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Nerves bro. Happened to me when first doing the deed as a youth, you got time, just relax a little next time and have some fun


The porn might not have helped, but you should know many people's first time don't go as well as they hoped, and this kind of things happen to a lot of men on their first time (more then you'd expect). It's not certain you "have ED", you just had a bad experience, and as mentioned, it was also your first so... And yes, porn might have had a bad effect, too, as well as the specifics of how you'd handle yourself physically. Changing those, and/or taking a break, *might* help. Also I suggest you follow Dr. Lindsey Doe ("sexplanations") on YouTube, a sexologist who, among other things, will help you figure some of this things out, possible causes and actions you might want to take, all in a way that will make sex and everything around it feel less threatening. Her positive and relaxed-and-at-the-same-time-excited attitude is contagious.


I have never cum with a flacid penis so consider yourself lucky. Hell im impressed because i didnt even know that was possible. As hard as it is at your age, stop being so addicted to touching yourself and watching porn. Spend that time and energy trying to get laid. Good luck with your issue and i hope its not related to something deeper than porn addiction.


Jfc bro. Take a break for a week. You will be fine.


Jesus this is sad…




We found the virgin boys


Where were the virgin boys at?


The definition of unnecessarily toxic


I agree.


Is that what MF stands for? Lame


Hmm... could have sworn MF is short for mother fucker. As in another term for another person. Crude but gender neutral lol


I’ve never seen “motherfucker” as gender neutral. But only OP can tell us what he meant


He called the MF “they” I assume he had a threesome with M/F a couple


I thought this was replacement for “SWF” I would need op to deny it or I’ll assume he’s talking about married female.


well he did say partner , not partners . i’m assuming it’s one person and their a “motherfucker”




they're having a stroke or smth with MF, i assumed you meant motherfucker, is that right?