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What the actual fuck?


Look into training schedules for police around the world and the enrollment requirements compared to the USofA and it becomes a little clearer. Policing doesn't have to be this way.


Yeah in norway you gotta be in the Police academy for years before becoming a full Police officer


In most parts of the states you just need to drop out of high school.


You could drop out of a bull's ass and still become a cop


I’ll tell you what, you can get a good look at a t bone by sticking your head up a bulls ass but i’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.


Brothers don’t shake hands


Brothers hug. :)


RIP Chris Farley


Shits true is what’s disgusting.


This is beyond true after speaking to police officers


Exactly! Whereas in many other countries you need some sort of higher education. It makes sense not to have idiots as police or Congress women...


*Marjorie Taylor Greene has entered the chat*


I was thinking the Lauren B. Isn't it crazy this applies to more than one.


I think they both sit well in that group


Right! Its funny how they uphold the "law" and yet I have never heard of police going to law school.


That's not always true, in some places you have to also be friends with the guy who gets elected sheriff


They can also take down people with knives without pumping them full of lead


Imagine how effective they are with disabled people in wheelchairs!


Swede here, same here! About 3-4 years


He suddenly rebembered... a zombie movie and cuffed him for when he resurrects.


I’m sorry but that entire country needs a “re-make”


Stupid cop


How 50 really got shot 9 times


*handcuffs a dead guy* another days work boys!


Think they high fived after? Jesus


Yeah the high fived because they can write whatever they want on the police report now.


We did it Patrick, we saved the city!


He’s down, get him!


Bake him away, toys


“Sprinkle some crack on him and let’s get out of here”




Wtf did they shoot him? He wasn't a threat. Fuck this piece of shit.


He shot him nine fucking times. He mag dumped a dude in a rascal because he had a pocket knife and probably dementia.


A knife and he went from warning to shoot him nine times? No pepper spray like the did the nine year old or a tazer? He is rolling away so he dosent have the intent or capability to stab the officer.


A dude who can’t walk has a knife, just stand out of arms reach and you’re safe


Saw a guy in a wheel chair causing a fuss with a knife once. Two security guards grabbed him from behind and sat him on the ground, done...


Seriously. South Park has an episode that details exactly what to do here. Push the fucking rascal over. When real life starts to mimic an admittedly hilarious but obscene cartoon, you know things have really gone to shit.


The cop had a tazer but "in his mind, he couldn’t use it because he didn’t feel he had the proper spread to deploy it, with the wheelchair between him and Richards,”  https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/8819769002


Then walk around the mobility scooter moving slower than a snail. God fucking damn it. It's not like the dude was speeding out of there at top running speed, he was moving slower than my dead grandma.


Even if he was, last time I checked we don't sentence people to death for running, which makes this still....murder.


And then he’ll face no consequences. He’ll be declared a hero and a goFundMe will be set up for this officer with millions pouring for him just the way they did for Kyle.


Yeah then we can listen to right wingers argue for another year about why people are freaking out about our fine upstanding law enforcement (for, like, no reason!) again....spoiler alert, its gonna be because we hate America. Its always because we hate America.


Oh yeah it always comes down to we hate America and we should leave if we don’t like it here


That's insane when he literally put 9 rounds in him without going through the chair almost no problem. This guy needs to go to jail right now.


With a whole store's worth of people downwind. These two thugs were just fixing to murder someone, no matter the consequences.


Not to mention the long ass pause before the last shot


BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG… *better make sure…* **BANG** Like, seriously, wtf. Officer shot the dude eight times at close range, thought about it for a few seconds, and then shot the dude again. Was he worried he missed?


He apparently had a knife. Not sure how someone in a mobility scooter with a knife is a threat tho. ~ Police Chief Chris Magnus said in a press release. "Instead of providing the receipt, Mr. Richards brandished a knife and said, 'Here's your receipt.'"


Aerica needs better police training and evaluations or something is why, they didnt eventry to deescelate the situation,they escilated it and killed an innocent man,THEY LITTRALY SHOT FIRST AND ASKED QUESTIONS LATER "a shoplifter???!!??!! SHOOT HIM, SHOPLIFTING IS A DEATH PENALTY" and this is why im glad im not in america where anyone could have a gun and shoot you for any reason at any time.


I saw a video of how police is trained in the US and frankly I am no longer surprised of the results. They train exclusively on paranoical worst case scenario like in one of the simulations they were called because two wounded each other only to get stabbed by the caller and find out the wounded were faking it and shot everyone. If you train a police officer to be extremely paranoid to the point of seeing someone bleeding on the ground as a deadly threat to your entire squad then it is no surprise that they can't act proportionally to the real level of threat.


Idiots are indoctrinated that they are somehow a super creatures who everyone is jealous of and trying to take them down. Even doorkickers in warzone are not trained like them and have more de-escalation training. ​ We also have them idiots here in Europe, but they at least know that once they pull that gun out, the hammer would fall on their head so quick so they would take at least 10 seconds to think about before doing anything


And there's MAXIMUM IQ LIMITS in place for law enforcement in the USA. Not minimum, MAXIMUM! And the SCOTUS approved it. It's not surprising in the least that this happens, the cops are literally too dumb to figure out how to deescalate. It's by design. It's working exactly as intended.


The USA literally said "You're too much of a nerd to be a police officer, go do math, smarty"


wtf maximum?! forgive me for being skeptical but do you have some kind of source for this?


https://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836 Just type in "maximum IQ to be police officer" and there's pages of results. This is literally the first result.


well fuck me, its true! Its fuckin stupid but its true!


I know the feeling. Asinine, huh?


guess I'll add that to the "reasons not to visit the states" list and people say Australia has dangerous animals


Yeah, and then they explain that the person "wasn't following orders" or was "resisting arrest" like that has the punishment of summary execution. I would rather have freaking judge dredd who at least follows the fucking law if a bit of a scary concept in its self, than that bullshit of just shooting people.


When this happens in other countries, the media calls it extrajudicial killings.


Same here. Glad to not live in America. A few weeks ago there was a shooting at the highschool my cousin goes to in Texas by a kid that was getting bullied. His mom was terrified and was calling everyone she knew over here trying to calm herself down before the kids were out. I've never even seen a gun physically up close here in Kenya except on police and military dudes so it's just mind boggling how a student got his hands on one of those. I mean, our police are crappy as heck and never show up except for bribes, but I can at least confidently speak to them and even joke around with them without the fear of dying for no reason.


…..from behind too


Most likely due to having mental health issues, which seems to be a prerequisite for becoming a police officer in the US 🤦‍♂️


When all you want to do is shoot a gun every problem is seen as opportunity to use a gun. Only way to end this is removing qualified immunity and mandatory bodycam.


Bruh they started arresting a dead body


*potential zombie


I’m pretty sure they did way beyond a double tap


Should've gone for the head...


Kill em and cuff em


They are Americans what do you expect?


Nothing more than what i just witnessed.


... this just sucks. I hate my country.


More info please. This is so fucked up and disheartening…




Great he was fired, now lock the scumbag up for life. Why the fuck is this still a thing that happens?


Because the system is fucked up. It’s so so horrible how they are practically on top of a skyscraper compared to normal citizens when it comes to power and fair justice. They have no repercussions or consequences and there have been so many fucking idiots who I wish I could punch SO hard because they deserve to be in jail for the rest of their horrible and miserable fucking lives. And it’s very hard to think about the good cops when these idiots are so abundant. It’s gotten to the point where if I ever go to America, I WILL be very cautious with cops


Yes, lock him up, but fucking hell, hold his department responsible for allowing him to end up in a situation like this. There obviously needs to be broader repercussions on more than just the individual here.


"Had no non lethal options" ??? Even if he cant hit him with the taser he can literally just not shoot him and try to deescalate the situation/get in a better position to use his taser (which tbh i would judge as excessive force already, coming from germany). How the fuck does somebody get killed by a cop over stealing a idk max 80$ item and pulling a knife, that he clearly didnt even intend to use as he doesnt have it in his hands and is even trying to get away, if it even exists). That said i actually wouldnt blame the 2nd cop that arrived later, like wth is she supposed to do? Shoot the other cop, thats clearly not a sensible option and only leads to two dead instead of one.


He’s an old man on a goddamn rascal. Just kick him over to a side. Done. Crisis averted.


The article said "He had no non lethal options" So mag dumping a fucking man is ok? America justice system is fucked, surprised they are still slightly defending him


So for context, the guy in the wheelchair was apparently brandishing a knife (Because gunning down a guy who can't use his fucking legs armed with a short range weapon is a totally acceptable response as opposed to LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE!) The police department fired the officer immediately and the county attorneys office is looking more into the matter. Jesus fucking Christ.


Firing is step 1, murder charge should be next.


Step one is usually getting the biggest broom possible to sweep under rug. This is a rare sighting.


Ask him to drop knife, if he refuses Taser him then take the knife, arrest then take to station.


At least he’s been fired without the need for protest. We’ll see how that keeps going on.


Not only that, the guy in the wheelchair was moving *away* from the MF cop. The MF cop shot the wheelchair dude 9 times in his *back*. Even gangsters aren't that brutal (according to gangster movies and shows at least).


>"He did have a Taser, but in his mind, he couldn’t use it because he didn’t feel he had the proper spread to deploy it, with the wheelchair between him and Richards,” Storie said. HE WAS IN A FUCKING MOBILITY SCOOTER. Are they seriously going to believe that the officer was unable to fucking run in front of the scooter and tase the bastard? In any fair world the officer wouldn't have qualified immunity but who knows.


I worked with special needs children for a while in high school. Some of which were in wheelchairs, and some in scooters like this. Theres a fucking switch to turn it off. I had to do it when the kids had tempter tantrums and wanted to bolt. You walk up... flip the switch... boom. Immobilized. Amazing how i never had to shoot any of them 9 times.


You just didn't had a gun and, more importantly, legal immunity


Even more than that, i was born with empathy for other human beings.


Or just, I don't know...dump him out of the scooter. It's a dick move but it stops him and he is still alive.


In whose world is attempted murder a proportional response to alleged shoplifting? When people ask why I’ve got such little respect for American police, THIS is a prime example. I only respect the minority who respect human life.


I don’t think it was attempted. I think the guy was flat out murdered.


he attempted and succeeded.


Yea. 9 rounds point blank, that guy is dead.


How can you even respect the “good” ones knowing they brush shoulders with these types every day? Probably participate in the same fantasy football league and everything


Not all cops are bastards but the ones who aren’t are fired or jailed for "whistleblowing" about the fucked up things the police does


Thats what makes all cops bastards. The good ones barely last a year so all thats left are the bastards. You either get fired from the force as a good guy or stay as a bastard. Thats why you can say with confidence that all cops are bastards.


Blacks have been shot by police for...just being black. Just sayin'…


Badges don’t allow you to do this. I hope they are held responsible for this vile act.


The courts disagree. This is why they do this. Imagine the shit they'd say if there was no video evidence?


Yes they do. They do it all the time with those badges


Initial news reports said the man had a knife, I don't see a knife.


If you're pretty much confined to mobility chair/scooter, unless you're pointing a firearm right at me I don't think there's much else you could do that would feel threatening


Exactly he was already behind him, if you REALLY think he’s a threat, a little push on the back pits him out of his wheelchair, and then he can’t do anything. It would be fucked up, but at least he wouldn’t have 9 holes in him.


Exactly you would maybe lough your ass of as he tries to reach you, but you don't FUCKING START SHOOTING HIM!


What was he gonna do? Slowly joust them?


Even if he did have a knife, this shit is still unnecessary. The guy's in a fucking mobility scooter. He has more chance of hurting people with that than the knife. This has fucking pissed me off.


who cares hes in a wheelchair lmao, he could have a fucking machete and it still wouldn't matter


He could have a fucking light saber and it wouldn’t make a difference Well it might have, sneak attacks do exist


Accidentally grabbed his gun instead of his taser. Apparently only realized it after pulling the trigger 9 times and it didn’t taze the person…


No de-escalation skills leads to murders. This is not happening in all other 1st world countries.


I’m pretty sure all police officers get de-escalation training. Usually you can hear the training come through in these videos. The de-escalation is them saying “stop resisting” as they’re firing their guns. /s


You had me in the first half, not gon lie 🤣


The US is a third world country wearing an expensive coat


Third world countries are better educated than the US


But the majority of America can hardly be described as 1st World.


That's because in other world first countries you don't get handed a gun after 3 weeks of "training". In Germany for example vocational training is 3 years and only after 8 months or so you get to have your gun (under very heavy rules, having to track every single round of ammo, locking it away in a safe, having passed several physical and psychological tests etc). In the US? You can be a cop in 15 weeks.


Is it just me that finds it really fucking surreal that his PD just brushed it off as a policy violation and binned him? Like he’s been caught turning one up the wall in the ladies staff bogs and been let go due to policy violation. As far as I can see, this is murder, so why isn’t he already having his arsehole expanded in a jail cell? Sacking him is saying he’s probably guilty right, so is there a case coming?


Apparently the County is investigating for possible charges, so there might be a case coming... not gonna hold my breath though.


There seem to be as many criminals dressed in police uniform in America as not. Disgusting behaviour. The police at the top are as bad for letting this sort of behaviour carry on.


The cop who shot him was later fired and is facing criminal charges.


I mean that's the right solution in this case if the charges are first degree murder. Cops who do this are still no doubt emboldened by the others who get away with similar crimes and end up with either no charges and suspended pay while an internal investigation clears them or early retirement with a nice pension if the investigation doesn't clear them.


If you haven’t watched the video yet, I recommend you don’t. If you are still curious and can’t help yourself like me, you should know that you’re about to watch a blatant execution of a human being. It’s terrible.


No. Everyone should watch it. Everyone should see and remember what our cops are doing. No one should be able to forget the reality of what our police are really like


This one. Watch it on loop. Soak in it. Know that this is your reality. Get MAD.


Who the fuck added music to this? Why? Fuck these cops.


Polices are fucking stupid. That was a DISABLED PERSON and he shoot him 9 times as if that disabled person is a TERRORIST. How dumb fuck can people be?


This is America- Childish Gambino


Guns in my area


I got the strap I gotta carry em On a sidenote fuck the police


If he was actually dangerous, just kick the chair over. Why would you shoot anyone in that state that doesn’t have a gun pointing back at you. Something isn’t mentally stable in that cop’s head, but I’m losing hope in the police anyway.


Yes shoplifting used to be a misdemeanor, but now it's an immediate death sentence without a trial. I hope officer shrimp-dick gets the same sentence for his brutality.


Perfect video evidence for attempted murder charges on both pigs


Attempted? Did he survive or something?


No. It’s 100% murder.


I back the use of the term pigs in this case.


Don’t insult pigs.


You are right. I hope these fuckers die in prison.


But everyone who isn’t a virgin is technically a fucker, we could call them stinking oily turds instead.


Don’t insult turds. We all make them with pride.


Then what about shit water?


I don't understand the US, like *at all*. How can a member of your police force make the decision that this situation requires **lethal force**? In what world is that reasonable? What is the possible circumstance the cop has in his mind where this is in any way a situation where he at all uses his firearm? I see in the linked article that the language used is >The Tucson Police Department is firing one of its officers who fatally shot a man in a mobility scooter while confronting him for alleged shoplifting Literally nothing here makes sense, how is he being fired and not fucking arrested? This shit makes me so fucking mad. **FUCKING *ALLEGED* SHOPLIFTING, AND THE OFFICER LOADS 9 ROUNDS INTO HIM???** I bet if I keep browsing reddit I'll probably find another couple of similar stories as well. Can someone explain to me how your society allows this to happen? Ok he had a knife, so disable his mobility scooter then? Shoot that if you need to shoot something...


American culture is sick, what a shitty country


Fuck defunding. DISARM the police.


Yep. You know there are more gun deaths via cops in America, then there have been in the UK SINCE RECORDS BEGAN!! Thats over a hundred years ago, still less cumulative cop gun deaths than one year in the states.


As an American for the love of God, take away our guns


Less a facepalm and more just brutal and inhumane.


I guess unplugging the chair was not an option? WTF. This dude became a cop to shoot someone.


THANK GOD we have brave officers to protect us from 61-year old men in mobility scooters with pocket knives. He could have brutally murdered countless of people with that knife! There was clearly no other way to stop him other than with a mag dump to the back like that. Taser? Mace? Tipping him over? Nope. No other options.


Nine times IN THE BACK. Firing him isn't enough. He should be charged with murder.


I've said this before and I'll say it again and will probably be downvoted. Cops can't be cowards. If you decide to be a cop, you have to be willing to take on risks associated with the work and use brains before guns, drawing a gun and shooting because the wind blew in a different direction is not being a cop. A 60-year-old man in a wheelchair with his back facing you is a threat? 9 bullet threat? c'mon.


‘If you just comply’. Yeah, all y’all seeing the truth. For real….in a chair they shot this person….playing with a toy gun in a park they shot this kid. Being a legal gun owner they shot that man. SMH


Laying on his back, with his arms in the air, and not even the person the police were called about.... shot.


You know I usually like to look at the whole situation before I comment on these shootings but ummmmm... Yeah that's straight up murder and that cop is going to get (I hope) fucked in prison hard.


What do Americans expect? Bastards keep acquitting the cops in every trial. These trials aren't judged by some aliens. The jury are members of the community - Americans. And these trials have a unanimous verdict - acquitted. So it is Americans as a country tolerating the police brutality. They have no right to bitch and moan. The day these juries decide to put a few cops in electric chair, these shootings will stop. Until then, just bend over and get fucked. Dumb motherfuckers.


doesn't matter what the person did. WHAT WAS THE SHOOTING FOR?!?!? its not like he can out run a jacked up police. and if he ever was shoplifting. why go full fucking mag on him?? isn't it enough that this dude cannot even run. and don't even tell me "well maybe that dude was armed and that's why the police shot him" the person didn't even saw the police, he was even startled to see them walking in his direction. fuck this shit.


> Body-worn camera footage shows one officer, later identified as Officer Ryan Remington, firing his gun nine times into Richards' back and side.  > According to the employee, when asked to show a receipt, Richards pulled out a knife and said, "Here's your receipt."  >  Remington, working off-duty as security at Walmart, responded.  > Remington followed Richards around the parking lot and can be seen on video calling for backup because Richards "pulled a knife on me." > Officer Stephanie Taylor responded, arriving at the scene as Remington was approaching Richards near the Lowe's entrance.  > "Stop now. You need to—" she starts saying but is interrupted by Remington firing his gun.  > Tucson attorney Mike Storie, who is representing Remington, said in a statement that his client “had no non-lethal options." > "He did have a Taser, but in his mind, he couldn’t use it because he didn’t feel he had the proper spread to deploy it, with the wheelchair between him and Richards,” Storie said. He was off-duty, lied about a knife being pulled on him, didn't listen to the officer that actually responded to the scene and did not use his taser. Why does a fucking wallmart security guard carry a gun? Righteous piece of shit with a superiority complex that probably won't get any repercussions from this. Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.azcentral.com/amp/8815159002


How the ruck is he shoplifting while STILL IN THE GODDAMN STORE???? he wa in the garden section, and going vack in thr main store... and in the back??? In a fucking mobility cart!!???


What the fuck were the handcuffs even for then?


Standard procedure, when you consider they can waltz into the wrong house and shoot you dead while you are in bed sleeping. The next time any American talks about communists and Russia and China, listen to what they say. They are talking about America, but have somehow ended up believing it is other countries that are like that.


Guy in a WHEELCHAIR has knife: OH MY GOD! Pig with (training and) gun is so threatened by an armed(?)handicapper that he shoots (IN THE BACK!) 9 (NINE) times. Another asshole cop needs some SERIOUS prison time. HOW THE FUCK is a guy in a wheelchair FACING AWAY from ANYONE considered such a threat that deadly force is a resolution? Cop is terminated? That's all? WTF?


America this is why everyone thinks your a joke. Im Pritty sure this wouldn't even happen in Russia.


Oh look another murderer employed by the police


Boot lickers are gonna have to perform some mental gymnastics so grand that they'd win an award


>Tucson attorney Mike Storie, who is representing Remington, said in a statement that his client “had no non-lethal options." >"He did have a Taser, but in his mind, he couldn’t use it because he didn’t feel he had the proper spread to deploy it, with the wheelchair between him and Richards,” Storie said. [Link](https://amp.azcentral.com/amp/8815159002) So not only did he and his lawyer lie about not having non lethal options, he said that he had a taser but did not use it because he “didn’t have the proper spread to deploy it” which is the most bullshit excuse I’ve ever heard. If you could fire your weapon 9 times you could’ve used your taser too, fucking murderer. Also why the fuck did you fear for your life? It’s an old man on a wheelchair “supposedly” with a knife, which can’t even be seen on the video. Go rot in prison.


Murder, nothing less.


America is a fascist state


Pride. Integrity. Guts. Service. Nope, it must stand for something else.


I think the reaction to this is maybe a wee bit stronger than a facepalm, just saying.


The US just needs better police training and certification, because this is just, its just fucking unnacceptable.


This is what they are TRAINED to do! Watch the Nightline documentary about police shootings in Utah.


What the actual fuck




And felt the need to quickly put him in handcuffs afterwards. What the hell is going on in their heads?? You killed him. Dead. 8 shots + 1 for wtf why?


Is the guy dead?


Please tell me this guy got indicted with murder.


Judge....jury.....and executioner Now, do you understand why some of us don't like a lot of the "boys in blue"?


Please tell me this guy is serving time. This is horrific and honestly scary


Fuck these mf like burn in hell why would u shoot a disable guy in a wheelchair


Only in America would you get shot as an elderly disabled person who can't even walk.


What is wrong with US police?


What the actual fuck is this!!!??? WHAT THE FUCK!


"STOP NOW!" 2 Seconds later they shoot nine fucking bullets into this guy.


For all you lazies; The disabled man waved a knife when asked to show a receipt for the stolen things. He later said "if you want me to put down the knife, you have to shoot me" The officer was fired and is pending investigation as I understand it but he doesn't regret it. https://nypost.com/2021/12/01/video-shows-arizona-cop-fatally-shooting-man-in-wheelchair/


And this is why every other modern country in the world has armed police officers who aren’t regular cops. Who have way more training and have to have X number of years as a regular cop. so trigger happy people who literally just want to kill someone’s don’t get given a badge and a gun.. I’m sure some far right gun nuts will say this was deserved and fair..


The United States Law Enforcement department must start a daily mental health course to every law enforcement officer so that they learn what is human life and how they can avert issues as a normal person, instead of whipping out a fucking pistol and unloading 9 rounds on a wheel chair bound guy who in no way can harm others physically. Maybe he can try and run over some others on his wheel chair deliberately but that doesn't quantify as crime and get 9 bullets in him. Shit's fucking crazy with these cops.


This looks like something out of a comedy sketch. How the fuck is this real life.


Happy pups


Thank you officer for saving the store $10 with $10 worth of bullets. We'll put you in for a commendation.


It's moved past depressing and the realization has sunken in that America is a dystopia, every time I see a new "cop blatantly ignores basic human decency for the opportunity to commit some good old ultraviolence" videos. Seriously, how broken is this system, and more specifically the citizens, that we've let this noose keep getting tighter. I'm not mad at anyone (besides the power hungry stars of these clips). I'm just.... heartbroken. Humanity is a poison. Even if we do good, too many of us undo it all and more.


American Gestapo at it again. Seriously, how can you do that and not be in jail for murder.


I am scared


What kind of training does the American police get? How can a police officer not handle a situation like this in any other possible way?


This not law. This is lawlessness. I am surprised how America is still considered a developed country and African countries are still considered barbaric. Coz honestly shit like this, does not even happens there. So if you have money and media, you can do whatever the f you want and get away with it. Lol.


He died right? thats murder


Wtf is this. He wasn't a threat, even if he was shoplifting he didn't have to shoot him 9 MOTHERFUCKING TIMES. U could see him bleed from his neck or his head or something, that officer shot with the intent to kill. No doubt about it. If it wasn't then U shoot him in the leg, HOW TF R U A COP IF U AIM FOR THE LEGS AND GET THE HEAD?!? I hope he gets life in prison. Is he, no, cuz thats how the system works. That man or his family ain't gonna get justice and that's the bit that hurts the most.