I'm amazed how often i check prices of things I want to sell only to find a dozen of them listed for less than the vendor price.


What funny about this that I made a good sim of gil without much efforts by selling items at a higher price and adjust the market trend. It’s even better than flipping since ppl rarely look up for history record and you can just stack a bunch of that and sell it at a different time. Especially with treasure map materials


You made the mistake of assuming people read tooltips


It auto enters in vendor price when you go to sell an item.


Once again, you assume people read


In the words of one Lala I used to know: Reading is hard


It's how I'm able to sell 6k novelty shoes from a vendor for 30k a pop on the market board.


Or bonsai trees for 4x what they can be bought for.


wait what where the hell


In Rowena's shop in Mor Dhona, pretty much all those housing items sold there sell for way more than you can buy them for.


I'll sell off stacks of fishing bait for more than venders sell it. Hell, sometimes I'll even buy a stack off the MB if I'm too lazy to look up which vender sells it. Buying a stack for 75 gil/each from a vender vs 100 gil/each from the MB and not having to track down the vender? I'll call it a convenience fee lol.


I'm too lazy to do that. I just sell whatever my retainers bring/excess mats from crafting.


People have to manually adjust the price down from the default


Bots don't care though 😂


Did not know that. Thanks!


FUCKEN THIS! The price you get from a vendor automatically pops up....if you lower the auto price, you are officially losing money. It's Sturgeon's Law....90% of everything is crap....that includes people. The average person is a complete moron.


> Sturgeon's Law And yet knowing it is a real thing, much like the placebo effect, does not make one exempt from it. We're all morons in our own way.


Hell, for me, if it is less than DOUBLE the tooltip, I don't bother selling it on the Board. I go to Doma and donate it at a 200% markup.


Doma's 200% donations are capped at 40k gil. I save 40 Allagan silver coins from my retainers' weekend ventures for that so I don't have to balance against their budget.


Not everyone does that, though that is a great way to make money. Usually, I send my Retainers on the hour runs and then forget to send them on an 8h one before logging out. So I rarely hit the 40k limit.


I wonder which group I'm in 🤔


Look at the person to your left. Now look at the person to your right. If you're sitting alone and still looked, congratulations! You're an average person!


And the auto price is higher than the lowest selling. So they gotta change it lol. People are dumb. And no offense. This post is a great example of it in play. The answer is simple, but even the OP missed it. Sometimes the answers to mysteries aren’t always epic secrets or misunderstood riddles. They’re just people being dumb.


If you ever lower the price from the auto generated price you're a fucking idiot. You can just right click and sell and get more money without taking up a space in your retainers selling slots.


Some days I'm tempted to buy out all of those that are 200-300 under the vendor price and just recoup my losses that way, plus a little profit. Then I decide to queue for something instead.


People are dumb. I was just restating that fact. The point is that dumb people live and share the world we live in. They'll be making dumb choices and mistakes everywhere. And when we see a dumb person doing dumb things -- we should just learn to accept it "oh yeah, dumb people again!" It sucks that dumb people affect us. They're influencing social policy by voting. They're driving recklessly on our roads. They're violating laws, and forcing governments to treat us like children. There's a lot more peace of mind recognizing that dumb people will always be a part of our society and trying to work around them than trying to change them. Because we can't educate or teach them things they'll never want to learn. Just have a good chuckle when they list stuff at bad prices. Buy them out or move on. That's life.


You are an idiot, if you think someone gives a damn about 200 gil in a videogame. And you use that as basis for political message. Holy shit, get a life.


You’re really emotionally invested in this. Are you ok?


I am not the one who wrote 5 paragraphs about state of the world based on videogame item trading. Are you ok?


Yeah I just like typing. It’s why I play an mmo. Typing be fun, yo!


A classic blunder in this game tbh.


I don't know, but I buy them up and sell them at the Doman Enclave. Sure, I'll spend a bit to make a bunch


I use the Allagan silver that you get from 18h ventures. You can just send your retainers off on a venture before shutting down for the night and only need 40 to clear out funds for the week. That way you're not spending money too make money.


That's exactly what I do. Sure, it's not the fastest way but it's definitely one of the easiest and least involved.


Same here. In a good week, I'll get about 140 anyways, so sell 40 for 40,000 and the other stack of 99 for 49, 500 at the vendor in the back. Even have the Doman Enclave as a favourite location so the teleport is cheap.


Speaking of favored locations, could I get like *one* more? There are so many areas I need to frequent now especially with my crafters and gathering classes being at various levels of completion.


Do your weekly B-ranks or BLU log. Spend centurio / allied seals on teleport vouchers. Never pay for teleports again.


Especially now that you can set it to auto use the tickets without hitting confirm every damn time


I got the 2f code thing that I have to enter every single time because I can't save my house as a favorite for the free teleport It's annoying but necessary


The house is already a 1/4 price teleport.


I just desynth the furniture they bring back, gives me a steady stream of these demimateria. Sell 4 every week, and if I'm on a lot that week I'll have gotten 4 or more out of the items I've been desynthing, and then make back the venture costs by turning in gear. It's a beautiful little system. Now I have enough for a house, and no house to buy.


I used to do this for a good long while, and then, almost out of curiosity, a few weeks ago I turned in the platinum piece from the Wondrous Tails and maxed out my weekly donations almost immediately.


You should get the map instead. It sells for more on the market board, ~40k on many servers iirc


Ah I see. I had initially thought its value lay in actually searching for the treasure (which, upon attempting blindly, I had my ass turned to grass and no treasure to show for it). I will follow your advice now!


Well there is value in doing the map, but you need to be lucky and you need a group since that map is designed for group play. Map runs are a common and fun FC activity. Barring that, MB is a stable way to offload maps.


I take the poetics, buy rings in Crystarium and trade for Grand Company seals to gamble on mounts in the loot boxes.


I don’t understand, what does that Doman Enclave give you?


It's part of the Doman Restoration side quest. You can trade in items for more than their sell value. Once you've completed all the stages of the restoration, you can sell items to them for a return of 200% of their usual sell value, for up to 40,000 gil per week. This means you can sell them an Allagan Silver (usually worth 500g) and receive 1000g. So if you give them a stack of 40 coins you'll get the max value for that week immediately. It's free money and it makes the Doman Enclave look really cool as buildings are reconstructed and new industries begin to flourish. You can start the quest to unlock it in Mor Dona.


That’s awesome and I had no idea! Thank you. Is it only certain items? And there’s a cap on how much Gil you can get from them each week?


Anything you can sell to a vendor you can donate to the Enclave. There's a set cap to the gill per week, and the gratuity (ie, the bonus gil) and cap will increase as you progress through the side quest story. It takes a couple of weeks to get to the final stage, but all you need to do is sell stuff so it's pretty straightforward!


Huh, so I learned something today, and though the Doman restoration was like the one is Ishgard and that because I started so late that it would be done and not really needed to do


Nope, different setup completely! Incidentally, the Ishgardian Restoration is still a fantastic way to level crafters and gatherers.


Like Wayback Wind said, even if the restoration 'race' isn't going on you can certainly still utilize it. Basically a hassle free way to level your non-combats


Keep in mind the tax doesn't mean this is always profitable. But yea, I have no idea why these are consistently up below the NPC price.


1. They are idiots that don't pay attention to the tooltips 2. They already have enough Gil but don't want to keep unnecessary items in their inventory to sell when they do need Gil so they sell them below NPC price to get rid of them and have a small pocket of extra Gil without having to keep at least one inventory slot occupied. I mean, sure both things are people just being dumb, but that at least seems to be the possibilities as to why people would ever sell below NPC price when I think about it


You can vendor items directly through your retainer so #2 doesn't even make any sense.


This is exactly what I do to with the MB. If I see a lot of things going for under double the vender price I'll spend millions just to sell it to the Enclave. It's a time investment but especially during x.1-x.45 I'm not inventory heavy anyway and I only ever profit. Easy way to almost double your money.


These threads pop up every week or 2 and I think most people answer the same way every time. Either they are lazy and don't care, or they just don't know.


> Either they are lazy and don't care *I'm in this comment and I don't like it.* I mean, I do it sometimes, and it's always because the values involved just aren't worth the effort to me, I just want it out of my inventory and I'm there right now. There's really nothing more to it than that. Edit: I *love* how finding low-effort ways to not exacerbate a disability are a point of such contention, where people will downvote and argue with me about it, because they clearly know better than I do about a problem I've been living with for three decades. Maybe if you all argue with me some more, I'll find the motivation to just not experience physical pain if I right-click too much. The FF14 community is great, but you guys are the fucking worst.


But your retainer also has a "Have Retainer Sell Item" button, so you don't even need to find vendor to sell to. You can sell to market directly from the same retainer without leaving the screen. So its not lazy, its definitely not knowing.


I genuinely think people are so caught up with undercutting others that they don't realise they're selling it for less then market value.


I think sometimes people don't even know about the NPC sale value


Shhhhh I make all my money selling people dye!


I buy your dye because I'm lazy and it'll take me a few minutes to figure out which vendor sells the dye I want. You're welcome. XD


This. I would actually argue that people selling dye is more of an overnight express situation. Yes, I’m paying a lot more cause that’s the price I pay for not wanting to tele to Fallgourd or collecting grey pigment but I also didn’t spend 3-20 minutes of my time.


Yeah those are the two types I figured I was selling to. People who don't know about them and people whose time is worth more than 10,000 in 5 minutes.




I make quite a bit of money every weekend from people being too lazy to go to the vendors that sell the items for that week's Fashion Report and instead buying them from the marketboard for ten times the prize, sometimes even more.


Crafting gear is another one. HQ gear sells for *a lot*. NQ often sells for nearly as much, despite being purchasable from NPCs


I used to do this too but I found since the big WoW migration and influx of new players last year, the prices for selling them aren't worth it for me anymore. A decent amount of tribe dyes and even some merchant dyes used to sell for at least 5k each are now being sold for a couple hundred Gil each (if that) in malboro :( much sad.


Did kinda the same. Sold the Bridesmaid undies and the male shoes. Both did go our for about 60k each, buying it for 12k and 6k. Either people don't know about the vendor or are just plain lazy. Buuuut that business died... Got undercut to vendor prices... Like ... wtf




I see your point, but the thing with tribe stuff is (and if I'm wrong, please correct me) you need to invest some days to get the specific level, to buy something like the dye, right ? Honestly, if it would be a one time buy, sure 80k is a big hit, but it would be once. Maybe twice. From my pov, acceptable. For more regular deals, 5 - 10k is ok imo. Still expensive, but easily farm able. (Running roulette for example) But to each their own I guess


If the price is less than the cost of travel to and from an NPC that sells it, it can make sense. Edit: I think I misunderstood to mean the price NPCs sell it for (like copper ore or whatever). Yes, selling something for less than you can just walking over to *any* vendor NPC is just silly.


The retainer themselves can vendor it for you instantly right in the same retainer menu... dont even need to walk to a vendor.


Susano weapons sold for a good amount on the first day, by the second day they had been undercut from 1 mill gil to 150k gil on my server. Wat. It cost me more in mats to make it than how far it was undercut.


It makes it so you don't want to make items, and In return the market is being heavily effected.


Probably most mats where available beforehand and the last thing was something from Susu ex, which is easy grind-able. I'm not a crafter, just guessing.


It's grindable with a group, not really soloable due to the sword mechanic and the drop rates are still low. The mat itself is still currently selling for the price of a crafted piece after the price implosion.


I have seen people doing it with fish. Why put something worth 2 and sell it for 1, just put the shite to a shop and be done with it


For low level crafting materials I assume it’s some folks wanting to do a goodwill and help out people leveling crafters. For useless vendor trash, I have no idea. Especially when the game explicitly marks stuff as “crafting material” so you know whether or not it has a use.


Yep, for crafting materials if I bring the window up and see it's selling for 2 gil and I've got enough retainer slots I'll pop it up same as shop selling price. I've already got this window open and as a crafter I know someone will get use out of it. Other stuff is not worth it because it won't sell very quick.


The fish are worth more than that for the crystals you get from de-synth.


SHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't spoil my source of cheap water shards/crystals!


It is my belief that the people who post items WAAY under vendor price are highly economically illiterate. I mean I can't really come up with a reason for wasting a market selling slot on your retainer, just so you can get a 200 gil loss.


I think sometimes it can just be down to people not paying attention. It definitely happens. I remember when king craft demi's were the big thing in ARR for crafting purposes. They were going for several mil and I ended up finding one missing a zero on the end, spent about 300k on it. The vendor messaged me a little upset, not angry, saying it was unintentional and if I could pay a discounted price at a higher cost. Felt so guilty about it I ended up doing that.


Aw that's very kind of you.. I would've just returned it for what I paid


Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if I did this once or twice before, just because I didn’t check how much they sell for at the vendor. I feel like 99% of the items in the game don’t sell for more than a few hundred at the vendor. So when I’m clearing junk out of my inventory (I don’t even know wtf these demimaterias are for tbh), and I see something selling for nearly 5k gil on the market, I just put that up without checking. I literally didn’t realize until now that there are items that sell for that much (aside from the allagan platinum pieces or whatever).


You don't even need to go anywhere to check, it's literally in the item description


When you have a full inventory, a ticking queue, and 3 dozen items to go through, you're not really checking each description.


You don't go to the MB while in a hurry in a queue... At most, you go "fuck it" and vendor half your inventory.


Well, some people go ”fuck it“ and sell everything on the market instead


And those people are kinda silly if they're losing 200 Gil for literally no reason.


200 Gil is like not bothering to bend to and pick up a penny. I just don’t care.


I'd say this is the equivalent of bothering to bend and put down a penny.


I'd say it's bending down to put down a penny


Okay, but this isn't just not worrying about 200 Gil. It's having two options that require the exact same amount of effort and going with the one that just arbitrarily loses you 200 Gil every time FOR LITERALLY NO REASON. The amount is pretty much irrelevant. In fact, vendoring the things is FASTER too, cuz you don't have to wait for it to sell, so it's not like it's even more efficient. It's not like you'd have to go out of your way to make that extra 200 Gil, it's just deciding to have 200 less for... like, genuinely there is no actual good reason. At all. I can't think of any reason beyond just being foolish or stubborn.


No... I was replying to a specific example of being in a hurry. You don't touch your retainer to sell on MB, while having a queue ticking.


The default price the game puts it up as is the vendor selling price. So if you are decreasing that number, thats how you know you should sell to the retainer instead.


I thought you said sell the retainer and it just killed me


See this is definitely valid but I just didn’t even know that


Those items exist to be sold. That's their only purpose.


i do that so other people who need it can get it for cheap while i clear an inventory slot, still make some gil and help people who need it.


Not all heroes wear capes.


My reason when I do that is largely. "Well, I already am here in this clunky menu and had to check for the price, and don't have anything else to sell right now anyway, so might as well stick it in instead of having to walk over to the npc to sell it"


You know that you can sell stuff directly at your retainer? There is the option "have retainer sell items" in the same menu as setting it on the board.


maybe they just want it gone?


They can sell it directly out of theirs or retainer's inventory with fewer clicks than it takes to put it up for sale.


Terrible way to make it gone, occupying a retainer slot. /shrug


This makes the assumption people are selling in every retainer slot all the time. I think there's a fairly substantial amount of players who just sell on an if and when basis, not as a regular "I have a business degree in Eorzeonomics" kind of thing.


If i got it for free i put it on the mb for under vendor price, reason? So somebody else gets an item they need and i get almost the same gil.


NO!... What I mean by vendor price is the price of the item that you get when SELLING it to the vendor, not when BUYING IT from the vendor! Go nuts if you get a free item and can make a quick profit by just putting it up on the market board, I am all for that. It's the other instance I take issue with.


In WoW we got add ons to snipe stuff like this to than vendor to make a profit


This is a big mystery for me. The item is not a Mat for anything. There is no reason to pay gil for it cause there is no other use for it except to sell it to vendor or to donate it to Doman for 10000. Can boss of Ikura, Addison etc explain ?


Can't even buy them out either since the market tax goes over the vendor sell price


Buy them and sell them to the Domans for easy $$$


already have more then enough allagan pieces from my retainers and already did it this week :/


This thing happens with alot of things actually, Allagan Pieces and Materia are also big targets for that. My assumption is its just retainer bots that are set to undercut and they just let it do its thing without looking. There is always that point where they reach below vendor prices when buying it of the mb so keep an eye out for it.


Much more likely that it's simply people in a rush and not checking every single item description because when you're in a hurry that takes way too much time. Takes so many clicks just to list a batch of items as it is, couple that with checking the item description every time on top of it just adds even more time when you're going through a full inventory.


it shows you the vendor price when you first list the item tho


Just wait and watch, they will eventually undercut the price down more. ;)


Me: "Hey, you should buy and sell-" OP: "MARKETBOARD TAX, YOU F\*\*\*ING GOMER PILE!!!"


Buy them all and sell them to the Domans. 10,000 for under 5k? Yes please!


Its a useful method for keeping your gil if you want to world/server transfer. Buy about 50 mil or how much gil you have worth of demimateria/allagan coins, and then once you finish transferring, you sell the demimateria, or allagan coins. Boom you get to keep all your gil.


iirc they removed the gil limit when transferring server. Also what im confused about is the sellers selling for below vendor not the people buying


They removed it? news to me. I do know some folks do use bots to ensure that the item they are selling will always undercut the lowest seller. Maybe these guys were too lazy to even bother looking at what they were selling lol.


These bots are fun to mess with once you identify them. You play limbo and see if you can set a new normal for price that's way, way lower.


I did that untill I realized how much they sell to the vendor for. They are quite the exception. Most items only sell for a couple of Gil so I completely stopped checking the vendor value for a while.


It auto enters in vendor price when you go to list the item. So if you ever go below the number that was already there you fucked up.


Clear Demimateria is like the Allagan Pieces, their whole purpose is to be sold to npcs to generate gil


This is gonna sound mean, but it's because many people who play this game have an IQ that is bested by room temperature (in celcius).


I just buy those up and sell them for a profit at the vendor :)


Marketboard tax makes it go over the vendor price for the buyer


I had a similar-ish yet different experience today in fact; a single seller was undercutting with 99 Moonlight Aethersand by a huuge margin (Moonlight aethersand is worth quite a lot in total). At first I thought "Man, this dude is ruining the profits for everyone by being dumb", but then an ingenious idea struck me; I bought his stack, immedietly put it back on sale but the higher expected price, then not even 5 minutes later *ding ding*, I made a 50k profit. I might genuinely start actively looking for more of these opportunities, it felt great lmao.


that's just marketboard 101 haha


Same reason why people sell Alagan pieces for a loss on the mb


You got 486 million gils...


Cause fuck you is why.


Literally happens for every single item, still don't understand why, 7 years later.


I don't get it either, to be honest. It honestly baffles me. They'd be getting more gil selling it at a vendor. Sometimes I'll buy those that I see, if they are marked down enough that the fee is still lower than the vendor price, enough to make it worth my time. The only conclusion I can make is that people are dumb and/or illiterate. As far as I know, those Clear Demimateria only exist to be sold anyways, a rare drop when you desynth something.


Clearly determined.


Sellenagilmez lul


I’d say it’s people just trying to help. But it’s probably bots.


Idk but I buy 4 of these every week to go turn in for 40k at doma.


I always assumed they just wanted to help out people who needed the material for crafting tbh


this is not a crafting material, it says in the tool tip that its meant to be vendored


Would be true, but Clear Demimateria has no crafting recipes or trade ins. It is just a item to sell


buy them all and sell them in the Doma Enclave. You get 10k each.


It's rare but you can sometimes turn a profit with materia because of this. It's never a crazy amount but if you buy them less for npc prices you make free gil. Don't forget to add in for tax too tho which is the main profit killer


Some people like to pay the MB taxes, I guess.


Well trading them into Doma still nets a hell of a profit


Are we all just glossing over the fact /u/ninedeath has like 480million gil? Or am I just poor with my 2m?


Do you have *any* idea how much money you can make buying 3000 gil Glade Chairs and selling them for 5000 gil? I don't do that. I craft them, and then sell them for 5000 gil.


I just looked it up on my server to see if I could profit off this and found several people selling the C Demimateria II for 500 gil when it sells for 1000.... easiest money you'll ever make update: I made 100k so far


I've been leeching off these peeps and make some money back. Same with lower materia. Keep your secrets, I rather have them not get smart about it.


Yeah, I see this a lot. Don't know.


Spiffing is over in a corner plotting world domination.


Because people want instant gratification / have no clue how to read a market & not oversaturate it.


So while these people are idiots I take advantage of them and as long as the tax doesn't put me over vendor buy price I'l buy it up and sell it to the vendors.


While I don't read the vendor price, and know it autofills in the price when you first list it; the reason I sell stuff on the market boards is not only to empty my inventory while getting gil but also letting someone who needs that item buy what I'm not going to use. I don't really care how low prices go. I'm not in it for the profit. People always clear out my retainers regardless of what I'm selling, which I always find surprising. But if they keep buying them, I'll keep listing my stuff lol. I'm not a crafter so the purpose of demimateria has always eluded me, but it always sells so /shrug as long as it helps someone ^_^


Sometimes I just want to be nice 🤷‍♂️


I'm rich, I don't need the money and when I get stuff like this I routinely post it on the marketboard for 1 gil


Why not vendor it tho? You can do it in the same menu as you sell it and you get rid of the item instantly and make more gil


If you don't need the money might as well help someone who does need it


Would make sense if you could guarantee that someone that needs it gets it, but I feel like in the vast majority of cases when you underprice and item like that the person that grabs it is going to be a bot or someone that spends a lot of time on the market board.


Right? I have good items all the time I would happily give away to get them out of my inventory, but it's more convenient to just sell it to a vendor for almost nothing because I really don't need the Gil either. If it's worth trying to sell on the market board I may put it in the company chest in case someone actually wants it. They just wanted to get rid of their stuff lol


“I’m rich so fuck off those who want to make more money, buy my super cheap items!”


??? Anyone trying to make money seeing a super cheap listing on the marketboard would just buy up the listing and resell it for a tidy profit, so they'd make more money?


I assume people will buy them for Doman Restoration, where they're all worth 10k a pop when you get to the highest level. Edit: also, you might buy them before you finish the resto, because they let you get to the weekly cap really fast. Which is great if you don't care about making money and just want to get it done.


No, i mean why sell it for under vendor price? There's no benefit I can see for the seller.


Tons of people don't read tooltips. I can totally see it being this case with this, just like how you can easily sell a 5k vendor item for 100k on the marketboard. Or bots.


Everybody undercutting each other without realizing it's now reached under the vendor price.


So we can buy them and sell them to npcs for profit. I’m gonna do that right now!


Unfortunately, with the tax added, you're probably still paying over vendor price.


You know, I was only thinking of why people would go and buy them. So my best guess? Undercutting for the sake of undercutting. Maybe some bots being messed with by people.


They're good for bypassing world transfer limits.


they removed that limit and even if it was there it makes no sense to sell them under vendor price if it was still there


I'm too lazy to take it to Doma. But maybe someone else isn't. So why not let them get that bonus? I don't actually need the gil.


I mean I'm 99% sure I've done this. I literally just don't care enough to look.


Same sometimes because I'm too lazy to run to a vendor for an extra hundred gil or less (demis and materia mostly) I've got the item for free from desynth or spiritbond anyway so a profit is a profit.


When you're listing it for sale, it will suggest vendor price by default so you don't have to go out of your way to look, just never lower the price from what it auto suggests. Further, you can sell it right there while listing things, don't have to walk anywhere. Just right click - "have retainer sell item". Retainer will just buy the item for vendor price on the spot, don't even have to change menus.


There's a LOT of stupid people in the FFXIV market.


You could just leave off the "in the FFXIV market". Its not exactly niche.


Fair, but in terms of game economies, I've never seen a dumber group of people. I swear some are trying to aim for the least profit possible.


This is literally every game ever. You think wow has a better economy? New world?


I never said they had better economies. But they certainly dont have as many idiots on the market. I've never seen a game with so many people stupid enough to sell items for the same or less than vendor price for example. There's hundreds at any given time. There's also always hundreds selling items for a gil or 2 each, what's even the point? And people absolutely destroy markets with massive undercuts in this game, I've seen them get cut in half every day, the item prices are so wildly volatile because of this.


They put it up as a courtesy but there’s also an opportunity cost for taking up retainer slots, so they’re pretty much begging you to take it off them and making use of it. Turning it around and going “lol undercutters 4head” has the same vibe as that greentext story of anon giving a child extra mcnuggets and the mom saying “they’re working at McDonald’s because they can’t count” so sad


The buyer still needs to pay taxes at that price and in the end you lose money and the buyer loses money


The primary two reasons are people not being very good at the game and not realizing they're posting below price. The other, which I've fallen into, is brainless repricing when you get a failed sale where it is not as obvious you're going below basic sell cost and unless you put in some basic effort, which you know takes effort however that even I can't be bothered with, to actually check the sell price when repricing. Is it dumb, definitely.


Shhhhh don't say anything it's free money


its not because the tax fee make it go over the vendor price


Ya its why I gave up crafting, mb is broken in alot of ways imo


Because people are both really lazy and really dumb


The worse part is that you can't even say these people are just lazy to go to npc because you can literally right click and have retainer sell item to sell the item at npc value...


Honestly? I assumed that they were needed for something, so I decided that I'd be nice and put them up for cheap. TIL that they just exist to get money from vendors, so won't be doing that anymore I guess.


Must be primal server?


These idiots don’t even know thry can turn these in to the doman enclave for literally double


I hate to say it but a majority of ff14 player base is economically dumb. I’ll see people undercut others by 50k on certain items. They are just giving away gil at that point.