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As much as I enjoyed that, why dont these people just go to a hospital? That looked pretty serious.


He did. It was a serious issue that hes still having trouble with of I remember right. He has a youtube channel but I forget what it is.


I feel like this is may be due to the fact that people are draining it with their hands (no gloves, wiping with the same kleenex- I’ve seen that a LOT) and not cleaning the site appropriately before hand. They’re introducing so much bacteria to the site when they do these massive drainage at home. Typically when patients come in for something like this, they get placed on antibiotics and will sometimes even get IM antibiotics as well as a prescription to take at home. Some of these abscesses are recurring for people, requiring them to come back 1-2 times a year if not more. We’ve had so many in our ER that would drain it at home for them to just get super infected, causing a larger abscess and significantly more pain. It’s best to get these drained at the ER or a clinic, considering some of these abscesses could actually have a lot of tunneling and the docs that drain these are typically able to assess that. If it’s at an ER, they can get wound consult involved. As much as I enjoy these videos, ones like this should definitely be left to professionals.


^^^this. My training classes for my NCPT certification included a hospital rotation and we saw sooooo many botched home “surgeries”… I’ll never forget one guy who lanced his own cyst on his upper inner arm- which of course got infected so he continued digging thinking he could just “remove” the infection if he kept squeezing and digging stuff out. He didn’t stop until he’d had a giant hole tunneling a good 2” into his arm (he was a *big* dude, so his fat layer was pretty deep) and it had swelled up to the size of a watermelon, and even then he had to be forced to come in by his mother who threatened to kick him out if he didn’t get checked out, not because she was worried about him or anything, but because his rotting arm was stinking up her house. The “gunk” he was digging out was his own formerly healthy fatty tissue. he was literally debriding the infection he caused in the most unsanitary way possible, then scraping out more flesh and fat when it too got infected, tunneling deeper and wider into his own arm. There aren’t words to describe the ***stench***, but both the sight and smell are forever burned into my brain. You could literally smell it as soon as you walked into the ER faintly then getting stronger as you got closer to his room, when you actually opened the sliding glass door it was enough to make the air actually feel *thicker* somehow despite the ac being on full blast in an attempt to suppress the smell. The closest I could get to describing it is Luke Sywalker after he climbed out of the Tauntaun, except he slept in it for 3 days in the tropics instead of a few hours wrapped in an entire wrestling team’s wet towels that sat in the back of the bus for a month…..


Thanks, I hate it 🤢


Me too…. Olfactory recall is a real thing, and 3 years later I can still smell it when I think about it. Your username made me chuckle. That’s also the nickname used for a certain horrifying baby product my SIL got at her baby shower….




Agreed. That’s why I think the “don’t comment on hygiene” rule is problematic - then you get videos like this where people are doing pops with bacteria laden hands and tools on bacteria laden surfaces, and it only encourages others to do the same, setting them up for a potentially deadly infection.




Some bloody disgusting clips on his channel. Loved it!


Thank you




Good to know. So often I see people trying to treat these things outside or in their living rooms, makes me worry a little. Not enough to stop watching though.


Because a hospital would charge $3000 to drain it.


In USA? In EU it's free.


I shudder to think how much $$ in copays I’ve paid out of pocket, let alone how much my insurance has paid in treatment and diagnostics. My wound isn’t anywhere near this bad. Poor guy!


Yeah, we know. Mad jealous about that. (American here who has avoided doctors for years due to the cost)


One of my medications is a 200 dollar inhaler I need to breathe...and not die. Can't afford that each month so I take the risk. This is typical in America.


I am really sorry :(.


But some of these cases are extreme, they could go to ER.


I'm not saying it's Smart, just saying... that's why they don't go.


Yeah I can't fault the logic there (I don't have 3k), but if they went to ER they wouldn't have to pay for it.


Idk where are you from, but ER bills in the US is atrocious. They always bill me more than $10K whenever I went to the ER, even with insurance i still have to pay at least $1500 out of pocket. The last time my mother in law went to free standing ER ( it's a thing in texas) because of steroid intoxication, they billed her more than $100K.....


For ER treatment? Seriously? What if it's life-threatening?


Life threatening, like appendicitis $55K. You got bitten by a rattle snake while camping? Its gonna be $150k. A few years ago i saw on the news, this guy got into accident and he was in a coma prolly for 2 weeks, he got billed for $400K.. The life flight alone at least $30K... Ambulance is not free as well, they billed my MIL $3.5K for a 10 minutes ride from the freestanding ER to the bigger hospital ER 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


Yeah, so I would have been dead several times over already. That's beyond rough. Ambulances are super expensive in Australia too, but it only costs $50 a year for ambulance cover so everyone has it.


There is no differentiation between regular primary care, urgent care, or emergent care- if you want care you have to pay, period. They literally have an admin person come into your hospital room and go over your insurance information with you while you’re hooked up to an iv in the ER here. ETA: in reference to how healthcare works in the US


I'm starting to regret asking. From what people have been telling me, it's pretty scary. I would be dead already from what I've heard.


Yeah it’s a pretty sad state of affairs. People go through a lot of effed up stuff due to healthcare here. I personally was billed $5k for an er visit and when I lost my job and tried to make payment arrangements they told me that I made too much money the prior year to qualify (I made an okay wage, but I definitely wasn’t rolling in it) and that I would have to pay the full amount or it would be sent to collections. It went to collections and now my credit is trashed


My insurance tried to deny my entire claim when I had my appendix out because they put me under. They said the surgery was covered but the anesthetizing wasn't... I had to speak to a lot of people before we were able to convince them that few sane people would get their appendix removed without being put under. 85k, over 5K after insurance paid their part, finally.


Oh they don’t care if it’s life threatening. They just want their money. Even if your dead.


That's what I've learned tonight. It's been a scary experience.


I’ve had to have life saving treatment given to me in an er and was charged about $30k just for the er visit. The hospital stay was over $40k but thankfully my insurance paid everything in full for me because I’m on Medicaid.


Honest answer? People die.


Yeah.. I don't know what I was expecting. I've heard that the healthcare system was really bad over there, but I didn't think it would extend to emergency treatments.


It's only your emergency not the the hospital's emergency. Welcome to America.


ERs typically can't turn you away without treating you, even if you have no money/no health insurance or they don't take your insurance, so for many Americans it's the only "doctor's office" they can be seen by at all. That doesn't mean they won't bill you extravagantly after the fact though.


Guess how much an ambulance costs. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/10/why-taking-an-ambulance-is-so-expensive-in-the-united-states.html


Yikes. They can cost about $5k here but cover is less than $50 a year.


This thread exemplifies that people talk a lot about things they don’t know. First of all, most if not all hospitals have subsided programs, which makes ER Avery cheap or free to people who can’t pay. Primary care is the main issue as almost there are no subsided programs out there. This is also the reason ER is so expensive for those who can pay, as we are paying for our treatment and the overhead for those who can’t pay (and explains why urgent care which is almost to the same level as an ER is much much cheaper). Also, this defies general logic. If poor people would not be able to use ER, the US would have a huge mortality rate, but actually we have a very good one for the size, and the financial power people have in the multiple layers of society. That said, I am expecting this post to be downvoted to oblivion because people prefer just to just believe whatever to try to convey the fantasy that the US is a horrible place to live.


Uhm... are you not in the US?


No, I'm not. I know a lot of healthcare in the US is pretty expensive but some of this stuff could be life-threatening. I'm talking about the serious emergency scenarios.


Yeah, me too. Even the ER here is very expensive. For example, a few years ago I has to go to the ER via ambulance for congestive heart failure. The ambulance trip which was less than 5 miles cost me $400. The ER portion of my visit was $1200.


That's what someone else just said too. No offence, but that is insane. What happens when people can't pay the bill?


It goes to collections and ruins your credit for like 10 years. So forget about buying a decent car or getting a house. If the bill is high enough they'll sue you in court fir repayment. In which case, hello bankruptcy.


People get sued. Credit gets ruined. Maybe some jurisdictions you could run into wage garnishment but mostly if you don’t have insurance and ever get sick or hurt you can expect to never get a newer car or credit card or more affordable housing because medical debt will ruin your financial history for a decade or more.


looks like he's dealt with this problem for 2+ years. and has been to doctors and had surgery even.


If it's in America it's because they can't afford it.


If they’re American they probably don’t want to have to owe 2 million for the visit


Wow, I tend to enjoy a good pop but this made me gag 🤢


Agreed. I had to look away because it was making me feel queasy which isn't an easy feat to achieve.


I had the exact same reaction 🤢


Btw yall before you judge him thos video was before he went into surgery soon after. His youtube videos show this, a wide, gaping knee, then a scar left over thats healed nicely


Do you have the link to the original video?


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When I see videos like this, I think it's no damn wonder these people have ended up with abscesses.


Lawd have MRSA


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Get to a hospital! Why are people waiting so long?!?


Because of the cost.


Well I know that, but do people not understand sometimes they are risking their lives. Especially if they are diabetics


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I've never ACTUALLY gagged at one of these before, great pop


Holy fck, go to a hospital! Thats not right.




Oh this person needs help…


The US - land of the free and sick!


Pleaaaase post the link


https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8H2LpHc/ There you go.


If you look at his YouTube channel, it gets so much worse before it gets better


Do you have the link to his channel please?




Holy fucking Christ.


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Go to a hospital!! Now!!


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Quick! Plug it with some trash. All jokes aside this person needs to get this looked by a medical professional.


You right. As it was pretty juicy.


Like a baby throwing up


#notapimple definitely an abscess. I wonder if he’d had knee surgery or a major injury.


Holy crap lmao. I like these videos and even this one had me kinda like... Yuck




I was actually eating cauliflower cheese when this popped up on my notifications 🤢


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Maybe consider amputation.


serious question, what causes these?


Natural selection at its finest.


That guy’s gonna die if he doesn’t get to a hospital


Lord have mercy im about to bust


Don't do needles people


I hate these types of clips. I don't think they should be in this sub


I think the original clip was posted on this sub a while ago so it sorta does belong here Update: actually I was thinking of this post: https://v.redd.it/gcn70hnxf9n51 And its actually different footage of the same knee, and is not the original, but it was posted here a year ago


I don't particularly like the colour yellow, I think it should be banned x


Literally what r/medicalgore is for. Gnarly infections and all. Let me have some nice pimple pops.


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Please God never give me one of these. Kthnxbai.


Dude - was the background music really necessary? It’s a disgusting wound pop not a rave.


Jesus H Christ I audibly gasped and I didnt even realize it but my whole body tensed up until the very end!!!!


The cum box’s older brother, the Pus box.


It’s been a while since a popping video made me feel ill. Well done!