Is it possible to raise my GPA as a senior?

Is it possible to raise my GPA as a senior?


Taking community college classes will help! They’re pretty easy too if you just go to class and do the work. You can also take some filler classes, which are easy classes that will boost your gpa. Taking AP classes will also help, that’s what I did. But do what’s best for you. Don’t fill your senior year with difficult classes if you can’t handle it. If you’re not careful you could bring down your gpa rather than bring it up. But best of luck! Talking to your counselor is the key!


You might try taking a ton of easy classes, maybe if your school offers online classes do a bunch of those and gets As? Honestly it's pretty late for a senior, and with college apps dude in like January February probably not worth it anymore... talk to ur counselor though


Yeah man it’s def possible if you focus. I raised my gpa by .2 in senior year which doesn’t seem like a lot but it was super nice raising it in the mid 3’s range for college