If you could choose, what type would you want your kid to be?

If you could choose, what type would you want your kid to be?


I mean if i live long enough to have a kid i would want my kid to be INFJ so i can help and understand him/her which my parents didn't done for me. (and im probably gonna delete it cuz i will get nervous for this comment so sry.)


I posted this on my way seeing Dune. I voted for ISTP bc I wanted them to be happy in the moment and playful instead of living a life of sensitivity like me. But after seeing the INFJness in Paul. I’m like, yea I want to raise an INFJ kid right.


Don't delete. You will be uwu'd to death.


I don't really care what my child's personality type is. As long as they know I love them and am doing the best for them, that's what matters. It would be difficult to have an ESTJ, ESTP, or an ESFP (speaking from experience watching my mom and my sister) for sure, though.


Prolly ENFJ.


I'd honestly love to have a similar type to myself (INFJ or INTJ) because I have grown up close to my dad (Who is INTJ) and its just nice to have someone to relate to or to discuss with because I'd probably be in much worse of a mental state if I didn't have a parent who I could easily communicate with as I don't believe any of my friends are INFJs and he helped me a lot with my interests.