Bragging about being wEaLtHY

Bragging about being wEaLtHY


Isn't that the 10 year old girl from YouTube a couple of years back who pretended to be a "rich rapper". Her dad ended up getting custody because allegedly her mom and brother basically were manipulating her into doing the videos.


yes, lil tay


Honestly post like this should get taken down. It's a damn kid.


Damn, I just looked up Lil Tay because I had no idea who it was and now I'm just depressed as hell at her story. What a bunch of scumbag parents, specifically the father, Chris Hope. Fucking lived it up on lavish vacations (without her) off their daughter's social media money instead of paying child support and now is battling her in court over it. Edit: Other comments/replies in this topic further elucidate the story/situation better than I did.


#I juSt SpENt 100k On ThIS tHiNg




But but free karma... I need those internet points


As a Buddhist I need that karma, as a crappy Buddhist I really need that karma. (Its how it works right? New to this Buddhist thing after Christianity kind of.... well yeah)


Age of the subjects aside, most of what I've seen pop up from r-trashy has seemed to be about mocking people with visible signs of some kind of crisis going on, mental or situational. Using the internet to mock people like that is gross whether or not they're a kid


Yup . point out the "rant" is a result of their dementia and you get 35 downvotes in 25 seconds 😄


Preach. I used to use cringe subs like r/cringetopia until I realized it’s super fucking toxic and is literally cyber bullying


The cringe subs I'm on (r/cringe, r/sadcringe) both have a no posts featuring minors rule with immediate ban if broken (at least formally). It sounds like a good rule for sure.


Don‘t forget that Reddit is full of kids too.


Also her father is abusive to her... she posted "help" on her instagram a while back and deleted everything. Some people may say it's just some shitty tactic for clout, but there's been a long legal battle between their parents and she does not want to be with her father. Sad that she has two very shitty parents.


That account is allegedly run by her brother. It is suspected her brother was making fake posts pretending to be her.


Her brother was pretty much forcing her to do this.


And her mother. They're both awful people.


So she stopped doing it, she's a child and was manipulated into it We and OP know this and it's still up on this page? We're nothing more than bullies at this rate


Lmao I was about to say… that is a CHILD who was controlled by her older brother to act the way she was


Isn't this that young girl who was being used by her parents and crying?


No, it was her and brother. They use bank of Hollywood prop money and their mum was a real estate agent for high end houses. Her mum got fired when she was exposed.


Yes and was 9 years old at the time of this, pretty gross all these comments


Am I supposed to know who this is?


Not really, she’s “Lil Tay”, she was popular years ago




Just reddit reposting random old shit with no context to get you to hate people that have already grown up and changed.


Good ol' reddit


Good ol medieval witch huntin.


*Nine‽* Holy r/13or30


Literally saw this and said is she 10 or 20. Guess that's the answer.


More like 9 or 14, she definitely doesn't look any older than an early teen at best


I thought 25


My guy she looks 10 at most lol


If I recall correctly it was discovered that she doesn't even act like this it was her family using her for clout to generate money


From what I’ve heard her parents weren’t even super-rich, she just flexed with the houses her mother sold as a real estate agent


My first thought when looking at this... "yeah, she's not that rich". People with actual money don't act like this.


Yes they do lol.


Just the trashy ones


trashy rich people are still rich people.


I don’t think the ones with hard earned money do, i personally know the CFO of a multibillion dollar company and he’s a guy drivers a Subaru suv and wears Costco clothes.


I mean it depends. I have a lot of daily exposure to very wealthy people. There are all types. Some are assholes, some are beyond humble and nice. Most are in the middle, just normal people. Just like poor or middle class folks. But yeah Reddit has severe brain worms around money and wealth. I'm good with guillotining billionaires. Fuck em. A CFO who busted ass and worked 60 hour weeks for 30 years and now makes $600k/year is not exploiting anyone. The guy down the street from me who is worth probably 10 mill came up poor and was a plumber who built a business over his entire lifetime. Didn't exploit anyone. Reddit wants eat the rich to seep down to people worth a few million dollars who are self made. That's not altruistic class warfare, that's pettiness and jealousy.


Don't forget the boss's car.


Yeah her real personality that of a mild mannered, normal girl. All of the houses and cars she flexed actually belonged to her mom’s clients… her mom got fired when that was discovered. It’s honestly kind of a sad story overall. I feel bad for her being taken advantage like that, especially by her own family members.


I'm curious to read an article if it exists... do you possibly have said article? Thanks in advance!


Her name is Li l T@y https://www.thedailybeast.com/lil-tay-breaks-her-silence-im-in-a-bad-situation




Her dad got custody and stopped it. In exchange, he got death threats and bomb threats at his work.


https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/5/14/17340682/who-is-lil-tay-mom-fired-child-stars-instagram There you go. If i remember correctly, later on it's showed that everything was basically rented by her parents to try and make her an influencer and get free shit and money. They basically spent all their money to try and get money, and it didn't work.


Is this Lil Tay? Because honestly, I really hope that girl is okay. Watching her brother and parents coach her into spewing the verbal diarrhea that was posted to Instagram was just infuriating.


That’s what I was thinking


yeah it doesn't sit well with me that people are still mocking her and encouraging others to. like she's a kid. if anything she's a victim of her parents controlling her entire life and making her into this caricature so they could fill their pockets. honestly op shame on you a little bit. just let the child be.


Hey now. Maybe OP is uneducated like me. I had no idea who this was until I started reading the comments. True, they should delete the post. But you know... karma lovers....


My karma is worth more than your rent




My rent is worth nothing to me. Now my landlord may say differently. But I'd give it away for free if I could.


Holy shit I forgot about her


Glad someone said it, and got top(ish) comment. Because this is a kid that has no idea what she's doing. It's just sad to see she's been taught to act this way, all for making her family money. I wouldn't be surprised if she followed the trend of the rest of the child celebrities.. It's awful.


What’s this now? I know who she is from a couple years ago, but beyond that??


her family was the one writing scripts for her and forcing her to do all those videos where she flashed her "wealth" and all that other rented stuff. her mom posted a video of her crying when her dad divorced and left. she tried to blame it on all on him but it blew up on her and got they all exposed. basically they emotionally/verbally abused (at the very least) and manipulated her into making those videos so they could get a pay check. she was a prop to them.


A modern day child actress




Most child actors have special legal protections and purpose-designed trusts in California that are supposed to prevent that kind of thing from happening. That's actually why the whole Brittany Spears thing is so noteworthy, because what's happening to her as an adult is what used to happen to pretty much ALL child actors back in the day.


I think they were also caught flexing expensive apartments that weren’t even rented either, cause her mom was real estate broker. So they’d secretly record whatever bit and then that’d be that


Holy shit this is *that* girl now??? That's crazy I remember her being so little


Honestly I’m pretty sure it is, she looks pretty much the same and I think that’s the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so this photo was taken pretty recently. Unless someone edited her face onto someone else, who knows


its the 11 pro not the 12 pro meaning it could have been taken 2 years ago


Thanks. What a shame.


Pretty sure her mentality will be forever fucked now


therapy exists luckily, she'll hopefully be okay


Who? I mean this mostly metaphorically because I now know that she has a name and some sort of social media influence. I still missed all of this from the get go. Obviously her cultural relevance is not big enough for me to have heard of her.


When she was younger she blew up making videos flexing her wealth. It then transpired that her parents and brother were writing scripts and making her do dumb shut for likes. Then it also become apparent that all the house she was flexing on were due to her mother being a realtor (I think that’s the US term) and using houses she was selling for clients. TL;DR - Poor kid used by family for financial gain.


All the people on this thread trying to tear down a child need to take a step back. This is a kid putting on a character that gave her and her family attention


Then being ripped apart by grown adults


Yea came here to confirm if that was true. Sad case of child abuse.


This is lil tay, badly pressured by her older brother to do this stuff to get them popularity, her mom worked for places where they would visit rich homes, she would put the stuff on or enter their cars to flex. She got taken out of her moms custody and given to her dad for these stuff


Wait wasnt this like 3 years ago or did she return?


yeah, she's dropped off the map after getting taken by her father. the only recent info about Tay is her brother going onto her social media accounts and trying to paint the father in a bad light to try and get her back, notable comments include saying the father abuses her, or that the father and his new wife are actually stealing tay's money and using it for extravagent vacations etc (theres no proof of any of his claims btw, they're all said on tay's socials by her brother to try and spark fan outrage and its always text, and they haven't even bothered calling cops or whatever, since they apparently have pics of abuse or whatever)


Yea the comments here make me sad


Most people here don't know about any of this.


surely they know the picture is of a very young child though?


Thank you


yet still looks poor


It costs a lot of money to look that homeless.


Yeah if they paid that much for that stuff the jokes on them, if I saw her on the Street I would figure she was at best an eccentric (if you are rich and crazy you get to be eccentric instead of nuts,) if not someone that shops at thrift stores.


People who really thrift to buy clothing are often among the better dressed I've found. It takes a lot of time but also means being more intentional and thoughtful about what you're getting with that extra time.


Not to mention clothing which is made better back then. For instance, I'm an attorney and wear suits all the time. I can get American Union made suits for $15 that are significantly better than what I would buy in a store


I hear attorney, my mind turns to Phoenix Wright


It's okay, I literally wear a Phoenix Wright pin to court. Sadly, no one has gotten the reference but I retain hope


Show them your attorney's badge, that should clear things up


I would like you to know that you are my hero.


wow what a huge nerd, I mean that in a loving way of course. Does it bug you how inaccurate PW is compared to the real court system or do you like the campyness?


The fact that there are 100 year old pairs of Levi's that are still on people's asses today, but a pair of 501's made this year are unlikely to see 2030 because they use cheaper cotton blends, stronger acids to soften the cloth, and other adulterations to keep prices lower. The light and medium weight denim, polycore denim, full poly denim, etc is $4.99-$5.99 a yard, vs $16.99-$19.99 for raw, 100% cotton, untreated rigid denim. Hell, to compare durability, think about this. The FBI will add a layer of raw, 16oz denim as a basic ballistic layer when they're testing ammunition. They treat lesser denim as a non-factor when testing how deep a bullet will penetrate.


Same. I only wear “Members Only” jackets now.


this is Lil Tay. she's 12 years old. her parents made her into a caricature to fill their own pockets and this little girl has been in the spotlight since she was 8, had her childhood stolen from her and and been put in a range of situations either completely inappropriate or downright dangerous for her because of and for the purpose of it. people should really give it a rest. she's a literal child. shame on you op and anyone goading this on who knows who she is or anything of this situation. edit: words


Her mother, who was mostly responsible for her internet fame, was a Vancouver realtor, as she lost her license because of this. She got in trouble for taking Lil Tay photos in properties she did not own a couple years back.


Before she lost her license, she got fired as her employer didn't appreciate her using his Rolls Royce in one of her twisted child hype beast flex videos. In it she has then 9 I think little tay kick the car to prove? something? I never understood flex culture. Which... So fucked up in so many ways it marks first and only time I've ever 100% sided with the dude who drives a Rolls Royce in a labor dispute.


All I know about flex culture [I learned from this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GIwTG8V-Ko)


Lmao yup, weird feeling being on the side of the Rolls owner.


Wow I had NO idea. It's sad when parents try to live through their children. I take my kids feeding the homeless during the holidays and sometimes we just go and help and hand out water juices and sandwiches. Blankets in the winter. I dont want my children to ever have an attitude like they're better than anybody.


That's really great of you, and will reflect well on your kids' outlook on life, and their ability to provide happiness to themselves and those around them. I think kindness and compassion towards others is a skill that should be intentionally and frequently practiced. (P.S. For any kindly Redditor reading this who is interested in volunteering at homeless shelters, no need to wait till the holidays! Shelters and organizations sometimes receive too many volunteer requests and donations around the holidays but not enough the rest of the year.)


I suspected the title might not have been the girls's own words. Yeah the parents are fair game if they deserve it but not the kid, it's not her choice.


Rich bastards are absolutely fkd in the head. I dated a rich person who had their first line of coke… with their dad… before the age of 13. That’s actually the lighter side of the bs That came out about their childhood. The pictured girl is going to have sooo many issues throughout her life with parents like that.


Parents like this need to have the child taken away and be jailed.


Yeah I mean she clearly murdered Fozzie the Bear and is literally bragging about wearing his effing skin. Her parents should be ashamed.


Look at her last instagram post it shows some physical marks of abuse. Her father and stepmom, Chris Hope and Hanee Hope (previously Richanee Alcover) were abusing her financially, emotionally, and physically. A case was filed against them in 2014. Not sure its progression. Feel terrible that a child has to go through this…


Didn't her brother also had a hand in it? Or did her parents scapegoat him?


It's really sad what doesn't count as child abuse. Although if they tightened those rules up; I'd imagine a whole bunch of sports prodigies parents would get into some trouble as well.


Pageant parents. Throw the lot the book.


as they should frankly. there's no reason to put such an insane amount of unwanted psychological stress on a child. if the kids truly want to dedicate themselves to it, more power to them. and there are absolutely kids out there who are passionate and dedicated from the start/want to put in the work to be so incredible at something. but not everyone needs to live that way. what some of these parents do, who are so obsessed with their kids competitive activities, is horrendous and it's about little more than their own ego.


I thought that was her! It's ridiculous that anyone took her seriously, I mean, it's pretty obvious she was doing a bit.


Derelicte collection.


Can’t buy taste




Don't do Paddington like that


Omg lol I need to find a way to call someone that


"You can't dress trashy 'til you spend a lot of money" - Billy Joel


DERILICTE!!! The latest in Mugatu fashion.


Derelique! As displayed by Derek Zoolander


AND looks awful, guaranteed I could head down to my local thrift store and get a wayyy cooler fit for less than 10 bucks. Different strokes


It's the person not the items.


Does anyone even know who this is lmao? It’s lilTay she’s 11 years old and was the biggest meme four years ago until her dad stole her from her mom and now her instagram is full of abuse pictures. Whole situation is weird and that picture is staged by her older brother, and the items are her moms.


Her dad abuses her? Or her mum did? Either way if she's being abused someone needs to get the police involved.


Mom was a wealthy realtor. The mom used liltay for IG eventually the mom lost her realtor license due to this shit 😂😂😂😂


Reale estate agents are only a step below crack dealers in the has morals game.


You’re not kidding. When my girlfriend was young she and her family almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning after a new furnace was installed in their house. The company that installed it came out and fixed the issue but my girlfriends dad decided to sell the house. At settlement he tried to disclose the furnace issue to the new family buying the house but the realtor kicked him under the table and stopped him. The father of the family was a long haul trucker and came home one night to find his whole family dead. The HVAC company never fixed the issue. My girlfriends dad to this day is still devastated over what happened and the realtor went insane and was committed to the nut house.


Wow, that was dark. And yes, I would feel crazy guilty as well.


What the fuck


This really varies. There are good realtors in it for the long game. Building relationships so that you'll not just buy\sell one house with them but multiple over time (more than likely bigger each time as well). Their knowledge and assistance can be invaluable. But yeah, a lot of shitty ones too.


I think you need to be careful with this description of events. We really don't have the evidence to definitively say her dad abused her. All "evidence" has been posted by her brother and mother who have exploited her for money on the internet at her expense. They are using the pictures to ask for money so there is certainly motive to lie. Her Dad got custody legally through court- he did not "steal her". I don't know if the abuse pictures are real/recent, but they are clearly being used in a manipulative way. It is not in her best interest to have those pictures publicly posted so, at the very least, the brother and Mom are also problems.


Yeah, based on everything I know about her situation, if dad is abusing her then the last place she should go is back to mom and bro, who are proven slimy scumbags. The fact they took this so-called proof and used it publicly to solicit donations instead of bringing it to court to not lose custody in the first place should say it all. Poor kid, even if dad is the perfect parent(which I don't think is true necessarily), it's going to be very difficult to break the mold her mother and brother made her fit for so many formative years.


Imagine the jerk who described the situation before. Thank you for the clarification.


But also… regardless, people shouldn’t be roasting a kid this age like this


...it's the items. I mean seriously that all looks like dogshit.


NOW she's poor


Why is it all so ugly??


Pretty sure my dad’s had that fleece since 1996


It def looks like it was from a thrift shop I'm pretty sure I've seen that exact sweater at goodwill


I have a similar one. The elastic is out of the bottom of mine, though I think hers is *meant* to look like that.


Money cant buy good taste.


It's like it was designed by Ray Charles


That shirt and hat 🤮




The brand adds hedonic value. Despite that, I agree with you and prefer the no label $10 shirt.


This is why the whole Supreme business model makes me sick to my stomach. Edit: clarity


Supreme’s whole philosophy is exactly this though. I’m not defending it but the brand was originally designed to infuriate and rebel. I’d provide a link but I can’t be bothered.


Can’t hate on them if stupid people are willing to pay it.


Oh, it’s absolutely an ‘idiot tax’, and people can do what they want. As a business model though, Supreme rides a thin line between a clever business model and outright amoral profiteering. (Ever heard of the Supreme brick?)


Any hedonistic pursuit that doesn't include wine, grapes and a large fanning leaf is just a waste of everyone's time.


Honestly, I've been buying the $10 George brand t-shirts from Walmart lately and I'm never spending more than that on a shirt again. They're crazy comfortable, fit my body type (tall and lanky) and are regularly on clearance for less than $10 anyway.


> This ensemble of mismatched trash on the other hand, is made of of the same basic cotton as my $10 shirt and probably with the same quality. There is no justification for expensive close beyond being a pompous asshole. > > I'll slightly disagree with you. High quality linens typically have higher thread counts and better quality assurance. But certainly not worth the price disparity compared to your $10 shirt.


Yeah, nice quality jeans are actually comfortable.


Agreed except most gems are artificially rare. Diamonds in general are the biggest joke that people believe to be worth far more than they really are.




To be fair, most clothes we buy are as cheap as they are because of exploiting cheap labor in countries with minimal labor laws. So if ethical sourcing is important to someone, yes an expensive item would be justified (thats not whats going on with the vast majority of designer brands though, these are just money grabs)


People please stop shitting on her, shes just a little kid and was forced to do this by her brother and mother. I think shes off the internet now and her dad took custody of her.


I wish this comment was higher up :( I agree, this comment section is disappointing. She's a child and commenters want to feel better about themselves


She’s literally an abuse victim


Mod need to do something about this. This is karma farminh.


Also the whole shtick was getting people rilled up. You're falling for basically a troll.


If this is Lil Tay, the story behind her fame, the public persona and the pressure the adult(s) around her have placed on her shoulders is terrifying. Sounds eerily similar to what a lot of child stars from film and TV have gone through.


Yeah. Stories like this and DaddyoFive (lost custody of the youngest 2, thanks concerned internet users) really makes me wish social media sites would crack down on kids using them. There is some rampant child abuse that needs to be taken care of.


Literally a child who was coerced by her brother to put on this persona and is "allegedly" being abused by other family members. That's the only thing infuriating here.


Isn't she like 12?


well, try to understand that she (lil tay) is 12 years old with a fucked up mentality thanks to her parents and social media, so yeah, i don’t have any ill will towards her.


Was actually 9 years old for all the posts she did since she's been off social media for a few years


I had no idea who this is so I looked her up and her Instagram is awful. Someone, supposedly her brother posting about how abusive their father is and how he stole money from her and supposed trials etc. While plugging a gofundme. Saying the dad doesn’t have custody, but at the same time they need money to get her away from him. None of it makes sense and it’s sad. Because no matter what the truth is it’s a little girl who’s entire family is exploiting her.


cmon dude she's been through enough shit already


Is that lil tay? If it is she’s actually in a fuck ton of danger right now.


Making fun of a young girl. It's fucking clear she's not the one having those ideas, yet she's the one who have to face all the backlash. Go after the parents. What's utterly infuriating is that they're making her do this.


Yet shes still being harrassed by her money wanting dad or something


ITT: Reddit mouth breathers talk trash on 11 year olds style, yet have no fashion posts themselves. Did I mention she was forced to take this kind of photo? I don’t even get this shit. Y’all idiots hate when a rich person tries to relate to you, but the second they act themselves and brag about their money you get butt hurt. I’d rather the fuckers brag honestly.


Jokes on you, I don’t pay rent. I still wouldn’t wear that ugly overpriced clothing.


And yet her outfit is mismatched and clashes horribly... Maybe she should hire a stylist with all that dough


She should make Garlic Bread with that dough


Bc she’s literally 11


I have a car shammy that looks exactly like that coat she has on. Got it at AutoZone


"Some people are so poor all they have is money"


This girl doesn't even have a decent family, her mom abuses her. There are videos proving she coaches her on what to say and screams at her if she messes up


you guys are sick this is a child


When I first wrote my comment I didn’t realize I was teasing an 11 year old who had likely been abused. I was an ass when I was younger and I could see myself posting something like this when I was that young.


I stopped following up on celebrity drama so I didn’t know anything other than the time she post an Instagram story begging for help


Not to give you shit when you already apologized, but I feel like you can tell even without knowing context that this picture is of a literal child that you should know better than to bully. I never knew about her and I came to the comments thinking "I bet this is a 6th grader that a bunch of high school juniors are picking on"


ITT: adult redditors bullying an 11yo lol


classic reddit cringe


Reddit moment


I doubt her iPhone case costs more than my rent. Ha, check mate


This little girl a troll and I feel sorry for her cause she’s used by her older siblings for internet clout


Look how happy she looks, hanging out with all her friends and family, oh shoot…


There's a video out there of her brother and mom coaching her on what to say and screaming at her, don't blame her for this, blame her abusive mother


Please do not make fun of a young girl being coerced by her brother and mom to say and post these horrible things, which was (is still?) the situation that's happening.


Dude she is a child and also it came out that her family was forcing her to do it


Her parents really fucked her up.


This girl's life is the product of a broken home and child/sibling abuse. I feel sorry for her


RIP her credit cards.


Lil tay at it again


In 6th grade, I was arguing with another kid about something, doesn't matter what. He says "everything I'm wearing is worth more than what you have on." We went to a school that had uniforms. People like that just use arguments like that have nothing to actually contribute.


Even that Sasquatch-ass fleece jersey? I mean… if you say so.


Her jacket looks like my old bathroom floor mat. Glad someone recycled it