Saw the video when it was first making the rounds. There was no need to pull a gun on anyone. Snatched that man's soul over nothing. Though there hardly ever is a need to pull a gun.


Honestly the only time it's needed to pull a gun is when your life is under immediate danger. or when someone insults your grandmama


My grandmas a bitch tell her to her face idgaf


So really only the one time for you.




You called my abuela a biznatch?? Gimme them kneecaps




I'm really loving Better Call Saul!!


C'mon you don't need to kill anyone who insults your grandma, maybe just break their legs


Slipping Jimmy saves the day.


Don't nobody call my nana biznatch .. I'll go Tuco on your ass


I need my guns for when the scary colored hair people with the pronouns come to take my guns.


Not meemaw!


Bro if you insult my grandma i dont have to kill you i just gotta protect you from my grandma


Username checks out


> when your life is under immediate danger. Or another persons life or well-being. At least, tell the cops that. “I was in fear for my life”. Then lawyer up. But real talk — if you try to steal my stuff, I’ll kill you when given the chance. If the criminal doesn’t value his own life more than my stuff, then neither do I. And yes, comments like this one will look bad in court. Don’t be too dumb with the stuff you write, if it can be brought back to you.


>But real talk — if you try to steal my stuff, I’ll kill you when given the chance. If the criminal doesn’t value his own life more than my stuff, then neither do I. \>Despises low-life criminals that go around stealing peoples property \>His nickname is Genghiswasbased Pick a side, man.


Comparing Genghis to a lowly criminal is like comparing an ugly prostitute to your mom


Unless if it's my grandma on my mom's side, in which case I'll probably agree with them.


Bro U okay?


The whole situation was shitty. I don't care who you fuckin are, if someone brandishes a gun in an argument its time to step down on your billy-badass routine. If the guy is scared enough to pull a gun, he can be scared enough to use it. Guy even shot the ground around his feet and he still didn't back down. Is trying to call someone's bluff REALLY worth becoming worm food? Fucking egos man.


Yeah people conveniently leave out that after the homeowner came out with the gun, the other man aggressively approaches him and throws him to the side. The homeowner sounds like a piece of shit for playing games with children's custody (or at least his wife was if I remember right) but you don't get to assault people just because your physically bigger and not expect anyone to respond.


I dont know any of the details here, but there can be legitimate reasons why you would deny your ex their custody weekend. Considering the guy went straight for physical violence, it's entirely possible they found bruises the last time they got the kids back from custody weekend.


Yeah I don't have details either, and I'm not speaking on their character past what I have seen. I have relatives who have their kids used as pawns by their exes and I sympathize heavily with the big man. However, I don't care how frustrated the man was or shitty they had possibly been in the past, you threaten a man and attack him on his own property your asking to get shot. And yeah, the guy could've been abusing kids, could've gotten his days wrong, etc. The fact reddit has turned a man attacking someone on their own property into some honorable man just because he was unarmed is just retarded.


I agree, I don't know the facts and I've not been able to find out why they denied visitation. Maybe the guy was right and his ex wife was actually fucking with him and he didn't do anything to deserve that. In that case I feel for him, but he got himself killed, plain and simple. There's losing your cool, and then there's attacking a man with a gun who repeatedly warns you and even fires a warning shot. The guy went into a blood rage and got himself killed.


The kids weren't even there. They told him that multiple times. He still tried to wrestle the gun away from the other guy which is definitely grounds to use it. Why is he trying to take it other than to use it on you or someone else. Awful situation all around, hard to watch video, but OP's post is wrong on a lot of the details.


The kids weren’t even there, Chad Read was told multiple times to leave, and he wouldn’t. I don’t know how tolerant I would be of a girlfriend’s ex showing up at my house and putting on a display like that over shit I’ve got nothing to do with, and kids who aren’t even at the house.


Exactly, its easy to talk when you don't have you ex's massive, aggressive ex showing up screaming in your face, threatening you, and then throwing you. These Redditors talking about how cowardly or whatever the homeowner is need a reality check. There's a significant chance if the gun wasn't brought out the home owner would've been severely beat by angry Chad Read. Tragic that this had to happen at all though.


This Green Text lies. You could not do this in California (Dumb) and the guy should have been packing too. Moral of the story is women.



Actually, California does have castle doctrine, so you don't have a duty to retreat on your own property.


The problem is that everyone is willing to go to a nuclear, life changing option without doing a few things: A. considering they're risking taking a life. • considering they're risking dying 3. Considering how worth it is over whatever the thing is Z. BANANA




If he didn't post BANANA how would you know he was into Minions


Not a day passes where I don't appreciate the fact I'm not an amerimutt


Its great if you dont suck


It's great living somewhere on the other side of the globe ngl


Yea every single location in America is exactly the same, there is no variance whatsoever, Scottsdale and Oakland are the same. It's just like in Europe, every where is like the suburbs of Lisbon. There are no pros and cons of living different places in America. California, Wisconsin, New York, Alaska, all identical.


I like that random AZ city drop there heh


I grew up and live in AZ, so Arizona and California I'm pretty familiar with lol


They are all the same yet they all have that one prominent that makes them shittier than the other. California’s cities suck ass.


Could it be the immigration rates? More people immigrate to America than any other country in the world. I wonder why they would do that, why so many millions of people would leave their glorious, perfect, non-American life and come to America, this terribly shitty place with no freedom and no opportunity. It is a great mystery.


I mean I could understand people immigrating from 3rd world countries. My parents were raised in the Philippines. They both work in the medical field. Here, they earn way more than they would have if they stayed in the Philippines. If you live in say Spain or the UK there’s really no reason to come here.


Don't base California's cities off LA and SF. The only place I've been I legitimately like more than San Diego has been London.


The Bay Area is a wonderful place to live and visit


I was there last month. It was alright but bro have you seen the homeless population and the housing prices?


Trashing AZ is like shooting fish in a barrel


Lived in Arizona my whole life it's entirely deserved


People really think the US is dangerous throughout the whole nation. If you remove the top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods then the USA on average is as safe as other “safe” countries. Just stay away from bad areas. There’s a reason most of the wealthiest people in the world live here or send their kids here to be educated.


I agree. America is the number 1 immigration destination in the world. If America was as bad as reddit loves to portray it, people wouldn't be flocking here by the millions.


Lol 90% of this sub is just race or gender baiting.


True of every US city that’s for sure. Morons watch Tucker and think Seattle and New York are war zones, meanwhile real estate in these cities continue to skyrocket. Because *news flash* these are great places to live.


I wouldn’t say New York and Seattle are great places


did you just say new york is a good place to live in? the same place where a shithole roach infested studio apartment can go for over 1k? and people actually get in bidding wars for it? hey alright


What are you implying with your Lisbon comment there, sir?


Have you ever been to America before?


europoor detected 🤮


cry me a river of cholesterol, amerifat


So you wish you were an amerimutt on a daily basis?


That's what he says. He's never glad he's not American


Could be worse. You could be British.


> Wake up > Get stabbed by gang from Southeast London > Mayor tells you to simply tolerate it


Try that sentence one more time


\> be you \> wake up \> still not american \> day improves significantly \> yfw


We’re glad you’re not one, too




How many of your currency can I get for 1 US Dollar? I’m planning on traveling soon


Assuming he's european you can get 1 Euro. If hes British you can get about 92p (even with the pound collapsing lol).


The vast majority of us don't have this shit happen to us or even encounter it. I'm from Georgia and lived there for 23 years. Never saw a gun. Never fired a gun. Live in Brooklyn now for 7 years. Same thing. No guns around me. It's obviously a problem, but acting like this is the typical American experience is extremely ignorant and condescending. Just because you see it on Reddit doesn't make it a fact of daily life for the millions and millions of us.


I remember that video. They were so fucking calm over the fucking dead guy laying on their porch. Even his wife took like 5-10 extra minutes before she actually seemed concerned.


I think I remember it being silenced or something and no one thought it really happened. Then about 30 seconds after the shot they all start to freak out about it.


Silenced guns are still very very loud, they just take the volume down to a point where it won't deafen you


^ unless you’re using subsonic rounds on a smaller cartridge with a silencer, it’s very obvious it’s a gun.


The gun in the thumbnail is a Ruger PC Carbine, 9mm.


Probably still not subsonic rounds though


fairly sure i read that they thought it was a pellet/bb gun IIRC.


Ah yes 7 joule BBs are enough to make someone instantly fall and start visibly bleeding.


I own five suppressors, it wasn’t suppressed. It was just a 9mm PCC, I believe a Ruger PC9 off the top of my head.




Lol, probably. I remember many people who own pistol caliber carbines gaining validation after the PC9 dropped a guy with one shot (as any firearm would). PCC’s are a contentious subject on /k/.


His wife thought it was BB gun and that it only knocked her husband out. She only freaked out after realizing he still wasn't moving.


How the fuck do you knock someone out with a BB gun? I feel like it would be easier, though still basically impossible, to kill someone with it.


Hit the back of the head with the gun. Like a bat.


^ Facts. BBs don't have the mass to knock someone out. And if they did, they'd be called pneumatic muskets, and they'd be more likely to kill you than knock you out.


She thought he was knocked out or something like that. She didn't know he was killed. Still hella weird and cold reaction from her because he still obviously was hurt no matter scenario.


Everyone was probably a bit relieved but then remembered they had to act upset


In fairness to the wife there was probably a ton of shock/disbelief/hopium flowing through her in the moment.


He got off without a charge because the guy shouted that he would take the gun and shoot him with it, stepped onto the porch, and threw the guy with the gun off the porch. Only then did the guy get shot. The guy who was shot also had a reputation for flying into fits of rage and attacking people, so it wasn’t a stretch to think he’d follow through. This also happened in Texas, which has the most protective defense of property laws, so shooting someone on your curtilage who is uninvited and told to leave is legal. No one should have died, but to say that he was killed just for coming on the property and nothing else is ridiculous


Every day I'm glad I don't live in America.


I am glad you don't live here too!


That's nice of you for being concerned about his safety.


Every day I'm glad I didn't walk up to an armed man and scream "im going to grab that gun and kill you with it." Then lunge at him.


Generally it's an easy way to avoid getting shot, who knew?!


You’re missing out America is fuckin great, unless all you see is the news




Or unless you have a medical issue and or lose your job


I'm pretty sure you're from India lol


American lives rent free in europoors heads lmao. This is the second comment and I’ve only just begun scrolling


Damn it’s a good thing to cause you’d realize how brainwashed you are on the internet.


He said bad thing about bad place! Let’s give him Reddit gold!


Uh oh! No America hating rant, facts thrown I to the mix? I am surprised your comment has a positive Karma value.


you can consider the facts and still hate on america


There were precious few facts in that entire anti-America greentext rant.


usually if nobody cares that somebody died it's because they're violent and sucked ass for everyone to be around


Yeah there's always a deeper mining to this. I know law is not always fair but it's hard to believe that judge said like "Oh he stepped on his grass so he got shot. Perfectly fine.". I'm not saying that the shooter shouldn't be punished but at least we know more reason to judge's decision other than stupid assumptions.


Truth pilled


I mean if its your scheduled day with your kids and your ex is just being a dick to be a dick and say no, well I would say introducing a gun in that situation makes the gun owner the guilty one here no matter the laws. I could totally understand being prone to fits of rage when your pos ex is constantly pulling shit with the kids like that.


How about instead of attacking a man with a gun and acting surprised you got shot, you instead call the police and inform them your wife isn’t allowing you to see you children when it’s your scheduled time.


> curtilage I learned a new word today!


Another justification for my hatred of women


\*one man shoots other man\* "damn women!"


This but unironically


women most affected


Women eternally BTFO honestly


*one man shoots other man, over/because of women* Damn women.


Woman decided to betray man, denied man his own children on his time with his kids he clearly loves woman sends man to murder him. Yea not the woman at all her choices totally had nothing to do with the outcome


Based and Misogynist-pilled


Sir, you are a dumb ass


Only the biggest bitch shoots an unarmed man. Fisticuffs? You’re a manly man who should get laid more. Knife? Fair, especially if the other guy is bigger than you. Gun? You’re a bitch. Assault rifle? Animorph into a bitch you bitch.


Only idiots even bother to solve conflicts with violence.


Yeah, but at least have the fucking balls to settle it like an actual man instead of shooting an unarmed guy dead on the spot. He was technically trespassing, and assaulted a man on his property. It was “”legal”” to shoot him, but it sure as fuck wasn’t necessary at all. The guy is a fucking pussy.


I'd rather be the alive pussy with a gun in control of the situation then the "manly man" lying in a pool of his own blood.


This guy on your step goes into a blind fucking rage on your doorstep. He's a lot bigger than you and you probably won't win that fight. You have no clue if he's going to stop if you go down. You have no clue what this raged out psycho will do to your wife if you lose. You have no clue what he'll do to your step-kids if you lose; plenty of people pull a murder suicide with their kids if they know they fucked up and will lose custody (as attacking your ex-wife's husband would do). This isn't about being "manly". We're not dumbass 14 year Olds. This guy is trying to protect his family, and denying yourself an advantage with those stakes is fucking stupid.


Did you read the story at all? He isn’t just “some guy”. He’s the real father of the kids he wants to see, which he is owed because they SHARE the custody. He was denied that right by a bitch of a wife, and was rightfully upset because that bitch of a wife denied him the ability to see THEIR children. You wanna know what you do if you’re too small to take on a guy? Back the fuck down, and let him see the kids he’s OWED custody to. The only reason he was so pissed is because that bitch wife illegally kept those kids away from their real father. That pussy wasn’t trying to do anything except protect himself the consequences of refusing to let a father see his children, who, again, he is entitled to see because of shared custody. That, and his property. The only legal grounds he had to shoot him was solely because he was on his property. Anywhere else other than his property? That fucking bitch boy of a man would’ve been fucking locked up for unnecessary use of force & murder. He’s a coward who took the life of a father & his little ego couldn’t handle stepping down & respecting the rulings of the legal system. Should the father have stepped down, though? Yes, absolutely. He was on another man’s property & set an awful example for his kids. He should’ve called the cops & reported his wife for disallowing him to see his kids. 9/10 times, the cops would’ve ruled in favor of the father who is LEGALLY entitled to see his kids. Because of these two men’s tiny egos, the father to a pair of children was shot dead right in front of them. Those kids will remember this stupid dispute & the reason why their father died in the first place, and yes, it was also because their father was an egomaniac who was too stupid to let the legal system do the work & was legally shot dead by a massive pussy as a consequence.


Again, no reasonable person gives a shit about what is "manly" here. The video clearly shows the father is an aggressive person. Who flew off the handle and yelled "im going to take your gun and kill you with it". The home owner still warned the guy after that, and the father tried to take the gun. The father got himself killed, the homeowner was protecting himself and his family. You don't know why the ex-wife denied him visitation. If this video is even slightly indicative of who the father is, I sure as shit wouldn't want my kids left alone with a guy that goes into a murderous rage like that.




Not dying > some redditor thinking your bitch.


No, that's not how the dynamics of being armed works. The problem here is that there was an imbalance in who was armed. Guns are the great equalizer, knowing that both parties are armed provides a huge disincentive to violence on both sides, forcing them to resolve their differences without violence. Shooting an unarmed man is a huge "bitch move," but the problem isn't that one man was armed, the problem is that the other man was not armed as well. "God made men, Samuel Colt made men equal."


Exept it only matters who shoots first.


Nah, if you pull a knife on an unarmed man, you’re a bitch.


Knifes? Wtf. You’re a coward if you pull a weapon on an unarmed person. If it’s a gun a knife a bat, does not matter.


an alive bitch is better than a dead manly man


> Fisticuffs Are you 80?


+1 only for the Animorph reference.


Later context. Lady in the car thought it was a stun gun or BB gun. She didnt know he was dead according to later info. Shit you may have missed. The bio dad said "you better shoot me or im gunna take that gun and shoot/kill you." Than grabbed the gun and tried to wrestle it from stepdaddy. https://youtu.be/qzv4JzsoU9k


If he hadn't pulled the gun out, there would be nothing to struggle over. The dude was angry but contained...


May as well say if they hadnt come up to his house to demand shit he would be alive to.


He didn't demand shit. He had every right to take the kids to the amusement park




saw the video. there was no fucking reason for that idiot to be bringing a gun out other than to intimidate. Just call the fucking cops next time jfc.


The real crime here is that the video was recorded on vertical.


How else will I post the video of my husband getting murdered on tiktok?


The mom is a local judge, having the cops there would have been getting him arrested for trying to pick up his children per court orders.


Tries to fight guy with gun, gets shot. Couldn't have seen that coming a mile away.


I mean yeah I dont think I could see a bullet if it was coming from a mile away, shits tiny. ​ ​ ^(/s)


That's why I prefer 17c cannons for home defense, if the intruder dodges I get to have a proper duel


Average woman moment


Am*rica moment


Note to self: don’t threaten someone holding a gun, especially when you refuse to leave their property and don’t try to take the gun out of their hands. Life is not an action movie. You are not Chuck Norris. Get in your car and leave with your life.


There was no reason to get the gun and escalate. He was not physically aggressive, did not have a weapon. If you can't reason with him, call the cops. He was on your property sure, but he didn't deserve to lose his life over it. No one was in danger before the dwarf got the shotgun out. Do you really not value life at all there? That was murder.


He couldn't call the cops because the father had every right to take the kids lol


Clearly the bio dad didn't value his own life when he decided to attack step dad on his own property while he was brandishing a gun. Bio dad was a moron who should have walked away and calmed down


Why is every situation a gamble for your life in America, even seeing your fucking kids


2 things. 1. Everything in life is a gamble. Even driving to work is very likely to get yourself killed, yet we all take that as an acceptable risk. 2. These kinds of scenarios are exceedingly rare like the one in the post. Just because the media grabs it does not make it the norm of life at all. You're speaking like you know what life is like in America when you very clearly demonstrate that you do not.


I’ve lived in many different parts of America—major city, suburbs, the woods. My statement was extreme and there are many safe places here, but I’m a bit pissy right now because a very good guy and staple of my current American community was killed by random gun violence yesterday as he was taking his trash out. I also can’t stand the opinions from middle America that our country is perfect—it’s just as egotistical as any group of people who think their way is the only way Edit: to add the problem as I see it is the promotion of individualism. Every American is so obsessed with THEIR rights they don’t ever think they’re impeding the rights of others. Resorting to violence as a first, second, or even third instinct just proves that person is an idiot who can’t comprehend their own emotions. What’s the thought process “this guys on my property cause his kids are here” screams “I need a gun”?


This is America.


Why are you downvoting? He is right.


*Don’t catch you downvoting now!*


Why is America like this?


Centuries of hyper-individualism.


Oh I'm sure those kid's will have a great relationship with him when they're older. Calling it now, the dude ends up dead at the hands of one of those kids.


If I was his step son, I would kill him and claim he tried to molest me or something to get off the hook. Yes I am a horrible human being.


Not any worse than the murderer of your father


Shooting an unarmed guy because you *technicly* kidnapped his kids, and then getting away with it. American justice for you


it's a kid filming from the car. the mom is with them and briefly checks on her ex husband after he gets shot like it's no big deal


She’s in shock. At the very end you can hear her screaming hysterically “Oh my God you really did it!”


yet they're still together. guess she really cared!


There can only be one [father] - highlander


I saw that video. There is no way on earth they ruled that as a legal killing. Edit: wow. I was wrong. Holy shit.






This video boils my blood. He literally kills the guy and doesn't give a fuck. He wanted to have a "badass" moment instead of just calling the police. The dude is a psycho with no remorse. Did he really not get any charges? Really? Nothing? Fuck man. Not even manslaughter or something. fuck man this makes me sad. American news is so depressing.


What being a manlet does to a mf


It's literally under the greentext


Lazy moment


Somthing tells me they planned this


Can we not invent Acme guns that shoot boxing gloves on a very strong spring or something like that? Rationally, the smaller man didn't actually want to murder his rival, his wife's ex, but to incapacitate him, and so claim his status as the victor in his wife's eyes. If he could have unleashed a boxing glove on a very strong spring to the guys jaw, that would have had the same effect, and would have been much better for everybody concerned.


This story is **violently** American.


This happened where I'm from and a lot of people I know are friends with the man that got killed sadly.


Damn America is a shithole


Really admire how the dumbass shot *towards* the house.


Nothing to see here. Just Texans killing Texans.


America. The beautiful.


Another day where I’m thankful I don’t live in such a wretched country


The not getting in trouble but is a fabricated lie


Not in this case. Lil Killer is back on TV pitching his newest land development




That's a Hi-Point carbine


[Is in America.] [Doesn’t bring gun to a gunfight] Was he even trying?


Next time take note that they won't let you see your kids, get it on video and go to court.


Glad I live in a country with actual gun laws


AMERICA 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲. THE LAND OF THE FREE


Tf is wrong with american


america moment


Op is leaving out the fact that the guy lunged for the gun. Everyone present in this video is an asshole.


you ever just kill a man, fuck his wife, then force his kids to respect you?


Depends on the state


It is not legal to kill anyone on your property in America. You can kill someone in the event of a home invasion when malice and threat is obvious but if someone is supposed to be there or you invited them then you still have to be able to prove it was in self defense, that the victim posed a mortal threat to yourself or others. Also, the above is only in states with "stand your ground" or "castle law" doctrines are in place. Some states will always go to court regardless if it was a home invasion.