The SS Totenkopf flag is a bit of a clue..


Well maybe she’s into pirates and got her flags confused…




Why is all the war gone?


Why is all the *schnapps* gone


A swaztika flag next to a SS flag that like Double Nazi


Maybe they cancel each other out?


Two wrongs don’t make it reich


Only three wrongs do.


Okay but what about 7 million wrongs?


Well that’s an even number you see…


12 million, actually


I'd like people to remember this more often... The Nazis nazied at more than just Jewish people. All those other deaths have meaning too.


Then how many wrongs do you need to make the third reich?


this is the funniest thing i’ve seen all week.


Super Nazi. 3 flags is Ascended Super Nazi, or just Super Nazi 2. If you go even further beyond, you’ll hit Super Nazi 3. Long blond hair awaits you.


Yes, the Buddhists are well known for accompanying the Swastika with the Imperial Eagle. Nothing to see here.


And the German flag and I think the skull is the SS?


Nothing says Buddha like a good Totenkopf.


and Buddha said: "invade Poland!"


Almost, I believe that was the pope Benedict XVI


> the skull Are we the baddies?


At least we're not marching to battle under the banner of a rat's anus...


Hey now, the skaven are… well they are a people.


Skavens don't exist, you are heretic


All must bow before our lord Khorne




Your talking mad Hersey for someone within purging distance.


*chainaxe starts revving in the background* Are you sure about that?


Atleast she’s not slanneshi!


Pathetic pleasure cultists!


E Pluribus Anus


That is by far one of my favorite sketches.


Why do you people always have to assume the worst? The skull isn’t a symbol of the SS, it’s derived from her being a biology teacher. You should just ask.


Maybe she's just a big fan of Pirates! A big fan of german buddhist pirates.




3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkoph (Deaths Head)


And the Totenkopfverbände; the KZ guards/staff


No those are all Buddhist too


Famous buddist skull, ofc!


This reminds me of this description of history: > People who don't know anything about the Civil War think it was about slavery. People who know a little about the Civil War think it was about state's rights. People who know a lot about the Civil War think it was about slavery. The comment in OP's image is that "I barely know something" centrist, who knows *just enough* to know the swastika has an older history than Nazis, but is somehow ignorant of the explicitly Nazi symbology in the image. Or at least that's who they're pretending to be.


Ain't that a fact about the civil war. Yes, it was absolutely about states' rights...*to fucking own slaves.*


Not even "states rights" southern states wanted to force northern states to return runaway slaves. They petulantly left the union because they couldn't get their way with slavery.


Plus the Buddhist one is straight, facing the opposite way, usually has 4 dots and not tilted like the Nazi one.


Also its not usually next to the Deaths Head SS skull


And a german flag


and the iron cross, that is a full blown nazi and not someone displaying war trophies like my grandfather and his brothers, they all had trophy flags, but they sure as shit don't have an iron cross on them like some nazi souvenir shop at the republican national conference!


The death head SS skull is a typical Buddhist symbol. It's got to do with reincarnation or something. Get your facts straight!


how can a skull be bad if we all have one? buddhists are truly ahead of us all


>Plus the Buddhist one is straight, facing the opposite way No. You can [find the Swastika on temples](https://www.google.com/search?q=swastika+temple&source=lnms&tbm=isch) in various forms and orientation;


And the same can be said for the Nazi Swastika, there are depictions of it angled, of it being straight, facing in different directions, etc.


No, not always. Especially not the 4 dots part. The sauvastika (counterclockwise) is more common but it isn’t “the Buddhist symbol”. The swastika (clockwise) is also used. Though the last part is right. None of the Buddhist ones are ever tilted.


There are many variations of the Buddhist version, some straight, some curved, with dots and without, some facing left and some right, some tilted and others not. For example, [here’s an angular, tilted, right-facing swastika on the Bao Quac temple in Vietnam](https://www.alamy.de/stockfoto-swastika-in-bao-quoc-pagode-buddhistischen-tempel-in-hue-vietnam-fernost-sudostasien-antike-buddhismus-architektur-gebaude-religion-religiose-reisen-51280594.html). It’s styled just like the Nazi one. It’s not really about the style and orientation, but the meaning is usually pretty clear with context.


The Roman’s used it too. There is a preserved roman home in Trier that has the design in the floor


Yes! [Do you mean this one?](https://proswastika.org/news.php?extend.827) It appears in Native American artwork as well, [aa on this blanket](https://www.navajorug.com/pages/the-whirling-log-in-navajo-weaving-by-dennis-j-aigner). It’s one of the oldest and most widespread symbols in human history.


Look at the left, that skull with nones is clearly because she supports piracy, it has nothing to do with the Waffen SS.


German pirates then?


German \*buddhist\* pirates!


The worst nightmare! You're minding your own bussiness and suddenly a group of bald german "buddhist" pirate monks praising *happiness* symbols raid you...


What are they searching? The uber piece


She even has the fucking Deaths Head flag of the SS. Good god lol


“We’ve got skulls on our hats…are we the baddies?”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn1VxaMEjRU Spoiler: Yes, yes, they are. Always.


Thank you for bringing this into my life. During the pandemic, I got interested in English comedy, and love watching David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Richard Ayoade, Ricky G, Lee Mack, etc. I salute you.


Add Sean Locke (RIP). For existential crisis standup add Dylan Moran. Some extra shows you may not know about yet 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown Big Fat Quiz of the Year Would I Lie To You (sounds like you know of this one) Mitchell & Webb Show Peep Show Black Books (show) IT Crowd (just in case)


I watch 8 out of 10 does Countdown, and Big Fat Quiz. That’s how I became a fan of Jimmy Carr. I should have listed Sean Lock. My apologizes, he was a funny guy. The carrot In the box bit was one of the top 5 bits on 8 out of 10.


That damn carrot. Here is my favorite one of him (that I can find on Youtube). https://youtu.be/mtvpouHcrz0?t=451 Then this usually beats everything (and brings the discussion back to Nazis). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TPG80boMjY&ab_channel=Channel4


Holy shit, I can’t believe I forgot about this. “Let’s just leave it there”


Sean Lock everyone!


He's had a wonderful career, years in the business. And then he brought back the nazis


Don't forget Taskmaster!


Taskmaster is a must. I never laugh so hard as when I watch that show.


How was Taskmaster overlooked!


Peep Show is probably my favorite show of all time. I can’t recommend it enough.


A rats.. anus?


Like he said it’s the Death’s Head skull and a part of history. If you know what it actually represents it’s pretty awful. Interesting side note: the SS Lieutenants were given silver rings of all different designs w DH skulls on them. Legend has it there is a collection of them of dead German Lt’s rings hidden in the mountains by that castle they had as a headquarters. People look for it to because the ones that have come up for auction sell for a lot. As morbid as that is.


Rich people don't care about morale as long as it's rare and expensive


Great reference


"AITA For having skulls on my hat while being a Buddhist?"


A black flag with a skull is clearly a pirate flag, She is just a buddhist pirate.


From Germany, as there is also the German flag. She is just one of the famous German buddhist pirates.


GBPs don't mess around and are great at math.


Grammar is also something they are *very* serious about.


Grandpa was a Grammar Nazi, I am just Alt Write.


SonuvaDAMMIT that’s funny


Jainist pirate. Swastika is a Jainist symbol, which pre-dates Buddhism so I can see how that can get mixed up.


It’s been around since Neolithic times lol


A design professor I had was disgusted at the lost use of that symbol/form because Nazis. He spoke briefly on its history and beauty (it was all news to me, a teen in the 70’s) and exposed me to the concept of idea evolution as a living, current thing.


When they said they were hiring veterans to teach in Florida, I assumed they meant ours.


As a veteran in Florida. Just fair warning. Your kids are fucked. Sorry. I know all the smart guys I was in with would never take that job. The ones I can imagine that would….yep totally fucked. Good luck.


GOP scheme to degrade public education


That's a damn good one


Well yeah, most Nazi professors/scientists went to work for NASA after the war so…


It's just hilarious and really sad that someone had normalized Nazi shit in their life so much.... That they didn't have a second thought about steaming with it behind them


It’s weird how angled up the camera is, like she intentionally wanted the flag in the image


Yeah it’s at this point I’m starting to hope someone posted OG link or something…this is unreal…


A professor at my uni was fired last year, because his screen saver was a German flag with a swastika made of syringes. It was visible for several minutes and students took photos. Also, this is in Germany, where swastikas are forbidden.


Syringes? I guess that was some kind misguided anti-vax thing then? Comparing vaccines with nazis? Not an endorsement of nazism. Still bad enough to be fired over though.




im sure its just a bored ape yacht club logo:)




They assassinated a german politician in his home. Three years ago. I hope that woman in the op is no longer a teacher.


Jesus can they get more orignal with their number naming system? Its always number = letter in the alphabet. Combat 18, 1488. Ect. Fucking braindead Nazis thinking their being clever with that elementary school level code.




The skulls are the ancient symbol of Shiva in the Hindu mythology, you should just ask


so explain the IRON CROSSES just ask


The iron cross is still used by the Bundeswehr. She's totally just a german Buddhist pirate Bundeswehr veteran


I'm will to bet Buddhists don't use it with the German flag and coat of arms like those displayed here


What? Didn’t you know one of the core tenants of Buddhism is to do what you must to secure the white future of the fatherland? /s


If a Nazi salutes in a forest but there's no one there to see him, is he still a Nazi...?


Yes, and he can drop dead just like the tree that apparently makes no noise.


Maybe the tree can drop on top of the Nazi


I'm all for that too 👏


If a tree in a forest falls on a nazi and nobody is there to hear it...


I think we've got a new existential question here 🤔 🤣


Didn’t you hear about Buddhist community in SS Totenkopf ranks?


That is pretty clear. SS flag. German flag. Swastika. She is either a Nazi or… well… yeah, she is probably a Nazi.


I mean, it’s possible that she collects WW2 memorabilia and that’s her German wall and the wall next over is USSR and the wall next over is UK, then US, etc. But yeah, no, probably Nazi.


If I had a war trophy that my grandfather brought home from Germany like that I would keep it in a trunk. Not proudly display it on the wall like this Nazi. Like a German Iron cross flag? Little odd but mostly okay but not a big fat Nazi flag next to a SS flag.


There's literally a German Flag on the left side, plus the German Coat of Arms with the Swastika. The mental gymnastics in this tweet is borderline hilarious


also the skull-flag is from the [3rd Panzer division Totenkopf](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3rd_SS_Panzer_Division_Totenkopf), the SS deathsquad.


Yeah, with the shield shape border it is the division's insignia. The same skull without border was used as a cap badge by all SS units.


The math teacher's mental gymnastics of combining an outright Nazi symbol with the German flag is stunning, too. The black, red, golden tricolor is traditionally a sign of democracy here and was quickly replaced upon the NSDAP’s rise to power in 1933...


What's the shield skull thing?


That's the Totenkopf (Death's Head/Skull and Crossbones) insignia of a division of the Waffen-SS (combat branch of the Schutzstaffel).


Ausgezeichnet, herr Hauptbahnhof!


That looks exactly like the insignia of the [SS-division Totenkopf](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3rd_SS_Panzer_Division_Totenkopf). The skull itself predates the Reich though.


>The skull itself predates the Reich though. Some say the skull dates back millions of years, all the way to the very first vertebrates. /s


As a German it just angers me to see the German flag next to the Flag of Nazi Germany. Bitch the black red and gold flag is a symbol of self-determination and democracy, literally the opposite of the fucking Nazi flag. (Fun fact: You can get imprisoned for flying the Nazi flag or displaying Nazi symbols in Germany, rightfully so.)


Agreed. Those two never belong together. Also pisses me off when idiots expect Germans to automatically agree with their Nazi sympathies. Wtaf is wrong with you? I’ve never met people more dead set against Nazis than when I lived in Germany. I didn’t like them before I went, but that was where I learned to despise them.


On a business trip to Germany, the subject of Neo-Nazis came up (I am loathed to bring up such things with Germans because I imagine they're sick of being associated with it); but since he mentioned Neo-Nazis in the country I asked how many he thinks there are in Germany. He responded, "Not as many as there are in America". At the time I figured he was probably right, and I've only become more sure of that fact.


This is why I despise Confederate sympathizers, been dealing with their bullshit my whole life.


“B-but Northern aggression!”


And Heritage, yes. Speaking of which, since neonazis can’t use the swastika anymore, a lot have taken to using the Odal rune as a substitute. As a rune, it represents “heritage”. Go figure.


I haven’t heard of the Odal rune before. I’ll definitely have to look that up, but I’m assuming it’s like the use of the confederate flag in white supremacist rallies where it’s basically a substitute for the nazi flag?


I don't know why people with Viking ancestry aren't pissed as hell that nordic symbols have been co-opted by white supremacists.


Across the pond, we have the Stars n' Bars Confederate Flag. Funny that the only time you really see it, beyond a bumper sticker, is in white supremacist rallies. Funny how that works. This flag is so racist that it's used in Europe as a substitute for the Nazi flag.


Was about to mention that. Especially German neonazis use it, because of the hard ban on waving swastikas there.


> As a German it just angers me to see the German flag next to the Flag of Nazi Germany. Same here. I am surprised how angry that makes me. She clearly is an idiot. What is even funnier is that the juxtaposition of those two symbols would also make nazis angry. Edit: black-red-gold not necessarily stood for democracy, tho. The Hambacher Fest was a bit...complicated. I doubt anybody was sober enough for heady complex issues like that. Yay! Vormärz! Never not complicated. I may take the black-red-gold and wave it menacingly in the grave of Kotzebue. There is a Pokestop nearby.


Sane Americans have a similar reaction when we see the Confederate Flag




You mean people don't cry, "But it's History" and other Bullshit reasons for keeping that crap around?


The worst is the skull. SS. These are the heavy war crime guys


And the [3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3rd_SS_Panzer_Division_Totenkopf) banner at the left.


its gotta be sarcasm lol


Why are people pointing out the German (democratic) flag but not the SS flag lmao


3rd SS Panzer Division skull, the crossed bones are a bit different to the regular SS one. Weirdly specific flag to have on the wall. Definitely a Nazi.


But why skulls... *Is she a baddie?*




This one is extremely obvious but I feel like this general tactic is becoming more common. Nazis show very obvious symbolism that can’t even be really called a dog whistle and everyone in the internet will go above and beyond to explain how they could just be fans of nordic and far eastern history but only showing the exact symbols nazis used most commonly. I liked it better when we just accepted someone was a nazi when they told us so.


We do. Those people defending them are what we call "nazis." Or nazi sympathizers, if you're feeling especially generous. The thing is, there are a lot of them. There always have been.




Tis a literal red flag


There is also an SS symbole and an iron cross. Plus the german flag. I think it is pretty clear


Yeah, even though putting the modern German flag right next to a Swastika is pretty moronic since the Nazis literally outlawed that flag.


And modern germany outlawed the other one


And the fascist eagle gripping a swastika


Plus she's got a toothbrush moustache. you just can't see it because OP masked her face.


And she annexed the Sudetenland.


OP’s English teacher let her and then promised peace in our time, so everything should work out


Also the skull is pretty obvious that Granny here is a fucking nazi


That's the SS deaths head, And a flag of Germany. Yep...Buddhist. Confirmed.


The iron cross seals the deal.


I see massive red flags with this woman




There are litterally 3rd Reich eagles on that flag.... and there is what looks like a modern German flag to the left in the picture.


Well it is a holy roman german empire Eagles/s


I was kind of hoping there would be more to the tweet thread.


Yeah I've been dogging through this thread hoping for more information but there is none. Given that, chances are very high that this person is not a teacher and actually just some of random picture they found, and someone just set this up to be as provocative as possible to get it viral. Which worked. Edit: we're going to stick with 'dogging'


I went searching for this on Twitter and this apparently happened in June 2020. But both these tweets have been deleted. You can only find comments on the original tweet. But it seems to be real... and I see people defending her because she's in her own home???? I really wanna know what happened but can't find anything about the aftermath


In your own home doesn't count when you're a teacher and broadcasting your crazy shit to your students. Pick a different wall. She did this on purpose.


Intentionally pointed the camera to view it fully. What in hell was her goal here??


Early retirement.


> I see people defending her because she’s in her own home. Oh carry on then, so long as she’s only a Nazi at home. Nothing to see here /s


Ah yes all the monks use the iron cross yup


Charlie Chaplin also had that moustache first but there's a reason no one wears it like that anymore and it has nothing to do with his awesome work in film


Except Michael Jordan for a little while


Goes to show, even MJ couldn't bring it back


Here in Lithuania she'd be pay a fine and be in legal trouble for that


Here in America she'd be in congress


If it was a rainbow flag however then parents would call her a groomer and demand she be publically executed.


Here in Germany too.


Also in Australia. She could face up to a year in prison in Australia.


yeah sure but it's def a nazi symbol on that flag


That excuse plays out if you're at a Buddhist temple, it's jarring but yeah I get it. Inside some white woman's house, with a German flag and the nazi war eagle on the flag also. Not really buying that this woman is a Buddhist refusing to give up on meaningful symbol coopted by a hateful genocidal regime.


The excuse plays out if you're at a Buddhist temple, the symbol isn't tilted on its corner, and there isn't other Nazi memorabilia. Also - on the note of the actual Buddhist symbol representing nirvana. I lived in Japan for a year and when I'd go in a photo booth with Japanese people they'd often draw the Buddhist symbol all over the pictures to mean peace. I uhhhhh... had to explain that one a lot - "no no no, they're not the Nazi symbols, I'm not a Nazi, they're not Nazis, the original Buddhist symbols mean peace". Also I think for the Olympics in Japan they were worried about the fact that temples are represented with the Buddhist symbols on maps and how foreigners would react. It's honestly sad that the Nazis managed to taint the original symbol so much in the eyes of the West.


>It's honestly sad that the Nazis managed to taint the original symbol so much in the eyes of the West. This 100%. It's one of humanity's oldest symbols, it predates history. It was everywhere!




No, that excuse is not valid. That’s the titled swastika on a red flag. Pretty obvious what it means


the buddhist symbol is like made of stone and metal, not tilted on a red flag next to an ss flag and with german empire symbol on the side


Imagine bringing the Nazi banner to a Buddhist temple lol They're gonna kick you out if you do that


Didn’t you get suspicious when she said good morning class I’m mrs hitler?


Flag of Germany Flag of Nazi Germany Flag of SS division patch Totally just a Buddhist


The saddest thing is that when I was a kid, if a picture of that wall went public, that...creature would be done. Hat and baggage, out of the door and there would be no rehabbing her image. Her teaching days would be done. Nowadays though, if she isn't already in Oklahoma, Texas, or Florida, all she needs to do is apply for a gig and she is set in any of those states. And that's if anything comes of that racist display being streamed out.


I recently moved out of Florida after growing up there from birth. Can confirm half the population are nazis, the other half are on a cocktail of drugs Anyway, I’m sober now /s


"Sorry to hear about your relapse" is what I say to anyone who is currently clean that decides to move to Florida.


She's got a strong future in GOP politics.


Nazi Death Head symbol


The imperial eagle, the SS skull and the German flag doesn't quite leave room for doubts, does it?


[Remember: "I'm not a fascist" is exactly what a fascist would say.](https://youtu.be/Sx4BVGPkdzk)