Far-Right)


Correct the FDA is American...but it has also been approved by health Canada (our FDA) so these guys are just stupid.


I've learned that several of the agencies around the world just act as authorities on things. I work in aerospace and we get repairs from all over the world (not *everywhere* but a number of places), and it amuses me how many countries just point to either the FAA or EASA (European equivalent) for their aerospace rules. Even the FAA and EASA are just rough equivalents of each other. If the USA FDA approves something, that may be enough for neighboring countries to say "well since those guys did it, based on these published standards (pointing to the CFR, etc), we'll just use review their data, add our own on, and expedite the approval based on that."


Health Canada does their own review unless the drug company files under a special pathway that enables co-review of a submission for many countries at once (orbis is the name of the mechanism btw). So while the FDA decision may signal it is likely to be approved in Canada, we have our own review happening independently and there are instances where the verdict has differed.


Also Health Canada Approved Moderna before the FDA did.


Yes this. I work for a healthcare related company. Many countries, especially developing ones, rely on FDA and other outside government approval and research. It’s really time and money intensive to verify these things on their own sometimes.


Goalpost being moved. It could be 100 years later and it would be about long term effects to 101 years later.




You're searching for logic where there is none. The FDA was just the current excuse these people were parroting. The hive mind will find some new excuse and everyone will start parroting that one instead.


A few months ago: “this shit’s not even FDA approved yet! Come back when you have that going for you.” Now: “forget what I said, unless Jesus Christ himself gets the shot, I’m not budging.” Months from now, after Jesus returns two millennia after dying: “I never even really cared about that Jesus guy anyway, God’s the one that matters, and I don’t see him with an ‘I got vaccinated’ sticker!”


‘How can the FDA approve of a vaccine that’s not safe? They’re giving in to those liberal demands to control us!’ That’s what happened


It's like when a doomsday cult reaches their rapture date and nothing happens. They just move the goal post and continue their delusion.


[Here we go!](https://youtu.be/ysz0ZBVU1yQ)


I'm a first responder, vaccinated, and I think this is disgusting.


Plot twist: they are prob mostly vaccinated.


Probably not really first responders


Nobody is verifying...


They don't put in mandates if people are getting vaccinated.


No, agreed. But, I really feel people are lying about it. It’s a lie you can tell and never be found out. That way you get to be safe AND be an asshole starting shit.


See the entire staff up at Fox News for example


See any of the well know A-list conservatives . Almost all of them are vaccinated because as a good dealer knows you don't take your own product. It is all the C and D list ones that are dying from covid since they use their own supply of BS


So many conservative radio hosts are dying each week. If I was one them, I’d probably be secretly vaxxed because Covid sure seems to have it in for them in particular.


Search and rescue EMT here. Vaccinated. Pissed off. Any front line medical worker refusing the vaccine should be fired. If your aren't willing to take reasonable steps to stop yourself from being a disease vector, you don't belong in this job.


ICU physician, vaccinated the moment it was available to me, and I agree. These people are a stain.


I was a frontline worker until the stress drove me into a mental breakdown... I'm fully vaxxed. I can't even find the words for how much this angers me.


I am concerned about the effect covid is going to have on doctors and nurses and other hospital staff. There's only so much a human being can take.


Also Frontline worker, this is stupid. It blows my mind people who work in a hospital protesting the vaccine. How do you not see the huge number of covid cases in the ICU, all unvaccinated idiots and think a mandate is not needed. Government imposes tons of crap that is in the public interest. You can't drink and drive, you have to wear clothes in public, you can't swear in public, you even have to get other vaccines at school, military and various police forces to join. Ugh. Turn off Fox News and think for yourself. Idiots.


You know who else thought it was their right to work? Typhoid Mary. That’s what these people are equivalent to. [History repeating itself](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Mallon)


They put a huge amount of effort into containing her. The reality was that in an era with zero social safety net she needed to work and she was finding the best work she could. If the government had simply paid her to not work the problem largely would have gone away. Seeing that she was killing rich families primarily I suspect any one of them would have paid her lifetimes worth of money if they could get their loved ones back. A fair chunk of the of the original wave was when we were failing to actually do the whole "2 weeks to beat the curve BS." If the government had paid potentially sick people to not go to their jobs along with a very punitive set of measures against employers who forced sick workers to go to work, then it might have actually worked. The bureaucrats and white collar boomers often had no problem working from home with their work even taking extraordinary measures such as buying them shiny new workstations etc. I know boomers who are saying, "My savings in the last two years have gone through the roof with no vacations, no dinners out, no commuting, etc" These same decision makers ignored the people who work at places like meat packing plants who live paycheque to paycheque and have work policies like (15 minutes late and we take away a shift). In these places if you call in sick you are going to get reduced hours for a while or the crap night shifts. This is the sort of thing that means your kid doesn't get to go to the dentist because "his face hurts".


Yup, short sightedness of political systems. Invest more in education now have a more productive workforce in 20 years time. Support families put of poverty, have a much lower prison population in 20 years time. Provide good health care and mental health care, keep people in the workforce and off welfare for life.


Future r/hermancainaward winners


The video is thorough enough to set up a bunch of bingo cards with them on it


Is it me, or even the anti-scientific morons in canada are more polite and organized?


I was just thinking that: at least they're doing this outdoors with proper ventilation, and they're maintaining some social distancing.


That lasted only briefly till they moved on from the Provincial Govt building to protest loudly outside hospitals in the area, blocking access to healthcare. Fuck them.


That figures.


It's just American standards to destroy shit and then argue who is bigger terrorist in country


Oh don’t worry it didn’t stay this way. After they finished their “silent protest” they moved over to a hospital in Toronto and were not so silent. Then nurses and doctors came out to counter protest. They’re blocking hospitals. This was just one small moment of the day




They are also spread out to look like there are more people than there really are. But hey! Social distancing!




Alberta translates to Alabama in the Canadian language…


This happened in Ontario though.


True. But this took place in Toronto yesterday at Queens Park and then moved over in front of the hospitals…. I have a hard time believing they’re front line workers when they protest in front of hospitals






That’s pretty much the majority of middle aged men in North America.


Hey, I resemble this comment!


Lol. Got that t shirt you think is hiding that gut but it’s not? Shorts and sneakers. Women only fuck us because there are not enough alternatives. Lol.


Tag your uncles!


Yes, let’s protest a vaccine that saves your life as well as others. Jesus what the fuck. What the fuck.


They're literal children, they don't like being told what to do, even if it saves them.


I'm a first responder in Canada and these morons don't represent us in the slightest. Fire the lot of them for their stupidity. Also the attire is cringe worthy.


I think all the smoke inhalation an bullets flying at them is more concerning than a little vaccine


That’s quite a collection of stupid assholes!


Bunch of toddlers refusing to eat their broccoli


I wonder how many of these actually work in a hospital setting, and are aware of what their ICUs are like with covid patients.


Quit then. We don’t want you.


They think they have big balls. They should’ve did this protest in a covid ICU unit without masks




Many Albertans are trash but some of us are here trying to make it better. Also people are saying this is TO?


so like..... the Florida of Canada?


Lines up better with Texas imo.


Alberta is the Texas of Canada but you can definitely mix some other states mentalities in there too. Just oil and cowboys, baby


Every single one of them should be fired and permanently banned from ever being a first responder or a healthcare worker again. Fucking plague rats.


Don’t they have to be vaccinated with prior vaccinations to have even gotten the job?


Imagine getting pulled from a burning building only to have one of the first responders cough on you so you catch covid and die. Epic


At least they’re doing this in a very typical Canadian way, being real quiet and polite. Stupid… but politely stupid


Right after this they actually marched down the hospital corridor in the city and were disrupting services. They were also stopping health workers on their way to their jobs and harassing them... This was just for the media I suppose...nothing polite about these asshats.


I've been spat at, mocked, had coffee thrown at me, been "baaaaaaa'd" at... All because I worked in a nursing home and was trying my best to help during this


Every one of the public servants should be fired. They are willfully endangering the public they are supposed to be serving. There are plenty of jobs they could do that do not involve interacting with the public. This is embarrassing and shameful.


As a public servant myself, this is truly embarrassing


At least they are social distancing