Infinite by Jeremy Robinson is underrated

Infinite by Jeremy Robinson is underrated


Wait.... there's an Infinite....2? There's a part of me that loves such an illogical title like that. I enjoyed the book. At first, I was expecting something maybe more introspective or heady. Like a 2001:SO. Once I accepted that it was more on the level of an action story or even comic book style it got easier to roll with the storyline. I agree the big twist was a little predictable, but at least then *when and the how* kept it interesting as we moved on. Fun take on any sort of villain too. All in all a good premise and fast pace to keep it going. I'm curious now what a sequel would turn into... there's really....*infinite* possibility


The sequel has started off a lot better than the first book IMO. It has (so far) the detail I think the first book was missing.


Yes! It’s pulpy as hell but such a fun read! The audiobook is well read too


I enjoy the first but couldn't get in to the second YMMV.


I read it last night, it had been on my "to read" list for a while, I saw your post on this yesterday, and I couldn't sleep. The first part was good, the whole premise and setup was enjoyable at first, but ultimately it became too clumsy for my tastes. Some of it had tropes you just had to expect (which don't mean they are unenjoyable. I always find it's how the author plays out these tropes that can make them really fun even when I've heard it 1000 times, or have it fall flat on it's face) , but at the end of the book no questions were answered and the story wasn't really an enjoyable journey to me. 3/4 through the book or a bit less, it was clear in which direction he was going, but it took so long to get there. The second book (or third? There's a chart on amazon that inserts a book with a different title between Infinite and Infinite 2 when it's laying out that whole "universe" thing) sounds like it could be more of what I would want in a book with this premise and layout, but I really don't know if I want to read that given the first was so clumsy with some of this stuff.


I liked it but I saw the ending coming from a hundred pages away. And it still made me mad. I was intrigued enough to read Infinite² but it didn't grab my attention.