I have no major issues with Win11. Although just like Win10, I hate the simpleton option menus that hide features. Have to do extra clicks to get to proper screens.


That sums up windows 11 pretty good. Extra clicks to do pretty much everything you used to.


With optimization for hybrid CPU's and ... rounded corners!


Auto hdr be dope though


The only reason I upgraded was auto HDR and just better implementation of hdr all together. It was a mess to activate hdr when playing re8 on my TV.


Better implementation is basically 11. The search function is great it finds what I'm looking for fast. It's not perfect but on the whole it's an improvement as opposed to a backward step like 8


it's slightly better but still broken as hell, i have to turn up the contrast in nvidia control panel up to 80% because the colors are washed out


Can someone explain to my slow-ass what’s so great about HDR/auto HDR? I’ve always been confused about the use cases of HDR.


Deeper blacks, brighter whites.


Vastly oversimplified. On a traditional monitor there's one brightness "setting" for the whole monitor. On a new fancy HDR monitor every little chunk of the screen has its own brightness. With a traditional monitor you can get really dark colours or really bright colors but not both. With an HDR monitor you can get really dark colours and really bright colours at the same time.




Not really true anymore, fixes for that came in early patches.


it’s not that hard, you can change those settings pretty easily. In fact every setting that i’ve not liked i’ve been able to change and actually there’s MORE customization now, especially with the new windows terminal and powershell 7 and what not IMO anything actually useful is still in control panel which windows 10 didn’t default to either


Is there customization for notifications that I'm not seeing? Every time I get a notification, I have to manually clear it, otherwise it will stay on screen forever which gets annoying. I believe with windows 10, after a few seconds notifications would go away


If you find it, tell me. I don't get *any* notifications at all.


You *might* be able to turn them on in settings, but I don't know. I really haven't dug around to find a solution yet


What about non collapsible Taskbar tabs for specific apps and a way to default icons to not hidden? Or a way to, you know, stop system links from using Edge? Or a way to revert or customize the context menu? I feel that windows 11 *removed* functionality, particularly in multi-task flow.


Didn’t say it was hard just annoying.


But can it does auto HDR?


Customization is one thing. Adding extra steps to do basic tasks is another.


I've yet to find a way to get the task bar setup right... I can move the start menu to the left easy enough but how do I get it to never combine tasks? Also, can I force set windows 11 to prevent updates 100%? One of the most annoying things about windows 10 is being forced to update windows unless I manually open the services and kill and disable windows update and the update medic service. Also modern windows is so ugly... I'd love to just be able to switch to a 3rd party shell and be done with micro$haft's ego. Linux, here I come...


Yeah, I actually like how much you can customize things now. It is an improvement all around. It is simpler for the average user and for the power user you can customize things to get them how you want them. I hated how bloated the right click menu was before and now I can have exactly what I normally use in there. I mean yeah I had to spend like an hour customizing things but it is way better than before once you spend a small amount of time to set it up since you actually have really good customization now. That said I do wish windows had a native tool to do the customization instead of needing to use a third party tool, edit registry or command line. That is probably the biggest issue is that the customization are all pretty hidden.


Although I just noticed they added and eject button to the windows explorer on an external drive! That was a nice touch!


The big reason why I'm not going to Windows 11 is because I think the Windows 10 Aesthetic is simply perfect. I think Windows 11 looks too much like OSX for me as well. Windows 10 still uses the same basic layout as Windows 7 with a bunch of added features but no loss of control/functionality from Windows 7. It still looks clean and modern as heck too and runs very smoothly. ​ I'll probably use Windows 10 until support ends. I got nothing against Windows 11 just personal preference.


Me too


Not that it should be a thing, but there are thirdparty apps that address that. Startallback is a good one.


Alternatively you can hit Windows key and type one of the following: Appwiz.cpl (Programs and Features replaces Add or Remove Programs) Collab.cpl (People Near Me) Firewall.cpl Hdwwiz.cpl (Add Hardware Wizard) Intl.cpl (Regional Settings) Mmsys.cpl (Sound) Also Setasio.cpl. [NCPA.cpl] (Network Connections – see above) Powercfg.cpl (Power Settings) Sysdm.cpl (System Properties) Telephon.cpl Wscui.cpl (Windows Security Console) These will open the normal full control panel program rather than those weird stripped down versions (simpleton as you put it) You can also use them in the run prompt. I don't use menus anymore just all of the cpl files I've memorized. This isnt all of them, just the first list I found on Google so I wouldn't have to type out the common ones.


So you can make shortcuts to those and place them all in one folder, and put a shortcut to that folder in menu for easy access


Sounds great. Since you are controlling your pc through that folder, how about we call it the Control Panel?


Genius. Can't wait for Microsoft to implement this "Control Panel" into their next version of windows!


Windows 11 is on another bus


Which is down that ravine.


And on fire


With a blackhole opening in it


And a cave troll waiting.


Windows has to get their shit together with the control panel and the setting panel. Settings don't work yet and control panel is too hidden. Also, the main menu sucks on win 11. Yeah, you can search and all, but I'd like to organize is a bit more. Also, too many search end up on the www, and that means edge opening, which I really don't want. Edge might be good but I don't use it, so stop trying to make me use it. Recently had an update that told me to try edge and gave me a month of office 365... NO, NO, NO... I know they exists and I chose not to use them. Microsoft, just stop pushing your shit on me. It has the opposite effect you would like it to have. I make a point of never buy a product that has been advertised to me via microsoft, youtube, facebook or any other service. I want to pay for a product, not pay for marketing budgets when I buy something.


You can turn off searching the web from the start menu search, then you only get local results.


Noice, thanks!


I seriously doubt they put that in since they removed that option from Windows 10 (without resorting to manual registry changes) years ago.


Yea, besides minor things that I'll slowly get used to, it's not that bad. Same for windows 10 when it came out. It will, hopefully, get very polished in a few months or so.


This is a serious question not a mockery, do you feel that they have tried to emulate MacOS in this regard? I have never used MacOS and I notice that the W11 taskbar is centralized just like the screenshots I've seen of MacOS. If you use both it would be cool to know.


Linux is the much closer analog to macOS vs any version of windows. They share a common origin point even.


I mean, they do now. Early MacOS was Apple, until OSX when they ported the Mach kernel which was derived from BSD. These days I don't think they even use any BSD/Mach code - they've had a long time to rewrite everything and they certainly don't have the BSD copyright notice in the OS anymore. It's not incorrect to say that Linux and BSD share origins in that they both are \*nix derivatives but they don't really share any code in common - their licenses are pretty incompatible. (BSD is not really open source, that'd be the GPL for most cases.) It'd be pretty incorrect to say that OSX and Linux share origins - at this point they're the software equivalent of third or fourth cousins.


the bsd licenses are generally more permissive than the gpl


This is what I don't get. Why remove features most Windows users used... like wtf? And they probably still haven't put ALL Windows options in one design instead of 3 different ones from 3 different decades... am I right? I will wait until 50+ % marketshare OR if they add back the features of Windows 10 to upgrade even if I wait until 2025.


I got a custom windows 11, where i don't have to be doing any extra clicking. For gaming, i found a SLIGHT difference between 11 vs 10. Where 11 leads.


I noticed that too, some more recent games do get a few more FPS in 11 than 10. Might have just been my years-bloated 10 install though.


Don't forget unnecessary hardware requirements to upgrade


I made the control panel a shortcut on my taskbar. Also a tip from one windows 11 user to another. Look into tron script. It disabled all the behind the scenes data collection, cleans your computer, and it's virus removal. I run it like once a month and I'm golden. r/tronscript


Haven't used 11 yet, but def agree with Win10. It's annoying how many clicks it takes. What's the point of a feature if it is hidden.


Where’s 95?


The sun, it's shining down amongst the others.


And 3.1? Oh shit, I'm old.


Ah yes, 3.11 on only a few of those 3d printed save icons. /s. Im also that old..


on the drivers seat


Too early. Time will judge.


honestly been using for over 2 months now, it is perfect. Only ui issue I had is extra clicks for right click menus.


You can disable the new menu, and just have the old one back






this is great thanks


Nice. I'm tired of clicking more than I should just to be able to extract anything


I've had no issues so far with Windows 11. Also, where's 3.1?


And 2.1, and 3.11 windows for workgroups, and 95.


And 8.1




And CE


I miss my plus+ pack


Windows 3.11: You Can (not) Reboot


Windows 3.1 is the bus.


and NT?


NT is driving the bus.


Windows 98 needs to be on the left side. 98 SP2 can be on the right side, though.


I agree. Having supported PC's through that period, 98 wasn't all that great. 98SE was when it was (relatively) decent.


and microsoft plus for kids


I personally think it’s fine. Maybe not quite as solid as 10, but it totally fine. Anyone who thinks it and Windows 8 belong in the same category is smoking some really good stuff.


People quickly forget that Windows 10 took quite a bit of updating to get to the point where it was pretty good. Windows 11 is already off to a better start than Windows 10 was.


To be fair to win10, 11 is really just a visual update for 10 in a lot of ways, most of the features can or will be backported to 10 at some point. That being said, there is a lot of stuff 11 is offering that made me happy i updated


Sure, the visuals are the most noticeable part for users, but there's a lot of fundamental changes they made under the hood with Windows 11 as well.


> Windows 11 is already off to a better start than Windows 10 was. Did they ever reinstate the option to not be forced to group taskbar icons? Going out of their way to remove UI options isn't what I'd call a great start - even if the spirit of your comment *was* related to stability and compatibility, which I agree with you on.


That was changed awhile back, yes.


I still prefer windows 7 over windows 10 and would put both w10 and 11 on the left side without thinking about it


The main advantage of windows 10 was waaaay better memory management. We have been putting it on older machines at work and getting a marked performance boost every time.


How much of a performance boost though? Is it really noticeable?


Yes it is very noticeable. Our old windows 7 devices got a new lease on life.


I was doing this for public schools back in like 2016 and it would literally take W7 computers we were possibly going to have to trash because it wouldn't even boot to the login(with a fresh install) to a computer that actually worked.




Windows 8.2 was pretty good after they had ironed out all the issues. But stock 8 was a piece of poopies.


Stock 8 was great for tablets but trash for desktops. I remember loving it on my Surface in tablet mode but hating it in laptop mode.


Windows Vista in the end was pretty good I reckon but by God did it suck at the start


Vista's main downfall was ultimately that Microsoft packed too much into the OS at once and XP machines didn't have te resources meaning unless you bought a new machine, you had to use XP anyway. With the right hardware, vista was a good system but it just wasn't received well.


Yeah, vista was great if you were running it on a properly specced machine. The problem was you had machines that barely met the minimum spec being sold as vista ready and being pushed heavily into vista instead of them using the recommended specs. I actually saw a few laptops that were actually below the specs that were being sold with a vista ready sticker. If you were at or above the recommended specs it was actually a huge improvement. That said I am not sure who actually was responsible for it. I don't know if Microsoft was pushing dell/gateway/etc to put vista compatible on everything or if dell and the like were pushing it onto laptops they knew wouldn't properly run it. I am betting it was a bit of both.


Vista's biggest issue was drivers. It changed the driver models and there were a lot of devices that got left behind; either they didn't get updated drivers or they got ones compliant to the new model but they were buggy and half-assed.


Well yeah, Aero ran like dookie but the bigger issue I think was the severe lack of driver support. That was a nightmare.


Yeah this was my issue. I had a decent computer and having a 64-bit OS that wasn’t XP 64-bit was very nice for the added RAM, but the device drivers took a while to sort out. The pain the device manufacturers and Microsoft went through with Vista drivers really set them up well for 7


Base Vista was pretty meh, the service packs later on definitely helped it out and it was totally fine for me.


Vista did not have good drivers at first and it made it unstable. After a few years it was ok


No different from 8 and 10. Both sucked originally and got better over time. 10 was just more familiar after everyone came from win8, but going to win8 from vista/7 was a horrific jump for most people. This is why the cycle usually goes bad release good release. It's just that the first jump is jarring, but by the time the next release comes, you're somewhat used to the big changes.


Windows XP also sucked at release, so why is everyone only remembering it in SP2 or later state?


If they can do three more things for me it moves firmly to the right side: 1) restore full right-click context menu 2) fix the start menu - it is still a bit broken. Allow more customization of it. On the plus It does launch apps after the last major update before that click and sometimes nothing happened 3) remove internet search results from the search bar and make search functional for the pc itself. It Can’t find files right now.


Whoa they messed with the right click context menu?? The whole point of right click is to show options! Why they hiding options from an option menu. Wtf.


Id add another thing I would want 4) LET ME DRAG STUFF TO THE TASKBAR. Still confused about how they messed that up.


I suggest you download [WinAero Tweaker](https://winaero.com/winaero-tweaker/). It lets you restore the good old features!


Just don’t include it at all. Same shit as 10 but slightly different


Whilst there isn't anything wrong with 11 it's basically just windows 10 with more features most of which could have probably been put in a feature update and a stupidly simplified ui. I've found it to be something I would describe as "Microsoft trying to copy MacOS" too much because a lot of the menus look surprisingly similar and the file icons leave an after taste of Linux. And I can't have my taskbar at the top anymore. Those are my only problems with it. Say what you will but I will be staying with 10 for as long as possible.


This. They keep trying to be f\*cking Mac. Why the hell am I buying a PC if I wanted that?!


why are you putting your taskbar at the top you sychopath!?!?


Windows 11 is just reskinned 10


Why? Because money


No, it's the only way Microsoft could officially stop supporting IE. If Windows 10 were to continue then IE11 would have to live on per the support model it had.


Just like Windows 7 is Windows Vista with a blue theme and a few minor tweaks. Look at them side by side they are near identical. The difference? Better hardware specs on Windows 7's release. Dont believe me? Look at them side by side on a VM. Windows 7 is more "Vista SP3" than a new OS. Everyone fell for it. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EilMgxXwpxE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EilMgxXwpxE) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhqwhkKIbwk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhqwhkKIbwk)


And by windows 7 the thing was stable and drivers worked


Vista was stable.




idk. It can sit in the middle aisle with Windows 8.1 I guess.


I agree


So wait is DOS the bus then?


Ayo pirated windows 8 is the best


With some minor modifications (brining back the old context menu from windows 10 and removing the extra space between folders and flies in the explorer and removing all the unnecessary stuff from the taskbar (no I don't want to see the current weather, I can just look out the window for that) and some other changes in the settings) it's not actually much worse than Win10 and it gives a new fresh look to Windows which I actually quite like.


Awww I like having the weather haha, at least it shows the temp too so that it’s not like “thanks windows, I couldn’t see it’s sunny out today” it’s more like “thanks windows, a few less clicks to see the hourly forecast”


You missed Windows Bob


Windows 9:






bad, the taskbar lost most of it's functionality.


The bad side, I hate it


Been using win11 for 2 months now, and other than a few finding things issues in the start I haven’t had many problems with it.


I honestly hate how dumbed down Windows 11 is and looks. Reminds me of Mac🤢


Agreed but it’s not terrible just simplified


Mac is both extremes. You got the dumbed down GUI, but a full Unix operating system under it.


In the time I've used 11, I'd say it should be alongside 10. tbf it should have just been a major update to 10 rather than a whole new OS, because that's all really what it is when you think about it. No real issues with it.


Windows 98 and XP should be on the left side. Windows 98 SE and Windows XP SP2 should be on the right.


I sincerely hope that one day the world will be Windows-less




As a Windows 11 user, certainly on the positive side. It's so fresh looking, it works for me very well with all new hardware.


If Windows 10 gets to be on the good side, so does Windows 11, in my eyes. Neither are perfect operating systems, but they're both still pretty good. The initial version of Windows 11 was very rough, don't get me wrong, but Windows 10 was even worse before it was updated to be where it is now. I think Windows 11 is off to a better start. It definitely has not launched anywhere near as badly as 8 and Vista did, that's for sure.


Why did they change the taskbar? It wasn't a problem and now I have to switch between 10 and 11 for different pc and it sucks.


They won't let us move the taskbar anymore. I like to keep it on the side of the screen. It's mildly disappointing that they removed that feature.


The same side as Windows 10 because it pretty much is Windows 10.


walking on the roof in the middle


I hate that I can’t put my taskbar on the side anymore


I'd say the left side with Vista. Having issues with my laptop running Windows 11. Windows 10 ran better.




Where the fuck is windows95? 98 was dogshit also


Windows 11 is just windows 10 while hiding the features under options menus that are useless.


It's good because it's basically better looking windows 10


Windows 95 so forgotten its not even on the bus


Windows 11 is the new kid on the bus and hasn't had a chance to pick a side. But in the Microsoft cycle of OS we shouldn't expect much. They normally do a bad system followed by good system and repeat the cycle.


It’s great, just use the registry hack to get your regular right click back and you’re golden!


i quite enjoyed windows 8


Windows 7 and 8 are reversed


Windows 8 is amazing, good optimized on a cheap laptop with a 1 or 2 gb of ram, Windows 2000 is shit bc it was crap like a windows 95, bro why this picture is so wrong


Windows 11 should be strapped to the top of the bus


XP wasn't good until SP2


It's skipped the bus.


I never understood why everyone hated vista back in the day. I really didn't think it was that bad.


Windows Vista and Windows 7 were essentially the same thing. Win7 was just a more polished version of Vista. There was a survey done for Windows "Mohave" that was done after Vista's perceived issues. Mohave was legitimately a patched version of Vista. It got rave positive reviews. It was 100% poor public perception of software that was ahead of its time. The system requirements for XP to Vista were a massive jump.


Yea. Pc back in the days are way slower than what we have these days. Even those aero semi transparent skins are eating significant resource.


Vista's biggest issue was drivers. The drivers that released with Vista were absolutely garbage, no hardware vendors took the new driver model seriously and as such just repacked the XP driver set. It resulted in chaos in the beginning. I personally hold that Vista post-SP1 was pretty awesome, actually, once you disabled UAC. So much so that Windows 7 was literally just Windows Vista with a new name and a couple new features. ​ There was also the case of tossing it on machines that were "Vista Capable" like netbooks with Atom CPUs and 512MB RAM. That certainly didn't help, either.


>Vista's biggest issue was drivers. The drivers that released with Vista were absolutely garbage, no hardware vendors took the new driver model seriously and as such just repacked the XP driver set. I hate to say this, but I wish I didn't have a Nvidia GPU on my Vista build. The 7600GT and the 9600GT that replaced it were awesome, but damn, the initial Vista drivers forced me to run XP until Nvidia got their crap together and an eventual incompatibility between my 9600 GT's drivers and Gigabyte 780X UD4P's primary PCI-E X16 slot made it my last Nvidia card.


it wasn’t. i ran vista for 6 years before fully moving to macOS. now i’m back to windows, but 10 doesn’t quite hit the same spot vista did for me


At lot of the hate Vista got was related to Microsoft backpedaling on requirements. The market was flooded with underpowered devices running Vista. Not the only issue, but a big one.


So the opposite of what we have now with Win 11. There are millions of machines who would he powerful enough to run Win11 but Microsoft set the requirements so high that they can't.


Microsoft hasn’t set the requirements high so much as they have made them contemporary. If any organization knows the costs and effort required to support legacy hardware it’s them.


Wasn’t it the introduction of UAC? I remember doing VB6 development and there were a bunch of issues. Apps that hadn’t been updated I think just broke.


Yup. Ran it day 1 with little to no issues. It was fine. Windows 7 and Windows Vista are the same thing with a little polish and changing the green theme to a blue theme for 7. The major difference between the two was the better hardware for Windows 7's release.


i quite like win 11and the art style tbh never experienced any major issues that i didnt experience in 10 been using since the beta dropped


For me I'd say mostly left. I preferred windows 10 because it was easier for me to navigate. I switched to windows 11 and I'm sad now


Windows 8 wasn’t THAT bad


8.1 wasn’t that bad. 8 was a tablet/mobile experience for desktop. You needed a touchscreen to get any real use of the new features.


8.1 wasn’t that bad. 8 was a terrible tablet/mobile experience for desktop. You needed a touchscreen to get any real use of the new features.


on the road under the wheels of the bus


Besides 10, it has some downsides compared to windows 10 but overall it's a net improvement. Just look at the start menu and search feature, not to mention the new control hub (not sure what to call it, the thing were they moved the "quick actions") and Android app support.


The android app support is a great idea but the execution is crap. I had to spend several hours messing around and doimg some sketchy stuff just to get it working outside the US and with the google play store. For what ideally would take 2 Minutes by just searching up WSA and Google Play Store on the MS Store and downloading both.


It does only take that though... Sec let me link you the GitHub https://github.com/LSPosed/MagiskOnWSA All you need is a GitHub account and 2 minute simple instructions.


Right, it’s basically Windows 10 contrary to what some people here seem to think. Makes no sense to love one and treat the other like the devil


#bootleg Mac


hey, psst, hear me out. Just bcoz the taskbar icons are in the middle doesn't mean it is bootleg mac-


Charts is nonsense... has some releases missing... yawn.


It's fine for the most part... although I hate the fact that there are more steps now when permanently deleting files and also the lack of fluidity throughout the OS... So it'll probably sit in between win 8.1 and 10....


>when permanently deleting files Shift + delete....


I have no issues with windows 11, I like the look, besides that it’s pretty much the exact same, I don’t even notice any difference between my home pc (win11) and office pc (win10)


Left, no question. Windows 11 loses features in the pursuit of MacOS aesthetics. Good features of windows 11, such as direct storage access by the GPU seems like something that could have been added to windows 10 without the oh so important curved edges of Windows 11!


# Missing: * Windows 3.0 - left * Windows 3.1 - right * Windows for Workgroups 3.11 - very much right * Windows 95 original - left * Windows 95 OSR2^(1) \- right * Windows 98SE - left * Windows NT 3.1 - left * Windows NT 4.0 - right * Windows XP 64bit - right * Windows 8.1 - right (mainly because it removed TIFKAM^(2)) # Debatable: * Windows Vista - 64bit with 4GB+ RAM - right * Windows Vista - 32bit or less than 4GB RAM^(3) \- left # Windows 11 It will always be seen as on the left because of the poor launch, but I'm certain based on the progress of the preview builds that it will end up being much like Win95... eventually good. ^(1)OSR2 - OEM Service Release 2, basically a manufacturer only service pack which you couldn't technically even download legally, fixed a whole heap of bugs and made dialup internet a lot more reliable ^(2)TIFKAM - **T**he **I**nterface **F**ormerly **K**nown **A**s [Metro](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_(design_language)) ^(3)Vista could only address 3.2GB the 32 bit version


I don't like that ME is on the left. If you weren't plain dumb it actually worked just as great as 98SE. Signed, someone who's used ME regularily and loved it.


I don't get what all the fuss is about. It's a more polished and modern iteration of Windows 10 as far as I'm concerned. It looks better but traditional Windows is still there behind the curtains.


Left ofc, i still cant understand how they managed to make the ui even worse than 10. Anyways on the inside its just Win10 with a different skin pack. 10 is crap, but can be tweaked and then it becomes usable. Dx 12, raytracing everything is supported. Just stay on 10


Windows 11 definitely belongs on the sad side. It's basically the same as windows 10, only the start menu is thicker, it takes longer to do simple tasks, and it's less stable. My PC has blue screened on startup for no reason at all. Fuck windows 11.


idk, I've had BSODs for no good reason under every Windows version since 95.


Win 11 is reskined 10 , put it right


Windows 8 and 11 should both be on the side with 7. There was nothing wrong with windows 8, people just hated the start menu... I don't even use the start menu.


In that case, we should put Windows Vista on the right side as well since Windows 7 is merely just a rebranded and polished Windows Vista.


That pile of shit is sitting beside windows 8, it just replaced windows me




Built the roads and is driving the bus.


Thanks for reminding me how god awful windows 8 was.


Windows 8 shouldn’t even be on the bus Ong.