Locked for asking for medical advice. Please video this when you figure out what you're doing.


I had one on my wrist. I highly recommend getting it surgically removed. It will only come back if you pop or drain it


I second getting it surgically removed. Ganglions go deep, and if you pop it it will come back. Much better to get it taken out!


Yeah, I would have it done by a surgeon. I think there is more to it than just popping it.


Thats well under the skin, I would go to the doctor, you're too close to vital shit on your wrist. Definitely call a doctor and then film the doctor popping it lolol


I shall


No popping. Surgery. Had one in the exact same place. Eventually it will start to give you nerve pain. I also found out mine was coming through a hole in my tendon that needed repair. From experience it sucks to get done but it’s one of the best elective surgeries I’ve ever had


Don't be doing that. The area is a traffic route. Nerves, veins and arteries. This is best left to the pros.


I had one, had it drained, it came back. Had surgery to remove it. It was on the top of my wrist caused a lot of problems moving my fingers.


Don't pop this on your own!! Definitely see a doctor to get that removed


My daughter had one and needed surgery. Too close to vital structures of the hand


I have one in the same area... same opinion from the doctor to many tendons and arteries around it to do a hack job on it.


Go to the doctor. They tend to have little vine type things that can wrap around your tendon. So popping it won’t make it go away


Place wrist in same position as picture, but on a table with fist over edge of said table. Have "friend" smash down on cyst with bible/phone book... we call them bible bumps for a reason. If that fails..it has to be taken out by a surgeon


Forgot to note.. this will hurt..like someone hitting you with a book. And though there is a chance for it to reoccur, they don't always come back. It's worth a shot honestly. There are always exceptions, and if you are anxious have a doc do it. But honestly they will often try the same thing.


My dr told me the same thing. I get them on top of my wrist. He literally said smash it with a book. Love it.


Saw a video of that year's ago, back of the guys wrist. Buddy whacked it with a textbook.


Hahaha that’s what I did. A nice thick hard cover book did the trick


I had one on top of my foot. When getting into bed one night I dropped my phone right on it. Boom, gone. One in a million shot. Hurt like hell.


I had one of these when I was a kid and that’s how I got rid of it! My mom smashed it with a book and it’s never come back.


I had one on my wrist and went to the doctor and he drained it but said it might come back. It came back and I slammed my wrist on a desk and it hasn’t come back again


Get a gouger and blood letting device you’ll be solid Just a tiny bit o’ether for a numbing agent


My grandfather was in the marine corps back in vietnam. One of his subordinates got a cyst like this. Grandpa took him to the doctor. The doc looked at it and said “we’re going to have to perform book surgery” and instructed the man to lay his wrist flat on his desk as he consulted a giant medical encyclopedia. My grandfather started to ask “what’s book surgery?” But was cut short by the doctor suddenly slamming the huge book down on the guy’s wrist, bursting the cyst and thus curing it


bible basher


My mom had one of these surgically removed two times. Kept coming back. So my dad (who was her 14-year-old boyfriend at the time) heard they're called Bible cysts because you get rid of them by hitting hem with a Bible or other large book. He did it then and it stayed away up until a few years ago. He hit it again and it's still gone!


I was told they are called bible cysts. Bc when you get them you hit them with the family bible to pop them. I get one on my wrist. I turned me wrist over and smacked it on the table. Popped the cyst. It feels super weird with all the fluid draining. It comes back. But without surgery, that's what my doctor told me to do.


Go old school, use a bible.


Well here’s the thing, do ya have a bible? Like the old hard cover backs that are extremely thick? Ya see my dad had a cyst like that, and his doctor told him he could either surgically remove it, or ya hit a bible with it. So ya get one of those and you hit it as hard as you can with the back of it.


I’ve always heard to smash it with a book. After watching my dad try it once, I do not recommend.


here are some videos [https://youtu.be/gJl3yj3K4J8](https://youtu.be/gJl3yj3K4J8) [https://youtu.be/4UVYavvSF\_s](https://youtu.be/4UVYavvSF_s) [https://youtu.be/q3EeGz-DIlE](https://youtu.be/q3EeGz-DIlE) [https://youtu.be/m-lOHgOIv8k](https://youtu.be/m-lOHgOIv8k) [https://youtu.be/P4cWNyqDKXA](https://youtu.be/P4cWNyqDKXA)


Hit it hard with a book. That works for lipomas


I’m glad to see so many others know the Bible method! That’s what the old folks always suggested!


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I had a small one years ago. I massaged (ok, obsessively rubbed) it until it went away. It has never come back. I did not see a doctor. I think I developed one due to all the typing I did for my job back then.