Man just break up with the girl and talk to your friends or some shit. Gotta feel bad though cause that’s some shit


>Man just break up with the girl Don't worry he did


Tell her to kick rocks down the blocks


Have them let you drink in the car while they drive you someplace with a view


Ain't that some shit


As the old texts say, "She belongs to the streets"


He did


How to know you are a temporary placeholder


These monkeys keep hold of a branch until the last possible second before swinging to the next. They’re what I like to call, assholes


Then she’ll be like “and then he got angry and said he couldn’t be ‘just friends’, we had only dated like 10 months. He obviously doesn’t care about me and just wanted sex, otherwise he would want to keep me in his life” Level 100 Gaslighting Achieved, Yasss queen


Just broke up with my ex for shit like this. Her kids father abused her son and she did nothing but make excuses for him. I called DCF and she said she couldn't trust me anymore. Made me sit in the garage when I came over until the son went to sleep. However still let the kids father come over and inside. This obviously pissed me off and she said that same thing in response. I don't care or love her and I was just there for sex. Utter bullshit.


I’m sorry man, I don’t think my experiences come anywhere near comparing to that. Hope it gets better.


It's still fresh and blaming myself. Have to keep reminding myself she doesn't give a fuck about me.


Nah, sometimes it takes a while before you see where their priorities really are. Seems to me, unfortunately, like she was still hung up on her ex. You’d pretty much have to be to overlook that shit.


Sadly I knew in the back of my mind the entire time.


We teach people how to treat us when we allow them to treat us poorly. Stop wasting time with her because the girl who’s meant for you will pass you by.


Tis true. Thank you.


I know that place. But hang in there, brother. Once you get free of that blame and you realise you're free from her you'll feel like you lost an Oil rig from your shoulders and strong enough to fight a bull.


Yo king, hang in there. Dating is crazy, people are crazy and they’re gonna make you feel like shit because they themselves are broken toxic people. Know you did the right thing. I know we talk a lot about women stuck in as huge situations, but there’s also a fair bit of women who invite abusive people into their homes and around their children. I don’t know why some women do this, just as I don’t know why some men abuse in the first place. But I do know that most abusive relationships consists of two broken people and both hold responsibility when it comes to keeping the child safe. I grew up with a mother who refused to get rid of a no hood man and put him over her own children. You can’t save her, and you probably can’t even save the kid now that you not in his life. But know that you absolutely did the right thing. Keep shit moving and keep working on yourself. Don’t let her words effect you and don’t give into doubt to self conscious. Don’t let toxic people drag you down


That girl should move to Turkey because that was Istanbulshit.


Let me clarify that for you. You are not good enough


Good enough is subjective. Good enough for her? Nope. But the girl you end up with may not find the guy the other girl ended up her type either. It’s all about pairings. My comment was just joking that, from my experience, women who use “placeholders” or string guys along with whom they have no long term intentions tend to be very good at gaslighting. Same thing applies to guys that string girls along, or anyone for that matter. I might be wrong, but it was just a joke.


This has some real incel energy.


Nah man incel would be like tired of being the nice guy ... ER was right etc. This is just experienced it energy


I must be doing it wrong, moved in with my gf of 2 1/2 years about a month ago


"no women ever does anything bad!!!" - you probably


More like this has “ speaking from experience “ energy


Yea, it was about 10 years ago and we hadn’t been together for 10 months, more like 6, but when you’re 19 that feels a lot longer. Every time I tried to tell her I couldn’t be friends with her because I still had feelings and I needed to move on I would hear “No, it doesn’t feel right if I can’t talk to you”, so I stayed friends with her for like another year and a half, every second of it was awful. Looking back, it really kept me from moving on and trying to start new relationships. I’ve been in a very good one for almost 3 years now but I still look back at 20 year old me and cringe. This comment was probably just me expressing some frustration for every time I had to see posts about guys just wanting sex if they don’t want to be friends after they’re rejected. Probably didn’t need to be said, but I do think the reality is it’s much healthier to separate yourself than kindle something that’s unrequited perpetually.


This ain't it chief.


GTFO of here with that shit. I’ve had plenty of sex and hooked up with enough chicks knowing there are just some that act like this. Has nothing to do with your ability to get laid. I even dated a chick for 3 years just to have her sleep with the first tinder guy one week after breakup and played this exact card when she wanted to be friends a year later and I wanted nothing to do with her.


Aren't we all




I bet he had one hell of a line. Something like, "Hey doll, is this guy boring you? Why don't you come along with me? I'm from a different planet." Probably only had the two arms, the one head and called himself *Phil*.




Voted worst Dressed Sentient Being in the Known Universe 7 times in a row!


I'm going to throw myself off a building and forgot how to land.








Haha I just put it but the whole time I was typing it I was thinking that it was way to long to be real


"Zaphod's just this guy, you know?" 😂


Zaphod’s just this guy, you know?




Sounds like a real hoopy frood, if you ask me.


He really knows where his towel is, to be honest.


No no, he was a professional party bully. He pretends to steal your girl, you throw a punch at him and he goes down making you look like the hero. You then pass him a $50 bill when no one is looking. ​ /s - as if that wasn't obvious


If she leaves with him anyway, you still have to pay, but it's ten bucks off and billed as a "Relationship Assessment" service instead.


Futurama reference?


Haha, you got me, watched that episode the other day


Haha I knew that sounded familiar. I gotta rewatch that episode


It was


You okay dude? That sounds very specific




Oh my god that outro music brings me back. I used to watch that series a couple times a year. I think I had a VHS box set or something.


Galactic president?


But he did probably do that thing with a cage on his shoulder and pretended it was a bird.


I love this reference so much.




/r/Unexpectedhitchhikers ?


I fucking hate dating people like that Don’t bullshit me at least, leave me and say it with your CHEST !!


She's about to.


He's touching her chest now She takes off his dress now Let me goooooooooo


But it’s just the price I paid! Destiny is calling me.


His dress? That's a new visual lol


I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt But I make these high heels work


It's gonna be spelled out all over her chest


Yeah I dealt with something similar to this. But we weren’t dating and she was my mom. Idk life sucks some times.


Ain't that some shit. I feel ya


Sounds like my ex. Constantly had men hitting on her. She tells me she dunno how to stop them. Proceeds to hang out with them after they hit on her.


If you recognize the signs and can walk away you are a step ahead of 90% of dudes


Yup. Most guys would rather stay in denial.


What’s wrong with posting this? I mean it’s uncomfortable but it’s just venting. I’ve seen worse things posted


I think the "sad cringe" part is what the girl did


The title of this post suggests otherwise, however I agree with you personally


It’s sad to post something embarrassing online, but I guess if you don’t have an outlet in friends to speak to it might be the only way to vent.


The context of where this is posted is the lynchpin here. Groupchat of close friends? No cringe.


It’s a tweet- brother is down tremendously


whoops, looks like my context-clue app has crashed


venting??? That's sus!!! :0 :0 :0 /j




what the actual fuck how do people come up with these


me and my friend love these. toptier shit


These never render right on my phone. 😭


People don't know what sad cringe really is.


Idk. Yknow how everybody says people’s image is a lie on social media? That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a true thing. You get no points for airing stuff out and being authentic on social media. It’s kinda pathetic really


This may sound mean but I think venting this sort of thing on a public forum is cringe. I also feel bad for him so sadcringe definitely applies from my POV


what's wrong with posting that, he's just venting his frustration.




Yep. I want to know if she was aware they *were* in a relationship or if *he* said they were


If it were a week or so in then sure I’d agree with you but 10 months is way too long for someone to be unsure of your relationship status.


Eh, idk. I had a guy thinking he had been "courting" me (his words lol) for almost a year. We hung out with friends and sometimes just us two but he was fully aware that this was a thing that everybody did in that friendgroup, we just liked each other and if just two of us had the time, we'd just hang out together. He was totally butt hurt and isolated himself from the group when I got together with my then boyfriend, guilt tripping me about "leading him on" and stuff. I later found out that he actually called me his girlfriend infront of other people I didn't know very well. Weird situation all around lol


I'm a guy and I had a similar situation when I was around 19 or 20. Mixed sex close group of friends and we would hang out in a group or individually with each other. I thought we were just good friends. She stayed at my flat (apartment) a few times and I would sleep on the couch and let her have my bed. We had never kissed or anything like that. She never said anything about being attracted to me and I wasn't attracted to her. My best friend at the time (and still is, 25+ years later) was a woman so it wasn't out of the ordinary to me to have female friends stay over. When I got a gf she went ballistic. "How could he do this to me?", "Why would he dump me with no warning?", stuff like that. Turned out her parents thought I was her bf and that's how she referred to me at home. Tried to turn the whole friend group against me and said we had sex regularly and that I was going to ask her to move in with me (complete bullshit). I think some people just aren't emotionally equipped to just be friends with someone of the opposite sex.


Thats me, Im unequipped. Thats mostly due to my bad social anxiety, but I got therapy this month! Hope it helps this guy!


Bro why didnt she just ask wtf. I asked my girlfriend fair and square; can i call you my girlfriend? and she said « i though we were already dating for two months ». Bro you should’ve had told me before i fucked your dad dafuc


Jesus that’s some NCIS plot line kinda stuff


I’ve been on Reddit long enough to know it can be a very real thing. Unfortunately


Did you just victim blame because is a guy and you think he was imagining it?


Y’all act like women don’t cheat. They’re not special, perfect beings, they’re just humans. Gtfo with that white knight shit


Nope. Not when women literally get murdered for ignoring a guy. No one is responsible for whatever imaginary relationship someone has with them. Yea women cheat but some men don’t take no for a fucking answer


it’s always the women lmfao. yea i’m guessing she knew they were in a relationship


I’m sure she wasn’t flirting with this other guy or making eyes at him the whole night.


This is not sad cringe, this is just sad








Kudos to his dedication tho, bro waited 10 months.


I think he means they were dating for ten months




Man this is one of my greatest fears


There’s always red flags to look out for, but they’re sometimes really small. Sometimes you don’t even know what they are until something like this happens to you and see them in hindsight




Yikes, the unapologetic misogyny in that Twitter thread.


Yes, it's possible that this was a "relationship" that the girl didn't know about. Yes, it's possible that his girl shamelessly cheated. I kinda feel like jumping to either conclusion is a big ol reddit moment.


I think it’s just a moment he was annoyed about and wanted to get off his chest. Nothing huge but still sad either way.


I kinda feel that jumping to the first conclusion is sexist as usual. If it was a woman telling this story no one would doubt that.


Ding ding ding! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women-are-wonderful_effect


Seen girls do this stuff before tho. Idk girls have a way of twisting things to justify their shit behavior.


Men and woman have a way of twisting things, while the man is about as subtle as a hammer, a woman can be a poison in the same way. I’ve seen genuinely good guys get fucked and I’ve seen strong woman brought down by a god damn leech. We can all argue about it but morals are really crap these days..


There's a lot of "women suck" or "men are trash" going around these days but this is just your friendly reminder that everyone sucks. Find good friends who you love and stick with them.


Insane to post about that for sure


She was never yours. It was just your turn.


Eh, I’m sure Ken Masters can get most girls he aims for anyway.


*walks in on them having sex* "Ugh. I don't want to tell him to stop & make it awkward." - Girl


Sounds like somebody fucked your girl. Feel for ya


okay, the “we’re gonna hang out later” is a bit much, that’s a shitty move, but if it was just the not knowing how to say no, i would get it. a lot of men get really shitty and even violent when we tell them we don’t want to do anything, even if we tell them we’re in a relationship. her reaction would be understandable, if someone puts their arm around me and won’t listen to any protests, being vocal about your refusal can put you at risk. totally an ugly move to hang out with him later tho, that’s an indicator that she never really cared about being hit on. my dude deserves better :(


It sounds like the bf was there during this though, and it's a crowded party, so a fear of retaliation really isn't a good excuse in that situation.


Do you really think he would just start beating her ass in front the entire party and her boyfriend?


Yeah idk why this isn't higher up; everyone writing it off as simply "they weren't actually dating" or "she's just a cheater" or whatever is concerning and doesn't really consider what she has to experience. But of course there is no context here so we really don't know


Her bf was literally there, at the party, assuming other people there too. You can't give her the benefit of the doubt that she thought this guy might get violent due to rejection when they are surrounded by people, including her bf of 10 months. It's preposterous. "What?! You're rejecting me because you have a boyfriend and he is right there?? I can't even put my arm around you in his presence? Time to get stabbed!"


It’s not that preposterous honestly. Guys who won’t take a no are usually unstable in my experience and probably wouldn’t hesitate to strike at the bf to make himself look more macho.


Maybe, but that doesn't cover that the gf told the bf they (gf and stranger) were going to hang out later.


When has this situation ever happened though? ISIS could also attack at any moment but it's not reasonable to be worried about that either because it's just not gonna happen


Bruh there's a huge fucking gap between an ISIS attack and harassment at a bar.


There's also a huge jump from harassment to physical violence in the middle of a party with her boyfriend right there too. Why are you bringing up harassment when we're talking about physical violence anyway? Harassment is irrelevant to this entire situation


Probably because harassment is usually the first step towards physical violence? idk, just a guess though.


Exactly this. That poster is hung up on the dating aspect but harassment is always the lead up to violence.


You would be surprised how some guys react


No I wouldn't, I've see plenty of ridiculous reactions, but never anything like that while the bf and a crowd of people were present.


"A lot of men" No.


My dude...he did you a favor. You see for yourself what you have. Just dip or let her bounce and kick rocks cos she will end up w/some lame excuse like, "it just happened" or "one thing led to another " and she "doesn't know how" his d!ck got into her or "couldn't figure out how" to make him stop. Get far away from her and chalk it up to experience, leave it alone and don't make the next female pay for her BS because there are good women out there! \*my $02.00


Leave her and move on simple as, that wasn’t a “relationship”


Then you tell her that you don't know how to be in a relationship with her anymore, and you kick her to the curb.


yea i think i gotta go guys. this sub is like... depressing my soul. its like in observe and report when the cop hid in the closet to hear ronnie get cut from the police academy.


Never put someone first if they don’t put you first. Don’t chase.


BroKen is a clown, also kind of a dumbass for sharing that on Twitter where he has a pretty large following


Relationship? Foolish


Same girl a month later: "hey I've been thinking about you. I miss us."


this hits way too close too home ​ probably because this happened too me ​ stay valiant kings


Stand up for yourself, why didn’t you do anything when it was going on??


I feel like this is the kind of situation when he calls it relationship and she thinks they are friends. No way they were actually together.


Nah, it's happened to me before. She just happened to be a bad person trying to make justify her spiral towards cheating.


reddit armchair psychoanalysis moment




Yeah i just shared my unwanted opinion. Isnt that what reddit is for?


No, reddit is about sharing *my* opinion, and if you don't agree with mine then you're wrong /s


Your wrong, I can’t possibly be wrong.




I dated a girl who said she wanted to have my children. She also touched my friends dick right in front of me..sometimes people do crazy things. She also pretended to be multiple different people on yahoo messenger. Like I’d be talking to her and she’d get off and go to bed. But then her “friend” would log in and we’d talk for a bit. It was all really fucking weird in hindsight. I could write a book about how much crazy stuff she did.


Reddit cynicism with respect to reasonable comment but ironic belief in nice guy fanfic post moment


Or the woman is just a bad person. You do know that women can be bad people and do bad things right?


That's not possible according to some redditors.


Why everytime this sort of situations are posted people always como up with the perhaps she was in a relation in wich she didint know she was card?


Because stereotypes. Guys are romantically inept/creeps more often than women are assholes. Or because we only have one side of the story. Maybe both.


I mean, what kind of acts would make this situations happen? That one person thinks is in a current relationship while the "partner" doees not even has a clue that she/he is in one? Even worst if is something that has lasted for months


I was hooking up with a girl who made out with a guy three feet away from me once. I told her I thought that was a shitty thing to do the next day and she apologized for "hurting my feelings". I was like no, if we're hanging out and you make out with someone else, that's not hurting my feelings, that's just a shitty thing to do.


That a very bold assumption on your part.


Yeah at that point wouldn’t he just say Girlfriend if it was real?




or she isn't feeling it and he is but she doesn't have the heart to tell him.


Hoes gonna hoe


Feel bad for the dude, but at the same time he’s known for being clowned on for saying less. I feel like he should’ve talked about this with a friend instead of Twitter.


No hope. None.


"Hang out"


Mistake was not socking the fuck out of the dude when he touched your girl and called her cute


Ken from Street Fighter deserves better.


Haha yeah what a cringey loser. He doesn't know how to handle being treated like he doesn't matter, haha if you can't just be an immune stone-hearted automaton you are cringe ahaha


Be honest OP, did she know she's in a relationship with you?


I’m pretty sure she didn’t know they were in a relationship..


Not necessarily. I know quite a few people that this kind of thing happened to


I’m going through exactly this right now and i’m so conflicted on everything


Sorry, man! No one deserves this kind of shit.


Drop her like a hot potato my dude


hoes got no loyalty


Grow a pair and drop her. Because she is certainly planning on dropping you.


Step 1 tell the dude that’s your girlfriend and see what they do. Step 2, pending the results of step 1 punch him then break up with her.


She and arm guy def where fucking before that encounter, that's cucking 101.


Yeah. If it just would’ve stopped at “the guy had his arm around her and she didn’t know how to get him to back off” then I’d be willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been in that position and sometimes it’s hard to get a guy to back off if you’re afraid he might retaliate or throw a fit. I have never agreed to hang out with a guy who made me feel uncomfortable. She knew how to get him to stop hitting on her, she just didn’t want him to stop.


woman moment


You should flaming dragon punch her


Well some girls are just meant to be thot pockets :) not all of em !


I’m blocking this sub :(


There are times where violence is an option


When girls say "Personality matters more than looks" 🤣


Is this not satire


Man up


Imagine teaching your kid to face the consequences and actions of others head on and dealing with them honestly. Instead parents ignored him and didn’t teach vital life skills so now he posts it online like a dumb ass. Keep that shit private or with your homies.


This ain't sad cringe. It's just sad. Damn.