Frogs shouldn’t eat fireflies. Fireflies are toxic to amphibians.

Frogs shouldn’t eat fireflies. Fireflies are toxic to amphibians.


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Now that people are bringing it up it will most certainly be changed because of how Mojang conducts real life animals as mobs. Unfortunately that probably means they will just remove frogs eating things with their tongues all together rather than adding something else that the frogs can eat. I hope I’m wrong.


Why don’t they just also add flys al they have to do is reskin fire flys and they can even make it so that if a frog eats a fire fly it dies of poison


shouldn't be too hard to reskin them, just change one pixel.


Or Mosquituos, maybe. Those fit Swamps perfectly.


I have to deal with mosquitos irl, why would I want them in my cubic escapist dreamland?


Frog food


In this dreamland we can massacre the mosquitos whenever and however we want


Get the soulfire flamethrower boys


Yeah but with flys you could have them in any of the frog locations


No *Loads flamethrower*


Agreed, they could add fireflies, regular black flies, mosquitos, by just changing a few pixels, and maybe the ambient sound they produce. Super easy and cheap way to add lots of diversity into the game.


ontario biome when?


Im okay with not having to deal with mosquitoes in Minecraft atm


I think the problem is that flies aren’t exactly, well, pretty. Fireflies are already a new style that we haven’t seen in Minecraft, but it works well because it makes such a nice ambiance. I don’t think I could get used to walking around and randomly seeing flies everywhere personally


Oooo and certain biomes will have high fly populations so you need frogs to get rid of them


I think instead of flies we make a new mob alltogether


If not flys then what?


glowflies, and they radiate a blueish light instead of the yellow the fireflies radiate


Idk fire flys may act as better ascetic


I’m not sure, just something that’s equally as bright. Perhaps bioluminescent dragonflies?


Is that a real type of dragonfly because Mojang might want to add a real type of bug


Mojang can add fantasy stuff, they’ve proven that time and time again. Why not with this?


Idk they just seemed to put some effort into making the frog realistic


Idk, mojang has been known for taking years to make arbitrary changes, like for example the long awaited(to this day) minecart buff. Could be done by changing a single variable, but nooo


Because that would be a practically useless feature


You could ague that with almost any mob


But if there was an entity with the sole purpose of being eaten by a frog, it would be a waste of processing power dev time. Compared to a firefly which would be really good for ambience and does more.


I don't think frogs should be able to die in minecraft. Just make them eat something else.


Parrots die why can’t frogs


They could just leave the animation and activate it randomly, as if they were eating a bug that's too small for us to see. We'd get eating frogs and they wouldn't be eating fireflies


They should eat silverfish or bees.


Silverfish and spiders and bees could possibly fear/attack frogs and the frogs can in turn, eat them


RIP frog tongues


Or they could literally just say "minecraft frogs can eat Minecraft flireflys" and call it a day


Frogs should go after bees then. It would be an easy way to dispose of bees without angering the whole swarm.


This annoys me because it seems like the reason the updates take so long to come out is because of all of the research and experimenting, and something like this is missed lol which is surprising with how much Agnes was thrilled about the frog research. Can't be expected to know all I guess


It happened with the parrots and cookies- mistakes happen. I just hope they fix this bit as it is a dangerous misconception I’ve seen as a reptile and amphibian hobbyist myself.


Parrots and cookies seemed like a bad joke, this seems like a mistake


I think the origin was “polly want a cracker” and cookies are similar to crackers


I really hope Mojang sees this. Something similar has happened in the past, with parrots and cookies, so there’s a real chance they’ll change it if only they see this


Yeah. I really hope Mojang changes it


It wouldn't be a hard change to implement, maybe add a second type of bug since they're just particles, have them not glow and say they're flies


Say they are mosquitoes.


and if they bite you, you get the malaria effect, which you can never get rid of. it'll randomly start taking your health, and if you dont take ur meds in time, you die Edit: for those of you who dont get it, >!in farcry 2, you had this super annoying malaria mechanic which randomly starts damaging you and you need it's meds to survive!<


We already have creepers hiding in forests no need to make it more like Vietnam


i dont think you got the joke lol


Right back at you


i still didnt get it ​ maybe im the one who's dumb


I don't think you got his joke, either.


Ah yes, malaria, the disease invented by Far Cry 2.


Yeah that would be cool!


They should make them dragon flies with actual little models


FPS left the chat


That's a brilliant idea to have fire flies and dragon flies added. And they can add bull reeds for the dragonflies to land on and stuff


or just use sugarcane


Sugar cane is very different to bull reeds.


Honestly I’d prefer they get actual models either way, the particle design clashes with the other bugs in the game.


I think they should keep the fireflies just don’t have the frogs eat them. Another idea is to have frogs shoot their tongues at nothing. It’s implied that there’s a bug there and not directly eating fireflies


I mean now that you say that I don't think they actually managed to eat any in the footage we saw. Any they put their toungs out for just continued flying around so shouldn't be hard to maybe just take the "near fireflys" mechanic out of it.


Yeah 100%!! I agree with you honestly.


Share this to mojang on Twitter. Plz plz plz


I don’t have Twitter :( someone else please do so if you see this!!


I shared it! I hope this gets recognized ❤️


or, they could change the texture of fireflies a bit and give them a different name. then we can have glowing bugs that frogs can eat and they arent poisonous because fictional mob means you get to make your own rules


Glowflies, more orange like glowberries. They also spawn on glow caves


Why do you think that, why do you care about this


Becuase why not? Following mojang’s logic, having frogs eat fireflies would in turn encourage kids to feed fireflies to their frogs which I’ve now learned is bad for them, thanks to OP.


The player has no interaction with this though, and they do eat them in the wild


Definitely post this one on the feedback site and reply to this message when you do so I can vote for it. I really love the mechanic of the frogs eating the firefly but it is important that the game doesn’t support dangerous things which they don’t plan to do so I’m sure they will remove this. Instead, the food sources can change to silverfish and spiders to add some use.


Can frogs even eat the giant ass spiders of Minecraft though?


With a tiny dinner plate and a knife, yes


It would be hilarious if they just slurped them up like a giant cartoon monster from Monty Python. Turn them into hoppity black holes of death that only affect arachnids.


No. If anything, the Spiders would eat the frogs (and it's not like this is unheard of in real life, Tarantula's in particular have been known eating frogs and other small vertebrates when they manage to catch them).


Tarantula's are also known to keep pet frogs in a way as well


Those mobs should fear frogs. Like cats/creepers.


This is a better mechanic. Instead they can only EAT silverfish and ender mites.


Ooo, and when they eat Endermites they teleport like when a Player eats a Chorus Fruit.


We did it boiz, we made Minecraft.


I love this.




Here is a link to the feedback website: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/4411487529613-Fireflies-are-toxic-dangerous-to-frogs-Different-frog-foods-please-


Thank you very much. Glad to see a lot of votes on it.


Don’t think I’ll be able to post there so I hope someone else can


I'll do it when i wake up !remindme 8 hours


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How?? Just post it


I think this is definitely worth taking into consideration. Maybe the should redesign the fireflies to be purely ambient, and instead have dragonflies be the food source for frogs.


100% yes


Or maybe just turn the current firefly mob into a normal fly and treat the fireflies as a particle effect.


And said dragonflies would eat fireflies.


I agreeeeeeee


I would personally disagree with this, Mojang doesn’t add many new mobs as is so it would be a shame to just replace them with particles (that would be turned off with everything else if people inactivate particles for frame issues).


I didnt personally say change them to a particle effect, i just said make them a purely ambient mob, like the bat


I'd prefer fireflies as particles precisely for frame issues. A couple of entities is ok, but with the density we've seen in the promo swamps might become a lag fest.


First parrots eating cookies (which they fixed). Then axolotls eating tropical fish (which they didn’t fix). Now this. Hmmmmm.


Never got why tropical fish.


I don't really see how the tropical fish one is a mistake.


Someone on here once posted that it should be changed because its basically the equivalent of dog treats for a dog. Once in a while is fine but too much is bad for it.


"I will sacrificed myself to kill the beast... Live your life to the fullest, be happy my family of flashing lights! *Gaagehhrh*


Literally how did they not catch this?


Yeah, good point! They should just make fireflies particle effects instead of actual entities, cause I'm worried how my computer would handle that many tiny entities. Then the frogs would just stick their tongues out randomly regardless of whether or not fireflies are nearby. Thanks for bringing this up, hope mojang sees it!


To everyone saying we should have a new bug for frogs to eat Dragonflies


We've seen something like this before with parrots and cookies, so I doubt frogs eating fireflies will be in the update when it comes out, nice of you to point this out!


For the people interested in it, here are links to what i think are the sources: 1. https://neeness.com/can-frogs-eat-fireflies/ 2. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/07 /990728073414.htm 3: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/07/990728073414.htm


I’m sure they’ll eventually see this or another similar post. They’re pretty good about changing that stuff before full release


Gotta signal boost this to Mojang HQ


Reminds of Parrots and Cookies


This actually happened before a while back. When birds were added there was a feature that you could tame them with cookies, however cookies are dangerous for parrots irl, so the feature was removed and replaced with seeds.


Ok but i still want fireflies because they're pretty




This is actually a great point (and one I didn't think about until I saw this post). Perhaps Frogs could instead eat mostly normal flies and mosquitos. Maybe they could attack Silverfish and Endermites as well?


That would be fun!


I didn't know that.... I just learned something new!


they should also add flies. frogs will eat the flies, but they wont eat fireflies.


Yeah. They should eat flies.


What about adding multiple flying creatures such as dragon flies, and butterflies/moths along with fire flies?


I think fireflies will be particles, if thats the case they can make it a mix of fireflies and normal flies, this way we still have fireflies and the frogs can still eat stuff.


Personally I don't think this is something the developers really should have to deal with, it's a block game after all, but if they really want to make it realistic I think the frogs should just eat a different type of fly.


minecraft gets canceled on twitter for being racist towards frogs


Meh, it's a game with fire monsters, witches, laser-water-cyclops, dragons and the wither. It doesn't need to be 100% realistic


you seem to [forget this little pre-release](https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Java_Edition_1.12-pre3) that made cookies kill parrots, since it's **toxic** to them


I know, and that was a stupid move too


imagine feeding your minecraft parrot a chocolate chip cookie and it getting hearts so you feed that you your real parrot and your parents tell you grandma has to take care of it now people have pets, people like to feed their pets the same thing they do in games, people believe it or not games are very influential on people making a change that will save the lives of countless pet frogs and lizards, as well as countless pet parrots is **definitely not a stupid move**


If you are irresponsible enough to not learn about the animal you're about to get, or if the food you're about to give it is poisonous to it, you don't deserve a pet


What if a young kid plays minecraft and sees it? They would still deserve a pet because young kids shouldn't need to search about the pet


young children don't deserve fragile pets


Every animal has its weaknesses. Mastiffs can die from chocolate ingestion and those are big sturdy dogs.


The parents should prevent that.


Parents can’t watch their kids 24/7, and I doubt the parents are going “Gee, I hope my kid doesn’t feed the parrot cookies” because, tbh, who thinks their kid might do that, before it happens?


Mojang strives for realism when they add things from real life to the game. The fact that there are also witches and dragons doesn't matter.


Realistic or not, fireflies and frogs ARE real animals and there are consequences for misinformation even if you can’t see it. Many pet owners have accidentally killed their frogs or lizards because they didn’t know fireflies were toxic- or were told they weren’t toxic.


not mojang's fault, if you're going to have a pet it's your responsibility to learn about the animal


How many six year olds do you know who go on google and carefully research things before they try something stupid they saw on TV or in a video game?


that’s not the point?


Parrots and cookies


Minecraft already changed parrots 5p not eat cookies anymore because cookies are toxic. Mojang activly would want to know this and change it based on what they have done prior. That being said knowing Mojang they'll just remove the frogs eating things altogether.


This will most likely get changed to your solution, remember when Parrots were able to eat Cookies and also the massive controversy about Sharks in minecraft? You can be happy to have your suggestion being implemented.




What, you think this game is realistic?


Minecraft is the best selling game of all time. Even if it’s not consistently realistic, it shouldn’t teach its players misinformation about real animals.


I mean, they did change the parrots so they eat seeds instead of cookies. The cookies now poison the parrots. They changed it because a kid fed his bird a cookie and the bird got really sick. That’s the biggest reason I think they would change the food frogs eat, so kids don’t accidentally kill real frogs by feeding them unhealthy food


the r/KidsAreFuckingStupid kids


Just make the flies.


yea its minecraft it shouldn't have to be scientifically accurate




Mojang has a policy when it comes to adding real world mobs, which is why the shark wasn't added (I think there was an old dream video on that) and why they made it so if you fed a parrot a cookie it would die.


When kids try to breed 2 female chickens irl because they saw it in Minecraft, nothing would happen. When kids find a frog in their backyard and feed it a firefly because they saw it in Minecraft, it would die. It's really that simple.






Imo they can remove the fireflies overall, they’re just gonna cause lag


or maybe they should still eat them, and then get poison damage, but if the frog survives the poison damage, the frog is never eating a firefly again?




Oh lord its the parrots and cookies thing all over again (as long as nobody assumes that they can feed fireflies to their pet frog then it should be fine...ish (tho I don't think it will be as big of a problem as the parrots and cookies situation since fireflies arent really a commercial product you might already have in ur house, so your not likely to just go buy some fireflies somehow JUST cuz you saw it on minecraft. With the parrots situation people already had cookies in their house so it was very easy to make the mistake of thinking you can feed them cookies, then go and try it. this way, your more likely to find out that its dangerous or just give up before you ever get the chance to feed your frog a firefly ​ tho it is gonna bother some people with that inaccuracy bing in the game but whatever, the glowsquids have lopsided eyes for some reason, while firefly squids dont(basically real life glowsquids) so whatever lol