I don't understand this new place we moved into. We keep the sink empty, take our the trash when it gets full, and vacuum daily. However we still have so many fruitflies. This is the amount we've caught on sticky paper in a week.

I don't understand this new place we moved into. We keep the sink empty, take our the trash when it gets full, and vacuum daily. However we still have so many fruitflies. This is the amount we've caught on sticky paper in a week.


I tore my house apart trying to find the source of our fruit flies and I sprayed every drain every other day. Eventually I figured out they were living in the tray in my espresso machine. Edit- didn't realize my inability to maintain a healthy home would be so popular. And to clarify, the bugs were laying eggs in the overflow tray underneath where the cup sits so it's not like I was drinking bug eggs. Then I might have given up on espresso. Edit Edit- I found the pictures of what was the drip tray http://imgur.com/a/YXMIMij


been there!




I hate you with every fiber of my being for making me laugh at this




Why were you in the tray of another person's espresso machine? That is just creepy!


Yup. Then I found out it was a combo of the espresso machine and a leak in my water pipes


Check the overflow/defrost tray on your fridge as well. Usually on the bottom where the freezer drains to on defrost cycles.


well that’s just hell Edit:thk u for the updoots


Well now I’m thoroughly disgusted


Clean your coffee machines! People don’t think about it, but it’s a warm, damp place and bugs love that.


I stopped using coffee makers for this reason, as well as a warm moist place just seems like it could grow mold in the water tubing. I switched to heating water and using a French press or making small batches of cold brew.


French press is the way


I switched to an aero press almost a year ago and I’ll never go back!


oh my god


I run vinegar through my coffee machine after a thorough cleaning at least after a month of use.


Vinegar fucked up the valves in my espresso machine. Now I strictly use the descaler potion made specifically for espresso machine.


You make potions, potion seller?


His potions are too strong, you are not ready for them.


I leave a small bowl under to catch the drain instead of letting it get into the tray lol.


My house has recently been infested with fruit flies out of nowhere and now after you’re reading your comment I’m checking my fucking Keurig when I get off work lmao


Have any houseplants? Check the soil.


Yes fungus gnats love soil


Had the same thing happen. We had to use neem oil to stop the gnats. (My roommates had 100 plants)


I have 45(in a 1500sq ft apartment)plants and I use something called mosquito bits. Basically you water with it and there’s a bacteria in there that kills the fungus gnat larvae. I hardly ever see them anymore. But the fruit flies on the other hand those fuckers won’t go away


We use the same thing (my wife is obsessed with plants).


Lol you should see my profile


I just did; 10 posts in and my wife looked at me and said, “I think I’m leaving you”. The power of plants.


The power of plants compels her!


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My apartment was 700 SQ feet. It was hell.


Why do I feel like most or those plants didn’t get enough light anyways? Unless you had some gigantic super window


2 Guinea pigs, 100+ plants, and 3 people. I'm so happy I'm out of that lease!


I would be too! 3 people in a 700sq ft apartment is super cramped.


So they were growing weed then? The "Mosquito Dunks" someone mentioned below also comes in granuals. BTi is the active ingredient and it comes in other forms/brands as well


They bought a grow light to do so. But like everything with them, they have grand ideas but no drive to actually do it.


I use a splash of hydrogen peroxide w water in my watering can


Neem oil and nematodes were the only way I could get rid of the fungus gnats this past summer. They seemed more resilient than usual. The yellow tacky paper like in the OP pic does help with the adults, but it won’t stop them


Also flowers. I do not quite remember what flowers they are, but my parents get flowers for each other and the gnats/fruit flies just show up...


What do I look for in the soil?


If you just stir it around a bit you’ll see the little buggers fly out. They’ll also be in the leaves of the plant as well.


What is it about the wet soil? I have the same problem and thought they were fruit flies. What do they love about that surrounding?


They feed on very small fungi in the soil


Nooooo waaaay :-O okay, this really blows my mind right now!!! Thank you!!!


Mosquito Dunks for the soil! Game changer for indoor plant lovers


Fill your drains with baking soda and then pour vinegar in it


Yep. Do the ones in the bathroom too, including the shower.


Don’t forget the one behind the washer too


Shoot...I wonder if that's where they've been coming from. I've baking soda'd/vineger'd and bleached every other drain


Also if it's newer construction, there can be cans in the walls. Happened to my grandparents, they had the house built and every day they went there and cleaned out the garbage before the walls went up.


A Bacardi bottle was found when sheet rock was removed during my kitchen remodel. Beer cans and cigarettes were found when I opened up the dead space under the stairs. My house was built in 1989 in California when houses were selling as fast as they could be built. I guess they gave the construction workers some latitude about cleanliness and sobriety on the job.


I work in construction now and can tell you it's just as bad now, at least where I am.


That’s still normal today. Source: worked as an electrician and had to look behind dry walls.


Exactly what I did as well, we never knew until moving out when disconnecting the washer


also fans. the little fuckers cant land and lay eggs if the air is moving. a couple fans near sinks, drains, anything wet... helps to stop the cycle.


Boom! Fixed! Every time


Yep. It’s the drains. Don’t forget the garbage disposal


How long do you let it sit for?


About 10-15 minutes then run hot hot hot water down. I do this about once a month


Also cover the drains at night when you aren’t using them after this process. I worked in wineries for a long time and we used to have significant fruit fly issues. Covering the drains will help trap them with whatever chemical you use for eradication.


This. I run a bar and it’s imperative to keep drains clean and covered.


If you got spiders always in your house, also cover the drains. Little fuckers can make it through the traps


But if you've got fly problems let those leggy bois in.


Holy crap I have to try this the next time I have this problem. This last summer was really bad and we couldn't figure out where they were coming from no matter how much we cleaned.


We did it, reddit


Bleach works too


I came here to say this. They live in your drain.


Then aren't they drain flies? Or do these people have drain fruit?


These damn hippies and their all natural fruit shampoo.


This. Check basement, if applicable. Moist dirt is all they need.


Those are fungus gnats, not fruit flies.


Yep, you gotta know yer flies... https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/horticulture/citrus/content/insects-diseases-disorders-and-biosecurity/insect-pest-articles/Fruit-fly-quick-guide-march-2018


Do you pour the baking soda in dry? Or mix it with something? And do you wait a while before adding the vinegar?


Half cup of baking soda in the drain, then pour about a cup of vinegar. Watch volcano action. Go do something for 15 mins, return & pour hot hot water (not boiling) down same drain to clear. Bam! Pea traps cleaned !


Why not boiling 😳


It could spit back up due to vapors. Don’t want spit back up. Feel bad.


Most drains are ABS pipe, which melts at 80c (176f). Please avoid ever pouring boiling water down the drain.


Hmmm.... Not saying you're wrong, but my grandfather is a plumber and he told me it's okay to pour boiling water down the pipes at his house. Does pvc have a higher melting temp?


Yeah how am I supposed to drain my pasta then?


Just turn on the cold tap at the same time, it'll cool the water enough to mitigate any damage.


As stated you would run some cold water as you pour. You won’t melt your pipes in a single shot, however with time and repeated stress you will degrade the plastic and it will eventually fail, costing you money.


I don't know what's in your or his house, but in mine the bathroom sink has a pretty flimsy drain line. The kitchen drains are metal though. Because you know, you dump boiling water down the. Everyone you make pasta.


Mix the baking soda and vinegar together in a small cup. The quicker you get them mixed together, the better. ^^Don't ^^do ^^that.


Lol wait what


Theyre joking, this will cause the "volcano reaction" mentioned above, but in your cup and you will not be ready 🤣


I find the best way to stop this reaction is to have a bottle of coke and mentos near. When the baking soda and vinegar start to react I swallow a few mentos then chug the coke. By the time I can function again the vinegar and baking soda are done reacting with one another. Problem solved, you can thank me later.


[Just take your baking soda and pour it down the drain.](https://youtu.be/h5pFpLwvc1k?t=145)


You’d be surprised how well this works


Let it sit?


Check all your drains P-traps. I just bought a house, had tons of fruit flys and the P-trap was done completely wrong. Fruit flies love moist pipes.


So does your mom


Got 'em


They don’t call her P-Trap for nothing.


… dad does too


A water leak somewhere is another possibility


I was under the impression that some water should be in the trap, that's what keeps the gas from coming up?


Yes. Thats how they work.


They could also be drain flies, which look very similar to fruit flies. They love sink scum.


TIL it's not called a pee trap


It is if you pee in the sink.


What is a P-trap?


>P-trap The U-shaped portion of pipe under a sink/toilet. It uses water to prevent gas from traveling up the pipe.


U bend in other words.


A u-bend is just an upside down n-bend.


Nice. Thank you


I used to have a fridge as well that had a tray on the bottom to catch condensation that would periodically need to be emptied or it would become a fruit fly breeding tray.


Yes, if they are little larger than a fruit fly they may be sewer gnats. Sewer gnats are a result of plumbing problems. Do you smell sewer gas?


>Fruit flies love moist pipes. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.


You could have a broken drain pipe under your house, or rot with outside access. That many gnats tells me you have a bigger problem in the house. Smell funk anywhere? Like, inside the house at the baseboards, where an outside faucet comes in, or where the water main comes in, or any access points in walls often by kitchen skinks, front yards, or walls the direction of the outflow in the yard. If so, get yourself a service with scope to find the problem.


Have you tried turning the house off and on?


Yes unplug power for 10 seconds then plug back in


Or try pressing Cntrl-Alt-Z after that?


no!!!, u find paper clip and press and hold reset button for 5 seconds jeez first time?


Up - Down - Up - Down - Left - Right - Left - Right - B - A - B - A - Start - Select


Hmm, wasn’t it only one set of B - A and Select - Start? Man that was ages ago!


You’re totally right - Up - Up - Down - Down - Left - Right - Left - Right - B - A - Start


Just because we use cheats doesn’t mean we’re not smart…


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And friendlier, more attractive drivers.




I’ve had this problem before, just let the house sit in a bag of rice for a while and the problem will fix itself


If that doesn't work try wearing women's trousers and giving the flies a stern talking to.


I'm fond of making a trap out of a jar filled 1/4-1/2 with: apple cider vinegar + water (attractant) \+ a squirt of dish soap (breaks surface tension so they can't stand on the water and instantly drown). Cover the jar with plastic wrap and poke some smaller-than-pea sized holes in the tight wrap. It'll take a few generations to get them all since they have eggs everywhere...you'll catch hundreds and wonder where they keep coming from - but once the life cycle is exhausted they should go away. Good thing about vinegar is it pickles the bodies so they don't rot/smell anytime soon.


This works like a charm!


Yep this is the way! I use an empty beer bottle and mix up the nastiest concoction of whatever's on hand (vinegar, leftover beer, orange juice) plus the soap, then crisscross masking tape strips across the top of the bottle until there's one single, tiny hole left. With only one hole, there are fewer opportunities for them to fly back out if they don't end up touching the liquid.


smort. My only qualm is leftover is gonna ferment and mold - smelling like a bottle depot in no time. If you use just the cider vinegar it not not be quite as attractive to them...but at the same time you don't have to change it out for weeks on end.


Use a spray nozzle with hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning solution all around the kitchen and bathroom. It is food safe for humans, and kills any eggs.


Do you mix it with water or just straight hydrogen peroxide?


Straight peroxide. You can actually just put a spray nozzle directly into the brown plastic bottle. The treads match and it works great. Also, that way, nobody will mistake it from water. I worked in restaurants for a very long time and this is an old trick we would use all around the drains and soda machine every night as the last thing we did. Careful not to bleach out your clothes and kitchen towels, though. Good luck.


You can't buy straight peroxide at a grocery store, you're probably using 3% solution


Yeah concentrated hydrogen peroxide is actually pretty gnarly.


Forgive my hydrogen peroxide savvy. In any case, we used the classic brown plastic bottle of hydrogen peroxide, that we all know and love. We put a spray nozzle directly in the bottle, and sprayed the shit out of the soda fountain and drains, every night. This was done at a dozen corporate restaurants across the city (I was a traveling manager) and it worked well to keep fruit flies at bay. We passed health inspections, and nobody complained or got sick.


To your credit you don't really end up with anything more concentrated than like 3-6% unless you work in ag or something so it's almost a moot point. Though with supply chains breaking down and people getting crafty and resourceful getting alcohol and other supplies, I think it's worth noting that 20+% h2o2 will chemically burn, not all peroxide is the kinda stuff you can just pour over a wound. That said it's widely use so much because of it's relative safety and efficacy.


Lol I work in mycology and I can guarantee you that the regular 3% brown bottle H2O2 can cause chemical burns with repeated use. If i forget to wear gloves and use it to wipe down my work station, the skin on my hands hurts like hell. Fingertips especially seem to soak it up and then be very damaged.


Don't forget to refrigerate the bodies you store in the basement. Don't feel bad. I did the same thing.


I worked at a mortuary, and any bodies which had been laying around for a while before we picked them up had to be sealed in an airtight bag in the cooler. If there was even a PINHOLE those little fuckers could get in and reproduce, then move to the other corpses. Nothing was more satisfying than cremating the infested bodies and knowing thousands of flies and larvae were frying.


Thanks for the tip. Was wondering why I had so many flies. ><


Bodies? What bodies are they talking ab-ooohhhhh...




House plants are over watered! Seriously if you have any potted plants inside the house (or outside and close to doors/windows), that will be your problem


I have the same issue, I have an avocado tree, a lemon tree, some salad and strawberries in my pots and they are full of flies. I do water them a bit too much at times. Other than that everything covered, fruits in fridge and trash with cap on. I keep putting these sticky papers and they are always full, so I'm wondering if I let the soil dry or even put some pebbles on the top, will they start dying out and disappear?


Yeah the soil should usually completely dry out. I had a bunch of flies, and ended up leaving my plants outside in dry weather for a week or so to completely dry the soil, then brought them back in, and everything is fine now. Also make sure the plants have a lot of drainage




You can also get some Quarz sand and put a 1cm layer on top of the soil. The flies won't be able to lay eggs in the soil anymore






I'd just dump some bleach in there.


If you pour bleach down the drain it will get rid of the gnats as their hair will gain blonde streaks and they will leave to persue their dreams in Hollywood.


Can confirm, read this in Goldblums biography. He did mutate into a fly after too.


That broken arm fucked me up as a kid


Dumping bleach kills some of the flies but not their eggs. It's better to pour like half a cup of salt, half a cup of baking powder, and a cup of vinegar down there and leave it for like an hour


put ice on the drain and pour bleach on it overnight. it will slowly drip bleach all night killing any eggs


You have Drain Flies, they live on the top side of drainage pipes, just past the p trap. You have to get a foaming insecticide/ pipe cleaner that reaches the top side of the pipe. Hence why pouring Radom things down a drain seem to do nothing. It will take several treatments to clean the top side of the pipe. Go to home store and ask for foaming drain cleaner. Treat it twice a week for a month and then back off. If they come back do it again. If this does not get rid of them you will need to call a professional exterminator as they have product to treat this issue/pest. I hope this helps you.


I had the same problem. Weeks on end. Removed and cleaned everything spotless. Until one day I was at the sink waiting for one to appear from nowhere. I saw where it came from. It crawled out of a hole in my dish sponge. Threw away the sponge, they never came back. Never bought a sponge again. Disgusting.


We had them this bad and pulled out the stove to find a potato had fallen behind it from the counter.


Yeah its probably drain flies.


Drain flies are the little delta-wing bastards. If it's just your everyday fruit fly, check to make sure you haven't forgotten about a bag of potatoes in some bottom corner of your pantry. I've had a couple of pretty good infestations and it turned out to be potato sludge both times. I just don't use the things fast enough.


I swear there are twice as many flies now than there were 10-15 years ago.


Yesterday I saw like 4 comments from the US and Europe complaining about too many fruit flies... now this post and your comment. Meanwhile my tropical city has fewer flies than it used to. Wtf is happening


We got tired of flies so we sent them to live in the US and Europe. Big exports on fruit, free flies with every purchase!


Ya it’s crazy. Been trying to figure out why for a good min now. I hate spraying chemical in my house so It’s almost impossible to get rid of them.


I’m sorry but it’s because of climate change. Habitable climates are changing location


I wonder whether the decline in birds and bats has something to do with it.


Bananas - wash your bananas people when you get them home from the store!


Good advice. Fruitflies has their eggs on fruits.


this comment, scares me


You think that's bad, you should read about fresh figs (don't).


The wasp had died and gone long before the figs get to the shop.


I wish people learned the rest of the story. Fig fucking EATS the wasp.


It's the truth tho. :X


the truth scares me




They're covered in fruit fly eggs. I can't find the video but there's one of like the containers the bananas are shipped in and it's just swarming with flies.


Washing them won't do much. The eggs are inside the fruit.


this comment scares me more than the other Edit: thk u for the award kind stranger


Please tell me you’re lying. I’m too afraid to look it up…


U fucking wot??


Yeah this is not a good development. The washing does cut down on them significantly though...


Looks to me like a classic case of dead body in the wall


Yep, happens to me all the time! I always gotta dig out those bodies from the Wall, really annoying!


Yeah it’s a nightmare but the house prices are unbeatable.


We’re in Florida and suddenly we have fruit flies EVERYWHERE in the house. What is going on!


The flypaper attracts the flies, throw it away.


Case solved!


If you have that many flies you have maggots growing somewhere. Maggots need food and nutrients, check potting soil, compost, garbage, food storage, anywhere that's wet.


I had the same problem as OP until I found a bunch of maggots and eggs in my trash can+its crevices


We has this happen in our house. One day we had so many fruit flies and we didnt know where it came home. We kept cleaning and setting traps but nothing. Turns out there was a piece of food somewhere that had not been cleaned. They were feeding off of it and thats why theres was so many.


I have a dog wood tree in my front yard. The red berries fall to the ground and rot on the front lawn. Then I get fruit flies for a good month or 2. It's a pain in the ass.


Keep fruit in the fridge too


Pour boiling water down the drains every night


officer here, /u/Im_The_One we need answers now! do you have plants in the house?


Someone left a potato on top of our kitchen cabinets at our first place took me awhile to find out where the flies/smell was coming from. It was a liquid mess of maggots by then.


When I woke up today, I never imagined gaining a new anxiety about finding a liquid potato. But here we are.