My (26M) GF (26F) of 4y wants a (temporary) open relationship.

My (26M) GF (26F) of 4y wants a (temporary) open relationship.


dude, the relationship is over. she wants to fuck somebody else, and probably has decided who it is. you will never be okay with it. move on.


>she wants to fuck somebody else, and probably decided who it is. This.


This OP


Red flags. She don’t want any rules or to tell you what she’s done. Girl wants to go out and sow her wild oats. Aka she wants to go out and fuck random dudes. Not cool. Then before you know it all trust is gone and your getting cream for genital warts. Do not marry!


Yeah, she wants the strange d*ck bro. Probably has dudes in line waiting.. this isn’t someone you should marry.


Translation: she wants to cheat and get away with it. I don’t know how this isn’t blatantly obvious to you. If she’s not happy being with you and only you, you’re not compatible.


If you're not comfortable with it, don't say yes. It sounds like she's going into an open relationship for the wrong reasons.


Yea it's over bro god bless you. plenty of fish in the sea doe


Never, ever, *ever* add people to a relationship (whether that is outside partners, babies, whatever) if both partners are not enthusiastically on board with it. This, honestly, is the end of your relationship with her. One of three things will happen, and all of them lead to the end. 1. You say yes even though you aren't comfortable with it thinking you can suck it up for her sake. You can't. Every time she is out of your sight you will fear she is fucking someone else and it will destroy you emotionally which will lead to you becoming both clingy and resentful and resentment ruins relationships 100% of the time. 2. You tell her you aren't okay with it; she decides she needs new dick more than she wants you and dumps you. 3. You tell her you aren't okay with it, she decides you are more important than new dick so gives up the plan but the *desire* for new dick never goes away so she ends up either cheating on you or resenting you and, again, resentment is a relationship killer always. The best course of action is to break up. Accepting you have different, opposing, needs and ending things now will hurt but you'll heal. You may even run into each other a few years down the road and realize you still have feelings and are at a point in your lives where you're both ready to settle into permanent monogamy and can start seeing each other again. If you don't; if you try to force this relationship to continue after this point, you will STILL end up breaking up a few months or years from now but you would end up hating each other first. There have been many, many posts on this sub about couples who have done exactly what your girlfriend is proposing and exactly NONE of them have ended up happily. Zero chance of success.


Bro lol you’re going to let her fuck other people but you have plans to get married? You may be insane.


If you're not comfortable with it, then you need to tell her. You want different things and in that case it's better to end the relationship and find yourself someone that wants the same things.


Whilst I can understand her point of "missing out" (on literally nothing btw but she won't care about that) she's being blatantly disrespectful towards you and I wonder whether her heart is truly in this relationship. Why not compromise and say "go and be free with whoever you want but you're doing it alone and don't expect to come back to me"


i would say no but at the same time, you need to ask yourself that if you guys wanted to marry one day, she wouldn’t be feeling like she’s missing out on something. why not instead, say to do these things together? have a threesome with a guy, have a threesome with a girl, go on crazy nights out and have an orgy, go to sex events and couples dungeons. if she wants to explore, but still stay with you in the long run, why not do these things together? it’ll be something you can both bond over and talk about and have fun with? and even tho she might wanna try new stuff, she’ll still hope that you will stay “loyal” during the open time. so i’d say no and run the risk of becoming single or approach her and say let’s do this together?


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The whole point of having rules in an open relationship is to protect both parties. Anyone in a real, healthy open relationship knows that having rules is just common sense. Her not wanting rules means she can go wild and technically you won't be able to call her out on it. Don't do it!


Its not about f\*cking its about going out with friends and having fun and no obligations, thats what she says I thing its over, I should leaving her as long as i can Thanks to everyone here for opening my eyes.


She wants this cause she has someone on the side ready to go. If you want to go ahead with this tell her that you want to start sleeping with her friends. Watch her face change with that. Tell her actions have consequences. You aren't stupid and there's a guy she has on her mind and that you want to make sure that sleeping with one of her friends is equivalent exchange. Can she look at that friend the same again? I think her position with change. Make sure any decision that is made there will be consequences that she must bear for it. This is if you want to have fun with the situation. Otherwise just dump her and find a girl who actually wants you


This can only go one way, and that’s poorly. You are sweet to try to be understanding but as many have said, this relationship is circling the drain.


No rules no witnesses she wants concent to cheat she might of done it already and liked it so now she wants to continue have a std test


Look at it like this. If you two mean to play together with other men and women. It will create the most intimate bonds and memories you two can relive toether. Being married takes lots of work and compromise and if your not putting each other first bound to fail or worse become loveless. Support her but be apart of her fantasy and fun. If she was meant to be she will want you there anyway. I wish you two the happiest future together


No. Just no.


So you get a free pass to fuck anyone you want. Jump on that shit!