Ok, I missed somehting. The text says "neither the student (...) will face charges" Why shall the student face charges?


Because in America they can charge you for resisting arrest or obstruction


Even children???




You are an 11yo, you took some extra milk, you got pushed to the ground to the point of having a concussion, and now you are resisting arrest. ​ I have lost faith in humanity


Right...all this over taking extra milk. What the fuck has happened. It's a kid ffs. I could see if it was fighting or something violent but come on.


This is America. And that fucking scripted apology from the chief with no emotion or personalization.


This. How. The. Fuck. ?!?!


They bend your arm past how far it’s supposed to bend when cuffing you and you jerk away in pain because it’s a fucking reflex.....you get slapped with “resisting arrest”


This is a fact. They'll do this all while yelling at you to "stop resisting, stop resisting". Your body's natural reaction is to resist the tearing of a ligament or tendon. The limb will stiffen in an effort to avoid the injury.


Hell, if they tackle you and you instinctively try not to fall on your face, you’re ‘resisting’.


If you catch yourself from falling or flinch from the pain of having your arm twisted they yell “stop resisting!” then hit you with the taser or shoot you


If you get punched in the face and they hurt their knuckles, you're resisting AND assaulted an officer.


Welcome to the land of freedom everyone.


Yeah dude you should just be able to bend all of your limbs to whatever direction the officer wishes, if he wants you to be a tree topper you'd better goddamn well bend into shape /s


"resisting" needs to fucking go. It's becoming all too common for cops to use any excuse to call "resisting" and go full pig on someone.


And people who are arrested and charged only for "resisting arrest" because they were being arrested for literally nothing already and dared to ask why.




Resisting an unlawful arrest is actually something you can do lawfully, even to the point of killing a cop. However, if you were to do such a thing you would never get your day in court because of how bad the justice system is in general.


This is the sole charge for which Freddie Gray was arrested. And then they killed him on the subsequent rough ride. And then they arrested the person who filmed Freddie Gray getting arrested for "harassment and intimidation" and seized the video evidence.


This. All charges should drop when you are resisting an UNLAWFUL arrest or some other bullshit. This garbage about resisting being “disrespectful” the the office’s “authority” is fucked up. “RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!!”


"Hey, do this." "No." "You're under arrest."


*"Pick up that can."*


I have several family members who are police - this is 100% how they operate. Pretty gross but these fuckers live for it. One of my family recently lost his job over excessive force - and I was very happy for it. He can’t even get a security job, and he deserves far worse imho. Being in a family full of cops I’ve seen and heard too much to ever believe a police officer about pretty much anything at this point.


Same here. My cousin bragged about fucking a 14 year old girl like it was a good thing. Stealing drugs from evidence. Not to mention all the “resisting arrest” stories that brought laughter and smile to their faces. After hearing all the shit from that side of my family I’d never trust a cop. Cops are scum. They’re worse than criminals. At least criminals are what they are... cops are criminals and act like they aren’t. It’s fucking pathetic.


Agreed it’s pathetic - and in my experience they go through at least a couple of wives while fucking half the prostitutes in their respective city’s. My daughter started dating a cop and I was apoplectic- something tragic happened and he’s gone now but I can’t really say I felt bad. I was not necessarily happy he passed but I was relieved because I knew she’d dodged a bullet in the long run.


Yes, even children. The main issue is that resisting arrest has an extremely low threshold. Don’t get me wrong there is a reason it exists because some people do try to harm officers and so forth, but in the US resisting arrest can be defined as tending the muscles in your arm when an officer touches you. So basically a simple and almost automatic human startle response can and will sometimes be classified as resisting arrest. There is zero nuance it’s just all hammer all the time.


Was he trying to arrest the student, because from the clip he never seem to actually say what he was doing (maybe it was cut out in the edit?)


Based on states, but in most of them in USA, probable cause is enough for the police officer to restrain someone and if you resist, they can charge you even when the initial cause has not been proven. ​ Thei reasoning is they need to restrain you to further investigation. Me personally, i think that if some dickhead try to handcuff me to ask stupid-ass question, that escalation not descalation, but i am only a Euro-commie


If it were me in their shoes (the one being arrested) getting my arms bent around in uncomfortable ways they don’t normally go, I sort of doubt I would just go limp. I think the anxiety and adrenaline is going to make most people “resist”, even though it’s not necessarily their intention.


That's why the cops do it. It allows them to escalate use of force when you can't stop yourself from resisting.


Exactly this. It's not even some secret or anything, it is the recommended course of action as it "provides alternate avenues of arrest that lead to conviction". It's a way to cover their asses and ensure that more of their arrests are seen as justified. Maybe the initial charge is hard to prove, but the charge for RESISTING is so intentionally vague that literally any action aside from assisting the officer in cuffing you can be seen as resisting.


That part infuriated me. This child was just manhandled by someone with supposed authority over her and is definitely leaving this tramautized but it's good that she's not getting in trouble?! This is fucking ridiculous


for taking too much milk 🙄


God forbid that _children_ get too much milk.


This incident happened in 2019 but here's the follow up *Zachary Christensen was charged with a third-degree felony count of child abuse and three petty misdemeanor counts of battery on Aug. 26. *The plea agreement was filed on Nov. 4, a day after a change of plea hearing took place in Aztec District Court. *The City of Farmington and the family of the juvenile has entered into a proposed agreement to settle a personal injury claim for $500,000 [Link](https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/crime/2020/12/09/former-farmington-police-officer-pleads-no-contest-abusing-farmington-student/3866254001/)


Now if only that half mil came out of his own pocket instead of our tax dollars




That’s one of the better ideas I’ve heard. Require police unions to pay for “malpractice” insurance and then charge jacked premiums for offenders, which get paid for by a percentage of police salaries. With enough offenses their insurance gets revoked. But make it so the officer legally has to have “malpractice” insurance, even if he has to pay for it out of pocket. Either that, and or, all settlements come out of their retirement funds. Cops will clean their acts up fast, I bet.


I'm pro-union with one exception, police unions can go fuck themselves.


This should be at the top


What should be at the top is the behavior by the cop is text book example of why people get shot. That was a grown police officer who could not subdue an 11 year old girl. Regardless of whether he should or should not have been doing it, he could not restrain a child. Cops like this get into scuffles with full grown men, realize they’re not at all trained for situations like this, freak out, and shoot people. Train your cops better.


The training is an issue, but there need to be uniform, evenly applied, and harsh consequences for those who fuck up.


Yes. Came here to say that, Every time I see video like this I see cops just totally failing. I used to teach judo to kids as a student and I am reasonably confident that average kid in our class would do better than he did.


No amount of training changes a person who is capable of physically assaulting an 11-year old into one who is not.


That’s not what I’m saying at all. You shouldn’t be fighting an 11 year old. But Jesus Christ, if you’re gonna try and restrain the 11 year old you better fucking be able to do it. Because some 200lb dude isn’t exactly gonna be an easier task and I’d rather not have the cop realize he doesn’t know what he’s doing and cap someone.


This is a difficult concept for people to understand, but you're right, a fully grown man should be able to subdue FULLY GROWN woman with little effort let alone a child. This man had no place being physical towards anybody, if he's gonna be that bad at it. All the ethical issues not withstanding.


It is now




Anyone claiming justice was served because she was resisting arrest doesn't understand child protection laws. The only "crime" this young girl allegedly committed was wanting more milk at lunch and being disruptive in a class. Let her have milk and also find out what's causing her disruptive behavior! How can anyone think a violent response is ok? Most situations don't require Police violence (or any Police at all!) and anyone who thinks otherwise has been indoctrinated by Authoritarianism.


Absolutely correct. And if you want to zoom in even more Police officers, statistically speaking, have terrible above average domestic violence abuse in their families. It’s crazy more officers are hired at schools then therapists. Dumb dumb dumb. Makes zero sense.


"We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong."




The cop should have had to pay that.at least that’s poor kid can get some milk now


It amazes me how he isn’t even able to get an 11 year old in handcuffs, even by force.


that explains the power trip. The man's mentally and physically weak


Yep, guy can't overpower an 11 year old girl. He probably gets bullied by his fellow bullies.


~~How the fuck did he get away with it? That would have been multiple charges if this were a civilian, especially involving a minor.~~ Edit: https://reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/r73p7t/cop_resigns_after_tackling_11yearold_at_school/hmxhw68 He was charged. To add the pubic had to pay out half a million dollars for the actions of this untrained, power-tripping child abuser.


The part in the video where it says “neither one of them face any charges, but he was found to have violated the use of force policy” [I’m sorry, what?](https://imgur.com/gallery/Fhaoy) If he violated the use of force policy, then all he did was beat up a little girl and somehow *didn’t* face charges? How does that work?




As long as they scream multiple times that you need to **STOP RESISTING!** ugh


This is why there needs to be proper protests, oh but wait, the police of course "Watch over those protests" fire smoke at "Rioters" and then start an actual riot and the protest has gone backwards. Shit will never change


https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/crime/2020/12/09/former-farmington-police-officer-pleads-no-contest-abusing-farmington-student/3866254001/ It was. He ended up with probation. https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/local/2021/01/15/farmington-school-resource-officer-zachary-christensen-sentenced-child-abuse/4180054001/


Took the state AG almost 11 months to charge the cop, after the police investigated themselves and found no crime and the local DA did the same. I guarantee the kid would have been charged in just days if they had done the same thing to another kid.


Initially the PD wasn't going to charge. It was then referred to the state, which set the charges, thats the initial delay. Notably, the police said "there were no charges being planned for the office or for the 11yr old girl". Yeah no shit on the second part. Agreed on what would happen otherwise, definitely.


Imagine if someone treated a cop that way. Think they're walk with probation?


>Imagine if someone treated a cop that way. Think they're walk with probation? Seriously doubt they'd ever walk again, to be honest.


They wouldn't, they would be murdered. Cops are nothing more and nothing less than govt sanctioned mafia organization.


Imagine if bystanders had intervened. Felony charges for everyone.


“He previously had pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony count of child abuse and a misdemeanor count of battery.” So this isn’t even the first time he’s done this? Edit: Ah, I suppose that makes sense. I didn't read it properly it seems


That is referring to this same instance. He previously plead guilty and received sentencing later.


No this was the sentencing follow up to his no-contest plea in this case, that was the previous 'pleaded guilty' bit.


“Took to much milk at the cafeteria” lmao the damn milk hoarders are getting outta hand


A non-cop adult male would probably get to introduce himself by „Hi, I‘m a registered sex offender“ for the remainder of his life - and wouldn’t be allowed near kids ever again.


To be fair, his girlfriend usually just flinches and cowers when he yells "You're done! You're done!" during an argument. So he's not used to a female fighting him back.


To be fair, he doesn't have a girlfriend.


That's what we like to call small dick energy


He wasn't trying to....... He wanted her to resist more so he could use more force. If he had her in handcuffs as soon as he wanted her to be, where is the fun for him?


He literally wanted to fight her, she totally had his number when she said something like "I can't stand up because you keep pushing me down," like even in the middle of all that a little kid still knew his fucking game.


Not to mention he essentially ambushed her, just came up behind her with no words and tried to tackle her.


She was disruptive and took too much milk. Great. Let’s beat the shit out of her. What a fucking shit show. I’m just so saddened by all of this.


I genuinely thought this was a sarcastic comment… until I got to the end of the video. Who the fuck calls the police because an 11 year old girl took too much milk?!?!? Never in all my time at primary or high school was the idea of calling the police for a disruptive child even a possibility. I can’t comprehend how many videos we see just like this from America.




The mere fact that police presence at school is normalized is reason enough for me to never consider moving to the US


It's to help with all the school shootings, the towns thought there weren't enough.


You mean the school shootings cops run away from?




this is a prime example of why many teachers & students have been calling for police to be removed from school campuses for yearssssssss. it is incredibly common for them to do stuff like this. you don’t even want to know the shit they got away with where i taught for 6 years. the kids out a lot of it, but the public doesn’t even care because “those kids deserve it.” it’s fucking despicable.


Especially when part of the idea of an SRO is to *build* trust in police by kids having normal encounters with them. They're not supposed to be the school's beat cop/security guard.


Yeah, this is incredibly infuriating, punishment doesn’t fit the crime at all. When I was in middle school we only ever had the police show up and arrested a student twice. One was when some kid stole $400+ from the front office, and the other was for a girl that was actively searching for another student to stab them over an argument. I feel like there are definitely situations like that where police are needed, but taking too many milk cartons? I feel like a verbal warning would’ve been much more suited in this situation.


It also looked like she took to much milk and put it in her back pack. The guy grabbed her bag. It is possible she may not have a good home life and isn’t getting enough there. God forbid she takes extra even if that’s not the case. Give me a break.


That was my first thought too. This is the kind of behavior you address by sitting them down and talking, not by tackling them to the ground.


In Finland one school called the cops because one kid took 4 fishfingers instead of the allowed 3. They were rightly ridiculed in every piece of media you can consume. I can't recall if the police actually arrived but there was no shitshow l other than the school making an absolute moron out of themselves.


That sounds like an adult at the school got their bluff called by a kid and then had to go through with it. Adult: "No, you can only have three! If you take four, it's stealing!" Kid: "I'm totally taking four." Adult: "Oh, yeah? Well if you do, I will call the police and they will come and take you away forever!" Kid smirks, calls their bluff by taking four. All other kids are watching to see if the adult will call the cops or just be pwned by a little kid.


Don’t you know the rule? Steal a carton get a concussion.


That’s some Les Mis shit right there


Mild for 2% milk she was lucky it wasn’t full grade milk.


Middle schoolers are nothing but disruptive. What are we supposed to do just have the cops beat all their asses? Jesus this is a fucking farce.


My milk brings all the pigs to the yard!


And they’re like… bashin’ kids into wallllls!


Damn right, that kid’s on the floor I could beat you, then give you a charge!


Why would you call the police for that?


He was the school resource officer - I.e. he’s assigned to be at that school most of the time. I guess some teacher was mad she took too much milk and told this dude about it, and he took that personally enough that he thought it was appropriate to shove an 11 year old girl against the wall and wrestle on the ground trying (but somehow never succeeding) to arrest her?


Imagine being a grown adult, bullying an 11 year old for taking 25 cents worth of milk and thinking "yes, I'm doing great!"


Imagine kids not having to pay for lunches in the first place. My principal several years ago always gave away the extras at the end of lunches. We had 96% of our kids on free/reduced lunch years before the pandemic. At that school, we loaded the kids down with as much food as we could.


No no, she's black. Its their SOP. But seriously, I'm so sick of seeing this shit every other week. Police unions absolutely need to be dismantled.


I would put money that she was Native American, not black, considering she’s from Farmington, NM which is 1% black and 22% Native


imagine calling an 11 yearold a threat when youre a grown ass man, the most she can do is beat you at mario kart


Yeah he confused “threat” with someone who wasn’t doing exactly as he said.


Almost as if that's what they're taught to say


Look Ned, that 12 year old is coming right for us!


Ok, but uh, why did you have to shoot him 9 times in the head?


He may have had a gun, better to be safe than sorry.


With all the "excessive milk" she had, who knows what she may have been capable of.


Yup. Buzzwords are designed to suppress rational thought even when over applied. It takes instances like this for people to finally go “wait a minute, that makes no sense. Are you just always throwing out buzzwords to justify any and all behavior of this type?”


Yup, that's copspeak. Made to sound all legal-ly/military/authoritative and it just obscures things. https://fair.org/home/copspeak-7-ways-journalists-use-police-jargon-to-obscure-the-truth/ Applied to the above, the department probably said "An officer arrived and a juvenile subject presented a threat, after which an altercation occurred and the officer responded to the threat complying with department policy" and nobody bothered to care he followed then tackled an 11-year-old girl


A “threat” to his ego


Not like she could have put her arms behind her back when he was pinning her to the wall though. Easiest way to guarantee non-compliance is to give instructions that they physically can't comply with.


Yep! "Lay face down on the ground! Hands behind your head! Put your hands where I can see them! Hands behind your BACK! Keep your hands behind your head! I said give me your hands so I can cuff you! **He's going for a gun!!"** \*BANG\* *Suspect shot when resisting arrest by officer and was suspected of reaching behind his back for a concealed gun. No firearm was found but the officer had reason to believe his life was in danger so we find that he did nothing wrong.* Like a fucked up Simon Says where when you do the wrong thing you die.


A grown ass man with a gun




I know the videos are more powerful for court and public reactions, but we've been made complacent and fearful enough to not want to step in. Someone *should* have tackled that cop while he was manhandling and abusing a child like this. I don't blame people for not stepping in when these offenses are made; there's the chance it'll ruin your whole life one way or another. But it's obvious that it's not going away on its own, and more and more kids and law biding citizens will continue to get hurt or killed until something is actually done. Edit: yes, I know the potential consequences for doing this, which is why I said "chance it'll ruin your life." No need to repeat the obvious. The short of it is the person who does it would rather risk their life than let a child be traumatized. For me, it would be worth it to sucker punch a cop while he's struggling to overpower a child, and detain him while the police come and possibly club me for the audacity to defend a child from a professional bully. There are self-defense laws in many states that make this "legal," but attorneys usually recommend you not do this because you have to have an iron-clad reason to detain an officer for an illegal detention. The current political climate makes this difficult, but if it became more common, we'd see faster change in one direction or another. Either way, much less of the public will be ignorant to what's going on.


Probably became a cop because he got tackled as a 9 y.o. by an 11 y.o. so it's payback time on years of pent-up anger. Or just because they were at the same skill level, like Kramer was at kara-tay.




Why are dark tinted windows illegal in America? Cops can't tell if the person they're pulling over is actually Black.


No joke I had a big Body Infiniti Q45 with limo tint all around on gold wheels in college. Got pulled over around 1am in Albany by city cops. Cop walked up to my car, while also keeping a large distance, with his hand on his gun yelling at me to roll all my windows down. When he saw it was just a bunch of white college kids he started laughing. "Looks like a drug dealer car" he said


I love that his thought process was "White kids dealing drugs in a college town? Impossible. " Lol the fucking audacity of that cop.


Let me tell you about Tamir Rice...


A grown ass olice officer UNABLE to handle a CHILD. Not even some big dude, that would easily go as 16 or so..but a little girl. If you can´t handle a child, without using force, you´re not fit to be a cop. If you think, a child like her, that is a sobbing mess, is just as much of a threat, than an armed guy, than you´re not fit to be a cop..this was disgraceful and the fact, that he is not facing charges, ist off putting


This is the second cop vs. little girl post I've seen this morning. The first one involved a 9-year-old girl in the back of a cruiser hysterically crying for her daddy, and the cop suggesting that he should spray pepper spray in the backseat to shut her up.


How is pepper spraying a crying 9yo supposed to make her stop crying?! Peper spray is designed to do the opposite. If anything it would just make her cry harder for longer. Also she could suffer irreparable damage to her eyes because she doesn't know well enough to not rub her eyes. So dumb.


She was already in the back of the cruiser. They weren't trying to get her to stop crying, they were getting revenge for having a difficult time bullying a 9 year old.


Didn’t just suggest, he did pepper spray her.


I didn't watch the video because self care, but I did read the comments. Jesus Christ.


Over literal milk. Fucking milk.


That's what got me. Some Les Miserables bullshit.


On the other hand, reddit's front page is due for an influx of uplifting stories about cops making a positive impact on their community and doing cute shit with those dogs they endanger to manufacture probable cause. Just in case any cops are reading this: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/accountability


No 11 year old, girl or boy, will ever beat me in Mario Kart. I’m not a chump.


This method hardly works with an 11 year old. He needs to appear gentle and understanding, with the right amount of candy they will follow you in to the van with little resistance /s Edit: This reminds me of the Netflix Show Mind Hunter. The FBI asking tips of serial killers on how they work and think so they can better themselves


> “She was very strong, stronger than I was.” The words of a 10-year veteran officer talking about an 11 year old girl. I can't imagine any adult in any other situation making a statement like that. And he gave this child a concussion in the process. All that training and years of experience physically stymied by a 6th grader.


Guess he should have been drinking more milk as a kid 🤷‍♂️


No matter what your job is, if you find yourself pushing a crying 11 year old girl on the floor while yelling "stop resisting", you need to stop and rethink your life.


More and more I am really glad I live in country, where cops are called assholes for is camping behind bushes and giving people tickets for driving 35/kph at 30 speed limit.


Agreed, I can't imagine cops being so violent here. They are the worst when you get a ticket for going 5 over the speed limit while the guy flooring a BMW daily past the same spot is never caught.


Drive faster so you don't get caught.


Seems that that is thecorrect solution, yes


In Germany the magic number most of the time is 300 km/h, because they won't trigger.


Didn't that happen recently? Like someone drove with a speed of 350km/h through a small village and wasn't detected by the radar because he went to fast?


I think he went like 306, so just above the calibration limit. I still don't understand why they didn't still ticket him for 300 at least, smh


> I still don't understand why they didn't still ticket him for 300 at least, smh Probably because the lawful procedure requires a confirmation by a calibrated measuring device operating within its specified limits. Concluding that a particular out-of-spec result proves the violation of a traffic rule is not enough to meet that qualification.


> won't trigger. I don't think American cops are capable of that




Good old Carmageddon times...


And my country they are called mierenneukers for existing


"Ant Fucker" is a funny way of saying "nitpicker" lol.


Welcome to the Netherlands!


Land of the free. Where police physically assaults your children because they took too much milk in school.


Cop should have been charged with assault.


STOP RESISTING! ..... What an idiot


That’s what they taught him in his 200 hour course of becoming a police officer. Just keep shouting it and they will comply.


> Just keep shouting it and ~~they will comply.~~ you can keep beating them If you just keep saying “stop resisting”, you can use that to justify whatever the fuck you want because they were “resisting arrest”


The district da declined to press charges. But the state da did, and he was charged with a felony and a few misdemeanors. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.daily-times.com/amp/4180054001






OK, you need to know what it means when they resign. It's not because they know they screwed up and are gone. It's not because they had a meeting with the boss and was told "quit or be fired." No. **They resign to bring the internal investigation to a halt.** Convenient, isn't it?


That and the fact that if they are fired, it most likely shows up on their license and it's harder to get another job.


This is fucking disgusting! What a totally clueless cop. This is the problem, the training produces idiots like this far too often. Could have shown some compassion and heart and just talked for kid for a few minutes and maybe got somewhere. Even if the kid gives you mouth, that’s kids for ya, you have to persevere. This cop just got on a power trip about it and behaved like an animal. Also, school admin calls the cops on 11 year old kid for having too much milk!? They need to resign too as obviously unfit to do their job! Edit: fixed the could of / have error that was triggering some people lmao


We live in a society where the average cop has less mental stability than a fast food worker.


That's 100% on purpose. They select for the dumbest and least empathetic people.


I bet he was level headed and reasonable the day he was let go and definitely didn’t take it out on his kids at home


The fact that he just gets away with assaulting a fucking 11 year old is absolutely fucking revolting, wtf America


Well that’s America for you. I keep telling people that if nobody else is gonna change how fucked this place is than we gotta do it ourselves


Over too much milk. The school should be responsible too. You took too much milk then you will have detention……. or the better option for an 11 year old is to call a cop.


Or, crazy idea, give hungry kids food.


This dumbass school should have called guardian of the child before calling the police... 🤦‍♂️


The School Resource Officer who called the POLICE on this 11 year-old CHILD for “being disruptive” needs to be fired.


One thing I don't understand about the US cops is you catch more flies with honey, even outlaw motorcycle clubs know that.....


"Stop resisting" is the new "Stop hitting yourself". Bullies gonna bully.


Anyone ever wonder why she took too much milk? The number of kids that only get their food from school is alarming high, and likely even higher due to inflation and a global pandemic. I honestly can't fathom an officer of the law doing this to a black child for extra milk.... I hope the family can get some good lawyers. What is the possible justification for such excessive force?


I scrolled down the comment to see this! How can possibly « take to much milk » be a reason for being arrested?!


Nobody commented on that because it is so obvious. Of course a child that takes too much milk doesn't deserve arrest. There is no need to spell this out. Except for this policeman, who was bored and happy to finally have a victim. I don't understand why he faces no charges. In any civilised nation this would lead to legal consequences.


thats child abuse if you ask me.


Ya, imagine if a parent did that to their kid in public because they were misbehaving. People would flip their shit, not to mention probably intervene. There needs to be a law in place that protects a person from charges if they are helping a victim of police brutality. The only reason a cop should use force is when a person is attacking them, period. All too often it happens simply because someone is resisting being put into a cage, we are humans and that's our natural fucking reaction.


imagine being a fully trained cop, and having a hard time taking a fucking 11 year old down, clown...


Not trying to take away from the seriousness of this or condone it, but I was shocked at how much he was struggling trying to arrest this little girl. What a loser.


Cops: hey why dont people like us Alzo them


Being violent towards a kid cuz it needed more milk. What is wrong over there?


This is very common by the way, especially in poorer school districts. Combine this with the thousands of other terrible things we see people who look like her go through across Reddit. But 15 years later, when the weight of all those things comes to bear and she's not exactly a "model citizen," we forget the system that caused it. We just say, "Well, if only you'd shown some personal responsibility, you wouldn't be in this mess." The American system is so good at doing this it's actually frightening.


Now, why is this so hard to get through to people? Everyone just wants punishment, but nobody wants to work on the underlying causes...people love blood i guess


I still believe some bullies became cops simply to continue bullying people. This time with a gun and a badge.


She took too much milk ...let that sink in. He brutalized an 11 year old for taking too much milk. What in the fuck. He resigned great, he will move a county over and get another job. That first admin needs to lose their job too. I am quite on the side of cops a lot with them in my family I empathize with their jobs, but this right here sucks.


For some systemic context, give this a listen: Behind the Bastards podcast, episode: America's War on Children.


"Mild concussion" So, good job there, Wish.Com Captain America. Ya gave an 11 year old a brain injury and a life time of trauma over $0.50 of fucking milk.


just for ***EXTRA MILK?????***


Yeah, there’s a huge milk shortage right now, dairy martial law has been declared against anyone exceeding their ration, and the [CWG Taskforce](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQMbXvn2RNI) has been mobilized. /s Seriously, just a year after massive milk dumping. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/08/perspectives/cabot-dairy-farmers-pandemic/index.html


School admin should also be fired. Murca is one messed up place.


How far would this have gone if the other adults had not stepped in and advocated for this poor girl? All this over some damn milk. What the hell, man?!


This is the worrying part, he only stops using excessive force when another man tells him to stop.


Wtf is wrong with the US


Smarter people go to college, more compassionate people do social work, so who is left to be cops? Morons with no empathy.