What letter in your type would you change if you'd have to?

What letter in your type would you change if you'd have to?


ISTJ >>> INTJ so i can stop getting bullied on this subreddit


Wait, forgive me please if this a r/woooosh moment on my my end, but individuals who are bullying just because they think Si-Te-Fi-Ne < Ni-Te-Fi-Se can go fuck themselves. I personally yearn for and admire the pragmatism and logistical framework of **depth** (no, just because it’s abstract doesn’t mean Ni gets to be called a “deeper than S” function) in the form of retained sensory details. It’s ISTJs capability with establishing secure methods of stable living that is everything I yearn for in life.


thats half of the problem maybe, the other is the stereotypes, now of course no one can escape from stereotypes here it's just an inevitable thing and you have to live with it, but I'm just tired of people calling us boring, think we plan the shit out of everything and everyone, with anger issues, close minded, literally not accepting anything new, try too hard... I can go on and on... wanna quite mbti solely because of this


I understand, thank you for sharing this. I’m very sorry that you have to contend with butt-end of this community’s fucked up toxicity, an ISTJs interest in MBTI theory in just as valid as any degenerative XNXX. Jesus, I actually feel very angry that some of the more fucked up in this community have made it challenging for you to pursue for you interest and engage in meaningful conversations, something desperately needs to be done about that… Please know that I welcome you and I’m pleased to read your perspectives. And if there’s anyone here reading this who thinks their iNtuitive functions makes their genitals magically bigger than those with dominant/auxiliary Si/Se, go fuck yourself.


this made me smile, thank you infp sir i really appreciate that, wish there would be more people like you out there :D


Im not a sappy person, but I look up to you guys. You’re like the dads of mbti. Detailed, disciplined, w/ ironclad routine. Your the foundation that keeps the ship going. Please don’t ever think you’re useless.Ever.


No don’t change we love u


lol as the rest of the ENTPs here, give me that J.


We need that J. My room is a fcking mess


Wrong I would change T for F


buddy u don't want this :D


Why not :D?




P to J. You can see why. I am a mess of uncoordination and i cant stay fix in one place. Uhh....


J cause then I'd get shit done


**This says a lot about our society.**


Deep 😔✊


P to J i am a mess and I can’t get anything done


I want to do shit and be a special INFJ snowflake and read minds like a psychic with Ni Fe.


Trust me it's not all its cracked up to be. You think you can read people but the only person who cares is yourself lol


I --> E I'd like to not be exhausted by people, I like people! They just take so much energy, especially if our vibes don't mesh well.


Probably my feelz for thinkz


If I had to change my type I'd change it to ENTJ becuase Ti Te Se and Ni are the best functions


You won't have very Ti considering you'd be a Te dom


Well I can only have one


You'd also act like Brandon Rogers half of the time.


Uhhhh ENTJ sign me up!


iNtuitive -> Sensor. ESTJs are like me with the huge difference, that they actually fit into society. I‘m unwillingly eccentric.


Ah yes, a society that rejects complex thought, despite it being the basis of society


I wonder if some extrowerts would like to be introvert


I dont really like ESTPs i have met but i envy them for their seemingly abillity to stand most people.


idk i'm good with my type but being esfp would be cool


I'm INTP, maybe P for J or N for S


N for s?


Yeah I like ISTPs


Istp and istj is very diff


I meant to say I'd like to be ISTP or INTJ as alternatives


None, I am perfect (S)


What is your type?




Oh mec je penses pas que t’es ENTJ dans ce cas Tu dois allez avec les fonctions (lire et te renseigner) et non un site qui te donne n’importe quoi


Je ne sais pas comment les fonctions fonctionnent mais les 2-3 tests je fait indique je suis un ENTJ. Mais je vais chèrcher les fonctions. Excuse mon mal francais, j'ai besoin du practique 😅


I would change to INTJ, then maybe I'd actually get stuff done.


i would like to change mine to ISTP, still a Ti dom + having Se aux seems more useful than having Ne :')


All of them


Cool. I guess I'm an ENTJ now.


Make me an ENTJ so I stop fearing a gravestone with “potential” written all over it, please


isfj -> isfp because se is cool and chad


I -> E: no thank you. i'm already really uncommitted and flimsy and a mess overall. please i'd rather keep some of my Si-tert saving graces. gotta cling on for dear life N -> S: yes. ISFPs are more succesful and famous than us overall. Se + Ni is my favorite cognitive pairing. they've got to work amazingly together as middle functions. they're more badass types overall. yes please F -> T: nah. i'm cool with relying on common consensus reasoning with my Te and narrowing the facts based on my values. logic should just stay as a means to an end for me. and Fe inf looks like it has many impractical disadvantages P -> J: sure that could nice. my life would gain more control and clarity, as long as Se doesn't get in the way too much of course. my Ni and Fe really suck and i'd love to experience having it in my stack


If I had to then I'd take that E.




You really don't want to become a based intuitive?


I guess not


,,If you'd have to"




I would either change the N to S or the F to T. Being INFJ and ENFP don't seem particularly more advantageous than being INFP. If I were ISFP I feel like I would enjoy life more and be less of a weirdo outsider. If I were INTP I would have dominant Ti so I would probably be better at math, engineering, data science or whatever else so could get a better paying job


None, I am an ENTP and switching my P to J wouldn't worth saying goodbye to Ne and Ti.


I’m satisfied with myself !


Thank you for the question, I often find myself guiltily envious of INFJs cognitive stack. —> My 9w1ness is probably more explanatory for this than anything, but I much rather have my cognitive stack be lead by a dominant perceiving function than judging, and I often want to trade just how berserk Ne can can be for the more convergent Ni whose insights strike into the core of interpretive understanding. —> Again, 9w1ness comes through and to some extent Enneagram 6-like motivations, but I often wish I could be more trusting of more established interpersonal and moral ethics outside of myself as the moral ambiguity that comes with Fi-Ne does more to drive me to anxiety because of the uncertainty of what’s “right” or “wrong”. —> As far as thinking functions are concerned - okay, this is more so from my personal disposition as I’m sure tertiary Ti can be as much of a living hell for an actual INFJ as my tertiary Si is for me, but I’d rather have the more speculative skepticism of tertiary Ti than the falls of inferior Te with making harsh conclusions about things. But that’s just me, thank you…


I wouldn't want to change my type honestly. But for the sake of this poll, I think I don't mind changing my F to T. I wanted to change J and be INFJ with Ni-dom but then I remember I have to be Fe too and well, Fe doesnt sit well with me lmao. I'd rather trade my Fi to Ti than that so yeah. INFP to INTP


I’d much prefer to be an entj


From INFJ to INTJ. I would have to choose a different profession tho cause mine needs feelings and socializing 💀 If I could pick a personality it would be ENFP 7w6.


I to E because then I can talk to people without aggressively sweating


Hey 👋




You don’t seem shy at all.


Ah yes but this is reddit and no one knows who I am


If I had to I would go from INFP to INFJ, I’m curious about how the exact opposite functions work.


Everything except the N. Edit: Nevermind, I'm cool with my type


Ive done a persona on all of them throughout my life. Im okay just being me now.


I wouldn’t change anything. I like everything about my type. I love being an introvert. Also, even though I’m an ISTJ, I find myself to be really intuitive so I wouldn’t switch my S for an N since I can switch between the two already easily. Thinking is way better than feeling. And judging is literally the function that helps me succeed in life and makes me a workaholic and want to be better than everyone else.


I for E because Ni Dom can sometimes see too deeply to be useful or applicable. Ni aux is just enough insight to act on. Higher SE to balance. I would honestly hate having Inferior Ti though so ehhh would prefer to be ENTJ and have inferior Fi. But I'm not complaining. This isn't unfixable, it's just a little uncomfortable


it'd have to be two letters for me to get the type I aspire to be. INTP => ENFJ


P 《》J I think I can switch between these two, something is better not to judge, but to figure those 'something' out from all those matters in the world I'd have to judge and catagorize them first. So, unending loop :)


N to S, being normal doesn't seem too bad anymore tbh


I would kinda want to become a sensor but if i can change only 1 letter i would be ISTP. I love ISTPs and their function stack seems wonderful but every ISTP I met, either here or irl, is apathetic and/or depressed so i guess there's something about being ISTP that makes them so. Still would kinda want to see what life looks for them, because they're all super cool


Changing anything other than I/E would result in your functions changing. Having your functions entirely changed (changing P/J) would be very crazy and you would need a long adjustment period. That’s why I would change the I/E so I still have the same functions just in a different order. (I’m INTP btw)


INTJ >>> ENTJ so I can stop prefering a tiger chasing me before talking, and can get stuff done for once


Nothing I am happy as an intj I just wish that I wasn't too much of a perfectionist because it drains me so quickly to the point I procrastinate to try and get a grip. Just because you're a J doesn't mean you have everything sorted out, it just means you prefer everything planned and sorted out.


Hi.Former ENFP here.I really hate who I am and that (not trying to brag) I overshare,talk too much, express too much and that I'm excessively kind even though people don't deserve it.I'm sick of talking and expressing myself all the time which makes me feel vulnerable and I feel like I have no right to relax,laugh and I'd never be able to match up to others.I don't wanna meet people anymore.I used to be an artist too. I took the test again, got ISTJ this time. Hope I've improved.