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Please point out on the logo where it hurt you


Get this man some Preperation H, he's got a case of butthurt.


Heh fuck you op


Wow, so woke. I bet op is some sort of anti vax trump redneck.


Thank you for telling me what my views are without me ever mentioning anything related to what you just said and proving my point for me..


Lol, the replies here proved your post. There's some absolute scum on this subreddit. I accidentally hit "join" every so often and it's always so depressing.


Oh trust me.. if this trended and didn’t get down voted like expected you’d being seeing them all coming out of the wood works.. they feed off trashy.. they’re obsessed with public humiliation & shaming whether it be religious, political, sexual or personal.. they love it.. they judge it.. they move onto the next.. and when they disagree with something you’ve said you best believe you’ll be called names/slanders and everything they despise politically.. very unfortunate..


I mean, if you go into any sub and called everyone in it horrible, I bet you'd get downvoted the same way


Jus as expected buddy.. I wrote that in there just for you


Aw, shucks! You shouldn't have! 🥰


Ik.. ik.. but I had too lil homie.


I still think that guy on the other thread legit has a job cleaning parks and facilities at parks


Right on lil homie.. I won’t judge your opinion.. I just know people to lie on the internet so I choose to see the proof first. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s perfectly normal to wait and see the facts first before making a conclusion..


If you were expecting a slow clap, not gonna happen.


With a post like this.. I don’t think anyone in the right mind would want a clap for anyone on this sub