owwww! bless your abcessed heart. that looks like it hurrrrrts.


Phew, those are gnarly! Nifty to see, but seeing you shake during and afterwards makes me cringe that this happens. Wishing you all the best.


That color doesn't look good


How did you even get these?!?


I have dyshidrotic eczema, which causes fluid filled blisters to cluster during a bad flair- then it turns into what looks more like the dry plaques of skin. The blisters under the nail bed are excruciating, especially if they are not close to the free edge to pop them.


I have this too, but never under my nails. My left hand gets it when it fairs but I think my diet has alot to do with it. I haven’t had a bad flare since I changed some stuff up


What do you find diet wise that helps or hinders? I’ve always worked in fields with oxidants and accelerants (hair colorist, professor of painting) so no matter what I was always fighting flares. I’ve been on courses of prednisone, had cortisone shots into my fingers - I use betamethazone dipropianate ointment which is so powerful it’s scary ( I’ve had steroid induced psychosis on occasion which it awful. It’s much better than it used to be thank goodness!


That’s good! Yeah it really sucks sometimes, as a kid I used to Bite my hands it would be so itchy and super uncomfortable. I started making healthier choices and solely drink water now. Beer and alchohol don’t cause flares, juices don’t either. I dropped most sugar and super greasy food. It hasn’t flared in awhile since I’ve changed my diet. Quite the relief. Hopefully it helps you out.


Thanks for the tips - sugar has made more appearances at our house during the pandemic - my husband is the Cookie Monster!


I have moderate eczema, but dishydrotic eczema shows up when I have a severe flare up. My eczema gets worse when I eat nightshade vegetables like eggplant and tomato, beef, and sort of dairy, processed sugar from soda and candy, chocolate, oranges, grapefruits, pineapples and mangoes. I also have digestive issued from leaky gut, which is likely the cause of my eczema. Just my experience, hope this helps!


Thank you for sharing - I think my flares peaked during busy hair seasons, and then when I was writing my master’s thesis - had a hole in one fingers that was scraped almost all the way to bone. That’s when I was prescribed prednisone- lord that drug makes you hungry, I think I gained 10 lbs in 72 hours haha.


I have dishidrotic eczema too, but it has been years since I’ve had a bad flare up. When it happened the first time (around 2003 I think?) I ended up going to the ER. It was covering the palms of both hands and I could barely move them because the pain was so bad. Everyone was stumped as to what it was. Eventually I figured out that it was some kind of eczema. The flare ups stopped when I started on allergy shots and got my allergies under control


It took about 18 years to get a diagnosis for me - I had seen a few dermatologists and was always prescribed Topicort which did little after using it long enough. A PA actually helped me the most when he was checking me in for a visit not even related to the eczema- When I got home and googled dyshidrotic eczema I was like oh my god this is exactly what I have and have had for decades! I also grew up with a chronic, awful recurring infection called granular conjunctivitis- so painful - more steroids for that yeesh.


I had to pop a black nail and I took a demel tool and tapped around a drill bit so it could only go so deep and drilled into the nail to relieve the pressure. Might work.


Oh God you can get them under your nails?


Same here! It's painful.


That must be so painful. I hope it clears up soon!




Ow ow ow ow OW!


These kind are my favorite to have. I know they hurt like the dickins but I'll be damned if it isn't satisfying to rid oneself of that pressure.


Why do these happen?


It hurts like a bitch doesn't it , I sometimes have those too , best of luck not getting them again mate


Focus, Focus, Focus


Im crying I remember my technician got metal shavings under his nail & for a week i had to tell people i had no technician and literally we spent a whole night one time trying to clean up his hand and i just felt so bad. I could tell how this man was shaking and grunting this shit hurt 😭🥺