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He forgot to mention that the trade offer can't be rejected and that you'll probably be abused


Even if you're treated "well", there's an unimaginable amount of trauma in not being able to own yourself. This person should read a Toni Morrison novel or two


Bit of context: the verse at the centre of the discussion was Leviticus 25:44-46, which is an explicit endorsement of slavery. As always, christians will tapdance for hours trying to justify this with always the same long-debunked bullshit. (but somehow, with "if a man lies with another man, it's an abomination", suddenly it's okay and literal, no need for context...)


BTW that freedom he is talking about is afforded is only offered to male Jewish slave. If he has wife and children, the slave owner gets to keep those and they do not have the same choice. Non Jewish slave don't get that option at all. And also let's not forget, right before a few years back the Jews were freed from Slavery from the Egyptians. So God does feel slavery is wrong but just that it should be allowed for the Jews. If he was fine with keeping slavery as a local custom then why did he go out of the way to free the Jews. Are they naive enough to think slaves under Jews would any better than slaves under Jews?


Actually on that whole "if a man lies with another man" verse, Christians usually invent context to make it about pedophilia to reconcile the bible having problematic views. That's not an argument that came from historians, it just came from apologists around the time the church started getting flack for hating gay people. In both the old and new testament, the bible says homosexuality is bad. There's no getting away from the homophobic nature of it.


Where in the New Testament?




Interesting! The KJV uses “effeminate” to refer to (only male) homosexuality?




How tf does a perfect god get it so wrong and have to flood it all, wait a while just to see that he still fucked up, and then try again by sacrificing himself to himself?


And then he let other religions exist stil?? You'd think he wouldn't allow that after flooding the earth lol


This god guy is a fuckin moron


This “god” is fan fiction.


I want some catholic memes brigader to read this thread and get butthurt lol


Humans have always longed to be like gods. In doing so, we invented gods to be like us. And then we wonder why it’s so fucked up.


"Become unalive"? They do know there's an English word for that, right?


Reverse not unalive?


evilanu ton?


I read it as sarcasm.


Necromancer I'm not raising the dead, I'm merely helping the living challenged get back on their feet.


DEATH!.......we hesitate to say.


Or in discworld you could say inhume


It's just online meme lingo


they also forgot to mention: “And your children will be my property”. Of course, the roles are never reversed, they never expect they’ll be the ones “donating” their labor in this exquisite deal.


Ah classic. Avoid having to accept that the book you base your morality on is totally cool with owning other people like cattle, by ignoring all the bible passages where it talks about the Israelites taking slaves by force and focusing on that one passage where it talks about indentured servitude. But even those passages are taken out of context, otherwise they would have to admit that this rule only applies to male Israelites selling themselves. If the Israelite has a daughter, he can just sell her instead... and she does not go free after seven years.


Funny thing, if they love slavery so much, why don't they become slaves ?


And they can leave any time, right gang?


Thats so un-American


Oh slavery is veeeeery American. So American that we're still doing it.


“And don’t become unalive” Well that’s a whole new combination of words I had not seen before. The gymnastics are truly something to behold.


You should have taken his offer in reverse. Tell him to come be your slave. Its great he will get free housing and food and all he has to do is endure beatings, and give you some or all of his years. Tell him you want to make him the offer and he must come be your slave.


"Some people enjoyed being slaves" direct quote from my mother in law. These people are scary.


r/truechristian is a ultra-zealous hellhole. I can't began to put it into words how messed up a sub it is.


I hope god is real except he's a gay femboy.


What, you're surprised? God was fine with slavery even until ... well I don't think God ever said anything against it, ever.


I don’t know why the word “shrimps” makes me laugh.


So what I'm getting from this is that their oh-so-superior moral code says it's alright to leave someone to be killed by murderers, unless that person rewards you with indentured servitude?


Don’t waste your time, you’ll never win the morality argument, ever. To a Christian, it doesn’t matter what mans’ sense of morality is. If it goes against what God says, whose word in itself can be twisted by humans as they see fit, it’s wrong. If it appears that God changes his mind or seemingly contradicts Himself, you must “trust that it’s according to His will” because you as a mortal human could never understand. Only he is allowed to break and create such rules because he created all, there is no one over him, and the fact that you haven’t been snapped dead and sent to hell should be enough for you to stop questioning and worship.


Not so much an offer if it can’t be declined






Slavery is bad


It's kind of amazing that someone would wander onto a sub arguing *against* slavery and barbarism and act like the people there are the stupid ones. What a fucking brainlet.


Tell me again why Allah would shape women intentionally and deliberately, then be mad about what they look like and insist they be covered up.


Take a look at what sub you're on.


most theists are fruitcakes including you x\_obert.


Based and obertpilled




In darkness you can always find light


Based and obertpilled.




That's specifically for male israelite slaves; Heathen slaves (or women) had no such time limit. All you had to do if you wanted to keep him was give your slave a wife. Then, after his seven years are up, he has the choice between leaving or agreeing to be enslaved for life so he could stay with his wife and kids. Enlistment this is not.


I didn't say they weren't douchebags about it. The Romans would kill 1/10 soldiers certain things, but they were certainly military. Women have been treated like shit in most countries for a pretty long time, Israel not excepted.


Roman soldiers were also getting paid incredibly great wages for the time, where their discipline meant the success or failure Of the legion, and were guaranteed their own homesteads and farms when they retired. This is a nutty take my man.


I was explaining the disparity of comparing modern concepts of morality to something 2000+years ago is silly. Back then, this was a legit way to learn a trade. A tradesman would be pissed to invest time training you too do a job, for you to be like "nah!" You weren't in freelance capitalism back then.